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Merry Christmas everyone! To think we’d get a chapter on the first day of Christmas even though last week’s issue of Jump was supposed to be a double issue -or at least that’s what I was told . But who cares?! We get more Bleach and perhaps even more than we could have asked for in this chapter. We get the colored pages, quite the interesting wrap up for the sub-plot surrounding Tousen, Sakanade, and a nice twist at the end. And there I was this morning thinking I would reread some of the older chapters . Instead I found this on Mangastream. So many thanks to Mangastream for their scanlation and let’s get to last week’s poll!

Poll Results

After last week’s chapter I was curious what your thoughts are/were on Tousen. I gave you plenty of options including one for you to tell me what your thoughts were on him. But of the 12 options I had given you in the poll, no one chose that option . So what of the rest?

Tied in tenth place, with one vote each, were the option of Tousen being awesome until the end and Tousen at least having an awesome looking Resurrección. Not much can be said about these options other that these are the only two people who would choose the word awesome to describe something about Tousen.
Then tying in seventh place, with three votes each, were the options of Tousen surviving, Tousen not deserving this death, and Komamura looking awesome. All I can say about these options is that they are all very true.
Then there were four voters who thought Tousen should have used his eyes better than he did up until now. This is quite true, though I think Tousen did put his eyes to good use in this chapter making up for last week’s chapter.
Then there were five people who thought Tousen was dead before he used his Resurrección. Either they saw some of this week’s developments coming, or they just knew that Tousen was doomed from the moment he revealed his allegiance to Aizen. This chapter seems to suggest that Tousen may have been dead for over 100 years.
Then tied in third place, with eight votes each, were the options of Tousen’s Resurrección being really ugly and Tousen getting what was coming to him. Both options can be argued, so I’ll leave that to possible discussion topics.
Then in second place there were 16 people who felt that Tousen died as he lived, being an insignificant bug. Though I admit I may have been wrong as well by putting that option first in the polls, I don’t think that’s the case, as we learn in this chapter.
But in the end most of the voters felt that Tousen should have looked into the mirror before judging Komamura’s looks as 17 people voted for that option.
But enough on a poll that is actually still going on right now, let’s see what this week’s chapter has in store for us now.

Happy Holidays

The first of many gifts

What would a chapter released on Christmas be without some gifts? Well this week’s chapter gives us plenty of those -especially if you take the early release into account- as it starts off with some colored pages. Though a bit out of order, one of them is this picture of Ichigo, Rukia, Renji, and Orihime going to a temple for their new years wishes. Standing in the temple itself are none other than Chad and Ishida who are welcoming all who are coming to pray at the temple. Ending 2009 with these six together on a colored picture is already a good way to end things. Perhaps seeing Rukia’s face would have been nice for her fans, though as we could expect from her she is too wrapped up in her excitement as she is rushing to make her new-year wish. Like Rukia all the others remain in character as well judging from the poses of Chad and Ishida, Renji’s staring into the distance, Ichigo’s polite smile, and Orihime stuffing her face . All in all this is a great picture for a great chapter, though this is but a small part of what made it great.

Fall into the Darkness

A last tribute to the first Vizard Resurrección

After last week’s attack by Hisagi, we see Tousen standing in shock as the blood starts pouring from his wounds followed by his fall to the ground. The single colored page is all just to remind us of last week’s somewhat controversial chapter while showing us what Tousen would look like in color. Now I know that many of you, like me at first, aren’t that big of a fan of this Resurrección. But to be honest the Resurrección grew on me. Perhaps my expectations were too great or maybe it had to do with the fact that I’m not that big of an insect fan, nonetheless as I mauled it over I came to like this Resurrección. This page really helps to show off its appearance, even though the colors only really apply to the head, wings, and the grey spirals on Tousen’s horns. Perhaps this way people can get a better look at it and decide that it does look pretty good or maybe it only confirms that he still looks bad in color. All I can say is that the only thing I really regretted from last week’s chapter was the fact that Tousen’s Resurrección was beaten in just one chapter’s time. But this week’s chapter explains why Tousen had to be finished this quickly, making it a trivial thing. But Tousen does get a bit more attention in this week’s chapter, though there’s something a bit more spectacular before that.

Takin’ it out for a spin

Don’t look into the blade Aizen, you might get dizzy!

