The Underscore’s Bleach review 403

403 Deicide 5

Hey there, welcome to this week’s Bleach review. After a busy week with birthdays, deadlines, wisdom teeth being pulled out, and the usual, I finally found some time on Ascension day for Bleach this week, only to see the next chapter is out already. Guess I’d better dust off the ‘Posts that were lost, but not forgotten’ section and put it to use in this week’s review . Speaking of things that I’ll be putting to use, this week’s review pictures come from the Mangastream/Binktopia scanlation once more. So thanks go out to them for their timely release.

Bleach chapter 402, Deicide 4, after being rated by 140 voters gets an average score of:


With the review coming out about two days sooner than usual, not all the votes may be in yet. But that’s just how things are this week . Here’s how 44 voters thought things could turn out for Aizen.

Three voters thought Urahara could now try to take on the KFC with his Kisuke fried Sousuke and make a fortune. But if things were to turn out as it seemed at the end of the previous chapter, there wouldn’t be much left to sell.
Four voters thought this to be the moment for Gin to shine. With Aizen gone, Gin could take the Hougyoku for himself and reveal whatever it is that is going on inside his twisted mind.
Then we come to a rather interesting tie between those who have come to see Aizen’s grandeur and those who just couldn’t care about Aizen. Five voters believe Aizen will be destroying everyone only to rule all worlds, while five voters plain don’t care.
Six voters believed this to be a good opportunity for Aizen to fall back in order to regain his strength, possibly both his own strength as well as that of his army.
Eight voters believed this would be the time for the Hougyoku to show its will, taking over for Aizen at least for a while.
The majority of the voters, however, know for sure that Aizen’s plans will go exactly as he intended them to go, with Urahara’s attack only being a minor setback. Here’s how things turned out for Aizen:

Bad for business

The Kisuke fried Sousuke isn’t in stores quite yet.

Trapped inside a burst of his own energy, one would assume that Aizen is done for. Isshin, Ichigo, and Gin look at the blast of energy -which looks strangely similar to the Garganta Ichigo came through when he charged at Aizen- from differing points of view. Isshin focuses on the blast to make sure the attack stuck and to assess the damage it is dealing to Aizen, though he doesn’t show any signs of relieve. Ichigo seems to be more impressed at the pretty light in the sky and the fact that it seems to have ended so quickly thanks to the shady shopkeeper. Gin, however, appears to be somewhat disappointed for some reason. I can’t say he looks worried as much as I feel he’s pouting about something. Was he hoping for a bigger explosion as it is made up from the man he has followed for a century? Or does he actually believe Aizen is defeated at this time, going against all his expectations? Something seems to be off with Gin, but I just can’t get a clear picture based of this, well, picture . Then we have the man who caused this spontaneous combustion -making it less spontaneous, I know- who turns away from the blast as he moves to Ichigo and Isshin. Ichigo tries to say something to the man who defeated Aizen, only for Urahara to tell him the obvious: ‘Not quite yet.’ While Ichigo can’t grasp how an explosion of that magnitude can’t be enough to kill anything, Urahara -showing how much insight he has when it comes to these matters- tells us how “cute” it would be if this was enough to finish Aizen off. Unlike others, say Hacchi and Soi Fon, Urahara isn’t one to make the assumption that giant overpowered explosion equals instant victory. Especially in the case of Aizen, who isn’t just any monster, he realizes that Aizen will be back badder than ever any minute now.

It’s morphing time! (again)

Tight white outfit, power crystal, he has it all to be the new white ranger!

From the blast of energy in the center of the Fake Karakura town comes the white bishop ranger! Most likely voicing the opinion of a majority of the readers, Ichigo says it all: ‘What… the fuck… is that?’ Covered in white with a big cross on his chest forming from the Hougyoku in the center and two black crystal-like eyes, we can only wonder who this masked avenger could be. Could this be the Hougyoku who has now taken over his master’s body, or has Aizen finally become the ultimate being? With the white figure suddenly appearing between Urahara and the Kurosaki’s, we find out that its speed is impressive to say the least. Wondering why he has come so close to them and probably amazed at his speed, Isshin, Ichigo, and Urahara look at their opponent who reveals his identity using his usual method: dissecting his opponent’s moves and how they don’t work on him. That’s right; this is the good old Aizen in a brand new coat. Somehow Aizen managed to come out of the grand explosion, which was created from his own Reiatsu, completely unscathed (again). This being the umpteenth time Aizen has come out of a certain death situation completely unharmed; let’s see what excuse he has in store for us this time.

