The Underscore’s Bleach review 406

406 Deicide 8 end of the Chrysalis Age

Gotta run, gotta run, I’ve been so busy I didn’t even have the time to write the review for the last Deicide chapter: end of the chrysalis age. Guess I’d better get to it quickly with the Binktopia and Mangastream scanlations. So here we go!

Bleach chapter 405, Deicide 7, after being rated by 63 voters gets an average score of:



After the surprise attack by Isshin, using an actual Getsuga Tenshou, the only question that remained was what you thought about it.

Coming in third, with 7 votes, people thought Isshin’s Getsuga Tenshou is Lame. Perhaps they were hoping to see something original, or maybe they feel the Getsuga is something that belongs to the protagonist. Nonetheless, they didn’t seem to like it.
In second, with 23 votes, people though the attack is Okay. It looks pretty good, it is a great move, though it isn’t as unique as it could be. So Okay it is.
But coming in first, with 34 votes, is the fact that the Getsuga Tenshou is Awesome. The prospect of there being a story behind it and the way it cut Aizen in half, what more needs be said?
Let the start of this new chapter speak for Isshin’s Getsuga:

The bigger the question…

the easier the answer

Indulging in the surprise Getsuga Tenshou, Isshin is joined by Urahara who asks him how it went. Judging by the amount of damage dealt by Isshin’s attack one would say it went pretty well. Isshin, however, doesn’t know how things went. While we’ve seen Aizen survive plenty of devastating attacks up to the point where the majority of the readers didn’t even have to think about whether Aizen would revive or not, Isshin is referring to something different. Where we thought Isshin, Urahara, and Yoruichi were able to keep up with Aizen, we find out that there’s no real way to know. Isshin has been fighting Aizen for quite some time, yet ever since he entered his cocoon stage his Reiatsu apparently became unreadable. Isshin felt like he was striking air or something like that,not knowing how it affected Aizen, creeping him out in the process. Somehow I think this comment by Isshin has something to do with how Ichigo managed to understand his opponents, to which Ichigo referred as understanding his opponents’ hearts. It wouldn’t be too strange, seeming as how Ichigo and Isshin already share an attack which uses a concentrated blast of Reiatsu. If anything it could be another hidden ability of their Zanpakutou. Zangetsu has been shown to understand the opponents’ zanpakutou on a few occasions, though admittedly the majority of those occasions were in Anime fillers… Still, Zangetsu understood Kenpachi’s Zanpakutou somehow. The same way Zangetsu takes in Ichigo’s Reiatsu, it may be able to take in the opponents’ Reiatsu in order to read it for intentions -no, I’m not saying Zangetsu is capable of taking in the opponents’ Reiatsu to fire it back at them. This could even be confirmed with Isshin’s next words where he tells Urahara that only those who stand in the same place as Aizen could be able to perceive Aizen’s power. Aizen already revealed that Ichigo was just about strong enough in every one of his fights where Ichigo revealed he understood those opponents. But same as with Isshin’s Getsuga Tenshou, it remains a mystery.


No Aizen, you withstood the attack. If you understood the attack you’d be dead by now

Isshin felt rather confident about his Getsuga Tenshou judging from his reaction to Aizen’s revival. Even Urahara is surprised by Aizen’s “miraculous” survival. Aizen comes out of the blast’s remains as he tells Isshin he “understood” the attack. It kind of makes sense seeming as how Isshin was able to knock the attack quite deeply into Aizen’s head. I would even go so far as to say that Aizen is actually bleeding this time, which can be seen as a testament to Isshin’s power. But again, we get the whole understanding bit in the Deicide chapters. Either Aizen felt he was weaker than Isshin before and this is his way of telling Isshin in his own words that he has surpassed him, or Kubo may be up to a trick or two. Isshin, however, doesn’t really understand what is happening inside that cocoon of Aizen’s. But Aizen, ever the helpful teacher, intends to help Isshin, Urahara, and Yoruichi to understand his true power. Apparently Aizen feels like he’s almost done with the whole cocoon thing as he feels he has finally obtained his true power.


