Naruto Shippuden 143 – The Eight-Tails vs. Sasuke; Bee’s Rapping Talent’s are Stretched to the Limits (And Beyond!) O__O

Well, it’s great to be back at WoM.  And, as the 201 post, I feel special!

Anyways, ja everyone.  Welcome back to another of Noneatencookie’s AKA Paintheclown’s Anime Breakdown!  Now that Killer Bee has been introduced, I don’t have to give introductions! (Corny :P)  Anyways, this weeks episode is entitled “The Eight-Tails vs. Sasuke”  Now, on to the breakdown!

The episode begins with Sasuke and Bee facing each other.  Bee then starts to rap (HORRIBLY!! :()  All of Taka get upset and Sasuke attacks Bee.  Bee grabs Suigetsu’s sword (Which he can hold with ease) and blocks Sasuke’s sword.  They begin to engage in swordplay, though neither can gain the upper hand.  Finally, Sasuke slams his sword in the hole of the Executioner’s Blade and kicks Bee in the chest.  Bee drops the sword and begins to write in his “Rhyme Notes” booklet.  While he’s doing this, Sasuke gives Suigetsu his sword back.  Once Bee is finished, he thanks Sasuke for helping with the notes he just jotted down.  He then proceeds to grab his seven swords and place them in the interesting places… 😉

Then the opening credits…

Back to the episode, Bee does like 20 backflips in the air and lunges at Sasuke.  He has some pretty interesting moves as he uses a lot of flexibility in his Sword Style Thing.  While Bee’s doing these unpredictable moves, Sasuke manages to evade all but a kick (What a loser :P)  He goes flying into the air.  While he’s in the air, Bee jumps up to him and attacks him again.  He just manages to push him to the ground.  He then throws three swords to hit Sasuke, who dodges them all.  Once they start getting closer to each other, Bee goes back to his irregular and unpredictable moves.  This time though, he manages to cut Sasuke several times.  Bee then punches Sasuke and before Bee can do major damage, Sasuke blocks him with a Chidori Current.  He then uses Chidori to get ready use his Chidori Sword.  Once he makes contact with the sword,  a turrent of lighting envelopes the sword.  As he strikes Bee’s sword, they both become Swords of Lighting.  Taka is amazed he could block Sasuke’s attack.  Bee then says his famous line, “Float like a butterfly.  Sting like a bee.” before hitting Sasuke with all but one sword.  he then tries to finish Sasuke, but Jugo and Suigetsu intervene… (While Karin just stands there and cries.)

Just before Bee’s sword makes contact with Sasuke’s face, Suigetsu blocks him with his sword.  Bee uses lightning chakra to cut through Suigetsu’s blade.  During this time, Sasuke makes a Chidori and electrocutes the sword.  Jugo appears behind Bee with a Partial Cursed Seal Level 2 and punches him into Suigetsu’s Executioner’s Blade.  Hmm, I wonder what thet’re planning to do… 😉  Well, they just break Bee’s sword and Jugo uses Chakra Cannons to make his fist more powerful, in turn destroying the area of the battle…

Meanwhile, Karin is taking out the swords and tells Sasuke to bite her arm. (Kinky ;))  She in turn gets a rush of passion run through her body.  While he’s biting her, his wounds are healing.  It’s like Mitotic Regeneration, but without losing some of your life…

Back to Jugo and Suigetsu vs. Bee…

Bee is standing ontop a piece of rock while Jugo and Sui look up (In amazement?)  Bee then deduces that Sasuke shifted his attack to avoid a fatal injury, while Karin can heal people by biting her arm or neck. (Good Job Bee!  But everyone knew that! :P)  Suigetsu makes a plan to attack Bee while still keeping him alive.  After a few minutes of stupid jumps, kicks, punches, etc., Bee punches Sui in the stomach, but the body becomes water.  He traps Bee ‘s hand in his stomach and tells Sasuke to use Chidori on both of them.  Sui looks like he’s on crack after that.  Jugo then comes down on Bee, but as the smoke clears, Bee is nowhere to be found.  He’s actually hiding in a nearby mountain, rapping (As usual)  Sasuke tells Karin to find him.  She spots him and Bee finds out she’s a Chakra-Sensor (Bee needs to go back to school.  He’s not as smart as he THINKS he looks.)  Anyways, Jugo launches Sasuke with his Chakra Cannons ans Bee decides to go into Eight-Tails Form Version 1.  The Demon Chakra envelopes him (I always thought it’d be purple)  Sasuke remebers Naruto in his One-Tails Form.  So Sasuke activates his Sharingan (What… a… Shocker!) and dodges Bee, who states that no one has ever dodged his Eight-Tails Form, except for his brother, E.  To lure Sasuke, Bee goes to attack the rest of Taka.  Thanks to Jugo, they escape…

