The Underscore’s Bleach review 394

394 The Burnout Inferno 2

Hey there, welcome to yet another Bleach review. This week’s review isn’t all that special I’m afraid as the chapter was rather straightforward. As such I don’t have all that much to go over with you guys, but I may have a few things to note. I’ll be doing this with the Mangastream/Binktopia scanlation, though I may refer to the Sleepyfans scanlation from time to time, so thanks to all three groups for their scanlation. Before going over this week’s chapter, however, we have the matter of last week’s polls.

Bleach chapter 393, The Burnout Inferno, after 90 votes gets an average score of:



Last week Wonderweiss appeared out of nowhere to put out Ryuujin Jakka’s flames even though he was starting his fight with Kensei a few chapters ago. The question then has to be whatever happened to Kensei for Wonderweiss to show up like that. The most obvious explanation would be Wonderweiss beat Kensei before getting to Genryuusai. But did you guys think that? Here’s the thoughts of 72 of you readers:

We start off with a tie between two of the options, coincidentally the only two options where you didn’t give a yes or no answer. We had eight voters who admitted not to have any clue as to what could have happened to Kensei. Without the slightest hint as to what could have happened and the potential Wonderweiss should have as Aizen’s secret weapon against Genryuusai and Ryuujin Jakka, this may have been the most sensible option of the poll.
Then we had eight voters who just don’t care about Kensei. With Genryuusai and Aizen – possibly the two strongest beings we’ve seen in Bleach- facing off against each other, Kensei may have lost some of his charm. That or these voters never felt anything for Kensei in the first place.
Coming in fourth place, with nine votes, we have the possibility of Wonderweiss having slaughtered Kensei. As pointed out before, Wonderweiss was made to counter Genryuusai’s Zanpakutou, so he should be no pushover. Kensei could as such really be in trouble this time.
Making a close third, with 10 votes, more people seem to feel Wonderweiss just up and left the fight, leaving Kensei in one piece. Going by Wonderweiss’ personality this is a likely possibility though it may not explain where Kensei is and what he could possibly be doing.
With the votes deviating with just one, the same holds true for the second place option of this poll. Eleven voters believe Wonderweiss pushed Kensei off so he could get to Genryuusai, as if Wonderweiss reacted to Ryuujin Jakka instinctively and ignored everything else by pushing all else away. Again, this option doesn’t explain where Kensei could be or what he is doing, though Genryuusai was also unaccounted for during a lot of chapters.
But coming in first, with a staggering 26 votes as opposed to the average of 9 votes for the other options, is the option of Wonderweiss having beaten Kensei while leaving him alive. This would explain why Kensei didn’t appear immediately and would also fit in with Aizen’s -and Kubo’s- plans of not killing anyone of the Vizards or Soul Society unless necessary for his victory. Sadly this week’s chapter doesn’t tell us anything about Kensei, but it gives us something else instead.

The boy who gave it his all

Who needs common sense if he can’t burn himself?

Almost as if raining of Genryuusai’s bonfire, Wonderweiss’ release somehow manages to extinguish the hellfire Genryuusai made using his Ryuujin Jakka. This special ability ruined the opportunity Genryuusai had to incinerate Aizen last week and one can only wonder how it is that Aizen has a follower who possesses such ability. Aizen already revealed to us that Wonderweiss’ ability was created by Aizen for the sole purpose of sealing Genryuusai’s Ryuujin Jakka. But in spite of what one could say about Aizen and his genius, the advantage created by this ability came with an equal disadvantage. In exchange for becoming a walking fire extinguisher, Wonderweiss had to give up his ability to speak, his prior knowledge, his memories, and all reason. If anything one would say Wonderweiss has regressed to the most basic form of Hollow as little is left other than instinct and destructive power. But Aizen was willing to pay this price for the sake of his own good. Sadly we’ll never learn whether this is true for Wonderweiss as well as he doesn’t remember nor have the ability to tell us using words.
As Wonderweiss is still towering over Genryuusai, whom he had blasted down to earth last week, Aizen is the one to inform us of all this as if to explain to how much hardship he’s gone through to achieve Wonderweiss’ ability -poor Aizen . But it was worth the trouble as Genryuusai is now unable to use his main asset, Ryuujin Jakka, making him little more than a feeble old man as Genryuusai holds no means to restore his Zanpakutou with Wonderweiss around. But Aizen is so merciful as to relieve Genryuusai from his despair as soon as possible as he bids him farewell, signaling Wonderweiss to deal the final blow. As Wonderweiss eagerly moves towards Genryuusai we see the Commander-General with his hand in the debris of the fake town as if still clinging to Ryuujin Jakka in the hopes of a last second miracle. But his face shows the determination one would expect from someone of his status as a lethal blow is dealt.

