The Underscore’s Bleach review 404

404 Deicide 6

Welcome everyone to the review of Deicide 6, Bleach chapter number 404. This review’s a day earlier as I just can’t focus on schoolwork on this sunny spring day. Rather than staring blankly at my screen I decided to write this review instead. If you’re reading this review on a weekly basis I’ll assume you won’t mind though . Well then, let’s get to the review using the Binktopia/Mangastream scanlation, after the poll results of course.

I made a little mistake with the link for the chapter rating last week, so the amount of voters may be off a little this week. But don’t worry, this week you can poke Kon in the eye with actual results .

Bleach chapter 403, Deicide 5, after being rated by 47 voters gets an average score of:



Yoruichi just dropped out of the sky last week, so I had to know what you guys thought about this turn of events. Here’s what 55 of you thought:

Three voters saw Yoruichi’s coming as a sign for more to come. With Yoruichi arriving at the scene, Tessai and Ryuuken should be there soon. Though Tessai makes sense, I wonder whether the Quincy will lend his hand to Shinigami.
Five voters stay loyal to Aizen even with the arrival of the God of Flash as they see her as another lamb for Aizen’s slaughtering. Aizen doesn’t seem to be having any trouble up till now, so adding a cat to the equation shouldn’t change anything…
Six voters seem to agree that Yoruichi’s arrival won’t change a thing, though they knew she’d show up anyway. Six other voters, however, expect things to get really interesting now that Yoruichi’s arrived.
Seven voters felt Yoruichi’s arrival was awesome as they’ve been waiting for her to show up for a long time. Even though she’s been absent for quite some time, she still had fans waiting for her all this time .
Then the pervs unite as these twelve men(?) wish Yoruichi would jump them as she jumped Aizen (be it in a more loving way). Let’s just say I don’t disagree with these voters .
Sixteen voters, however, stuck to the important matters as they just want to know whether Yoruichi will finally show us her Zanpakutou. Quite frankly I’m even more curious about this than the previous option -I’m sorry, I just can’t reach the heights of perversion that Kon and Ichigo are at – as it has been over 400 chapters and we still haven’t seen Yoruichi’s Zanpakutou in any of the chapters.


So much to do, so little time

After last week’s beating, Aizen stood up covered in the cracks caused by Yoruichi’s attack. He promised to bring crush his opponents into tiny little pieces, leaving nothing to stand in his way. This week, Aizen’s rant continues as he makes the connection between the amount of opponents and their strategies to the amount of hope they have of defeating him. As long as his opponents have hope of defeating him, Aizen hasn’t won the battle, which is a perfectly good conclusion made by Aizen in this case. While Aizen isn’t one to “hope” for anything, he knows the potential danger of this hope. He’s witnessed it for quite some time, especially in Ichigo. Taking the workings of the Hougyoku into account, hope can be perilous indeed. Thus, the best way for Aizen to win the battle is to take on all his opponents’ strategies and to defeat the opponents who embody that hope: Urahara Kisuke, Shihouin Yoruichi, and Kurosaki Isshin. Two interesting things happened here: First off is the fact that Aizen refers to Isshin as Kurosaki Isshin. This would seem to imply that Isshin never changed his name after starting a new life (quite literally in fact). The fact that no one in Soul Society seemed to make the connection between Isshin and Ichigo all this time could have been explained if they never knew that Ichigo’s father was this Isshin. Judging from Isshin’s abilities, I doubt Genryuusai wouldn’t know about him as long as he was around. This could mean two things: Either Isshin left Soul Society before Genryuusai appeared -to become a Royal guard for all we know- or Isshin did have a different name at the time. I highly doubt Aizen wouldn’t know Isshin’s true name though. In fact I’d say this would be a great time to freak Isshin out by revealing that he knows of his true past by hinting at his real name -assuming Kurosaki Isshin isn’t his name that is. Sticking with the assumption that Kurosaki Isshin isn’t his real name, it could be possible that Aizen has acknowledges Isshin to be Kurosaki Isshin, because he feels Isshin has become someone different from his previous self (either in a good or a bad way).
The second thing that’s quite interesting here is the fact that Ichigo is left out of the equation. Aizen’s interest in Ichigo lied in the potential he held, yet now he doesn’t feel that this potential is a threat to him at all. This could have to do with the hope he spoke of just now judging from Ichigo’s look. As the panels shift to Ichigo we see how he’s getting rather nervous at Aizen’s newfound powers -though seeing someone talk about your immanent destruction while wearing something that looks so strange would make me nervous as well . Aizen only needs to give Ichigo a quick glance to keep him standing still. Sadly, this glance frees Urahara and Yoruichi from Aizen’s gaze, which gives them time to assess their actions. This time results in…

