The Underscore’s Bleach review 413

413 Deicide 15

Hey there, Deicide 15’s on the menu in this week’s review, and I must say it is a troublesome one to review. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun chapter and all, but I didn’t really feel like writing a review this week. But I might as well cover this chapter this week so that I can spend next week on a single chapter -which hopefully will excite me a bit more. Either way, here comes the review for Bleach 413, Deicide 15, using the Mangastream and Binktopia scanlation!

Bleach chapter 412, Deicide 14, after being rated by 21 voters gets an average score of:



Gin and Rangiku finally met each other after a long time, in a private setting at that. So what did you guys think could have happened?
It starts off with a triple tie for sixth place, with one vote for all three options. One voter thought Gin and Rangiku fought silently as Gin mercilessly killed Rangiku. Another voter thought Gin broke Rangiku’s coda, so she will be losing her Shinigami abilities soon. The third voter believes Rangiku convinced Gin to stand up against Aizen with her dying words. The thing all three options have in common is that Rangiku won’t be making an appearance as a Shinigami again as she either died or broke her coda.
Two voters thought they fought while Rangiku tried to convince Gin he should come with her before the battle ended. The question then is whether she succeeded in doing so or not.
Five voters saw what really mattered in the chapter: KEIGO vs. AIZEN!!!!!! Nuff said
Eight voters believe Gin confessed everything, from the reasons to join Aizen to his feelings for Rangiku. If this is true, we can only hope it will be shown sooner or later.
Then tied in first place, with 9 votes each, we have people who don’t really care about Gin and Rangiku and those who believe Gin stabbed Rangiku almost immediately and has been contemplating for a while before setting. Somehow the latter option seems to be likely looking at the end of this chapter.

Where they are now

Notice how most of the people shown here may be dead soon?

The chapter starts off where we were last week with Isshin commenting on how Ichigo is taking his sweet time trying to subdue Zangetsu (for the fourth time give or take) in order to obtain the final Getsuga Tenshou and possibly more. The blood dripping from Ichigo’s mouth suggests he’s having some trouble fighting Zangetsu. While Aizen’s words a couple of chapters ago suggested Ichigo won’t fail any time soon, we still have to take Neo-Shirosaki into account, which wasn’t within Aizen’s (direct) calculations. Either way, Ichigo is still in trouble and pressed for time, which can also be said about plenty of others. Aizen is still strolling around searching for Tatsuki and the others, obviously stalling for time. Rangiku, however, doesn’t seem to be too lively as she too has blood dripping from the mouth with an expressionless face. It would seem that Gin really didn’t show any mercy, and from the bit of his face we can see here he isn’t too fazed by his actions. We still don’t know what happened between these two last week, and sadly we won’t find out this week either. As for people with time limits, it seems Tatsuki and the gang are reaching theirs about now as they run away from Aizen to where Chizuru and Mizuiro are waiting.

Mizuiro awakens

First thing to do when you wake up in a sleeping town: get batteries for your phone…

Tatsuki, Keigo, and Kanonji who is carrying Michiru, make their way through the alleys of Karakura town while running away from Aizen. As the inhabitants of the town use the advantage of the area to lose Aizen, they come to find Chizuru and Mizuiro: wide awake. But rather than going over the details of their awakening, Keigo explains that Mizuiro had been awake for some time as well but was busy getting batteries for his cell phone. We already know that Mizuiro has a thing for his phone, so we can only wonder how his batteries ever died. It is possible that all electronic devices have gone haywire during the shift to Soul Society, but it seems that isn’t the case here. Mizuiro probably woke up, wanted to try his cell phone in order to call Keigo -who had been trying to reach him as well- but found his phone died -which is why Keigo couldn’t get in touch with him. Almost as impressive as the reach on cell phones in Soul Society is Mizuiro’s response to the situation. With everyone asleep, Mizuiro immediately took it upon him to liberate a few items which could aid in his and his friends’ survival. While it makes sense to prepare yourself in a situation like this, it is amazing to see how quickly Mizuiro decided to steal from a convenience store. Tatsuki tries to address this matter as well, but Mizuiro just writes it off as this being a matter of survival and that he wasn’t able to pay for the things he took because the clerk was sleeping soundly. Mizuiro then shows Tatsuki how he even prepared rations for them to hold on for a longer period of time. Mizuiro’s instruction on the benefits of the foodstuffs he brought with him make Tatsuki think he practically lives off of convenience store food. But then Mizuiro reveals that he has only had hand-made food since he was in middle school in spite of him living without his parents. Not that he made his own food of course, he just found girls to make it for him. Tatsuki (and the rest of us) is reminded of just what kind of a person Mizuiro is, while Keigo is struggling between his jealousy and the fact that his friend is save right now.
This part of the chapter is funny in its own right, but it really gives us some insight into Mizuiro’s character. But there are more pressing matters than Mizuiro’s charms as their survival is dependent of their upcoming actions.