Fist of Fury

He can beat anyone with his Zanpakutou tied behind his back

The blow that was dealt did involve Wonderweiss and Genryuusai. But it is Wonderweiss who is on the receiving end this time as we see him flying through a few blocks of Karakura town with a gaping hole in his stomach. As Wonderweiss is flying through fake Karakura town, Aizen gives something of a disappointed look at Genryuusai as we learn what he used to send the Arrancar flying: his fist! Leaving his Zanpakutou behind, Genryuusai starts using his fists to deal with Wonderweiss. In any other case I would say that he might as well use his Zanpakutou as it could at least still cut his opponent, but after witnessing what Genryuusai did here I’m starting to wonder why he even bothers taking his Zanpakutou with him normally. The fact that it can incinerate practically everything does work in the favor of having it with him though . Genryuusai then gets back to his role as teacher as he addresses both Aizen and Wonderweiss with a little private lesson. Apparently Genryuusai is the 30th Commander-General of the Gotei 13 and has been so for the past 1000 years. The reason for this is really simple: He’s just that good. He’s so good that in 1000 years time no Shinigami managed to achieve his level of power – somehow Genryuusai still managed to give Aizen a burn with this little comment – which makes it impossible for him to lose to -or even be hit by- some amateur like Wonderweiss. The funny thing is that Aizen kept his more neutral look during the majority of Genryuusai’s speech. But after Genryuusai told him no one better had been born in 1000 years time, Aizen’s eyes showed something which almost seemed like he was offended. But Aizen had no time to be offended as Genryuusai immediately appears in front of Aizen to give him his share of the pain Wonderweiss already received as he strikes at the traitor.

This guy’s got guts

Rather he had guts, lost them, regained them, lost them again, and is regaining them again

Out of the blue, Wonderweiss returns to the battlefield to take the blow that was meant for Aizen. This time Wonderweiss isn’t thrown away as far as last time, though he clearly felt this blow as the hole in his abdomen is even bigger than before, with damage spreading to the rest of his body as well. This would suggest that Wonderweiss’ main body is covered with the same material Hollow masks are made of, where the arms seem to have a more organic look. In spite of the pain Wonderweiss should be in, he seems to be behaving as usual with a big smile on his face and his usual groan of pleasure. Genryuusai then compliments Wonderweiss on his actions as he acknowledges his ability to take a punch. As Wonderweiss is still standing, Genryuusai feels he can take it up a notch as Wonderweiss withstood his Ikkotsu (One Bone, only in the sleepyfans scanlation). Just to make sure he can deal out more pain, he asks Wonderweiss whether it’s okay to proceed or not. Wonderweiss then responds with his usual moan, to which Genryuusai responds by saying Wonderweiss’ speech has been shaved away… This may be how the Mangastream translator translated it out of his own preference as other translations have Genryuusai recall Aizen’s words, so I can’t say whether Genryuusai just got senile or whether he is taunting Wonderweiss. In either case, Wonderweiss makes sure there is no doubt about whether he can speak or not by using his actions instead of the words he doesn’t have.