After a brief glimpse of Tousen and a colored page we turn to Aizen and Shinji as we find that -at first glance- little happened since Shinji released Sakanade. We find Shinji standing in front of Aizen with Sakanade spinning around his wrist as Aizen points out its intriguing shape. Personally I really like Sakanade’s shape and find it to be one of the more original looking ones we’ve seen so far. Perhaps it does look a bit bland as the only real changes to the blade seem to be the five holes in the blade and the ring at the end of the handle, but I like the simplicity of it. The blade changed enough to show it obtained a new form, as opposed to Aizen’s Kyouka Suigetsu for example, even though it is meant to control the senses. But perhaps what I like most of this Shikai is how its shape relates to its ability. As Aizen tells Shinji how intriguing Sakanade looks -followed by a classic Shinji response- he points out that he didn’t notice the type of change he’d expect from experience with his own Kyouka Suigetsu. Because of this Aizen believes that Shinji was just bluffing about the sensory control. But Shinji then tells Aizen that the attack already took place by pointing out a smell in the air.
But before getting to the attack itself let’s take a look at a few things starting with Sakanade. As Shinji was spinning around Sakanade on his wrist it would first seem that Shinji is just acting the same as usual. But things weren’t quite as they seemed as it would seem that the spinning served the purpose of creating a smell to trap Aizen in Sakanade’s ability. Admittedly the holes in Sakanade would make it more obvious to use sound as a basis for the attack, though I find the use of smell more original and quite entertaining. The fact that it uses smell also makes it suitable for enemies that might be in hiding or try to avoid the attack by closing their eyes or covering their ears for example. This leads me to the next point of business, namely Aizen.
When Shinji released Sakanade we were expecting it to work similar to Kyouka Suigetsu by using sight as a trigger. As such we expected Aizen to either close his eyes for a moment or perhaps use an illusion of his own to hide for a bit. Basically the overall consensus was that Aizen would do at least something about Sakanade. But here we find out that Aizen just stood there and observed Shinji’s Sakanade. This is an obvious sign of Aizen’s sense of superiority, which I thought was executed in a great way. In spite of the fact that he spoke of himself as being a God he didn’t say anything -directly- about being able to take anything Shinji could throw at him. Nonetheless he just took the attack head on, even though he didn’t know it at first. This leads me to Aizen’s response after he found out that Shinji attacked through the use of smell. Aizen could be acting, but the fact that he didn’t notice the change in smell around him almost makes me think that Aizen was caught off guard. Perhaps he was a bit concerned about Sakanade, making him focus on similarities to his Zanpakutou’s workings, catching him off guard. But another thing we learn from Aizen’s words is the fact that Kyouka Suigetsu works by sending out an aura, or at least that is what we can assume based on his words here. Apparently Kyouka Suigetsu sends out an aura at -presumably- the speed of light that is taken in by the targets through their eyes. Perhaps this could mean that Aizen’s Bankai will be able to cast the hypnosis directly through the brain using the aura? Who knows, but it is something that came to mind. Anyways getting back to the chapter, we see quite the interesting look from Aizen as he finds out the effects of Sakanade’s scent.

Rubbing the wrong way

Which way is up again?

Suddenly we see a familiar scene, with Shinji standing upside down in the sky in the same way he did when he was first shown in the story. That is if the town hadn’t done the same thing. For the first time in ages we see Aizen without the usual arrogant look on his face as he is taking in this situation. Aizen notice that the world is not only turned upside down, but that it is also mirrored. Shinji then starts telling Aizen about how the attack is as annoying as the name of the Zanpakutou implies by inverting the opponent’s sense of direction. Shinji even taunts Aizen by telling him that he won’t think it is a game as opposed to Shinji followed by a frontal attack by Shinji. Aizen then responds by telling Shinji his ability is quite interesting by inverting the sense of direction, up to the point of changing forward and backward. Aizen easily saw through this as he points his sword backwards to stop Shinji’s thrust. Witnessing Shinji’s reaction to his discovery, Aizen returns to his arrogant self as he can’t help but smile at the fact that Shinji thought he would fall for something like this. But the joke’s still on him.

He Bleeds!

Who did what now?