Ichigo senses his uniqueness starting to fade…

As Aizen unleashes the massacre we were promised a few chapters ago, Ichigo turns around towards the scene as he senses things are going wrong. Gin once more warns Ichigo about turning his back on him as he practically tells Ichigo that he’s done for after doing that. Ichigo already refused to run away, yet he is no longer focusing on his fight with Gin either. In Ichigo’s indecisiveness, Gin determines that Ichigo has stopped being a warrior, a Shinigami, a Hollow, or even a person. But Gin even sees through the few thoughts that are left in Ichigo’s mind as he knows that Ichigo is thinking of fighting Aizen. But in the state Ichigo is in right now it is impossible for him to face off against an opponent that is beating the terrible three right now. We then see Ichigo trying to give his usual comeback remark by saying he will beat Aizen only to come short as he realizes that there’s no way in Hueco Mundo for him to do that. Gin then once more proposes to Ichigo that he should run away as he knows the young teenager wouldn’t want to die. He then once more tells Ichigo that he isn’t interested in him the way he is now and that even Aizen would be disappointed. Then Gin starts with the “understanding” bit as he asks Ichigo if he’s scared of Aizen as he understands his power. Judging from Ichigo’s response, Gin was right on the mark. Here we get some interesting information from this chapter. First Isshin tells Urahara that only those who stand in the same place as Aizen are able to understand his power and now Gin reveals that Ichigo is able to understand it. It would seem that even Aizen’s evolution isn’t enough to get out of the scope of Ichigo’s potential. Gin almost seems to notice this, or he has started to pity Ichigo. He decided to put Ichigo out of his suffering now as he stops giving advice after seeing Ichigo isn’t planning on running away. He draws Kamishini no Yari to cut Ichigo down, but at the last second Ichigo finds a new savior.

Aizen, your savior

A true power ranger always shows up with a grand explosion

An explosion behind Ichigo reveals Aizen to come to his rescue. The other three possible saviors were beaten in their tracks by Aizen as they don’t manage to land on their feet. Instead they land on their faces -except Urahara I suppose- as Ichigo’s fears are confirmed by Aizen. As Ichigo is trying to grasp reality once again, Gin is called to Aizen. The naughty Gin has to explain to Aizen what he intended to do. While Aizen is almost threatening Gin with his glare, Gin is trying to assess the current situation. Aizen has gone behind his back with the whole Hougyoku transformation, so he probably wants to know whether Ichigo was right about Aizen possibly betraying him. After looking at Aizen Gin tells him he was testing Ichigo’s strength as he probably knows that Aizen is already on to him. But Aizen doesn’t say anything about it as he turns around and tells Gin to open a Senkai gate so they can invade the real Karakura town in Soul Society. This revelation awakens Ichigo from his trance as Aizen tells Gin it isn’t necessary to destroy the pillars -he keeps messing with Barragan all the way- as its current location is more convenient. With Aizen finally going back to his original plans of bringing down the royal plans and Gin going back to obeying him, Aizen has finally found his real self. This is shown by the Hougyoku’s reaction as the cocoon suddenly starts to crumble, to the surprise of Ichigo and Gin and to Aizen’s enjoyment.

Absolute supremacy

Aizen’s power grows as his hair goes further to his back

As the incubation period ends and the cocoon crumbles, we see the renewed Aizen. The only things that changed are his hair, which grew longer, and his eyes, which have become black, similar to those of a Hollow. We could almost say Aizen has become Neo-Ichigo -/Ichigonator if you prefer- without the mask. With the hole in his body filled with the Hougyoku, we can’t really say he’s a Hollow now I suppose. Ichigo is impressed nonetheless as the Senkai gate is opened by Gin. Aizen tells Ichigo that he and Gin are leaving him there. But more interestingly, he tells Ichigo he can eat him once he’s finished with everything. So much for not becoming a Hollow Aizen… Still, Aizen took the time to shape Ichigo to his own desires, and now he makes it seem it was all just so he could eventually devour him. Does that mean Ichigo holds something special inside him that Aizen wants to assimilate as he did the Hougyoku? Or did the Hougyoku not only increase Aizen’s power, but his perversion as well? As Aizen steps into the Senkai gate with Gin, Ichigo is left to wonder what Aizen meant by what he said -and he’s not the only one I can tell you- while the gate disappears.