Sasuke arrives and tells Karin to track Bee’s Chakra and movements and let him know of those at all times.  Bee charges at Sasuke though, who in turn activates his Mangekyo Sharingan.  He tries to use Tsukuyomi on Bee, but the he uses up too much chakra, so it doesn’t stay in effect, and because the Eight-Tailed Ox stopped the Genjutsu.  He then uses Lariat just as Sasuke is turning.  Jugo and Karin go to him to find that Lariat tore off his neck and chest, organs and all. (NASTY!!)  Jugo has a flashback about Kimimaro (YAY!! Kimimaro! :D)  He then begins to give Sasuke some of his body and Chakra.  Bee then begins to explain about cancelling the Genjutsu.  And begins rapping (OMGZ!!  JUST KILL ME NOW!!!!!! X______X)

*All Shannarolities gather at Noneatencookie’s Gravestone.  Naruruler12 laughs while Bob starts asking if anyone will do the Anime Breakdowns.  But, I remember I have to finish this breakdown and rise from the dead.*

Back to the episode, Bee then transforms into the Eight-Tailed Ox.  It takes about 10 minutes to show the entire body, then Bee makes the remark that, “Eight-Tails will pee your pants!”  What a smart remark 😉  He tries to attack Jugo (Who is now a child (There goes the calm person of Taka) Karin and Sasuke, but Sui hits him with a huge wave.  The rest of Taka take this opportunity to escape.  So, Sui and Bee battle it out.  Bee gets majorly pissed and charges up his Menacing Ball and fires it at Sui.  Jay and another ninja see this and run to the scene.  They find Bee standing in the middle of a lake.  They spot Taka and Sui is seen as plastic (?)  Sasuke just can’t taka anymore comrades lives, so he uses Amaterasu as Bee attacks them.  Bee freaks out and falls into the lake.  Karin saves everyone, though.  Just as a tentacle is about to fall on her, Sasuke slices it in half and she survives. (Sorry, It was midnight when I finished.  So, the wording will suck.)  Just then, another Amaterasu engulfed tentacle hits Karin.  She falls on her stomach.  While she’s burning, Sasuke is trying desperately to put them out.  He then uses his other eye and the flames are extingushed…

Jugo asks what is wrong after Sasuke grabs his throbbing head.  Sasuke replies with “Get Karin. Now!”  Jugo makes his arm extend and grabs her.  Sasuke then extinguishes the flames on Bee.  They then grab “Bee” and Jay (The black ninja) spots Sasuke’s Uchiha Crest and starts to head for Lord Raikage, E…

Somewhere between the Akatsuki Hideout and the Cloud Village.  Sasuke and Jugo (The only conscious members of Taka) begin to talk about Sasuke’s condition.  The epiosde ends here…

Well, hoped you enjoyed my breakdown.  Next weeks episode is entitled, “Wanderer” and it is the start of the Six-Tails Jinchuriki, Utakata Arc.

Oh yeah, here’s a pic of the new ending that I borrowed from TenraiSenshi or WRA (WeAreAwesomeness)

Well, as I go, I’ll leave you with the Weekly Poll and this preview of the next episode.


~ by Noneatencookie on January 16, 2010.

5 Responses to “Naruto Shippuden 143 – The Eight-Tails vs. Sasuke; Bee’s Rapping Talent’s are Stretched to the Limits (And Beyond!) O__O”

  1. @ Paintheclown: nice to have you back coming with sweet review’s. I wonder if naruto will ever be as good as killer-bee in control his tale beast? what do you think?

  2. Thank you for commenting Sam, by the way, please call me Noneatencookie instead of Paintheclown.

    But, I think once all this Sasuke stuff is over with, Naruto will get trained by Bee (If he survives the Fourth Great Shinobi War)

  3. =D=D=D breakdown!!!
    btw, am i the only one that thinks that bee’s rapping is kinda cool? it sounds so awesome in japanese =P

  4. noneatencookie: nice to have you back. but i think you have bad luck, it looks like they are starting some more fillar next week!

  5. Nice to have you back noneatencookie. It was getting a bit lonely with just my reviews here :). Sorry I’m late leaving a reply here, I’ve been a bit swamped for the past few days so I haven’t been able to check up on things… Anyways, nice breakdown. It certainly is too bad that you had to come back just when the fillers were starting up again though… But who knows, these fillers may actually be interesting with a new -real- Jinchuuriki around -as opposed to that little kid who had “control” over the sanbi.

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