And the award for the category for best look on his face 2009 is… Aizen finding out he was cut! Don’t you just love Shinji right now? Not only did he manage to get Aizen to actually show genuine interest in an opponent after revealing there’s something Aizen doesn’t know, but he is the first one to actually hurt him! Aizen quickly turns his head to look at the person responsible as we see Shinji with a great big smile on his face. It turns out that it isn’t just the sense of direction that is inverted, but the eyesight and sense of touch are reversed as well. Meaning that right now, Aizen’s right side of the brain actually is processing the information for the right eye as opposed to the left eye, of which the information is now being processed by the left side of the brain. Shinji then points out that it should be impossible for anyone to be able to function under those circumstances, no matter how much you try to process things in the mind.
This brings me to Shinji for a moment. I believe someone already predicted that Shinji’s Sakanade would mirror things based on the way Shinji wrote his name when he introduced himself in Ichigo’s class. Along with Shinji’s words it would seem that Shinji might be affected by Sakanade as well, though I doubt this is truly the case. My guess is that Shinji is more synchronized with his Zanpakutou than one would think at first and that he tries his best to make sure that his opponent would have trouble with the ability. If you look at Shinji’s appearance, it actually looks quite symmetrical. The only real hints for Aizen to notice the mirroring effect of Sakanade would be the cut on Shinji’s face and the hand in which Sakanade is held. Taking his looks and his careful nature into account I would say that Shinji is always on his guard and prepared to fool his opponents at any time with his Sakanade. It could be argued that Shinji too has been affected by Sakanade, but that he is more used to it, but I can’t say for sure.
Back to the story, Shinji tells Aizen that it is impossible to process the effects due to the body’s reflexes, almost suggesting that the better the reflexes the harder it is to escape the effects. Sadly, Shinji managed to rub Aizen the wrong way with his attack and he now has to face the consequences.

He gets annoyed!

Whose where now?

Shinji tries to finish Aizen with the next blow by catching him off guard again, but no sooner does he try to dash towards Aizen or he is the one in for a surprise. Suddenly Aizen stands behind Shinji, telling him that he was thinking about Sakanade’s ability for a bit. After his experiences and Shinji’s explanation Aizen deduces that the ability is nothing but an optical illusion, one that can’t compare to his own Kyouka Suigetsu. Blood then starts gushing out of a cut in Shinji’s back as Aizen tells him that once someone is used to the effect it is nothing but child’s play. One part of Aizen’s words here is a bit strange as he first points out that controlling the five senses isn’t enough to compare to his own powers. My guess is that Sakanade inverts all five (human) senses, even though nothing has been directly said about the senses other than sight and touch. But Kyouka Suigetsu most likely will go as far as to affect the sixth sense, judging from Aizen’s words. This would mean that Aizen used his sixth sense to find and attack Shinji, though I doubt Shinji ever overlooked the possibility of an opponent sensing his Reiatsu. This would either mean that Aizen managed to completely counter Sakanade’s effect with just his thoughts, that he negated the effect, or that he used Kyouka Suigetsu on Shinji at the last moment, meaning the Aizen we see here right now is an illusion. As Shinji’s bleeding gets worse, we turn to Tousen’s last moments.

The search for justice

Worst system of justice ever founded: Room 46

A young Tousen cries out for justice as he pleads to the Room 46 that he wants the murderer of his best friend to receive the capital punishment. This shows us that Tousen’s hatred towards the Shinigami was fueled by the Room 46 in the end, once more proving the room that is supposed to be filled with 46 wise men and whatnot is filled with 46 dumb asses. I wonder how it is that the Room 46 would let a man who committed two murders go scot-free, though judging from the way the Gotei 13 once reacted to Rukia’s death sentence it seems that the Room 46 are quite the moody bunch and do whatever they like in the trialing of suspects. Bashing of the Room 46 aside, this small glimpse in Tousen’s past seems to suggest that if the Room 46 had convicted the man responsible for the murder of his friend, he might have actually considered working for Soul Society if he knew that justice would prevail there. But apparently killing two Shinigami isn’t as bad as lending your Shinigami powers in a time of crisis to save the lives of at least 5 people as the latter is considered to be a capital punishment by all while the first most likely only had the Shinigami responsible locked up. Can anyone actually blame Tousen for his chosen path if you take this into account? The flashback is followed by a few glimpses of his friend -whose name we sadly isn’t revealed-, Aizen who most likely added more fuel to the fire by approaching Tousen, and the results of it being Tousen being driven to madness and seeking out the power of Hollows.