You really, REALLY, should have kicked him in the face Isshin…

Just as Ichigo wants to damn Aizen for his freakishly abnormal existence, Isshin calls for Ichigo. Even after being beaten down by Aizen, he immediately tells Ichigo to open the Senkai gate in order to pursue Aizen. Just as Ichigo wants to show his concern for his father, Isshin puts his arm around Ichigo as he tells him they are going to protect Karakura town. Even though Ichigo doesn’t seem too convinced about saving Karakura town, it almost seems as if he’s seeing his father for the first time now. He almost looks as if he has come to admire his father for his perseverance. Ichigo is scared to death about Aizen and his power, yet Isshin who faced that power and lost to it got up as fast as he could to pursue him. My guess is that Isshin’s love for his daughters is so great that not even death is enough to stop him, though he hides it by mentioning Karakura town . With Isshin rearing to go, the -most likely- final Deicide chapter comes to an end.

Quite an eventful chapter if you were to ask me. Too bad the events were rather self-explanatory and only raised more questions than they answered. Still, with Isshin revealing Aizen to be on a whole new level while Gin reveals that Ichigo has the potential to keep up with him shortly before Aizen finally reveals his renewed self, this is a great chapter. I’m only curious about what else happened to Aizen after his transformation as right now he only increased in power -which also happened during the cocoon stage- and he revealed his new appearance, which is rather similar to his old one. The eating Ichigo comment also raises some questions though .

Ichigo has always failed when it came to controlling his Reiatsu in order to create shapes such as the cannonball and a path for the Garganta. Isshin is the man who raised Ichigo and always kept an eye on him. So here’s the question: How does Isshin think that Ichigo will be able to open a Senkai gate?

My predictions for the next few chapters… First off we’ll start off with Ichigo telling Isshin that he isn’t able to open a Senkai gate, to which Isshin will react in his usual way. As Ichigo and Isshin bicker in the way the usually do, Unohana will show up as he tells the Kurosaki’s that she’ll open the gate for them. Isshin will show a sign of recognition while Ichigo asks Isshin why he doesn’t just open the gate himself. Isshin then tells Ichigo that he can’t as he was banned from Soul Society. Unohana opens the gate after quickly healing Isshin and Ichigo after which she’ll move on with Yoruichi and Urahara. Ichigo and Isshin immediately enter the Senkaimon as Isshin takes the time they spent in the gate to explain everything to Ichigo, beginning a new “Turn Back the Pendulum” arc.

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it even though it’s a bit late. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week!

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4 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 406”

  1. Hello ! Thanks for the review again. I was waiting for your review this week because this was a hell of importance chapter.

    What can I say, the most important event in this chapter was the end of the Fake Karakura battle.It took it 2 years but finally it’s over. (which reminds me that now that’s complete, I’ll begin re-reading all those chapters) Although the end was a bit of sudden I was glad to see the things ending this way. Now, finally the scene will change to either Soul Society or Hueco Mundo and we’ll hopefully see some new things.

    Besides the end of the Battle there are another 2 points that made the chapter interesting. The first one is that we learnt something about Aizen’s form. He is definitely a new being (neither shinigami nor hollow, possibly a perfect Hybrid) and so Isshin can’t sense him at all. Father Kurosaki can’t understand his presence and he stated that only a person who is in Aizen’s place could understand it. Interestingly enough, some pages after, Gin is asking Ichigo if he can indeed understand Aizen’s power. Probably this is an indirect confirmation that Ichigo served as a template for Aizen. Besides we have already learn that Ichigo was one of his experiments, so it’s logical that Aizen’s new form is based on Ichigo. He is the one who “stands in the same place with Aizen” and that will probably prove to be crucial in the end. Also perceiving Aizen’s power may be an additional reason of Ichigo’s mental breakdown. But enough with this.

    The second point is Aizen’s statement that he’ll eat Ichigo after all this is over. What did he means ? My own guess is that like Aizen has fused with Hougyoku to form a supreme being, Ichigo, who was the “prototype” and Aizen’s specimen should also have a part of Hougyoku’s power in him. Now that Aizen completed his transformation he can “eat” Ichigo and gather his share of “Hougyoku’s power” back. Of course this is just a theory.