Pulling my leg

There’d be a line if you allowed people to pull your leg Yoruichi

Perhaps some of you may recall the end of all that is serious in Bleach I prophesized a couple of weeks ago in the event Urahara, Isshin, and Ichigo were to come together. Apparently, I wasn’t that far off. The only thing I couldn’t imagine was the possibility of Yoruichi replacing Ichigo in this equation, which could lead to even more disastrous results as we see here.
Urahara kicks things off by referring to the destruction of a piece of Yoruichi’s specially developed equipment in his own special way. We learn that the equipment Yoruichi arrived with was especially made to pierce through an Espada’s Hierro, most likely created in a response to the event with Yammy. Urahara can’t even believe that the leg guard could be destroyed so easily, which Yoruichi doesn’t take too well. She reads through Urahara’s lines as she concludes that Urahara is blaming her for the destruction of the Hierro Breaker (tentative name). Even though Urahara tries to deny his blames, Yoruichi knows that Urahara is blaming her lack of focus for this. She, however, starts to blame Urahara’s product as she tells him he was the one who was unfocused during the development of the Hierro Breakers. While the two of them blame each other for the destruction of the equipment, Aizen is looking at Yoruichi’s leg to find it to still be functioning in spite of his previous attack. He then concludes that it must have been special if it could survive such an attack. This gave Yoruichi the opening to show off her own ego as she asks whether Aizen was referring to her leg as special. Urahara wisely hides his face behind his fan, though Isshin doesn’t have the luxury of hiding his face behind anything as Yoruichi notices the face he is making. Before Yoruichi has the time to bash Isshin’s face (verbally) other than saying how painful his nose looks, Aizen steps up as he puts the jokes aside. Isshin, Urahara, and Yoruichi immediately get back on their toes as Aizen shows some annoyance towards their behavior.
Aizen tells them that it doesn’t matter what is special or not -and he doesn’t even deny that Yoruichi’s leg is special – as it wouldn’t be special after being struck by his blade a few times. Urahara then finally gets to the point he was trying to make when he referred to the broken Hierro Breaker as he warns Yoruichi that Aizen is coming and he asks her if she can still go on. Yoruichi already knew that he was asking about her leg from the start, which is why she went along with Urahara’s play, as she tells him it will be alright as long as her leg doesn’t get hit again. Too bad for her, the jokes annoyed Aizen to the point that he wants to take it out on her -that and it only makes sense to take out the weakest link first as Yoruichi is already injured. As the battle between Aizen and the Terrible Three ensues, the scene changes back to Ichigo.