A sight for sore eyes

Take it all in Tousen, this is reality

Tousen regains his consciousness as we find him reverted back to his Shinigami form. As he opens his eyes he sees the two people that were closest to him. Rather than going into a rage similar to the one we’ve seen the last few chapters, Tousen seems to be the same man he was as the captain of the ninth squad. We learn that Tousen’s Hollow powers allowed him to survive the attack, though the damage to his throat is yet to recover as Komamura tells him that he shouldn’t speak right now. As Tousen reaches to his throat, probably regretting that he is now unable to speak his thoughts, Komamura reveals an interesting fact. It turns out that he and Hisagi too knew that they would have to cross blades eventually due to the nature of their relationship. With Komamura and Hisagi trying to get Tousen to see the good in Shinigami while Tousen never intended to look for it, they knew Tousen would eventually betray Soul Society, though they probably never imagined Tousen would go this far. Komamura then says that the result of their fight as it is at this time is as it was always meant to be. He tells Tousen that he has the right to be angry and to feel hatred towards Soul Society. The only thing Komamura asks in return is that he won’t lose himself entirely in his hatred because he doesn’t want to lose his best friend. Touched by Komamura’s words, Tousen sheds a single tear of joy as he finally seems to realize that he still had what he thought was lost with his deceased friend. Tousen then turns to Hisagi, asking to see his face so that he can forever remember his face. While he is still -partially- Hollowfied -note his right arm-, he still has his eyesight which he tries to use for as long as he can. Perhaps Tousen decided that he would never use his Hollowfication again, or perhaps he knew what was to come as he looks at his loyal subordinate.

Tousen’s demise

Aizen sends his regards

Just when it seemed like everything would work out for these three, Tousen spontaneously combusts right in front of Hisagi and Komamura’s eyes. Perhaps this was something Aizen prepared in case Tousen would be defeated or maybe it is something that happens to Vizards who die after their Resurrección, though my money is on the first. Hisagi starts calling out to his captain, the man he and Komamura tried to get back to Soul Society, only to lose him moments after he snapped out of his blind hatred. Now Hisagi may never be able to find the closure after attacking his captain as Tousen can no longer forgive him or thank him for all that he has done. As Hisagi desperately cries for his captain Komamura’s shock turns into rage as he turns around and screams out Aizen’s name. Aizen then takes the time in his fight to look at the results of his plans as he shows the same cold smile he has given plenty of times before. Somehow things seem to have turned out in a way many had expected when it comes to Tousen as there have been plenty who said Tousen would find justice and would eventually be killed by Aizen, though I doubt they saw this one coming. With this Aizen has once more proven that he is as big of a jerk as he already claimed to be as he does not care for his subordinates at all, not even Tousen who followed him for so many years. While Aizen is looking down on the remains of his former loyal subordinate, something other than Komamura and Hisagi’s hopes to a happy ending seems to crumble.

The Deathberry Strikes Back

Here we come 2010!

As the sky behind Aizen starts to crumble Ichigo suddenly bursts out rearing to go. Sure, the odds of Ichigo appearing at this time and place through a small shattered space in the sky that doesn’t look like a conventional Garganta could mean that it is just an illusion cast by Sakanade, but let’s go with this being Ichigo. So here we have Ichigo, completely recovered from his fights in Las Noches -at first glance of course- attacking Aizen from behind making this the perfect opportunity to end things. But will this be a golden opportunity for Ichigo to end things for good? Judging from Aizen’s look he seems to have noticed the Garganta -assuming it is a Garganta- behind him opening meaning he will probably be able to dodge Ichigo’s attack, if he needs to that is. But how this will turn out is something we’ll have to wait for until 2010, though that’s not too far away.


