Naruto Manga 492 Breakdown and Manga 493 Prediction Discussion: The Real Naruto Appears

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An author’s  note regarding the use of scans:

There was a press release this week from Shueisha, the Japanese parent company of Weekly Shonen Jump and the parent for Viz Media in the US, regarding the use of unauthorized scans of manga.  Mangastream, my source for this week’s manga,  has gone to the lengths of putting Kishi’s name as the author and on the final page, strongly urges readers to support local manga.  The reason for this is very clear in the official press release:  the threat of illegal scanners and translators being prosecuted for claiming credit for work that is not theirs – even if it is an incorrect translation.  This also includes any alterations to dialogs or drawings done in the name of entertainment or humor. From here onwards, I will honor Shueisha’s request and any manga strips I use will NOT be altered in any way, other than for captions.  In addition, I strongly urge you to click on any links that Mangastream gives you to support local manga when it is available.

To read an article on Shueisha’s announcement, including the actual text of the announcement, click here.

I want us all to continue to be able to enjoy reading manga and sharing breakdowns with you.  I am also a freelance journalist and would resent it if my work was plagiarized or altered in any way without my permission.  All it takes is a few to screw it up for the rest of us…


——————-End of announcement—————–

This is the part we have all been waiting for – the part where we see Bee and Naruto slowly forge a bond based on their common history.  However, it isn’t going the way that Naruto thinks it should…

This is Penny (TsunadesTwin) with the latest Naruto Chapter, titled “Greetings,” but there’s a great deal more to this one than meets the eye.  Naruto is focused on his finding the octopus from the Senile Sage’s premonition while the Jonin with him are trying just to keep Naruto safe and out of trouble.  Turns out, there are more than just Yamato and two other non-named Jonin with him:  Maito Gai and Aoba are also along for the ride.  Unfortunately, Maito Gai, doesn’t seem to like the ride too much.

I'm sure Gai is thinking "What a looooong, strange trip it's been" (that's for you Deadheads out there)

As Maito Gai complains of motion-sickness, Naruto discovers that his “octopus” is non other than Killer Bee, his fellow Jinchuuriki of the Hachibi.  Once Naruto hears this little tidbit, his mind is already focused on his obtaining control over the Kyuubi renter with the nasty disposition.  On top of that, he learns that the island, a lush, remote, and “tropical-flavored” area known for the wildlife,  is secure on multiple levels, including with various barriers, which assures Yamato as he makes it clear that Naruto’s safety is his top priority – and his mission.

Ok, so this guy isn't so happy to see the gang from Konoha. I'm sure Gai is SO ready to head back home with this.

Naruto, from observing Bee’s first exchange with the gorilla so happy to see them (NOT!), notes there is something very different about Bee, despite his being a Jinchuuriki.  Bee calms down the gorilla who was ready to attack, which fascinates Naruto.  In his mind, one would think the opposite.

Not often you see a gorilla offering a "thumbs up"

Naruto also learns of one of Bee’s “habits:”  his rapping rhymes, which he doesn’t initially take too well. However, in his mind, he thinks that if it means he gains control of the Kyuubi that he can put up with a few “quirks.”  So, off he goes in pursuit of obtaining guidance of the master who has “mastered” his “beast.”  Seems to be a simple task, right?

You too can learn how to tame Gorilla's with Bee's training. Naruto is taking notes...

One problem:  Naruto also discovers Bee isn’t like Jiraiya, our late-great Pervy Sage.  Naruto has Bee’s attention in wanting to learn how to control the Kyuubi, which Bee applauds.  Then comes the rapping…Naruto has to show he’s got “rhythm,” for Bee to train him.  Amazingly, Naruto comes up with something rather catchy…

Yo! Bust a move there Nar-u-to!

…which pleases Bee.  In a move that later takes on a great deal of significance, Bee tells Naruto he needs to learn the proper greeting:  a fist bump and a rhyme.  Problem is that Naruto’s greeting doesn’t quite make Bee very happy.  Calling your future trainer a “tool” isn’t exactly a great first impression.  So, Naruto resorts to his old stand-by Hāremu no Jutsu (Harem Jutsu) which falls flat as well.  Nope, this guy is not like Pervy Sage at all, much to Naruto’s anger and frustration.

Well, Naruto? Who'd you think you were dealing with? Ero-Sennin???

The guide for his stay, Motoi, wonders what all the fuss is about and Naruto explains what he wants – training to control his Kyuubi inhabitant and makes the demand that since HE is a Jinchuuriki like Bee is, he should get some respect. Motoi then reminds him that Naruto’s not the center of the universe; the only Jinchuuriki around and that he needs to get his manners back in line.  In addition, Motoi makes it clear that Bee’s no one’s fool and sees people as they actually are, which both fascinates and confuses Naruto.

I don't know about you, Naruto, but maybe this would be considered a step in the WRONG direction...

As you probably have guessed, Naruto’s rather bratty, inconsiderate, spoiled side is back in plain view; the same one that has been with him since Chapter 1 of the manga.  We’ve all seen him grow in his jutsu strength and arsenal, his physical appearance and, in many cases, his emotional maturity.  However, Kishi is trying to show us that, for all the growth that Naruto has undergone, he still has a ways to go in many respects as both a mature shinobi and as a human being.  What comes up repeatedly is how he has handled his sudden “fame” as the hero of Konoha – or, has he?  The autograph seekers were a big clue and Teuchi’s comments should have been a clue that there may have been an issue.

