The Underscore’s Bleach review 405

405 Deicide 7

A little late this week I suppose, but the review’s out now. So if you read the chapter and like to know what I observed, keep reading! Thanks to Mangastream/Binktopia for their scanlation.

Bleach chapter 404, Deicide 6, after being rated by 44 voters gets an average score of:



47 voters gave their observation on Butou Renjin Kamishini no Yari. This is what they saw:

No one chose to give their original thoughts on Butou Renjin Kamishini no Yari. Either you couldn’t think of anything, or maybe the poll covered everything. Any ways…
One voter knew the true nature of the skill is a true mystery skill. Things’ being a mystery always explains everything.
Two voters had their thoughts about the attack, but they just weren’t sure enough to post them here. Too bad, they didn’t post their ideas, but better luck next time.
Two voters think several blades come out at once instead of a single blade when Gin uses this attack.
Three voters believe the attack to shoot several blades at a rapid pace, like a gatling gun.
Three voters admitted they won’t admit that they don’t know. You know?
Four voters just didn’t know how the attack works.
Five voters admitted they aren’t denying that they know that they don’t care. Right?
But the majority, taking more than half the votes, think that Butou Renjin Kamishini no Yari works exactly the same as before, only firing it off repeatedly instead of one time. Similar to Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Gatling, for those of you who read One Piece

On deaf ears

You’re not badass enough to get her attention Kira

After waking up to find Gin fighting Ichigo, Matsumoto pulled herself together so she could come eye to eye with him again. Kira woke only moments later, to see Matsumoto’s struggle to meet with Gin again. The still injured Kira tries his best to stop Matsumoto, though the injury on his back is too deep for him to run after her. The reason for Kira to stop Matsumoto has nothing to do with his own desire to meet up with his former captain, but with her health. Kira, the former 4th squad member, was the one responsible for healing the gaping hole left in Matsumoto after her fight with the chimera Eón. But with his experience as a healer is in his past, he was lucky to help Matsumoto out of her critical condition. Though the wound is covered up now, the degree of healing is still not enough for her to run around or get too stressed out about things.
Meanwhile we see Matsumoto holding her barely recovered injury as she runs towards a rather stressful confrontation with the man who left her twice leaving her abandoned. We can only imagine why she would be so set on meeting with Gin again as I haven’t the faintest idea why she would care for Gin to this extend. It would be one thing for her to run after Gin if she were able to at least use a bit of Shunpo to get to him. But right now she’s hard pressed just keeping her insides in while running. Could it be that Matsumoto is such a masochist? What does she wish to accomplish by meeting up with Gin again? Does she actually believe she can persuade him to come back to her? Why is it that she is acting almost exactly the same way as Sakura from Naruto? Might she actually offer to join Gin’s side in order to be with him, will she try to kill him, or is she going to reveal that Hitsugaya is actually their long forgotten love child?! I’m really grasping straws here, I know . What it boils down to is that Matsumoto seems to think this is her only chance to speak with Gin again, possibly because she feels one of them will be gone forever soon. What it is she needs to speak with Gin about? Your guess is as good as mine. Talking about things that don’t make a lot of sense…

Run Strawberry, run!!!