What can I say, it was an awesome chapter once more and one of the best ways to end Bleach for 2009 and prepare us for another year of Bleach in 2010. With Sakanade’s ability revealed, Shinji doing pretty well in his fight against Aizen by actually cutting him, Tousen returning to his old self only to die due to Aizen’s actions, and Ichigo finally arriving in fake Karakura town, I’d say this chapter gave us plenty. There was a great balance in action and story progress, with both exciting as well as saddening moments. Personally I was most pleased with Sakanade in this week’s chapter, though the end of Tousen certainly packed quite the punch. Especially if you take into account that I actually started liking him again in the last few moments of his life as it turned out that he truly was the person he was as the captain of the ninth squad deep down inside. The fact that Aizen had a hand in Tousen’s demise like this only once more confirms that Aizen is the biggest jerk -other words come to mind, but as it’s Christmas I’ll keep it as clean as possible- in Bleach and that he deserves to be beaten to a pulp at the hands of Ichigo. Though I doubt Ichigo will be able to do that with what we’ve seen from Aizen in just this chapter.


2010 will start with Ichigo’s attack on Aizen, though we may see a flashback before the attack hits on what Ichigo did right before he appeared in this chapter. The attack will then either be dodged by Aizen or may be stopped with a single finger again as it was done the first time Ichigo faced Aizen. Shinji will then ask Ichigo where Orihime is only to find out that Unohana came instead. With Unohana’s arrival we will also learn of the situation with everyone -including Ukitake I hope- both injured as well as in battle. After that Ichigo will fight Aizen while in the meantime Unohana will do some healing followed by her fighting Gin or Aizen if Ichigo can’t use his mask at all. Ichigo most likely won’t win right now, either because he gets beaten by Aizen again or maybe because he gets caught up in Kyouka Suigetsu’s hypnosis. Perhaps we will see Kensei fighting Wonderweiss as well unless Wonderweiss suddenly appears out of nowhere to fight Ichigo instead when we learn that not even Kensei was able to go up against Wonderweiss.

Well that’s all the time I have for the last review of 2009. My apologies for the lousy English at some points, I only realized it after posting the review. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed the read in spite of this. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this chapter and/or review, give any theories or predictions you may have about the upcoming chapter(s) and to vote in this week’s poll. Lastly I wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I’ll see you again next time!


~ by The Underscore on December 25, 2009.

11 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 387”

  1. Wow! i was totally not excpecting this! awesome chapter! Godamn it aizen you bastard! i mean sure he was smart to set up some kind of bomb trap on tousen, the only guy who could not be hypnotized, but still! you son of %$#%& but, i will stop ranting there. shinji’s sakanade is impressive, although aizen has already shown us that all you have to do is adapt to the reverse(obviously thats not esay, but for aizen….) and,…of course here comes ichigo to save the day. just when shinji’s fight was getting interesting. and one last thing, how the hell did anyone allow central 46 to be maintained!? it freaking sucks! only good thing aizen ever did was slaughter the old bastards

  2. @TakashiD: Every thing you said i really want to copy and paste. kinda sucks for Tosen tho having be reunited with his subordinate and friend. Shinji was that his shiki or bankai if that was his shiki i can’t imagine his bankai. the up, down,left,right,front,back don’t laugh i got kinda of confuse.

    Next chapter Shinji will prob tell ichigo to stay out of this fight then Shinji unleashes bankai or pulls out vizard mask, hey it’s just a thought.

  3. @The Underscore: sorry for the DP all in all Great chapter 9/10 Review 10/10 I think the holes on his sword responds with the number times he rotates his sword 3 marks 3rd whole a certain ability possible the lower the number the weaker the ability and vise verse probably.

    Crazy idea what if Gin kills Aizen he now see’s how he treating his subordinates (Tosen, Momo) and now he’s just waiting for an opening. I always wonder why Gin would follow him in the first place Aizen got Tosen to follow by promising him something perhaps his sight (he didn’t actually say that but it could be implied) what do you think he promise Gin.(again not said but possible implied)

    This is Sammy with your Question/of Thought.

  4. Ditto with the central 46. This was a total Christmas surprise with the new chapter. I wanted to see Shinji fight a bit more but Ichigo will speed things back up again. It seems like the story really slowed once Starrk and Harribel died.

  5. @TakashiD:
    I doubt anyone other than Aizen would ever be able to adapt to Sakanade as quickly as he did -perhaps Kyouraku, but who knows- with all that’s inverted. From what I got from the chapter it even goes as far as not just inverting your sight but your other senses as well, making it even more difficult to process what’s going on. As for the Central 46, there are quite a few people who feel Aizen did more good than bad by putting a stop to them.

