Naruto Manga 493 and 494; Manga 495 Spoiler Discussion: Naruto’s Rediscovery

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Yeah, I took the week after “golden week” off but it turns out that it seemed like it was “the” thing to do.  Between Chapters 492 and 493, it seemed that I had to write about both to make the whole thing meaningful.  Then there were the computer issues and I had to replace my computer.  Grrrr…Yes, Naruto faced the Falls of Truth and saw evil incarnate.  However, there was more to that story and we were left hanging, of course.

This is Penny (TsunadesTwin) with Naruto’s chapters of rediscovery.  Yes, Naruto faces the Falls of Truth and sees himself with the equivalent of evil Sharingans facing him.  What gives?  This “intruder” calls Naruto on not signing autographs at Ichiraku.  Why do we care about this?  Apparently, Naruto has to care about that for some reason – and, of course, we find out why.

Naruto, this could be your worst nightmare if you aren't careful

So we have two Naruto figures  one that has anger issues and one that is trying to figure out what the hell is going on.  The catch is that the one trying to figure out the lay of the land has to defeat the one with anger issues in order to control and tame his rather cantankerous tenant, the Kyuubi, so they can finally finish “that” jutsu.  However, Naruto discovers a problem almost immediately…

I see something very Freudian going on here - Id vs. Super Ego. Hmmm...

Yup, Naruto’s evil twin has exactly the same strength, the same jutsu, the same…everything that he has.  I wonder if that means the same Kyuubi, the same Yondaime Hokage, the same Uchiha Itachi and everyone else roaming around in his subconscious.  You think Kishi thought this one completely through?

Wait, didn’t we see this scenario before?  Think about the Rescue Gaara arc when the Akatsuki lair was being breached.  Maito Gai’s team had to battle themselves in order to be of any use to Kakashi’s newly formed team.  And, here we are again…fighting oneself to determine ultimate control.  Gee, ya think that Naruto will figure out to become better than the Naruto of “yesterday?”

For the time being, that answer is a “no way,” as Naruto decides to return to reality while Yamato is wondering whether to call in a shrink (remember Freud?).  Yup, Yamato is helpless yet again but I predict that shortly he won’t be…remember he has Mokuton in his arsenal.  This longtime errand boy of Kakashi is now going to be center stage in ensuring that Naruto creates and finishes “that” jutsu.  However, we have to get past that SuperEgo Kage Bunshin nightmare first…

Yamato and Naruto, who are on the same wavelength, ask Motoi about convincing Bee to help them.  At the same time, Bee’s partner in mental illness, the Hachibi, is nagging Octo-dude into helping Naruto out.  Bee refuses but gives a vague reference to something that is preventing him from doing so.  Apparently, Bee sees himself in Naruto and that’s a place he, apparently, does not want to re-visit.

I KNOW it's your vacation, Bee, but man, we've got a war on! Listen to your buddy, Hachibi!

Yamato and Naruto are about as successful in convincing Motoi to ask Bee to help out because of yet another reason that is holding HIM back.  Sure looks like we don’t just have baggage; we’ve got some trunks of issues to deal with here.  Yup,  Motoi tried to take a kunai and kill Bee, who was a childhood friend of Motoi.  Apparently, Bee was drafted to become the Jinchuuriki of Hachibi because the previous host couldn’t control its power.   In the process of fighting off the frequent failures in controlling the eight tails, Motoi’s father was killed.

Interesting that Naruto and Motoi have something in common: both their fathers were killed by their respective tailed beasts

However, unlike Iruka who harbored no ill-will towards Naruto because of the Kyuubi killing his parents, Motoi did the opposite…and judged his dear friend harshly despite their relationship.  He wanted the Hachibi dead so bad he was willing to kill his friend but failed much like Sakura twice failed to take a kunai to Sasuke.  Despite everything, Bee remained a positive, fun-loving, devoted friend to all yet endured the same pain as Naruto.

They began as lifelong friends but....

....hatred and revenge get in the way. Gee, where have we seen this before....?

Both Naruto and Yamato take this in but Naruto takes it all to heart as a fellow Jinchuuriki (after Yamato shows he’s not always the sharpest knife in the drawer). No Yamato, this wasn’t a recent act…remember, the past…the past….sheesh!

First he's an errand boy, then he's the clown now....he's the idiot. Personally, I'd find another manga, Yamato.

As you can imagine, Naruto decides to head off to contemplate what is happening to him and what he has learned from other Jinchuuriki; Gaara and Bee.  Gaara is now the beloved Kazekage despite being his father’s assassination target in the past; Bee is now the beloved, rapping, confident and positive younger brother of the Raikage who has found his own way despite his harsh circumstances.   However, as we all may have guessed by now, Naruto reveals that he’s got some serious trust issues to deal with.  Yes, he’s a hero today but will that change should he complete this jutsu…or for a different reason?

As Naruto is lost in his thoughts, an old friend decides to make another appearance – the squid.  Motoi was concerned about Naruto and went out in search of him, along with Yamato.  Problem is that the squid decided that since Bee wasn’t around, it was safe for him to come out of the water and attack yet again – taking Motoi with him.

Feed me...Seymour!!!!

Naruto sees the tentacles and, yet again, makes the assumption that it is Bee – whom he now calls Octo-dude – and shouts out for him to calm down and release Motoi.  Motoi and Yamato are both stunned with this as the squid takes note of Naruto’s obvious ignorance of the situation.  Yamato, in one of his funnier moments, makes it clear that Naruto had better get his Rasengan fired up…

Yeah, yeah. Squid; octopus. Octopus; squid. They have about the same number of legs right?

As dramatic as it was before, Bee arrives in the form of the Hachibi and rescues his childhood friend from the squid.

Let's see...Lone Ranger theme? Something catchy has got to go here.

Motoi then immediately launches into his long-withheld confessional about his attempt to kill Bee.  However, Bee looks past it all and gives his “greeting” of a fist bump – they kind of forgot that rap thing but who cares.

Now cool. Funny how Naruto and Bee are alike, isn't it?

Naruto for his part, sees why Bee is so well-liked and feels his compassion.  Question is, how is this going to translate for his immediate future?  What will Naruto have to do to get past that evil twin of his?  Hmmmm….

Well, as you see this interlude may have some serious foreshadowing ahead.   All sorts of ideas come to mind but I’ll let all of you ruminate on that.  As I type, the next phase is about to begin so, enjoy.  Until then…

See ya,


Better late than never but, oh well...see ya with 495!


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