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412 Deicide 14

Welcome to The Underscore’s Bleach review for chapter 412!… I’ve got nothing left to say here this week . Enjoy the read and thanks to Binktopia/Mangastream for their Bleach scanlation.

Bleach chapter 411, Deicide 13, after being rated by 20 voters gets an average score of:



Last week we got a brand new appearance for Zangetsu (who will be referred to as Arrancar Zangetsu at least for this review’s purposes) and I wanted to know what you guys thought of him.

No one hated Arrancar Zangetsu, which is always nice to hear.
Two people wanted to see two separate Zangetsu’s instead of a single Arrancar Zangetsu rather than the Arrancar Zangetsu though, perhaps because a two vs. one battle would have been awesome.
Three people didn’t really get why Arrancar Zangetsu actually became an Arrancar all of a sudden. The mask might as well could’ve disappeared entirely or could have remained in one piece.
Four people love the new Arrancar Zangetsu. Perhaps it is because he is slightly reminiscent of Ulquiorra, or maybe because he represents the future possibilities Ichigo has.
Nine people were happy to see Arrancar Zangetsu as they finally get to see a perfect Shinigami/Hollow hybrid after a long time.
Nine others were so impressed by Arrancar Zangetsu that they’re hoping Ichigo will get a similar outfit to his, including a broken mask.
But the majority of the voters were just in too big of a shock from seeing Don Kanonji! If only I’d have asked if they were awestruck or just so amazed by the fact that Kubo bothered showing him at all .

Date with destiny

You came too soon, 10 more seconds and Kanonji would’ve won it all

A hero descended upon the villainous Aizen with full force, determined to defeat him in a single blow. But our hero was stopped in his tracks by a young damsel, who saw the danger of attacking said villain. We now see how the young damsel, Rangiku, stands between the hero, Don Kanonji, the villain, Aizen, and his subordinate Gin. With this, all the characters that moved out during the Deicide chapters seem to have gathered at one point. Rangiku glares at Gin and Aizen as she tells them she made it in time. The faint smile on Aizen’s smile shows us he’s pleased with this development, whereas Gin doesn’t look happy at all. We can only wonder whether Aizen expected Rangiku to show up or not. Going with Aizen’s streak, I’d say he expected Rangiku to show up sooner or later, even before possibly sensing her before she saved Don Kanonji from certain death. Gin, on the other hand, probably didn’t take notice of her before she appeared here, nor did he expect her to show up after she was taken down by Eón. This is made especially clear as Gin and Rangiku exchange looks on the page where the chapter’s title is shown to reveal this to be the fourteenth Deicide chapter. As the three of them exchange looks, Don Kanonji senses someone is hogging his screen time.

A hero’s quest

In RPG’s the damsel usually offers a reward instead of threats…

Don Kanonji can’t believe a “gurly gurl” such as Rangiku would stand between a hero and the villain in such a dangerous situation as his heroic instincts tell him he should be the only one to face off against such a danger. Ignoring the Shinigami robes completely, he tells Rangiku that normal people should stay out of the way. Rangiku then asks Don Kanonji to run. Don Kanonji can’t believe he has to give the entire ‘I’m not gonna run’ speech again, and Tatsuki seems to be thinking the same. But Rangiku doesn’t seem to care as she tells Kanonji to run for it as she holds off both Aizen and Gin. Somehow dumbstruck by the fact that he hasn’t been recognized as the amazing Don Kanonji, he tries to point out to Rangiku that he can’t run and leave her behind to face those two monsters as he is Don Kanonji. Perhaps venting some of the readers’ frustration with Don Kanonji, Rangiku tells him to shut up and run away or he will face dire consequences. Don Kanonji takes note of Rangiku’s threats as he covers his mustache and glasses to prevent the woman’s wrath to rain down on him. Don Kanonji then realizes that sometimes heroes have to run away as well if it is to take others to safety, because he’s just that cool. It has nothing to do with him wanting to keep his signature hat, glasses, mustache, and face in general, just pure selflessness… As he takes Michiru and Tatsuki with him, he can’t resist telling Rangiku that if she ever needs help, she should just call out to him. In turn, Rangiku can’t resist throwing an empty can against Kanonji’s face. After crying out in pain, and denying it immediately, Kanonji bids farewell to the mysterious damsel as he carries the two teenage girls away. Tatsuki looks back at her savior as she, unlike Kanonji, recognizes the kimono as being similar to the one Ichigo wears. This is enough for her to assume she is a friend of Ichigo’s, which we know is to be true. She then curses Ichigo for not telling her he knows such a pretty woman, which we know is only on the outside . With everyone in possession of a living body out of the way, the confrontation between Rangiku and the treacherous captains ensues.

