The Underscore’s Bleach review 395

395 The Burnout Inferno 3

Hey there everyone, welcome to the Bleach review for The Burnout Inferno 3. This week’s review will be a quick one for three reasons: One, my keyboard’s batteries are running low. Two, I’ve been bedridden for the past two days and I’m still not feeling all that good. Three, I want to play Final Fantasy XIII really bad . Because of these reasons -mainly the second mind you with the intention of the third- I will be leaving out the ‘Posts that were lost, but not forgotten section’. I did read the replies left, but wasn’t able to answer them because my screen wouldn’t stop spinning. My apologies if you were waiting for a reply, but I hope you’ll understand. If you still feel I should reply to something posted there, just repost it here or send me a PM. This week’s review will be done with the Mangastream/Binktopia scanlation.

Bleach chapter 393, The Burnout Inferno, after 70 votes gets an average score of:



Last week Genryuusai showed us some of what he got, but I wanted to know what you liked best. With 52 voters, here’s the results:

No one felt Genryuusai was mediocre throughout the chapter, so at least he left an impression.
One person got a bad impression though as he/she felt that Genryuusai did nothing that was worth mentioning.
With a tie we have two people who felt Genryuusai’s best performance was the one of possum where he fooled his opponents into coming into his range. Two others were impressed by the fact that Genryuusai managed to stay alive until the end of the chapter. With so many odds against Genryuusai this may not have been that strange at all.
Eleven people felt Genryuusai was great overall, giving this option the third place in this poll. Genryuusai certainly did plenty of things last week and the results were great to say the least -at least from last week’s perspective.
Fourteen people enjoyed the fact that Genryuusai put Aizen down the most. For one who seeks to become the greatest being in existence to hear he didn’t even manage to surpass an old man who was the strongest for over 1000 years it must be pretty rough to hear.
But the majority of the people loved the using of the fists the most as 22 of you felt that punching holes through Wonderweiss was the most noteworthy thing to happen. So can Genryuusai impress us (again) this time?

Great impression… of his fists

Genryuusai and Aizen should team up, Aizen breaks them mentally, Genryuusai breaks them physically. Perfect destruction

Genryuusai’s Soukotsu connected and it connected well. Wonderweiss is not only broken into two pieces, the impact is so great that it goes through Wonderweiss’ entire body breaking it up as well. Genryuusai’s Soukotsu is obviously more than just a two fisted blow as it even seems to negate the regeneration ability Wonderweiss was so capable of using last week. My guess is that Genryuusai channeled his Reiatsu through Wonderweiss in order to increase the destructive capability. Wonderweiss certainly seems to be in a mess, though his face doesn’t really show it. The fact that Wonderweiss doesn’t show any emotion even though his life has just come to an end really bothers Genryuusai. Genryuusai apparently is used to seeing his opponents tremble in fear before they meet their impending doom -who can blame them after seeing feats like this- yet the Hollow he faced now wasn’t even able to do that. Aizen’s experiments to create a hybrid creature ended up in this being that should only be referred to as a tool as it was little else.

You’re inhuman

… says one monster to the other

Genryuusai realized that Wonderweiss lost everything that could have possibly made him different from a tool. He wasn’t even a Hollow anymore even though hybridization usually returns a human self to the Hollow. Genryuusai can’t help but feel pity for the object known as Wonderweiss. He then tells Aizen it was an inhuman act to turn Wonderweiss into such a tool. Aizen, however, doesn’t feel all too bothered about this accusation as he knows better than this. All he did was give a Hollow, a corrupted soul that does nothing but devour other souls, a purpose. Genryuusai, however, just indiscriminately destroyed that soul -possibly for good as no Zanpakutou was used to slay Wonderweiss- which could be considered inhuman as Aizen just gave it a purpose instead of destroying it. Thank goodness Genryuusai isn’t one to be bothered by childish word games. Rather he tells Aizen he can talk all he wants, but it won’t matter as all will be over soon. Aizen, however, feels Genryuusai is too much a man of action instead of words as he doesn’t even really listen to what his opponents say, which could mean trouble according to Aizen.

Reasons why one should listen to Aizen

This fire extinguisher doesn’t extinguish fire, dummy

After Aizen told Genryuusai that he should have listened to him better than he did, he decides to repeat himself for the old man. Extinguir was created to seal Ryuujin Jakka’s flames. Ryuujin Jakka couldn’t create more flames as they were sealed inside the blade. A link I forgot to make in an earlier review was one to Metastacia, the Hollow that fought Kaien and destroyed his Zanpakutou after he touched Metatacia’s hair. This would show that Aizen has put quite a lot of time in finding a way to seal away Ryuujin Jakka as it too was just one of Aizen’s experiments. The ability to seal the flames inside the blade does seem less efficient than completely erasing the Zanpakutou to be honest, but at least this way it doesn’t require Wonderweiss to touch the blade or the flames. Because the flames that were already released couldn’t be sealed inside Ryuujin Jakka and even Wonderweiss shouldn’t be able to withstand those flames once they are released something else had to have happened. Aizen never did say Extinguir extinguished anything, though the name does imply just that. But if all Extinguir does is seal away the flames, where could they then be?

Insane in the midbrain

Worst. Fire extinguisher. Ever.

As Aizen prattles on about how Genryuusai should listen more, Genryuusai realizes that Ryuujin Jakka’s flames could only be sealed in one other place. Wonderweiss’ head hadn’t disappeared yet even though he was shattered into thousands of smaller pieces, but his head was one of the biggest parts that remained. Now, Wonderweiss always did act like he had no brain and after what Aizen told Genryuusai last week and this week one could conclude that this may have been true. Here we see that Wonderweiss’ brain made room for a flame storage. Wonderweiss’ head suddenly starts to expand as the flames no longer can be contained within his body. Genryuusai immediately rushes towards the expanding head as Aizen tells Genryuusai that he knows full well what may happen. Genryuusai spent quite some time to create flames powerful enough to incinerate Aizen along with himself and he almost got to the point of fully releasing that power. The majority of those flames were already released before Wonderweiss appeared and as such were sealed inside the small space that is Wonderweiss’ head. But with all those flames compressed in one small container and it suddenly getting cracked it would be bad. The explosion that ensued seems to show us how bad it is.