Back to business

That’s one big chill down your spine

Ichigo is still looking in awe as Aizen continues his slaughter. Aizen’s glance was enough to make Ichigo forget about everything else. Rather than a comrade coming to snap him out of it, it is Gin who reminds Ichigo that he still has some unfinished business. Ichigo immediately remembers that he was facing off against Gin the entire time and that he is screwed now that Gin is standing behind him with the world’s fastest Bankai. He quickly turns around to find his opponent suggesting to chill and slack off… All the motivation Gin had a few chapters ago has disappeared again now that Ichigo has lost his focus. As he tells Ichigo he was joking about his back being wide open and they should slack off, Ichigo can’t believe what he is hearing. Gin, however, feels it makes perfect sense. With Aizen transforming, nothing they do or don’t matters anymore as it is useless. Even in all the time Gin spent with Aizen, he never witnessed anything like he is witnessing right now. When Gin faced off against Ichigo, he did it for three reasons: First was the fact that he probably felt that even Aizen could be in trouble facing off against the Kurosaki duo -though I can’t say this for sure. Second was the fact that Ichigo was the one who attacked him first, which ties to the third reason that Ichigo had a certain fire burning inside him after meeting up with his father again, which Gin probably wanted to extinguish. Now he has lost all reason to fight Ichigo as Aizen has become even more powerful than before and Ichigo doesn’t have the will to fight him. Fighting Ichigo now would be rather boring, so he might as well go back to his favorite activity: sightseeing.
Gin then reveals something rather interesting as he tells Ichigo that Aizen embedded the Hougyoku when Gin wasn’t watching. We know Aizen has trust issues, but we (I) always thought Gin was the exception to the rule. Apparently Aizen treats all his followers the same way when it comes down to it as he forgot to mention the embedding of the Hougyoku -which is a pretty big deal as you may have noticed .
Still, Gin doesn’t really seem to mind that he didn’t know about this, though he does seem a bit bummed out about the fact that he didn’t get to see it. Rather than think about why Aizen didn’t show him/let him see what he did, he tells Ichigo that everyone’s pretty much screwed now.

Care for the enemy

What will happen to poor little Gin now?

After Gin gives his own prediction of what will happen (everyone dies, the end), Ichigo responds in his usual manner by saying he won’t let that happen. Gin reacts by saying he knew Ichigo would say that, probably as he’s watched most of the Death Strawberry performances and he knows the character oh so well . Ichigo then asks Gin about what he thinks will happen to himself with everything that’s happened to Aizen. But rather than think about this question, Gin can’t help but notice the way Ichigo asked him about his future. Judging from the way Ichigo said it, he feels that Ichigo already believes that he will lose his life. Ichigo suddenly starts feeling more anxious as Gin proceeds by saying it seems that Ichigo has already given up on this battle. Ichigo realizes that he’s shown his concern towards the enemy and probably also realized that he won’t be able to win if he isn’t determined enough, which we see from his attempt at denying Gin’s words. But we already know that Aizen knew Ichigo wasn’t a threat anymore and Gin confirms this once more. In spite of Ichigo’s best efforts to deny it, Gin already tells him it makes no sense to give up already. Gin then gets up again as he tells Ichigo he is disappointed by Ichigo giving up already. But he also realizes that Ichigo is only 16 years old and that it only makes sense that he is confused -darned puberty . But something tells me it is all pretence as he uses this as an excuse to kill Ichigo for Aizen in order to make sure he doesn’t waste his energy on a coward. Somehow I get the feeling that Gin actually did take notice to Ichigo’s words and that he is venting his anger on Ichigo. Whether this is true or not, Ichigo’s in trouble all the same.