The proper response

There’s no thing as dumb questions. Only dumb answers

Maybe Wonderweiss was thinking along the same lines as I was about Genryuusai’s words as he almost seemed to be baffled at Genryuusai’s comment. After taking in Genryuusai’s comment, Wonderweiss decides to slap the senile man for asking the obvious. Too bad for him this senile old man isn’t all that senile nor does he have the problems most 1000+ year old men have as he easily dodges the attack -he is dead to some degree, but I doubt anyone can move like this at his age. Clearly Genryuusai used his question as a taunt in order to have Wonderweiss attack thoughtlessly from the front again. As Genryuusai soars through the sky he can’t help but wonder how it is that Wonderweiss can’t learn or adapt to situations and whether all he’s good for is regeneration. Though the Sleepyfans translation has Genryuusai commenting on how Wonderweiss doesn’t waste any movements and it is a sign of him being modified… Once more responding to one of Genryuusai’s taunts (or compliment) Wonderweiss decides to use his fists again to give the answer, or at least one of his fists. From the big containers on his shoulders we suddenly see eight arms flying out of which one flies towards Genryuusai. Genryuusai easily manages to dodge this attack as he suddenly moves in for a counter by grabbing a hold of the arm to actually break it off. Something tells me Wonderweiss would be better off with Genryuusai using his Ryuujin Jakka judging by all of this, but anyways: Wonderweiss tries to get back at Genryuusai by going all out at him using seven of his other arms -I almost wanted to say his remaining seven shoulder arms, but as arms are usually connected to the shoulders…- to strike at Genryuusai. In spite of Wonderweiss not having any sense of reason, he somehow makes good use of Genryuusai’s defensive response and his own multitude of arms as he grabs hold of Genryuusai’s lower arms to put Genryuusai in an uncomfortable situation.

The Handyman

Why does his spawning of arms seem more painful than everything else he endured?

Wonderweiss’ Extinguir -or Extinguidor if you prefer the M7 translation- seems to have plenty up its oversized sleeves as he suddenly pulls out not just 9 arms, but at least another 33 arms resulting in a total of 44 arms -give or take a few, I’m too lazy to count as I doubled the arms I counted on my first glance on Wonderweiss’ right arm- making even Genryuusai look a bit surprised at this current situation. With two more weapons sealed -his fists- things seem rather grim as Wonderweiss has at least 42 more arms to return the hurt at least 42 fold. As if his arms make up a shower of water to live up to the name of an extinguisher, Wonderweiss unleashes a stream of blows on Genryuusai with the purpose to extinguish his flame of life. As the barrage of attacks continue to pour down on Genryuusai, we witness Aizen standing beneath the action with his hands in his pockets as he doesn’t need to lend a hand -seeming as Wonderweiss has plenty of those. Though Aizen should consider lending him a blade instead, judging from Genryuusai’s current state.


I’m sorry! Wait but I didn’t do anything wrong to him… I’M SORRYYY!!!

Genryuusai almost seems to be disappointed here. Even though he is facing an opponent whose sole purpose is to seal him and his abilities, he hardly had to endure anything. Luckily both the scanlations I’ve read agree on this one as the main consensus is that Genryuusai hasn’t had enough of a beating to be impressed. He is even bored with Wonderweiss’ pathetic excuse of a fight that he is grateful that Wonderweiss doesn’t look as weak as he is in comparison to Genryuusai. Genryuusai managed to free his arms as he breaks off two more of Wonderweiss’ arms with ease. Concluding this was all that Wonderweiss had, Genryuusai is glad Wonderweiss doesn’t look like a child, as he can kill him without feeling any regret thanks to this. Somehow I’m a bit disappointed that Genryuusai doesn’t even want to kill Wonderweiss in order to get revenge for his fallen student (Ukitake). But I guess Wonderweiss wasn’t worth remembering as the culprit as Aizen is the one who was responsible for Wonderweiss and as such for Ukitake’s injury. Wonderweiss is then seen trying to process the notice of his death as Genryuusai gives a final glare and delivers the promised blow.

Bringing the hurt

Mental note, don’t mess with old fogies

Genryuusai doubles the pain he dealt before as he uses both his fists to perform the Soukotsu (double bone/twin bone). Basically we can conclude that the person to receive a blow of this magnitude may just be as good as dead unless they have superb regenerating powers or a really strong defense. Either Wonderweiss has even better regeneration powers than Ulquiorra and is in fact able to regenerate his intestines -which is rather plausible judging from the blows Wonderweiss has received-, he suddenly realizes as an Arrancar he is able to use Hierro, or Wonderweiss isn’t around anymore… if you know what I mean. The result of Genryuusai’s Soukotsu, however, is left for next week’s chapter.