This is what you get for playing with fire for more than 1000 years Genryuusai

In spite of the potential destruction for the explosion, things went pretty well for Genryuusai. Sure, his arms have been completely incinerated and his legs don’t seem to be in too good of a shape, but the town is practically left whole. To further emphasize how much Genryuusai has reduced the damage, Aizen actually compliments him on his performance and explains what he managed to do. Genryuusai single handedly protected Karakura town and the area around it by shielding the blast with his body. If it wasn’t for Genryuusai, the barrier that transported Karakura town to Soul Society would have shattered giving Aizen what he wanted, while countless of other innocent lives would have been destroyed as well. In spite of this being due to Genryuusai’s own flames, you can’t deny that Genryuusai is a great man for sacrificing himself so easily for all the innocent bystanders. Genryuusai deserves to be thanked, but sadly the only innocent person who would know of this would be Ichigo. But Aizen is gracious enough to thank Genryuusai instead, for protecting his world.

Attitude for gratitude

This only proves (once more) that helping Aizen will get you killed

Even though Aizen and his world were just protected by Genryuusai, he mercilessly steps towards the exhausted Captain-commander. Where he showed mercy to the other captains, he now tells Genryuusai that he won’t let him live this time. But as Genryuusai represents the past of Soul Society and its norms and rules, which Aizen wants to change to his own, he has to get rid of that symbol. Aizen finds this to be so important that he actually feels he should finish off Genryuusai personally with his own blade -the extension of his soul. But apparently Genryuusai was playing possum again, as he did last week, as he suddenly grabs hold of Aizen’s leg. He tells Aizen he should listen better as well and that he’s naïve. To show how naïve Aizen is, he uses Hadou # 96 Ittou Kasou (single blade cremation) while bypassing the incantation -or so it would seem at first glance. Aizen is caught by the Hadou and after a short while he manages to get out of the explosion.

One more swing

Out of the fryer into the cutter

Aizen already looked a bit battered after taking on a Hadou in the nineties, but as he gets out of the blast he suddenly finds Ichigo assaulting him from the front with his mask on. Judging from his current position I highly doubt Aizen wouldn’t be able to block Ichigo’s attack as he already has his Kyouka Suigetsu in his hand. That is, assuming that he has to block the attack. But at least this time Ichigo seems to be going all out. The only thing I find to be disappointing here is that we can’t see Ichigo’s eyes. But hopefully we’ll learn more next week.

What can I say? I liked the chapter. It had a bit of everything without demeaning anyone. Genryuusai kept his honor, Wonderweiss was proven to be more than just a small bump in the road, Aizen is shown to be the same jerk as always, and Ichigo finally swoops in for the kill. The chapter looked great while doing all this with the only thing I missed being a closer look of Ichigo’s face on the last page.

Why would Aizen choose to have Ryuujin Jakka’s flames be stored as an explosive instead of using them to power up Wonderweiss?

I’ll give some quick predictions as I’m not feeling too good right now and I still have to upload everything. So here goes:

Ichigo’s attack will connect with Aizen as Aizen is staggered due to Genryuusai’s Hadou. Aizen will shrug this off and catch Ichigo in Kyouka Suigetsu’s hypnosis. Ichigo will be immobilized with a Bakudou to prevent him from causing chaos under the influence of Kyouka Suigetsu and Unohana will take over the fight instead.

Ichigo’s attack will connect, but the scene will change to Hueco Mundo before we see how the attack will turn out. Here we’ll see a hard-pressed Kenpachi and Byakuya who will decide to truly team up to (try and) turn things around.

Ichigo’s attack will be blocked by Gin who is intrigued by the events he just witnessed as he now feels he wants some action of his own. Ichigo’s Hollowfication may start to backfire again after a short while.

Well, that’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I think I’ve covered the most important points of the chapter. But if I overlooked something you’ll have to let me know. Also be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week!

Here’s what the ratings are:
1.0: Abysmal
1.1 – 3.4: Awful
3.5.-5.4: Bad
5.5-6.9: Average
7.0-8.9: Great
9.0-9.9: Awesome
10: Perfect


~ by The Underscore on March 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 395”

  1. Hmmm, I’d say Aizen designed the explosive device as the back-up. He knew the Soul Society intimately and knew how easily Yamma would sacrifice himself given a total defeat scenario. Wonderweiss was a tool and was used well in this case, Yamma is either down for the count or close to it by this point because the Hadou has probably damaged him as well.

    Now all Aizen has left is a little boy who couldn’t come close to scratching him earlier.

  2. It would be safe to assume that Aizen put up the explosive storage as a back up. Its effect certainly proves that it was a good move. As to whether Genryuusai died or not, I realize I didn’t go into the matter in the review… Somehow I feel he should still be alive as it would be a bit silly to die at the hand of his own attack while his target comes out with so little injuries. On the other hand, Genryuusai was planning on taking Aizen down with him from the start, and he already took quite an amount of damage before unleashing the attack… Assuming Aizen will succeed with his plans for now, Genryuusai’s life may be at its end, however, I hope we will at least get some dying moments from Genryuusai if it were the case.
    Hopefully Genryuusai’s last attack got rid of most of the barriers put up by Aizen. That way Ichigo at least has a bigger chance of damaging Aizen as he is going all out right now.

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