Let’s boogie

Talk about a quickstep

Gin pulls out Kamishini no Yari again though he does it a bit differently this time. Ichigo notices the strange stance as well as he sees Gin holding Kamishini no Yari close to his chest while holding it tightly with both hands. Gin reveals this to be Kamishini no Yari; Butou (dancing step). At first it seems like the “normal” thrust Kamishini no Yari makes as we can see from Ichigo dodging the attack. But Ichigo then makes the observation that the blade has already retracted now, which isn’t any different from before if you were to ask me, so either I’m missing something -most likely- or Ichigo somehow forgot that Kamishini no Yari is the fastest Zanpakutou there is -not impossible. It is possible that the Butou made Kamishini no Yari even faster or perhaps it fires off the blades as new ones grow out. Judging from the Butou Renjin (Dancing step, serial blade) Gin unleashes at Ichigo it could be either one as it almost seems that Gin is blown away while countless jabs are fired towards Ichigo, though they haven’t already cut Ichigo down yet. As the Butou Renjin hits a building, we find Ichigo is still in one piece as he flies away from the blast. Much to Gin’s pleasure, however, Ichigo took out his mask this time in order to dodge the attack. This shows us that Ichigo is at least focused enough to pull out his mask, but how long will he be able to maintain it? The last time he pulled his mask out against Aizen it disappeared while he was listening to Aizen’s mind-blowing revelations. Before that he had a clear goal and was determined to win. This time he’s already lost the hope of winning the war and seems to be a bit off as when he faced off against Yammy the last time. This would suggest that the mask-problems will come back to haunt him soon unless he somehow manages to focus on his target. But perhaps Ichigo won’t be the only one who’ll be unfocused in this battle.


Gin fan-girls can’t be stopped with common sense

With the amount of explosions increasing again, we find Kira waking up after sensing his (former) captain’s reiatsu. Ironically everyone was making a big fuzz when Hinamori referred to Aizen as ‘captain’ after his betrayal, yet Kira is still doing the same thing here. Perhaps Kira’s seen a side of Gin that we don’t know, one beyond his rather shady side that still makes Kira respect his captain. Apparently Gin does have a more gentle side to him as we’ve seen from Rangiku’s reactions towards Gin. Speaking of Rangiku, Kira suddenly sees her running towards Gin in spite of the fact that she has barely recovered from Eón’s attack. With Gin revealing that he doesn’t know all he wants to know about Aizen, starting to think about what Ichigo told him in this chapter, and Kira and Rangiku waking up here, I get the feeling we’ll finally get to know more about Gin soon. Will Rangiku and Gin reuniting lead to a happy ending for the both of them or will it lead to an inevitable tragedy? Perhaps those questions will come next week.

Kubo has decided to pull out more from his hat than he did last week. Where last week’s events were special, they were too short and few. This week’s chapter, however, had a lot more to offer. First off we see that Aizen still is in control in spite of what we saw in the previous chapter. The Hougyoku is still busy transforming Aizen, while it was recovering the cracks in Aizen’s body throughout this chapter. Urahara and Yoruichi made for some good fun in this chapter, while revealing just how much they’ve prepared for this battle and how Urahara seems to have a soft spot for Yoruichi’s safety. Yoruichi seems to know Isshin as well, judging from the way she spoke to him in this chapter, which suggests that she may have had something to do with him starting over as a human being too. Ichigo’s spirit has practically been broken after witnessing Aizen’s power and even Gin seems to be affected by this sudden transformation. Gin reveals more of himself as he toys with Ichigo again as Kira and Rangiku’s awakening suggest there’s going to be more on Gin’s past soon. While it seems that Kubo is digressing from the final battle of this arc again, I’m just happy this isn’t another chapter where Aizen takes a fatal blow and shrugs it off with his ego. With this chapter setting up all the characters that will be playing a part in the last few chapters of this arc, I think this was a great chapter. The question, however, is what could happen in the last few chapters of this arc. Before going over that there’s one more thing though:

As I mentioned in this review, the mystery surrounding Isshin is still floating around this entire time -along with the question of whether Ukitake is dead or not, but I digress. I also mentioned the possibility of Yoruichi helping Isshin to get another shot at life in Karakura town. However, there were no captains who ever made the connection between Ichigo and Isshin in spite of them having the same family name while Genryuusai should know someone as powerful as Isshin. Considering the fact that Genryuusai has been the commander for about a millennium, it would mean that either Isshin did change his name, or that he left Soul Society even before Genryuusai was around. But if Isshin left before Genryuusai became the commander, it should be impossible for Aizen to know anything about Isshin. Unless, of course, Aizen found out about Isshin at the time Isshin came into contact with Urahara (give or take twenty years ago). If Isshin left Soul Society over 1000 years ago, he could have been the one to help Urahara and the others escape Soul Society after the Vizard incident -though the Vizards didn’t know him either. On the other hand if Isshin left Soul Society in the past 100 years, why didn’t anyone know about him? Is he a former captain, a Royal Guard, a noble who was kept hidden? There are quite a few chapters surrounding Isshin indeed. Oh yeah, I usually end this part of the review with one question to make your heads spin rather than to rant on about my own thoughts huh? Guess the only sensible question that can follow after this has to be: What is up with Isshin? Enjoy your time thinking about this one , there should be plenty of threads about this topic where you can exchange your ideas about this.

Predictions, predictions… Here’s what I got:
Next week we’ll catch a glimpse of Aizen and his fight against Urahara, Isshin, and Yoruichi, who may be a bit better for wear, but still capable of fighting. Then the scene changes to Ichigo and Gin, where Gin will bring up the subject of Ichigo’s mask. Ichigo’s mask will either malfunction again, or -less likely- hold out the entire time. As Gin pulls off a few stunts while fighting a (masked) Ichigo, the next chapter will end with Rangiku arriving at the scene and crying out towards Gin who will greet her in his usual way.
The chapter after that will focus a bit more around Rangiku who will think back on her time with Gin and their past throughout that chapter as she asks him to give up on Aizen. At the end of that chapter Gin will tell her he can’t leave Aizen for a reason, which will be revealed in the chapter after that where we see how Gin joined the Gotei 13 and met up with Aizen before joining him. After that chapter we’ll probably get to the conclusion of this arc.

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! Now to enjoy this rare sunny afternoon while trying to get some work done . I’ll see you guys again next week!

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4 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 404”

  1. Thanks for the review again !
    There are many things I would like to comment but this is something that caught my attention : “Somehow I get the feeling that Gin … venting his anger on Ichigo”

    Nice catch ! I haven’t thought it that way I admit. Gin chapter by chapter is becoming more and more important to the whole plot. It’s obvious that the Deicide chapters will conclude the Arc and Gin not only has a fair amount of pages so far but in the next chapter there’s expected further focus on him with the arrival of Matsumoto. Until now I believe that Aizen’s actions are what moving Bleach plot forward (which is 100% valid) but Gin will have a role to play it seems. Just look how his zan is named and you can make some conclusions/ theories.

    About Aizen’s battle with the Trio I really can’t predict how it is going to end. Seeing that Aizen is too important for the plot I believe that he will not die and he’ll be eventually victorious but on the other hand I can’t imagine Urahara, Isshin and Yoruichi getting killed at all. Next chapter I am expecting from Aizen to actually show some of his new Power except of his speed but I guess Gin will be the focus, something that’s not bad imo.

    About Isshin I have some thoughts but I’ll post them later. This reply got already too long. :p

    UC : I am really interested to know how’s your interpretation the title “Deicide” ?