No matter which scanlation you read, the message of this chapter has been delivered quite soundly: Genryuusai is boss for a darned good reason. The chapter didn’t have too much happening except for Wonderweiss receiving a major beating from a barehanded Commander-General. With Genryuusai turning the tides once more, one can only wonder why he even bothered setting up a deathtrap that would take his own life along with that of others. Aizen admitted that in a direct fight he’d lose and that Wonderweiss was created with the intent of weakening him to the point where Genryuusai would lose to him. But Wonderweiss was only good for taking a beating right now as Genryuusai clearly has no problem fighting with just his fists. In last week’s predictions I did take into account the possibility of Genryuusai making easy pickings of Wonderweiss, but I certainly didn’t see this coming.
To conclude, this chapter wasn’t as good as the previous two in my opinion when it came to story progression as most of the chapter was: Genryuusai beating Wonderweiss up, taking Wonderweiss’ counters, getting back practically unscathed and beating him again. But I suppose it was time again for a chapter which mainly consisted of mindless slaughter, and Genryuusai certainly delivered. The first part of the chapter did balance things out a bit as it gave us some information on Wonderweiss’ origins with some rather interesting information. Before going over my predictions, here’s something to make your heads spin:

This week I don’t have something that is connected to the chapter directly, but it may be fun to think about. Now remember, this is just something for you guys to think about a bit so you don’t even have to answer if you can’t think of anything. Odds are that this has been discussed in other forums before, but for those of you who haven’t thought on this yet it may be fun. Now I won’t even give you guys my own views on this so that I won’t affect your thoughts on this matter. So have fun with this week’s thing to make your head spin!

Isshin has been revealed to be a Shinigami a long time ago. Somehow his powers were sealed in some kind of Gigai created by Urahara that made it possible for him to live as a normal human being and he took up another name, as if he were reborn again. But did Isshin have himself sealed in that body out of love, was it so he could be in Karakura town, or could he have other reasons to be turned into a human?

Genryuusai deals a devastating blow to his opponent at the end of this week’s chapter. But we’ve already seen such a lethal blow a few weeks ago, which didn’t end up quite as well as it seemed at that time. So here’s what I think might happen:

Option 1: Genryuusai just beat up Wonderweiss
Genryuusai was able to distinguish the real Aizen from the possible illusions created by Kyouka Suigetsu, so there should be no doubt this was the real Wonderweiss. Wonderweiss may be able to get up with his regeneration, but Genryuusai will then crush his head to ensure Wonderweiss’ defeat. Genryuusai may then proceed to target Aizen with his bare hands for a while before getting Ryuujin Jakka back to fight it out to the end. Whether this ends with Genryuusai using his Bankai or not and his victory is something I can’t say, though I don’t think Aizen will lose this soon with his own Bankai and Hollowfication left in store.

Option 2: Genryuusai just beat up someone else
With Aizen around we can never be too sure. Genryuusai did manage to tick off Aizen a bit with his comment on how he is the strongest Shinigami that has lived for over 1000 years, so maybe Aizen feels he should humiliate Genryuusai. Either Genryuusai just beat up Ichigo, which Aizen may have done in a response to Genryuusai’s concern shown in last week’s chapter, or maybe he pulled another Hinamori with Ukitake or someone else close to him such as Chojiro or Kyouraku. Why for all we know Aizen has been throwing different people in front of Genryuusai instead of Wonderweiss since the comment about him being the most powerful. This would mean that Aizen will reveal the truth in next week’s chapter

Well, that’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter as well! I have one or two replies to give in the posts that were lost but not forgotten section for those of you who were expecting a reply. Depending on next week’s chapter there may not be a review next week. Reason for this is March ninth, the day I’ve been waiting for quite a long time. If next week’s chapter doesn’t impress I’ll be doing a double review the week after that, but let’s assume Kubo will impress. I’ll see you guys again next week! -or the week after that, maybe…possibly…who knows

Here’s what the ratings are:
1.0: Abysmal
1.1 – 3.4: Awful
3.5.-5.4: Bad
5.5-6.9: Average
7.0-8.9: Great
9.0-9.9: Awesome
10: Perfect

  1. Kuroi Says:
    Great review again. Still I believe this chapter was better than the previous one only because this is going to be (apparently) the last battle of the arc. I predict it will be a bit long as Yamma will be able to turn the tables (for now) but it will be the final one.

    I can’t wait to see Aizen making the key and finally getting into the Royal Realm.

  2. Tony Says:

    Great review! I’ve read some people are labeling Wonderweiss’ Resurrecion as a butterfly form given his fetish. It’d sort of make sense too with his Tousen attachment, both being bugs. Maybe we’ll be joined by the rest of the Hueco Mundo crew shortly sans Mayuri who won’t be fighting anymore in this arc due to his experiments and wanting to live on to due research on Yammy.