Gin’s going to let one rip, so run for your live Ichigo

While Matsumoto is running her lungs out -almost literally- Gin finds he is rather disappointed with Ichigo’s performance. Ichigo is kneeling in front of Gin, exhausted from dodging Gin’s Butou Renjin Kamishini no Yari with his mask on. But Gin can’t believe how little power was behind Ichigo’s Hollowfication as the mask seems to have broken down rather quickly again. While I expected Ichigo’s Hollowfication to still show flaws, I at least expected him to hold out long enough for us to see the mask break down again. Instead we find Gin practically unharmed while Ichigo is completely exhausted. We can’t even make a real guess as to how long the Hollowfication worked this time, but I’d say Gin has a good idea as to why it didn’t work as good as it did during the fight with Ulquiorra. Gin thinks back a the first time he came face to face with Ichigo, where Ichigo fearlessly charged at the captain in spite of his complete lack of experience and power. The way Ichigo was then felt more terrifying to him than the current Ichigo. As Gin tells Ichigo how powerless he is Ichigo looks up in a feeble attempt to prove him wrong. Where Ichigo usually still has a fire burning in his eyes even if he’s beaten to an inch of his life, he doesn’t even look like he has the confidence to take Gin out anymore -which I think Kubo has drawn out rather impressively as usual. Gin sees Ichigo’s fear as well, which is why he tells Ichigo to just run.
Ichigo is surprised by this advice and he is right in being so. A man who can slice you up from 13 kilometers away is telling you to run away after he threw tens of dozens of lethal blows at you isn’t one you should be taking advice on fleeing from. But obviously Gin isn’t interested in fighting Ichigo anymore as he senses that Ichigo just doesn’t have the confidence to defeat Aizen. My guess is that Gin was only interested in fighting Ichigo because Ichigo came at Aizen with so much confidence. If Ichigo somehow feels confident enough to defeat the almighty Aizen, he must have something interesting hidden inside of him. But after Aizen became even more almighty, Ichigo lost all his faith in defeating Aizen. If Ichigo doesn’t even feel like he can defeat Aizen, there is no reason in fighting Ichigo for Gin. Rather than killing Ichigo, Gin lets him run away for entertainment. Remember that Gin feels that both Aizen and he can be entertained by Ichigo – it was around the time Aizen and the Espada had a spot of tea. Perhaps he’s hoping that Ichigo will come back to face off against Aizen again if he retreats for now.
Whatever motives Gin has, we won’t be learning about them this week.

The greatest minds in Bleach

All great minds look silly, take Einstein for example

While Aizen promised a massacre, it seems Urahara, Isshin, and Yoruichi are still holding out just fine. Still spread out in a pincer formation, we find Aizen looking at Yoruichi and Urahara. Yoruichi -a bit too noticeably less endowed in the first frame of with only her in it- is now holding her right arm which is as battered up as her left leg. It seems that she delivered another blow to Aizen, with the same consequences as the last time. Again, Urahara asks her whether she’s doing alright and again Yoruichi retorts by saying it is Urahara’s fault that she got injured. This time it’s due to the Hierro-breaker’s size and weight that she had to block Aizen’s attack instead of being able to dodge it. Urahara apologizes with a faint smile as we suddenly see Aizen recuperating from Yoruichi’s attack while staring at Urahara. Urahara can’t help but ask Aizen why it is that he is acting so cautious. Aizen, after noting that the conversations with Yoruichi seem like a strategy meeting, explains that this isn’t a matter of caution as much as it is a matter of interest. Even though Urahara is not even close to Aizen in power, he admits that Urahara’s mind surpasses his own -it seems like the Hougyoku did manage to do something about Aizen’s humongous ego – and as such is worth observing. Of course, Urahara doesn’t feel he deserves such praise as he is just the humble owner of a candy store. To prove that he’s someone who sells treats, he gives one to Aizen in the form of Hadou 32, Oukasen (yellow fire flash). Aizen easily prevents the Hadou from reaching him as he observes that the technique clearly serves a different purpose. The fact that Aizen is observing this much again actually makes me believe that he may be feeling a bit of pressure at this time. We just saw him restoring more damage dealt at the Hougyoku area, which means that Yoruichi managed to damage him even though he claimed he was going all out again. Rather than going out on a limb again, he starts to observe Urahara’s actions as he knows that he is the one planning the strategies, though this one was a bit too easy to see through.

Inexplicable charm

Women keep throwing themselves at Aizen time and time again

The Oukasen obviously served the purpose of creating a screen to block Aizen’s view. As Aizen wipes away the yellow flames, he parries the third of Yoruichi’s attacks. Yoruichi once more starts to fire off a string of blows at Aizen using her left Hierro-Breaker. As she keeps on hitting at an impressive rate, Aizen has no problem blocking the attacks with his arm. As he explains to Yoruichi that no amount of those strikes can harm him, Yoruichi shows us what she agreed with Urahara on just now. As she feints by blowing a slightly more powerful blow, she increases the power with a surprise Shunkou, smashing through Aizen’s guard into his face. My guess is that Yoruichi already told Urahara that she was going to use Shunkou this time only a few pages ago. Remember how she pointed out that she couldn’t dodge because of Hierro-Breakers? As if they were impairing her speed. Aizen was right in pointing this out after hearing their conversation, though it seems he didn’t expect this one, judging from the fist in the face and the hole in his arm. Aizen plummets down to earth as Yoruichi tries to follow up the attack. This time, however, Aizen grabs hold of Yoruichi’s arm as he tells her again that her attacks are futile. But like I pointed out here, Yoruichi already informed Urahara of her plans.