  2. You’re welcome.
    There should be plenty of things to comment on this week I suppose, guess I’ll have to wait a bit to see what your thoughts are on the other matters. But Gin finally is getting more focus now, which is long overdue considering his popularity and the fact that Tousen’s entire story has already been covered while Gin’s story is still wrapped in mysteries. The question now is why Gin followed Aizen and why Aizen allowed him to follow. Perhaps the Deicide chapters will give us an answer or at least a hint.
    As for Aizen’s battle with the Trio, I agree that none of them ought to die at this time. Aizen is the main baddy making him invulnerable at this time (both from a story point of view as well as a plot point of view) while Urahara and Isshin still have too much explaining to do for them to kick the bucket. Yoruichi is needed to maintain the balance between the male and the female pervs in the Bleach universe 😛 (and she should at least show off her Zanpakutou once before kicking the bucket). That’s why I was hoping Aizen would become immobile during his cocoon phase -which I believe he is in right now- so that he would have to retreat for a while. But we’ll have to wait and see how it works out in a while I guess.
    Now for my interpretation of the Deicide title. Judging from what we’ve seen in these past six chapters I’d say that it has to do with Gin and Aizen. Gin’s Bankai seems to imply that it mainly revolves around him though, but Aizen becoming an entity that surpasses all with the purpose to overthrow the current Spirit King suggests that he plays a part in it as well. I’m guessing that Gin is special in a sense that he can commit deicide, hence Kamishini no Yari. Either Gin holds the power to kill the Spirit King, which would explain why Aizen took an interest in him, or he holds the power to kill Aizen, which could also explain why Aizen kept him close. A more sensible explanation, however, would be that Gin has some kind of grudge against a deity and that he joined Aizen for the purpose of killing it. Unless it has nothing to do with the past and Deicide has to do with the slaughtering of the Shinigami, which obviously has been taking place for quite some time. But I’m afraid that the title can only be interpreted after the last Deicide chapter.
    As for replies being long, I doubt you haven’t noticed the length of this one :). Even though I almost never seem to reply -really bad habit I suppose- I always read every reply left here and do take them into account. Sometimes I don’t even reply because I just agree and my replying adds nothing :D. I’ll be waiting for part 2 of your reply 😉

  3. I certainly agree that thick black mystery surrounds Gin’s background. I really liked the theory that Aizen needs Gin due to his “god-killing” ability. I just realized that we haven’t learn why Aizen recruited Gin at first place. He recruited Tousen because of his blindness that made him invulnerable to Kyoka Suigetsu but what about Gin ?

    My thoughts about Isshin.
    It’s true that there are not many things we can conclude from the few things Tite Kubo revealed about Ichigo’s father.
    I’ve heard numerous theories about him, the most prominent is that Isshin is a (former or not) Royal Guard. Well, he is powerful enough to be a RG, he pushed Aizen to his limit. The only thing we know about Isshin is that for a reason he spent the last 20 years in a human gigai made by Urahara :

    Why would he do that ? Was he hiding ? Or it was just because he needed a normal body so he can live with Masaki. But the most important question is where he was before he begun his life as human ? In Soul Society ? If he was in Soul Society and he is that powerful shouldn’t him be a captain ? But as you said the Captains didn’t make any connection with Ichigo’s family name. Probably because they haven’t heard of “Kurosaki” name before. So it’s very possible that Isshin was either a shinigami coming from Royal Realm or he’s from Soul Society and he changed his name (so the SS will not search for him ?)

    And then we go to this last chapter where Aizen seems to know Isshin’s name. That only confirms the obvious in my opinion. It would be impossible for Aizen who was following Ichigo for all of his life to not know Isshin’s name. But Aizen is a key about Isshin’s past. Isshin abandoned his powers 20 years before the current timeline. Aizen was a shinigami in Soul Society for (much) more than 100 years (he was a vice-captain in the TBTP arc). If Isshin was in SS before his life in earth and had another name then Aizen would have known it and would have mentioned it in the latest chapter(as you said). So probably “Kurosaki” is the real name of Isshin and if the captains didn’t make any connection from Ichigo’s family name then he was probably not from Soul Society.

    Of course there always the possibility that Old Yama and the older captains know about Isshin and that Ichigo is his son and for some unknown reason they keep it a secret from the boy. Who knows ?

    Unfortunately, there aren’t any more things/clues that help us learn about Isshin. But the mere fact that TK keeps his past secret even after he revealed his shinigami status is a confirmation itself that Isshin’s background must have a large impact in the plot of the whole story. TK in one of his interviews stated that he’ll write an Isshin’s background arc. If we are lucky it starts this summer after the end of the Arrancar Arc this June. 😉

  4. click me to watch free bleach movie now hehe 😀

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