The Underscore’s Bleach review 410

410 Deicide 12

Finally, some Bleach again! Perhaps I ought to be spending this time proofreading all the essays I’ve yet to hand in, but after a mere 4 hours of sleep I really don’t feel like doing that right now. Instead I’ll just take my time writing something more enjoyable like this review, which should be fun considering the chapter’s contents. Just be warned, I’m writing this review with a mere 4 hours of sleep after writing essays for about 14 hours. Let’s see how that’s going to work out . The pictures for this review are taken from the Mangastream/Binktopia scanlation, so thanks go out to them for their work.

Bleach chapter 409, Deicide 11, after being rated by 28 voters gets an average score of:



Last week I decided to use a poll where you could choose multiple options. Let’s see how I can go over the results then… Guess this’ll do:
With plenty of things happening last week, there were plenty of things you could consider to be the best part of the chapter.

Two people thought the best part of the chapter was the end of it. Maybe they were hoping for something different, or maybe they knew something better would come.
Two votes went to the revelation of Engetsu last week. I already stated the revelation wasn’t as spectacular as it could have been which could explain why it only got two votes on its own.
The second tie in this poll is a tie between two things people wanted to see in last week’s chapter and the feeling of mediocrity of the chapter. Three votes went to last week’s chapter being mediocre, while the desire to see Shirosaki and Old-man Zangetsu both received three votes as well. Personally I can really find myself in wanting to see the Old-man, though I suppose Tensa Zangetsu ís Old-man Zangetsu to some extend. People wanting to see Shirosaki got what they wanted this week and perhaps even more.
The third tie in this poll was between two options. Five votes went to almost everything in the chapter being great. Five other votes went to Aizen and Gin’s walk through Karakura town, and perhaps the poor businessman’s demise. We will never forget you, our working class zero.. I mean hero! Hero!
Eight votes went to last week’s colored pages being the best of the chapter. The two headed eagle surrounded by the protagonists really did look good, even if its meaning wasn’t too clear.
Then there’s the last tie in this poll. Nine votes went to the entire chapter being great from start to finish. But nine other voters felt the meeting between Ichigo and the new Tensa Zangetsu was the best part of the chapter.
But the best of the best wasn’t the meeting between the strawberry and the chained cutting moon, but it was Tensa Zangetsu himself. Though I felt he could use the shades the old-man has, the rejuvenated look was impressive in its own right. The merciless way Tensa Zangetsu assaulted Ichigo and disobeyed his master also had a certain charm perhaps? Either way, with 25 votes, Tensa Zangetsu takes the crown. Let’s see if he can keep up his image.

Taming of the blade part II

Ichigo acknowledges the threat Tensa Zangetsu is to his own popularity

The chapter starts off in the deep, where Ichigo screams his lungs out as he attacks Tensa Zangetsu. For someone who was afraid he wouldn’t be able to breathe a while ago, he certainly made a quick 180. Ichigo comes down on Tensa Zangetsu with his own Takaoni, though Tensa Zangetsu has no problem with the attack at all. Ichigo returns to a safe distance as he notices that Tensa Zangetsu is capable of blocking the attack with himself in one hand -an attack coming from his owner using himself, talk about inner conflict . Ichigo then asks Tensa Zangetsu the big question: Why doesn’t Tensa Zangetsu want to protect what Ichigo wants to protect? Zangetsu promised Ichigo to lend him strength for Ichigo’s sake. Tensa Zangetsu then reveals that he is doing exactly that, lending his strength for Ichigo’s sake. Tensa Zangetsu then shows us why he doesn’t want to protect Karakura town. Ichigo’s inner world didn’t just get under water, but all the sky scrapers that once pierced the skies of Ichigo’s inner world degraded into a copy of Karakura town. The sky scrapers used to represent Ichigo’s ambitions, his hopes, but Ichigo’s Karakura town only represents hopelessness. The constant rain of sadness that once tormented Ichigo’s inner world did stop, but now his inner world is drowning in despair, quite literally -I certainly called this one last week, didn’t I? even if I did say it was fear…- as Tensa Zangetsu attributes this not only to that despair, but due to Ichigo no longer walking forward either. Luckily, Tensa Zangetsu has a remedy for this.