Really inexplicable charm

Even men throw themselves at Aizen

Urahara attacks Aizen from behind using Benihime’s abilities for the first time in this fight -excluding the beam from the cane that is. Using a technique called Shibari Benihime (Binding Crimson Princess or Crimson Princess Binding) Urahara captures Aizen in -what I think is- a crimson net. Aizen then tries to let his ego out again as he tries to point out how futile Urahara’s efforts are to bind him. Urahara, however, stabs Benihime into the crimson net as he unleashes Hiasobi Benihime, Juzu Tsunagi (Crimson Princess Playing with Fire, Linked Together). Several points on the net explode after Urahara’s command, causing a string of explosions that move towards Aizen. As the explosions come together they create one grand explosion to blow Aizen away.
A quick observation on the Crimson Princess: Urahara already hinted Benihime being unable to aid people in obtaining strength, almost as if it could only destroy. Here we see, however, that Benihime has the ability to create shapes that can lead to destruction. From the techniques we’ve seen here to trap and kill/harm Aizen, to the blasts he fired at Ichigo during the training or even the shield that was created to destroy Ichigo’s Getsuga Tenshou, I’d say Benihime does focus on drawing out blood from the opponents or causing blood to rain, hence the Crimson Princess. Of course, Aizen isn’t bothered at all by Urahara’s Benihime as he even feels this trump card of his is laughable. Speaking of seemingly laughable things…

Family heirloom

Way to go Kurosaki Ich… Isshin?!

Just as Aizen tries to mock Urahara for his feeble attempts at harming him, he finds himself face to face with Isshin. Isshin has taken a stance as Reiatsu is gathering around his blade. The stance looks a bit familiar to the point that even Aizen realizes this doesn’t seem right. As if the stance and the gathering of Reiatsu isn’t enough, Isshin tells us the name of the technique he’s using: Getsuga Tenshou. After all those times Aizen managed to block Ichigo’s Getsuga, Isshin’s comes as such a surprise that the blow connects with ease. Such ease that it actually carves Aizen in two from what it looks like here.
But what does this Getsuga Tenshou mean? How come Isshin is using a technique Zangetsu revealed to Ichigo? Is this attack a technique that is passed down in the Kurosaki family line through the souls of the worthy? Or did Isshin just copy Ichigo’s attack as he felt it could be useful at this time? If we look at the way the technique works, it looks closest to Ichigo’s Getsuga from his Shikai state. The only difference we can see at this time is that the technique doesn’t seem like it is a flying technique such as Ichigo’s. What’s more is that Isshin seems to be using the technique with his Zanpakutou still sealed. Or is this a sign that Isshin’s Zanpakutou also holds a permanent Shikai state, the same as Ichigo and (arguably) Kenpachi’s Zanpakutous? Honestly I’m having mixed feelings with Isshin firing off a Getsuga Tenshou. On the one hand, I feel it degrades Ichigo’s already rather shallow pool of techniques as the only Zanpakutou technique he has isn’t unique to his own blade. It also makes it seem like Isshin won’t be using any unique techniques -for now. On the other hand, it seems to show a deeper connection between father and son along with the possibility that Isshin will teach Ichigo in the future. Zanpakutou and their abilities reflect their owner’s soul, so similar techniques suggest similarities in their souls. Isshin using a Getsuga Tenshou also suggests that he knows more advanced techniques or that the Getsuga Tenshou is one of the more advanced techniques of his Kendo. If this is a family technique, Isshin has finally found the opportunity to teach Ichigo everything about his family’s fighting style -assuming that there were others before Isshin who used similar techniques- as he’s already been exposed as a Shinigami. Perhaps Kubo will get into this in next week’s chapter, or maybe he’ll be getting to Gin and Matsumoto. Either way, the chapter ends with this sudden appearance of a Getsuga.