Personal matters

Gin doesn’t feel like sharing right now

Aizen patiently watched as the scene took place in front of him to ensure he has Rangiku’s undivided attention. He then asks Rangiku why she would say she made it in time. Aizen mentions two possibilities, one being in time to save Kanonji, Tatsuki, Michiru, Keigo, and Chizuru; and the other being in time to prevent the creation of the Royal key at the expense of the entire town. Aizen points out her wrong in both of those cases, ignoring the possibility of him being wrong about those options. He interprets the look on Rangiku’s face as her discomfort of speaking with him, though this look could be interpreted as a third possible reason for her to think she’s on time: Gin. Rangiku got up in order to meet with Gin again, so her saying she’s on time could refer to this instead of saving three of Ichigo’s friends or even the entire town as I doubt she would be so selfless in her current condition. Of course, these matters aren’t completely unrelated. If the key were to be created, Gin (and Aizen) would have made way towards the Spirit King in the Royal dimension, making it impossible to meet with Gin ever again. Though Aizen seems to be ignoring this possibility at first, Gin joining the conversation seems to be going as he expected it to. Gin apologizes for Rangiku’s interference as he offers to take her elsewhere. Aizen approves of this as he tells Gin they have plenty of time. The interesting bit here is that Aizen is making it obvious now that he is stalling for time, most likely in order to ensure Ichigo will have enough time to gain more power. It would appear that it may actually be more crucial for Ichigo to become stronger for Aizen’s plans than I originally thought it would. Why would it matter to Aizen if Ichigo becomes stronger at all? He only told Ichigo he was going to devour him, which he could do at any time before or after he conquered the Royal dimension. Does this mean that he will need Ichigo in order to create the key, or that he is waiting with the key’s creation in order to make sure Ichigo is motivated to gain more power?
Either way, Gin confirms with Aizen if it isn’t an inconvenience for him to talk to Rangiku now before he takes off with her. Aizen is left alone as he can’t help but feel amused at Gin’s behavior.


The ancient man code: Bro’s before hoes.

Gin drops Rangiku on a rooftop as the two finally get a chance to speak in private since Gin left Soul Society. Rangiku is still staggering due to her injury, giving Gin reason to find out why she would come in such a state. Rangiku explains that she used a Senkaimon the minute Gin and Aizen left Karakura town, explaining why she didn’t meet up with Isshin and Ichigo. She managed to catch up to Gin and Aizen in spite of her injury because she knew the exact location of Karakura town, whereas Gin and Aizen were thrown off course due to Aizen’s next Ichigo-scheme. But Gin doesn’t care about the how as much as the why. Rangiku then asks what we all want to know: Why is Gin working for Aizen? Gin doesn’t answer, because he probably knows that isn’t what Rangiku actually wants to say. Rangiku knows she has to push more to know why Gin left Soul Society (her) to work for Aizen. But rather than asking why Gin abandoned her (again), she asks why Gin betrayed Kira. Gin isn’t all too happy with that question as he didn’t want to hear that. Even he knows that Kira wouldn’t tell anyone he believed in Gin and that he was betrayed by him. Gin then moves closer to Rangiku to ask her why she came for the third and final time. But Rangiku remains silent as she can’t tell Gin the truth: that she is the one who was betrayed by him again and that she doesn’t want him to leave her again. The funny thing is that it almost seems as if Gin wants to hear this from Rangiku, or perhaps even more. But as Rangiku won’t tell him what he wants to hear, he decides that she’s in the way as he draws Shinsou and aims it at Rangiku’s face.