Granted they may be like paparazzi but still, this seems to look like there's an issue with, uh, gratitude here

However, Motoi asks if Bee has “greeted” Naruto.  Once Naruto is able to identify that the fist bump was the greeting, Motoi then consents to show Naruto where Bee trained himself to gain control of the Hachibi.  Yamato, unbeknownst to the two of them was watching from the sidelines and requests to tag along given he is now Naruto’s protector and has the Mokuton jutsu to assist. which Motoi agrees.

Gee, rather than calling Killer Bee a tool, Naruto, you should have called your Taichou one...

The three head to a beautiful area of waterfalls, known as the Falls of Truth.  Yamato asks if this is where Bee learned to control his beast.  To the contrary, Motoi makes it clear that if a jinchuuriki is to control their inner beast, they must know their “true” self first.  Makes sense as it also works for us “non-Jinchuuriki” too…Motoi then asks Naruto to sit on the edge of the falls and close his eyes in order to see his “true self.”

We all should have seen this one coming but, I must admit, I didn’t but yet it makes sense.  If you recall back a few chapters, just after Naruto faced down Sasuke and heads home (and Kakashi is carrying a still-injured Karin on his back), Karin senses Naruto’s chakra was “warm and bright” unlike Sasuke’s…that is until she sees something else lurking but we never quite know what that is.

It's funny it takes a Sensor-nin to discover that there is anger deep within Naruto

The ending scene shows us what possibly that “something else lurking” is.  The being asks Naruto about the autograph seekers at Ichiraku and why he ended up not signing the autographs in the end, calling them a couple of “assholes.”  The being that materializes is the evil side to Naruto; the darker part of his personality.  Gee, haven’t we seen something like this before?

Your do not need them. Whoops! Wrong scene...

This scene with the “dark Naruto” rising out of the water reminded me of this part in Star Wars:  The Empire Strikes Back. Keep in mind, this clip is a humorous parody but you get the idea:

It will be interesting what will happen when Naruto faces his “true” self over the next few chapters.  One thing is for sure: we will finally see if Naruto has “the right stuff” to not only train with Bee but to gain control over the Kyuubi’s power – and why he wishes to do so.

Looks like it is time I leave it here for this week.  Enjoy the chapter and have a good one!



~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on April 24, 2010.

9 Responses to “Naruto Manga 492 Breakdown and Manga 493 Prediction Discussion: The Real Naruto Appears”

  1. FIRST! This storyline is getting nuts. Not sure if you’re familiar with Bleach, but Ichigo (main character) had to fight himself in order to summon his hollow side by will. I’m pretty sure it happened in One Piece as well. I’m starting to think a battle like this happens through out mangas in general. I didn’t pick up on what Karin noticed until you pointed it out. Great foreshadowing there. Yamato is such a tool -.- He tags along too often. He should at least risk his life or have a Kakashi moment of epicness. Awesome clip btw LOL.

  2. Kishi ought to write a couple of chapters on the origin of the characters in the manga, such as yamato, gai, etc………

  3. good job

  4. Well I think you made a mistake when you tought that Karin sensed the anger inside Naruto. Don’t forget that a piece of Itachi’s chakra is still inside him. I guess she sensed that. And she says: It’s exactly like….have no idea who? It’s like Sasuke’s own. I think this is an interesting answer, but maybe she was talking about the Kyuubi. But in my opinion that would be predictable and so boooring…

  5. That could be a possibility also! Good insight chapow. Hope to hear from you more often. 😉

  6. @chapow: One thing I forgot to mention was that Sai made an observation before the Kage Ho-Down that he was sensing anger within Naruto regarding Sasuke. I should have included that to further support my point.

    However, the a great point was made with Itachi’s chakra/power inside of him. Could be that Karin, in knowing Sasuke’s chakra very well, saw the resemblance of the chakra and then…yes, of course, there is foreshadowing there. Damn it, Kishi.

    @oah cypher: I’ve been wanting to see a parallel storyline with Yamato and how he got where he is or even Maito Gai. Perhaps with the focus on Naruto facing his inner demon we might see just that….or, maybe not.

  7. Thanks Anonymous:)
    Well maybe you are right penny, I’m curious about wich is the good answer. I personally more interested about Gai’s past than Yamato’s.About Gai, I think he’s on the island so he can fight with Kisame again, and ,of course, he won’t recognize Kisame…again:D
    I think Kisame will finish his life on that island in a battle against Gai and Killerbee. In my opinion, Gai’s presence is a sign of that.It would be an interesting battle.

  8. All three of them are close range fighters with horribly great chakras. It would be a good old dragonball-like “smash everything around us” fight.

  9. I so called the Gai fight ages ago. I think Gai will be defeated and Rock Lee will avenge him. There’s two more gates to be released. You have the seventh gate which Gai will probably summon and then you have the eighth gate which R. Lee will use to kill Kisame. Any dragonball fan is a friend of mine. Great to hear from you Chapow, hope to see you on more often.

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