Not a bad chapter if I say so myself. Plenty of things happened this week. First off is the bit with Kira and Matsumoto, where we find out that Matsumoto is still in a critical condition which doesn’t prevent her from meeting up with Gin again. Then we learn that Gin is done playing around with Ichigo as not even a Hollowfication could entertain him. He even goes as far as to give Ichigo a continue, as it is Game Over in his book. Then we moved on to find Aizen still working on the promised massacre, even though he gained another injury at the hand of Yoruichi. Aizen actually started to regress to his more cautious behavior as he goes back to observing his opponents actions, to little avail as he gets pounced once again by Yoruichi. This, of course, was also of little avail as Aizen easily took the damage and started to recover. But Urahara then came in using Yoruichi’s attack as a distraction, using his own attack to create an opening for Isshin who comes in with a Getsuga Tenshou. Sure, Kubo has drawn better chapters, as sometimes the characters didn’t look as they should, though at least he made sure the art worked when it mattered. Still, this being the seventh Deicide chapter, Kubo should really try to start wrapping a few things up soon, rather than adding more things to cover.

Getsuga Tenshou has lost its originality at the hands of Isshin. I’ve covered the possibility of Getsuga Tenshou being a family technique of some sorts, or even a knock-off. Looking back at the person who taught Ichigo the Getsuga Tenshou, Zangetsu, we can actually see some similarity between Isshin and him.[i]What if Zangetsu is a reincarnation of one of Ichigo’s ancestors?/I]

Next week’s chapter will probably go deeper into Isshin’s Getsuga Tenshou. Besides this we will be able to see one of two things: Either Ichigo’s response to Gin’s advice, or Ichigo actually running away and thinking back on the explanation Gin gave him. Either way I expect Ichigo to leave Gin alone, either to run away from the fights -doubtful- or to speed towards Aizen -if either of these two options were to happen, it’s this one. The fight with Aizen will then continue along the same as it has been now. Urahara, Yoruichi, and Isshin will keep up the stream of increasingly powerful attacks as Aizen keeps enduring them. This will keep up as long as Aizen is still inside the Hougyoku’s wrappings -yes, I’m still convinced that this isn’t Aizen’s final form- undergoing his evolution. Meanwhile Matsumoto will be making her way towards Gin, only to find him sitting down in the same place Ichigo left him. Gin will then tell her he’s been waiting for her, revealing this to be part of the reason he sent Ichigo away, as they pick up their conversation.

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week!

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8 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 405”

  1. It’s been a long time and nothing change beside the site nice upgrade and the reviews are still going strong nice job Underscore.

    Sam Says: I agree with you on the gestuga it literally the only move ichigo knows. isshin using makes it worse at first but then I remember there are no two zapkatous the same. So isshin must know another form of gestuga.

    Questions: So now the only people who are Aizen now are not under his zanpakotu power? Is it possible that uharaha will use the tech Aizen used to get the hoykou out of Rukia after they trap him then defeat him? Could you picture the next arc with all these captains dead?

    Gin Thoughts: I always thought that Gin could be the boss now it seems more like he is telling the story through his perspective any thoughts on this comment.

    Conclusion: I Sam aka S a double m y am glad to be back and i will be checking up on the reviews I missed again great review underscore

  2. @ underscore: sorry for doing this when did some of the review writers came back? Man I know I came at a good time.

  3. It really has been a long time since you last replied. But there are still words to be found on mars ;). The other reviewers came back a couple of weeks ago, so there’s more than just Bleach to be found on this site again.

    Now for the questions you posed. I think the only one of the three fighting Aizen right now that hasn’t been put under the perfect hypnosis is Isshin. Urahara and Yoruichi were a central part of the Gotei 13 around the time Aizen went around showing Kyouka Suigetsu’s release, so odds are that they have been exposed to the ability. Isshin, however, is still an unknown factor, as we don’t know how he knows Aizen.
    Urahara using the technique that was used to take the Hougyoku out of Rukia is a possibility. Then again, I’d say it will be a last resort as Aizen would be cautious enough to develop a counter for that technique after researching it. Still, it certainly would be in Kubo’s favor if he somehow tried to put the technique into use again.
    As for the next arc being without captains, I highly doubt it. Assuming Kubo sticks to his plans, we’ll be seeing a small arc on Isshin, so some captains may just be seen. After that, there should still be captains left as Aizen didn’t aim to kill any of them besides Genryuusai.

    As for Gin, I guess the story may be going to his perspective in the nearby future. But not for him being Aizen’s superior as the previous chapter(s) already hinted at some concern from his part on what Aizen did without him knowing.

    Anyways, good to hear from you again. Guess I’ll be seeing you around here again :).

  4. sakiuro

    scroll down and look in the noble family section you might see a name that looks like one of our characters.