    Although, Yammy MIGHT start earning cool points if he opens a Garganta the size of the entire sky of Fake Karakura Town and comes in to play.

    Sorry for the double-post, but while at the great mental void that is my job I had time to think more about the chapter points.

    It seems like the entire point of Aizen’s open rebellion was to create something along the likes of Wonderweiss. Los Noches, the Espada, and the Hōgyoku…all for this one final experiment. None of it really mattered until Wonderweiss was created, something that could even the odds even if it the entire plan fell solely on Aizen’s shoulders. Even the Royal Guard would be hard-pressed between even a single Wonderweiss let alone a full 10 Espada with the same ability!

@ Kuroi:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the read. Genryuusai at least turned the tables this week, so you were right about that one. But I’m personally hoping to see Unohana get into some fights soon!


Wonderweiss’ butterfly look did cross my mind, but the size of his shoulders are what kept me from thinking that. But with everyone having their own interpretations of the release it made me think of the Rorschach test :).

I can’t say for sure whether we’ll be seeing someone appear from Las Noches. If Genryuusai loses, than it would make sense for Yammy to appear just to add to the drama. But I really can’t say at this moment as we’ve gone too long with new information about Kenpachi and Byakuya’s fight. If anything I’d imagine those two having killed each other while Yammy moved on :p.

But I wonder whether Wonderweiss has the ability to negate more than Ryuujin Jakka. This week’s chapter did emphasize the negation of Ryuujin Jakka, though Mashiro may disagree on that one.


~ by The Underscore on March 6, 2010.

6 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 394”

  1. Next chapter: Wonderweiss’ backstory narrated by Aizen, a deceased Tousen’s memories, or a series of “Ooohhh ahhhh..ting tang walla walla bing bang…” nonsense 😛

    I like the idea of it being Ichigo or Ukitake instead of Wonderweiss. There’s a joke page of this chapter having it be Momo being hit again. I gotta see if I can post it today or tomorrow though.

  2. Tony found that pic, here it is

  3. Anyway for the chapter, hell yes!! the old man finally shows us exactly why he is in charge. its not just for his zanpakuto, its cause hes just that good!other then proving that beyound all shadow of a doubt though, this chapter didnt do much. now im worried about what kubo will do next, when indestructable force (aizen) meets Immovable object (Yammamoto) it doesnt seem like kubo is willing to give us a serious all out fight between these two, so i fear he will pull something stupid to postpone the fight. of course with aizens hypnosis, that stupid thing may already have happened…
    man i am sick of that hypnosis!!!

  4. Hello,

    Once again I enjoyed your review. Despite being a chapter in which only a few things happened, you managed to do your review entertaining and “full”. I hope you’ll make one next week also, because your reviews are usually in the middle of the period in which we’re waiting for the next chapter/spoilers, thus making it seem much shorter ! It’s one more “dose” for our Bleach addiction ! XD

    About the chapter I think it was good but not as good as the previous one (or two). As predicted Old Yama is too powerful to go down that easily. He is a true beast, and think he wasn’t using Ryujjin Jakka at all ! No wonder why even Aizen commented that he would probably get beaten in a fair fight. The art was amazing, Tite Kubo knows how to make battles but plot-wise there wasn’t any serious progression at all. No dialogue mostly due to the fact that it was a battle between an Old man and a autistic child didn’t help either.

    I believe that WW will make his last stand in the upcoming only to get beated again but this time for good. You replied that you would like to see Unohana fighting but after reaching to this point, I doubt that will happen. Aizen vs Yama is on the spotlight right now. As the greatest possible battle of the series I think Kubo will make it the last one of the arc. Probably, after WW dies and Yammaji get his power back, he’ll order Unohana to collect the fallen captains and evacuate the area. But that’s only a prediction, let’s see what will happen.

    I want to ask you a question though. Do you think that Old Yama will die in this battle ? I would like to hear your opinion on this subject. Thanks for reading !

  5. I think Kuroi just perfectly said what we all think of your reviews, Underscore!

  6. indeed, though i think that yamma’s last attack this chapter has already finished wonder. i mean, one bone nearly broke him in half. two well…

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