‘Because I’m just that awesome’

Midway through an evolution does look strange…

Giving us a recap of what Urahara did last week; Aizen deduces that Urahara used the Senjyu Kouten Taihou for the sole purpose of luring Aizen in to be caught in the Urahara special. Aizen then hints at something which is rather interesting as he tells Urahara that the attack only didn’t work because it was aimed at the Aizen who conquered the Hougyoku. He openly admits that he would have lost to Urahara if it wasn’t for his Hougyoku fusion -I don’t care what Aizen says, this looks like a fusion to me – meaning that Urahara has now been confirmed to be of a level at least close to Genryuusai and the “old” Aizen. Out of the blue, Aizen strikes his own wrist as he suddenly pulls out a wristband from the inside -without any blood coming out. He then explains that the technique didn’t work because Urahara doesn’t understand the Hougyoku well enough. This comment made by Aizen almost seems to be enough to provoke Urahara based of his expression.
But how did Aizen survive the technique then? I’m afraid the only answer we have is the Hougyoku. I know I said that Kubo would probably limit himself from using the Hougyoku to explain everything that had no explanation, but right now the Hougyoku is part of the main attraction. The fact that the covering of Aizen in the Hougyoku cloth accelerated seems to imply that the Hougyoku used whatever it uses to protect itself on Aizen as well. We already know for a fact that the Hougyoku can’t be destroyed with the methods Urahara had available to him until he lost it to Aizen, so it isn’t too surprising that both the Hougyoku and Aizen are save. As the blast was created using Aizen’s Reiatsu, my guess is that the Hougyoku’s Reiatsu is what protected the two of them. Assuming this is true; it would mean that the Hougyoku’s Reiatsu is greater than Aizen’s – at least at the time of the explosion. The question then would have to be what the Hougyoku’s source of power is. For now I’d go with the Reiatsu of everyone who has ever used it, but I can’t elaborate as this is just a hypothesis based on a few unconfirmed facts. For now I’ll leave Aizen’s survival at this and I’ll get back to the story.
With Aizen telling Urahara that the technique he created for the sole purpose of defeating Aizen not being enough to reach him -still with the eagles thing, so that hasn’t changed – it seems Urahara has to fall back to plan B. Moving on from the Kidou, Urahara unsheathes Benihime from her cane as Aizen mocks Urahara for it. Urahara gives a look towards Aizen as the next phase of the battle ensues.


Talk about your awkward positions

The look given by Urahara turns out to be a signal as Isshin all of a sudden attacks Aizen from behind. Aizen, however, doesn’t even have to look around as he uses his left leg to kick Isshin’s Zanpakutou with his boot to parry the attack. This not only shows us that Aizen has become strangely limber, but that he has already transgressed his old self as not even Isshin is worth looking at anymore. But Isshin’s surprise attack isn’t enough to give Urahara an opening. Isshin is suddenly kicked by Aizen who uses his right leg, while Urahara gets a taste of Kyouka Suigetsu, all while Aizen’s left leg still has to land from parrying Isshin’s initial attack. Luckily Isshin manages to guard from the attack using his arm, while Benihime manages to protect Urahara form the slash even though both of them are sent flying. But as the two fly away and we see what acrobatic feats Aizen has shown, the two suddenly hold small chains in their hands. Aizen gives a glare -which looks amazing considering the fact that his face is hidden- as we see that the chains are wrapped around Aizen’s left leg and sword arm. This results in the rather silly predicament we see in the picture above. Of course, this is Urahara and Isshin we’re talking about, which is why we could expect some strangely funny things to happen. Here we have Aizen, the man who aims to become a God, standing like a ballerina while wearing a rather embarrassing outfit. What can I say, I got a good chuckle out of it . The main reason for this has to be Aizen’s remark, saying it is a mockery. Just as Aizen tries to tell Urahara and Isshin they are being insolent -or I think he is trying to say this- we suddenly see the most insolent woman we may ever come across in Bleach.