  5. Nice review Underscore once again ! 😀

    Really, things are getting more and more interesting chapter by chapter. In this one we saw Urahara, Isshin and Yoruichi using their shikai and shuunko which are their trump cards considering the writer gave us the impression that he doesn’t want the higher tier captain’s bankai just yet. Now that they used their releases I can finally say that the battle draws to it’s end, it can even end in the next one (the fighting part at least).

    I agree that this form of Aizen isn’t the final one and it’s possibly a “cocoon”. I hope that the fact that this last hit he received and the blanked eyes is a hint that his evolution finished now, just in time.

    Aizen’s battle with the Karakura Town is the main event but Gin’s reaction, Matsumoto’s upcoming appearance and Isshin’s GT also making the plot more interesting.

    About the lastest fact I can say that it’s too early to jump into conclusions. However my own theory is that Ichigo as an “experiment” (of Aizen?) is the first shinigami who has directly inherited the same powers with his parent(s). If that last thing it’s true then there is a possibility that his mother was a hollow as much as “cracky” this theory sounds. On the other hand inheriting powers/ abilities could be something normal in the world of shinigami as we haven’t seen and parent-children shinigami except the Kurosaki family. Who knows. Unfortunately we are amidst a battle and I can’t see Isshin explaining this fact soon.

    Keep at it.Can’t wait for the next one.

  6. @sam: To think Kurosaki stands for black cape. I see Tensa Zangetsu in a whole new light all of a sudden 😮 -if only the name was Kurozaki, then it would be black edge I guess :). But I suppose you are referring to the Ichijo in the top 5? I doubt Kubo intended to make such a connection, though it could be used to give Ichigo a connection to nobles.

    I suppose there are a lot of interesting things happening right now. I’m just a bit disappointed that they are all happening at once at the end of the arc. But can we say for sure that Isshin used a Shikai?
    As for your theory, I would have to disagree. I just don’t see how Ichigo’s mother could ever be a Hollow. Of course, I thought it was impossible for Aizen to ever be a bad guy at first… Still, I honestly doubt Masaki could ever be a Hollow. Aizen already stated Ichigo is both human and Shinigami, which is special in itself. I doubt Ichigo is the son of a Shinigami and a Hollow who both inhabited experimental Gigai that made them human :). As for the inheriting of the skills. We have only seen a few families and even still we haven’t their Zanpakutou’s abilities (e.g. Byakuya’s grandfather). Guess we’ll find out eventually, depending on whether Isshin will explain/teach Ichigo a thing or two about his experience as a Shinigami.

  7. Well I was right when I had the feeling after reading the first paragraphs that you din’t like the chapter that much.

    Well, if Getsuga Tensho is Ichigo’s shikai could it be an Isshin’s random ability ? Unless Isshin’s real ability is to copy a techniques I believe that it’s his shikai. But you are right that’s not confirmed yet.

    About Ichigo’s mom, if I recall well Aizen never stated that she was a human. Aizen said “You are the offspring of a shinigami and a–“. Ichigo heard only the shinigami part which was shocking enough and jumped into the conclusion that he is a child of a “human and a shinigami”. That’s why there was that difference with the texts in the end and the beginning of chapters 397 & 398. That difference isn’t a translation mistake or mistake from the writer. Ichigo was shocked/confused and focused on the “shinigami” part taking “…and a human” for granted.

    Of course this isn’t a proof at all. As I said this theory is still “cracky” but I just liked to discuss it here 😉

  8. This just feels like one of those chapters that doesn’t work on its own to me. I’ll probably enjoy it a lot better once all the Deicide chapters are finished.
    As for Isshin’s Zanpakutou being in a Shikai state or not: It’s something I’m curious about. On the one hand it looks the same from the time it was first shown, on the other hand it may just be in a permanent Shikai state (same as Zangetsu, which makes sense as they seem to share an ability). That’s one of the things I’m curious about, so I’m trying to see if I can provoke some people into giving a spectacular rant to convince me of either option ;).
    As for the Masaki being a Hollow, it’s a theory I’ve heard a couple of times -minus the inheritance part, that one’s new(ish)- and every time I just came to the conclusion that it is impossible. So while I hastily cast aside that part of your theory, I won’t deny that there’s always a slim possibility -hence the reference to Aizen and the wacky theory on the two Gigai ;). But hey, let’s see if there are others who’ll join this discussion 😀

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