The hero’s grand retreat

Why must the last of the great heroes retreat as well?

While Rangiku stalled Aizen and Gin, the great Don Kanonji managed to create some distance between them. Tatsuki notices that they’re at a safe(r) distance from Aizen as she feels she can walk on her own again. What’s great here is the fact that Tatsuki actually wonders if Kanonji’s alright. Perhaps she empathizes with Kanonji on some level, as he was forced to run away due to his powerlessness even though he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. Whether it’s because of this empathy, or because Don Kanonji was forced to throw away everything he claimed last week -nice touch Kubo – Tatsuki really wants to walk on her own now instead of being carried by Kanonji. But NON!, Kanonji has now decided to make it his mission to carry the girls to safety. Tatsuki then draws the line as Kanonji’s been stubborn enough for too long by giving Kanonji a headbutt. Somehow Tatsuki even managed to catch Michiru before they fell to the ground, while leaving a pain struck Kanonji on the ground. With the great hero Don Kanonji broken and Rangiku being busy with Gin, all hope for safety from Aizen is lost… Until we hear the voice of Keigo.


Keigo wielding the blade of the afro-soul vs. Aizen… so epic :cry

Keigo found his way to Kanonji, Tatsuki and Michiru by some chance, or perhaps Kanonji fled in the same direction as Keigo -with great minds thinking alike-, but this doesn’t change the fact that Keigo decided to return for Tatsuki and Michiru. Tatsuki is surprised to find Keigo even though she told him to run. But she’s even more surprised to find a katana in Keigo’s hand. Keigo then tells Tatsuki he found Zennosuke Kurumadani, better known as afro-san or af-san, lying in the streets after which he took his Zanpakutou. Somehow a Shinigami didn’t manage to stay awake, showing just how powerful the sleeping spell actually was. But this also seems to throw away the theory that the ability to sense spirits shortens the spell’s effect. Though it is obvious the great Keigo-sama has an immense spiritual force –– I would doubt that the random salesman from two chapters ago would be more adapt than a trained Shinigami. We can only wonder what caused (semi)random people to awaken from the spell now as this little bit just made things rather unexplainable. But I don’t think there are too many people who are feeling sad that afro-san won’t be showing up all too soon. Besides, his spirit is with Keigo in the form of his Zanpakutou, so that should be of some comfort to those who wanted him to show up . Keigo took afro-san’s Zanpakutou in order to defend himself in case something happens, even though he doesn’t know how to wield a sword.
Even though we all know afro-san, Tatsuki doesn’t have a clue that he is. Keigo tells her it can wait as they should quickly run away. Tatsuki then wants to know about Chizuru and Mizuiro, as Keigo was carrying the first and was supposed to go looking for the latter. Keigo then tells her he found Mizuiro, without telling us whether he’s still sleeping or not, and that he left Chizuru with him. But Keigo tells us they don’t have the time to chat as he can feel Aizen’s presence coming closer to them.
Aizen is strolling towards Tatsuki, Don Kanonji, and Keigo as he has all the time, while we suddenly see Gin standing at the place we just left him. We then see Gin jumping off the roof, possibly towards Aizen even though we aren’t shown his face. We can only wonder what is going through Gin as we then see Rangiku lying on the rooftop with an injury on her neck with Haineko in her hand. Apparently Rangiku managed to survive the initial attack only to fall moments later in a short battle. We can only wonder what happened on that roof just now, but this doesn’t change the fact that Keigo is now on his own against both Aizen and Gin for now…

Hellish Training

He must be bored to death from sitting there for a couple of months without anything to do