The God of Flash returns


The sky lightens up as the God of Flash comes down on Aizen while wearing an outfit that’s almost as strange as Aizen’s -though she pulls her outfit off way better than Aizen does his -, especially due to the strange pieces of armor on her limbs. The first thing she does is strike Aizen to the ground with one of her fists -I think-, burying him into the asphalt. With a blow that’s strong enough to crack Aizen’s body, I’d say Yoruichi might have used Shunkou to ensure that there would be damage. The pieces of armor she has on her limbs, however, seem to be more likely to be what caused the damage as there is no sign of the Shunkou aura around Yoruichi. Could those pieces of armor be Yoruichi’s Zanpakutou in its Shikai state? I doubt it. I’d say these are tools similar to the ones she had in the Soul Society arc.
Trying to hog Yoruichi’s spotlight, Aizen actually complains about Yoruichi jumping on top of him, insulting Yoruichi fans worldwide -though they too may draw the line at their backs being broken into pieces. Luckily this is Yoruichi we’re talking about and she plain doesn’t care what Aizen has to say. Instead, she starts an onslaught of blows with enough force to embed Aizen further into the asphalt.
While Yoruichi believes this to be enough to put a halt to Aizen for at least a short while, Urahara senses something is wrong. He quickly tells Yoruichi to get out of the way, though she doesn’t have enough time to react. A burst of Reiatsu comes from the ground, destroying the armor on Yoruichi’s left leg in the process. Using cat-like movements, she quickly retreats to Urahara’s side to prevent further damage to herself.

Madness ensues

Talk about becoming one with your blade

As Yoruichi takes her place at Urahara’s side, Aizen lets us know he is disappointed in the performance shown by Urahara, Isshin, and Yoruichi against his renewed self. Even he can’t believe this is all they could do against him and he feels they should quickly show what else they’ve gotten up their sleeve before he crushes them entirely. With Aizen having plenty of cracks over his body, along with the slightly dazed looking stance, and Kyouka Suigetsu being covered by the Hougyoku as well, he almost seems to be going mad. Especially telling his opponents that he will crush them into tiny fragments doesn’t help to make him look sane. For those of you who are worried Aizen will remain stuck looking like this, this final frame should put your minds at ease. We can clearly see that Kyouka Suigetsu’s hilt is covered by the Hougyoku now as well, which makes sense as it is part of Aizen’s soul which is undergoing transformation. What’s more interesting here is that Aizen seems to have become even more powerful after taking a beating from Yoruichi, in spite of the cracks on his body. The reason I think he has become more powerful is the size of Kyouka Suigetsu’s blade at this moment. I doubt Aizen should have any trouble compressing the size of his Zanpakutou into a manageable form, yet the blade has now become at least twice as broad. Perhaps this is a sign that the blade can’t be made shorter than this and in turn that Aizen’s power has at least doubled.
Sadly we won’t know whether Aizen still has to wait for Kyouka Suigetsu to be covered before he obtains his true final form or whether Kubo just made a mistake with Kyouka Suigetsu’s current size as the chapter has already come to an end. But what can we expect from the next chapter with an ominous chapter ending such as this?

This was a really good chapter in my opinion. The only thing I didn’t really like was the fact that Aizen once more came out completely unscathed followed by his repetitive ‘Just because I rock’ speech. Quite frankly it’s getting old, even though he has a good point. The best part of the chapter had to be Yoruichi showing up. Reason for this is because I plain didn’t see it coming and that the way she showed up was done greatly by having her jump in with a combo attack. Besides, it’s good to see a (relatively) normally proportioned Yoruichi after seeing her in the current Anime ending where she just looks ridiculous. The art in this chapter was excellent as we can expect from Kubo. The way he managed to show Aizen’s expressions through the cover on his face, as well as the faces shown by the other characters, really worked out great in my opinion. The action scenes were drawn out nicely as well, even though it was hardly a minute’s worth of battle that has been drawn out. Still, the arc is slowly but steadily drawing to its end, but how will it end?

The Hougyoku can make anything happen as long as it is in the power of the wielder.
Why would Aizen need to create the Ouken if the Hougyoku can do the exact same thing?