    I’ll allow the double post just this once… and the times after this as long as the posts add something that is ;P. Glad to hear you liked the review to give it a 10.
    The theory you have on the holes on Sakanade does sound pretty reasonable, that would mean that Shinji can give a little whiff to his opponent while clashing swords if he manages a single spin.
    As for Gin betraying Aizen, I doubt he will betray Aizen over something like this. If he were to betray Aizen he would do it for completely different reasons. Crazy thought crosses my mind here now. What if Gin is now the one in charge and Aizen is Gin´s puppet? If you think about it, it would explain why Aizen “trusts” Gin more than others/at all. It would also explain why Gin has done so little lately, other than cut Hiyori in two that is. I know it’s hard to explain, but like I said it was just a crazy thought :p.

    I guess the overall story progression may have slowed down a little bit, though there’s a lot more happening in the chapters. With Tousen’s end one of the major sub-plots in Bleach has now come to an end and Kubo had to take the time to cover that no matter how you look at it.

  6. Underscore: yeah ive heard that theory of gin being the real bad guy before, and although it would be awesome, i cant see that happening. aizen’s kyoka suigetsu is definatly stronger then shinso, i cant see gin being stronger then aizen.

  7. Well as of right now we know that aizen has no ties to anyone besides Gin if there is any at all. Gin has Rangiku. Remember how we all thought gin had killed aizen we thought he was the most (evilest) not a word in () person killed aizen who everyone thought was nice and sincere i was fooled to be honest until i watch that arc the second time. Another note: Gin talks to aizen as if they stand on equal grounds.

    A short analysis comparing Aizen and Gin.

    Aizen and Gin are like the inverse of each other like a yin to a yang every serious person needs a joker in there life Aizen (serious/confident) -Gin(humorous/shy) that’s best i can describe them.

    (Can be supported)
    Aizen+ Well what can you say he can say all the trash talk he does he can back it up. At first seem like a caring person, the next time not so caring huh. Over confident some people don’t like people who’s too cocky. His fighting style he quite confident in his abilities cool calm collected. ex: Fighting Toshiro one finger to stop Zangetsu destroying Ichigo and Renji, Shinji in his own bankai come on this is getting ridiculous not only once but two bankai he destroyed in 5 seconds flat.

    (Can be supported)
    Gin- Gin talks to aizen as if they stand on equal grounds he has no fear of him as we all seem he stays in shadows watching others. creepy but smart i rather do what he’s doing at least I’ll pick up on stuff quite quickly his fighting style is more humorous as his personality he even similes having fun somewhat like Kenpachi. ex: fighting Toshiro, keeping ichigo out of the gate even when he slice up Hiyori.


  8. @ Underscore: srry for DP i had to do this one last time – = yin + = yang that’s a minus in case you can’t see it math concept 1 + -1 = 0/ yin + yang = balance/ good + evil = normal on earth idk bout mars tho my Yin/Yang concept analysis

  9. All I can say is that Gin is still too big of a mystery in spite of the attention he’s gotten throughout the story. On the one hand he seems to be somewhat of a good guy judging from his relationship with Rangiku. On the other hand he’s pulled off so many things that clearly make him a bad guy. He and Aizen also seem to have quite a good relationship with each other, which is strange if you look at Aizen’s personality. Perhaps Aizen took a liking to Gin due to his genius -Turn Back the Pendulum- making Aizen take care of Gin in a different way. Because unlike with Tousen, Gin has yet to be instilled with fear through the use of his Reiatsu.

    But I agree with TakashiD that it is pretty hard to imagine Gin being able to beat Kyouka Suigetsu so easily with Shinso, but it was pretty hard to imagine Aizen would be the biggest jerk in the story when he was first introduced up until his “murder”. But sam pointed out a few reasons both in favor and against Gin being the one in charge or even a shared rule.

  10. oh i should added this to my analysis remember when hitsugaya heard them talking when gin got in trouble with the head captain, IMO i think that Gin did something he wasn’t suppose to not sure just a guess tho.

    Another question why did Gin Slice Hiyori up she attack aizen not him i still question Gin’s motive of doing this no one even cares about gin in the story except Izurua not spelled right and Rangiku

  11. yeah gin slicing hiyori in half was kind of final proof to me that he is evil and is not gonna turn good.

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