Now you’ll know what Ulquiorra had to go through

Tensa Zangetsu stabs Ichigo in his chest using his hand, in a rather familiar location. Tensa Zangetsu does this to draw out the source of Ichigo’s despair. Most of you probably saw this coming as Ichigo had been depressed ever since Neo-Ichigo made his appearance, but I doubt they expected it to come out like this. An inverted Neo-Ichigo makes his appearance, not from the inside of Ichigo’s inner world, but form the inside of Ichigo’s insides. But this inverted Neo-Ichigo isn’t a brand new appearance, as Neo-Ichigo seemed to be a new hybrid, but instead an old acquaintance. It seems Zangetsu isn’t the only one who got a new look. The inverted Neo-ichigo turns out to be none other than Shirosaki! After Ichigo desired the power to defeat Ulquiorra, Shirosaki decided to give it to him and then some. Ichigo knew something was wrong with the Hollowfication since then and it turns out that it had to do with Shirosaki’s new strategy. Last time Shirosaki tried to take over, he conquered Old-man Zangetsu. But this time, he’s decided to hide deeper inside Ichigo to find the right moment to strike. What’s interesting here is the fact that Shirosaki is wearing a mask right now, be it with inverted colors. Besides this he has also taken up the complete Neo-Ichigo form, though there seems to be a slight difference. The hair around the wrists and on the upper body seems to come from the Bankai’s coat now, rather than the body, which is one thing that could be noticed. But the most noticeable of it all has to be the lack of a hole in Shirosaki’s chest. He didn’t have one before, so it may not be too strange, yet seeing this form without a hole in the chest is rather peculiar. Still, I hope this appearance of Neo-Shirosaki will be a part of Ichigo’s new power ups after beating him down (again). Red trimmings -or whatever you would call them- on Tensa Zangetsu’s coat may look good. Back to the chapter:
Shirosaki asks Ichigo whether he remembers him as he takes off the mask, which is quite obvious as Shirosaki is pretty hard to forget. Ichigo is probably surprised that Shirosaki came from inside him in the newest and strongest form he had. What’s probably more surprising is the fact that Shirosaki seems to have started his rebellion only a month or so after being subdued. Does this mean that Ichigo will have to fight a 1 vs. 2?


With friends like him, who needs acquaintances?

While Ichigo finds out his insides are messed up, even by teenager standards, his friends are still making their way towards their school. Making up conversation, Tatsuki asks Keigo if he wants to go looking for Mizuiro. Keigo admits that he already tried looking for him, but he also reveals that Mizuiro has been behaving strangely ever since Ichigo disappeared. Not only has Mizuiro been coming to school on his own, he even stopped answering his cell phone. Tatsuki speaks my mind as she can’t help but wonder how those two good friends would behave like this. Keigo tells Tatsuki that there’s a distance between him and Mizuiro he holds dear. In fact, it is not Keigo, but Ichigo who was the first person who was able to get Mizuiro to open up to him. It is only after Keigo said this that I recall the special chapter, chapter 0.8, where Mizuiro felt disconnected from the world until he met Ichigo. It seems that even though Keigo considers them to be good friends, Mizuiro is a bit distant. But Keigo considers to be a part of what makes him Mizuiro, which is why he is just glad that he at least opened up to Ichigo. Keigo then feels they are getting too sappy, to which Tatsuki agrees. Instead of talking about things like that, she tells Keigo he should go look for Mizuiro after they drop off Chizuru and Michiru. But rather than going in on that subject, Keigo asks about Kunieda and Natsui, the other two girls who usually hang out with Tatsuki and Orihime. For some inexplicable reason Tatsuki feels that those two can make it on their own, even though they have shown no sign of spiritual awareness. Instead, Tatsuki wants to help Karin and Yuzu. Keigo tells Tatsuki that they should have their old man protecting them, but is then reminded by Tatsuki that it’s Isshin he’s talking about -if only they knew . Even though I’m glad Tatsuki is looking out for her neighbors, it is sad to see her good intentions will be little more than that.


Can you imagine walking into guys like these?

All of a sudden Keigo and Tatsuki notice something’s wrong. Though Keigo manages to hold his ground, Tatsuki starts to lose her strength. Keigo actually shows concern for Tatsuki, though she tells him she doesn’t need his concern. Too bad for her the same person that caused her to lose her strength also tends to prove people wrong as Aizen and Gin suddenly show themselves. Tatsuki wonders who these two are as she suddenly loses even more strength. Keigo is surprisingly lively in spite of the situation -probably due to the fact that he came in contact with Ikkaku and Yumichika-, though Tatsuki holding on to her existence is also enough to earn herself a compliment from Aizen. The fact that Chizuru and Michiru aren’t crushed by Aizen’s presence also is rather intriguing. It would seem that people do have to be conscious in order for them to be destroyed by Aizen. Perhaps this is a secondary function of Urahara’s sleeping spell. Right now, I’d say Tatsuki wishes she’d be sleeping as she isn’t looking all too good right now. Tatsuki still holds her own as she asks Aizen who he is. But the deity that is Aizen can’t be bothered by introductions as he reveals that he knows Ichigo is acquiring a new power right now. It was rather obvious Aizen would know that Isshin would train Ichigo, but because of this confirmation is would seem that Aizen is walking through the town for this very reason. Aizen already revealed he understood Isshin’s power, so he probably knows for how long he can hold off the currents in the Dangai. Perhaps he’s using every last second to ensure Ichigo will obtain as much power as he can. Aizen is so eager to see Ichigo obtain more power that he decides to kill Tatsuki and Keigo in order to push Ichigo even further. If only we knew why Aizen wants Ichigo to become stronger, even though he already evolved. Is Aizen really that hungry?