Next week’s chapter will start with the promised massacre, even though the massacre part will be less of a massacre and more a merciless beating. While Aizen deals the pain, he will continue to evolve as Isshin, Urahara, and Yoruichi will pull out more stops to give Aizen a harder time. Tessai may show up in order to catch Aizen in a Time/Space Kidou which may be enough to get rid of Aizen for a short amount of time, a technique similar to the Caja Negaccion Grimmjow used on Ulquiorra, with a twist of course.
The other option is that Aizen actually does massacre everyone and proceeds to Soul Society in order to find the real Karakura town -not so much because he has to as much as because he can- and creates the Ouken. This would put Ichigo in a spiral of sadness and anger, with him seeking the Hougyoku in order to undo the damage done by Aizen in his quest for power.

That’s it for this week’s review. A bit shorter than usual, but I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! Those of you who replied to last week’s review, be sure to check the section at the end. The replies I’ve given may be a bit short, but with my jaw acting up again I can’t really focus on anything besides hurting my dentist at this point . I’ll see you guys again next week!

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Posted May 10, 2010 at 11:07 PM 

okay chapter, im looking forword to seeing what happens next, but i would really like to see what is happening in hueco mundo sometime soon. i miss seeing ichigo’s nakama, and im so tired of seeing this pathetic excuse for a plot. aizen vs everyone! cut, slash, maybe a kido, and a “just as planned” speech, then rinse, wash repeat, it got old after he did this with shinji and the rest, now its really a bit much. i like to entertain the idea that urahara will kill aizen and be revealed as the real final boss, just because, even though it wouldnt be consistant with kisukes character, he would be a much, much more interesting big bad. however, i fully excpect aizen to pop out unharmed and resume his cycle of deus ex machina’s. great breakdown, keep up the good work!

Thanks, I’m doing my best to keep these weekly breakdowns.

It seems Hueco Mundo has to wait for a while. I certainly agree with you when it comes to Aizen right now. It really is turning out to be a repeat of what has been happening for a long time. Urahara killing Aizen and becoming the real villain would be quite the change from things, but I’m afraid Kubo likes Aizen to much to do such a thing :).


~ by The Underscore on May 13, 2010.

3 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 403”

  1. WRA pointed this out to me, not only does aizens form look like the white ranger, he actually resembles a member of the KKK! white outfit, cross symbolism, its all there! as for the chapter, i thought it was pretty good. Yoruchi’s entrance was totally unexcpected, nice. Damn she is looking hot! as i predicted, aizens little cycle of so called “battles” seems to be going the same as before, but urahara and the rest seem more prepared to deal with it, so i am a little interested, which is actually a big deal for me, cause by now anytime aizen fights someone, i usually cant even get slightly intrerested, cause he NEVER. FfING. LOSES. sorry to rant again, but christ its annoying. how are we supposed to relate to aizens character? he is so inhumanly good at everything, it makes it impossible to think of him as a character, more of a walking plot device. anyway, enough of my rant, just want to end with saying that i enjoyed your breakdown again.

  2. Thanks for the review !
    -Why would Aizen need to create the Ouken if the Hougyoku can do the exact same thing? –

    At first answer here seems obvious. Hougyoku can’t create the Ouken or an entrance to Royal Realm out of thin air. Aizen said himself that the Orb isn’t a simple wish granter but it just guides the individual into the right direction of obtaining what he/she desires.

    On the other hand Aizen had stated that Hyogyoku is essential to Ouken’s creation :
    This is a hint that Aizen will somehow use Hougyoku to create the Key and not the way of destroying the whole city. I don’t have any particular idea what he is going to do. My bet is that this plan somehow includes Orihime.
    Well the arc is close to it’s end so we won’t have to wait much before we see the conclusion.

  3. @takashid:
    Glad you enjoyed the read. Aizen certainly is intolerant about a lot of things, so he outfit could almost be seen that way… Hopefully Urahara and Yoruichi will break Aizen’s endless cycle, that way you can finally stop your rants :p ;).

    You’re welcome.
    I’m glad when the Thing to make your head spin actually works. You are the first one to include Orihime in the formula though. On the one hand it would be great if she were to do something other than play the damsel in distress, while on the other hand it would almost be the same as what happened at the end of the ‘End of Hypnosis’ chapters…

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