    Finally, I have to say that it’s now obvious that Gin is up to something. There’s a tension between Aizen and Gin’s dialogues. Who knows what are Gin’s intentions.

    And about the question : LOL ofc Ichigo should not know how to open a senkai gate. The only time he visited SS was through Urahara’s shop. Probably we’ll have a comic-relief scene there or it will be completely skipped not to ruin the tension. Matsumoto could also help them though, she may follow Gin to SS.

    Now I believe we’ll return to the loose ends of Hueco Mundo before we witness Aizen making (somehow) the Key. Which is my question to you by the way. “How do you think Aizen will make the Key ?” There’s also a possibility that he’ll fail but I really doubt about that.

    Thanks for the review again ! 🙂

  2. please go back to hueco mundo, please go back to hueco mundo, please go back to hueco mundo, please, please, PLEASE go back to hueco mundo! i am so sick of aizen at this point, give me ichigo’s nakama and the yammi fight kubo!!!

  3. …anyway, with my rant out of the way, i have to say that i liked this chapter because the plot is (FINALLY!!!) moving on. Going back to soul society sounds good, and (as shown by my above comment) im really hoping kubo takes this chance to shift the scene to something other then ichigo right now. really, even if he does have a way to match aizen, as this chapter implies, he doesnt have the will to do it right now. ichigo is mentally all kinds of screwed up right now, he nearly killed his nakama and apparently killed his first enemy (though im in the camp praying that said enemy comes back or isnt gone) in a psychotic break he cant remember and then got thrown into this big fight with aizen without a single chance to deal with all that shit. he is lacking in will and mental strength right now, which is why i think he lost to gin so easily. he needs a chance to get his head together before he faces aizen again. great review as always!

    Kuroi: i cant see aizen succeding in making the key, cause that means that all of ichigo’s friends, family, everyone he knows will die. downer ending to the max. im thinking somehow aizen will find the old kings key instead. gin… who knows whats going on with him, but yeah, things between him and aizen have been a little off lately, ever since gin came back into the scene and aizen asked why he spent so much time “sight seeing” while he fought. i wonder what the deal is…?

  4. @ Kuroi:

    You’re welcome. This certainly was an important chapter and still I had to rush the review a bit to get it out in time :(. At least I think I got the most important things across so at least it served its purpose.
    Assuming this is the end of the events surrounding the fake Karakura town I really should find the time to reread all the chapters…… I really should…
    Aizen becoming a brand new entity and planning on eating Ichigo certainly are two of the more interesting things. I just can’t make out what Aizen has become right now, which makes it hard to give a clear judgement on him. But Aizen eating the prototype makes sense, I didn’t even look at it like that :). I did think of it being a part of taking back part of the Hougyoku’s power as it would fit in my theory that the effects of the Hougyoku remain/linger.
    Gin being up to tricks certainly makes for some interesting possibilities. The more obvious one would be that Gin has come to realize that Aizen no longer trusts him thanks to Ichigo’s words and that Matsumoto will be enough to persuade him to follow his own path, though not one for the good guys of course ;). Wrapping things up in Hueco Mundo could still happen. Somehow having at least Rukia and Orihime move to Soul Society as well could help the plot, though I haven’t the clue what it is that Kubo’s planning.
    As for how Aizen will create the key, I’m just hoping Karin and Yuzu will be safe, that they are excess souls or somehow are immune to the creation process as they are also daughters of a human and a Shinigami. Kon should survive as well of course… as well as Tatsuki, Keigo, Don Kanonji, those guys in Chad’s band and.. and… um…. Aizen has to die before even touching anyone in Karakura town! Fight Ichigo, FIGHT!!!

    seeing a conclusion in the Yammy battle would be interesting at this point. At least having one useful Espada would be good to see, though seeing Yammy going down at the hands of several good guys could be good as well…
    But the plot may actually pick up again a bit. Many are hoping Kubo’ll go back to the Soul Society arc quality and I personally just want to see more in every chapter. I won’t say that I don’t like the fact that Kubo draws everything out as much as he does as it is one of the things that I love about Bleach. The problem, however, is the fact that it affects the pace at which the story goes. Still, with the impending crisis approaching while Ichigo has to sort out personal problems while balancing the safety of several worlds certainly gives Kubo plenty to work with.

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