Aizen is strolling towards Ichigo’s friends with the intent to kill them. Gin is also moving towards them, possibly in an annoyed state after fighting his dear old friend, possibly killing her -though I doubt it as her body hasn’t turned to spirit particles yet. In the meantime Isshin has been watching over Ichigo for probably close to three months as he is still trying to keep the currents away from his son and himself. It would seem Ichigo is reaching the time-limit set by Isshin at the start of his training, but things aren’t looking all too well with blood dripping out of his mouth. The power of (Arrancar) Zangetsu appears to be too great for Ichigo and as such he won’t be able to obtain the Final Getsuga Tenshou. Unless the injuries Ichigo has right now come from the training required to obtain the Final Getsuga Tenshou, of course. Either way, Ichigo still isn’t done with his training, and time is starting to run out. Whether Ichigo will be able to make it in time or not will be revealed in next week’s chapter.

Again, the Deicide chapters don’t disappoint. Rangiku confronting Gin was more than intriguing, even though we’ve learned next to nothing about Gin. Perhaps the two of them spoke during their fight on the roof, but that would be saved for a possible flashback. Gin actually cutting down Rangiku without Aizen forcing his hand was especially interesting as this means that Aizen has offered Gin something worthwhile. Don Kanonji fleeing wasn’t all too much fun as Aizen lost a worthy opponent in the process , but luckily this means that Tatsuki and Michiru will live at least a bit longer now. Aizen stalling for time was also really interesting as we can only wonder why he would wait this long for Ichigo. The best part of the chapter had to be Keigo’s return, of course . I never should’ve doubted Keigo . We can only wonder what will happen now that Keigo has the afro-shinigami’s Zanpakutou. But the progress with Ichigo’s training has to be at least as interesting as the training will have to end soon. All in all this has been another good chapter, even if the past 14 chapters have been making me wonder why Kubo didn’t use this pacing in the other chapters of the Arrancar arc.

Ichigo has been facing off against Arrancar Zangetsu since last week’s chapter. This battle has probably been taking place for a couple of months now as we can see from Isshin’s appearance. Ichigo is fighting two different Zangetsu’s in one right now, one intent on protecting the secrets of the final Getsuga Tenshou and Ichigo (Tensa Zangetsu) and one who is trying to take over Ichigo’s body in order to be in control (Shirosaki). With one body sharing two completely opposite goals: What will happen if Ichigo loses to Arrancar Zangetsu?

Next week we’ll probably catch a glimpse of Ichigo again, perhaps not in his inner world, but at least in the Dangai. This way Kubo will be able to point out just how much effort Ichigo has to put into subduing Arrancar Zangetsu. Then the scene will move to Karakura town again where Aizen will finally catch up with Keigo and the others. Two possible things can happen after that:
My personal favorite: KEIGO vs. AIZEN, where Aizen and Gin are beaten to death at Keigo’s hands.
The second option: Aizen once more stands in front of Keigo and the others, this time trapping them with Gin who blocks their way from the other side. Aizen will then elaborate a bit on his plans so that Keigo and Tatsuki will know how their deaths will serve his purpose. This will be before or after Aizen asks Gin how his talk with Rangiku went of course.
A third option is that Gin will join up with Aizen and that he will begin to question Aizen’s promises due to all that has happened since he evolved. Perhaps Rangiku actually managed to get through to Gin in the end. Either way, there should at least be three or four more Deicide chapters left!

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter by poking Kon below! I’ll see you guys again next week!

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  1. seriously? i finally catch up with all the chapters i have missed (about four) and this is it? kubo, id really, really, REALLY preffered to see hueco mundo again, instead of “aizen slowly hunts his prey”. ugh, there rant done.

    on the subject of your reviews though, well done! that don kanoji part made me hate kubo when i read it, such a troll, but when i read your review it made me laugh alot. with the new chapter out rangiku looks really dead, but as any veteran of bleach would tell you, that wont last.

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