Right now, he’s got a better chance than you…

Tatsuki immediately realizes that Aizen isn’t joking as she tells Keigo to run away. Keigo is torn between running away from the monstrous Aizen and staying by Tatsuki’s side to ensure her safety. Tatsuki knows that she won’t be able to run, but seems to realize that Keigo is still capable of running. Tatsuki then asks him what he possibly could do if he stayed behind -WHY must you ruin this for me Tatsuki, why?- in an attempt to assure at least Keigo and Chizuru will be safe. Keigo probably realizes this -I at least trust him that much- as he forces himself to leave Tatsuki behind. Keigo makes a run for it and Gin wants to follow. Too bad for Gin Aizen is in a rather greedy mood as he tells him to let Keigo go for now as he wants to kill Tatsuki first. Tatsuki can’t do anything but look as she is paralyzed by Aizen’s presence. All her martial arts can’t help her now as Aizen swings down Kyouka Suigetsu. But then!

Mystery figure

Aizen’s next opponent, or new best friend?

The classic: shadow appearing at the last moment to turn everything around or make things worse. For now it seems that Tatsuki may live a while longer thanks to this mysterious figure, but who could it be?
The first, and most obvious, choice would be Ryuuken. If anyone seems badass enough to face Aizen and is adjacent enough to the fight it would be papa-Quincy. But the question is whether he can be bothered to move out or not.
Another option, my personal favorite, is KEIGO vs AIZEN. Keigo suddenly learned how to use Shunpo and appeared behind Tatsuki and… yeah, yeah I know…
The other more reasonable option is Mizuiro. He was focused on quite a bit in this week’s chapter, though the determined way in which the foot is placed raises some questions.
Another possibility is, of course, Tessai. He may actually be more likely to appear than Ryuuken, as he is more helpful and probably was asked by Urahara to take care of Tatsuki and the others as Ichigo already asked Urahara.
The last person we would expect is of course, almost as good as Keigo -you know where I’m getting at right?-, DON KANONJI, the hero of justice! He’s crazy enough to do this isn’t he?
I honestly doubt it is a Shinigami due to the shape of the shadow. If it has to be a Shinigami, I’m hoping for Matsumoto or Kyouraku -the first for the story, the second for a new Bankai. But I guess we’ll just have to wait until next week to see who this mystery figure will be.

I enjoyed this chapter. The chapter confirmed my suspicions on Ichigo’s inner workings and Neo-Shirosaki’s appearance really caught me off guard. The part on Mizuiro was intriguing as it connects to something way back in the past. Tatsuki and Keigo meeting up with Aizen was long awaited, and even though it didn’t work out as epically as it could have, it was still good. Aizen revealing he knew Ichigo was trying to obtain a power up was expected, but a good confirmation nonetheless. The fact that he wants Ichigo to become more powerful seems to suggest he’s planning on using him for something, which should make for an interesting new arc eventually. The mystery figure at the end gives room for plenty of speculation, so I’d say this chapter was a success.

Mizuiro was discussed in this week’s chapter and looking at chapter 0.8 it seems there is something going on here. Mizuiro’s interest in Ichigo can almost be described as suspicious if you were to ask me. This could make your head spin:
What if Mizuiro is in leagues with Aizen?
Aizen has kept an eye on Ichigo his entire life by unknown means. What if he used, or even created, Mizuiro to make closer observations of Ichigo? It may be far fetched, but the idea of Aizen being the major villain was unthinkable at his introduction as well .

Next week we’ll find out who the mystery figure is, but not before seeing more on Ichigo’s training. Ichigo and Shirosaki will discuss the circumstances around Neo-Ichigo and Shirosaki will probably reveal that he has played the part of horse long enough. Aizen will be distracted by the mystery figure for a while, giving Ichigo the time to crush Shirosaki for the second time, or to be crushed instead.

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it even if it was really short. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. I’m sure there’s plenty more to go over than I mentioned in this week’s review. But I’ll wait and see what I may have missed . Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! Just poke Kon in the eye in the picture below, you know you want to! I’ll update the review tomorrow to add the ‘Posts that were lost, but not forgotten’ section. I’ll see you guys again next week! Hopefully I’ll have overcome my insomnia by then .

Click on the picture above to rate this week’s chapter, and as a reminder here’s what the ratings are:
1.0: Abysmal
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5.5-6.9: Average
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10: Perfect


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  1. A good review as Usual Score

    For the pool I agree it looks like some solid steps that I wouldn’t link with Mizuiro the first one I thought about.

    I think this is likely a New character in league with Aizen or A scout if you will from the Royal Dimension.

    Somehow I would like the option of it being Zangetsu
    In the past I’ve considered that Time Manipulation might be the way Ichigo could become more broken than Aizen.(Like how Zangetsu stopped the Bleeding against Zaraki, I could see it being slowing the time around the wound)

    THouhg if Barragan would be to similar even though he is more of decay I can’t say

    Keep the reviews rolling they’re always enjoyable(especially like the red comments under the pics)

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