Survival management

You already realize that Aizen is an inhuman cheater… it’s like you already met

Putting the fact that Mizuiro is an obnoxious womanizer -I’m with you Keigo-sama!- aside, he informs us that he knows of the situation. In order to manage with the threat of Aizen he managed to get stun guns for everyone there. Putting aside the fact that Mizuiro somehow obtained stun guns, this once more proves that Mizuiro is more than willing to adapt to this situation. A couple of reviews back I mentioned the possibility of Mizuiro being an agent of Aizen’s due to his interest in Ichigo, which was further elaborated on by others who pointed out more quirks of his that aren’t exactly conventional. But with the way Mizuiro is preparing for something as a battle against Aizen, I’d say he’s just bored with the world as he knows it. Mizuiro has always felt disconnected from the world until he met Ichigo, in whom he saw something special -possibly his ability to see spirits- which he probably wants for himself as well. Now that things have become otherworldly, he is embracing it with all he has. But too bad for Mizuiro he won’t be able to use his stun guns against Aizen as not even Don Kanonji’s stick -or staff according to Tatsuki – was able to reach Aizen before turning to ash. Mizuiro then comes to the same conclusion plenty of other readers have about Aizen: he’s a big cheater. As the stun guns are completely useless he immediately realizes that it’s no use to take them. While Mizuiro is reassessing the situation and making new battle plans, we finally get to Chizuru.

Natural response

Don’t worry Chizuru, we still don’t get what’s going on either

Chizuru is still sitting up against the wall we just saw her, but with Mizuiro’s sudden reappearance she has been overlooked somewhat. While Mizuiro knows enough about both Ichigo and ghosts and their existence to get a picture of what could be happening, Chizuru only heard about someone wanting to kill them who can’t be stopped by stun guns as they turn to ash. All of this is happening after she awoke in the middle of the street of a sleeping town, possibly while being carried by Keigo. For her to comprehend the situation she tries to ask her friends why they are so calm and what they know of the situation. While Tatsuki, Keigo, and Mizuiro understand how she must feel, being left out by friends, they probably feel doubts when it comes to explaining the situation. They only know of the situation because they discovered Ichigo is a Shinigami, though Ichigo doesn’t know they found out. The only way for them to explain what is going on, is by revealing Ichigo’s secret, which they shouldn’t even know about. The three friends remain silent for a moment, but Tatsuki is the first who wants to tell Chizuru everything as she sympathizes most with her. Ichigo kept secrets from her, even though they’ve known each other their entire lives, which she was really angry about. Even though she and Chizuru may not seem to get along at first glance, they are still very close friends, and because of this she feels obliged to confess. But whether she wanted to reveal everything or just the important parts, the situation changes as they suddenly feel the pressure of Aizen’s spirit. As Keigo and Tatsuki warn everyone of Aizen’s arrival, Chizuru still wants to hear what’s going on. Tatsuki then admits that she doesn’t really understand what the deal is with Aizen either, but that it will have to wait while they run. Chizuru is swept away by the panic as she settles with the promise of an explanation as Keigo tells everyone they should use the alleys to escape to the edge of the town. Mizuiro, however, remains too calm as he grabs a bottle. The group starts running away, but time just ran out for them that second.

The game’s end

Of course you should say “I found you”, you ignorant man!

Aizen appears in front of the group, shocking Tatsuki, Don Kanonji, and Keigo with his sudden appearance, while Mizruiro and Chizuru are shocked after they sensed Aizen’s presence. Aizen then reveals he has grown bored with the game of hide and seek, only to find a bottle thrown towards him. The bottle turns to ashes at a couple of inches from Aizen, showing that Aizen really exists in a realm of his own. While Tatsuki and Keigo -and admittedly I too- are amazed by Mizuiro’s sudden attack, Mizuiro remains calm as he confirmed the rumors on Aizen’s power. Aizen seems to enjoy Mizuiro’s little experiment, while Mizuiro takes it up another notch. He throws out a canister with gas he just opened as he tells everyone to run away. After everyone runs around the corner to safety, Mizuiro throws a lighter he “liberated”. An explosion ensues with Aizen in the middle. Tatsuki already comments on Mizuiro being crazy, which I completely agree with. Of course, this is Aizen we’re talking about and a small gas explosion really does nothing to him but make it troublesome to see. But Aizen still keeps walking towards the kids -can you imagine what he’d look like while running?- who decide to run for it again. While even Mizuiro seems to get how serious this situation is, Aizen is still intrigued by Mizuiro. But Keigo knows they can’t escape and that he can no longer hide his true power. He draws the Zanpakutou he took from afro-san and prepares for the most epic battle we may ever see. Mizuiro, who now fully understands how hopeless the situation is, gets worried about his friend as he tries to get him to come with. But Keigo tells him it’s alright as the katana he holds is one he obtained from a guy dressed like Ichigo. Tatsuki then tries to stop Keigo as well, but he is determined to end things now. The epic battle that is Keigo vs. Aizen is finally about to take place, finally, FINALLY!…



Zennosuke appears out of nowhere to stop Keigo from facing off against Aizen and to reclaim his Zanpakutou. Keigo is amazed to see the afro-shinigami, while Aizen really doesn’t see any difference in his opponents. Zennosuke now sees the treacherous captain in his new form, and only he realizes just how impressive the power he wields truly is. While he tries to think of a way to stop Aizen, Keigo comments on how af-san is shaking in his boots. But the afro-Shinigami has his honor and the unstoppable power of the afro, so he feels obliged to face off against Aizen. He then unseals Tsuchinamazu, his Zanpakutou, with the power to control earth. He then summons five pillars of stone to trap Aizen. Using this to his advantage he… runs away! Luckily Af-san isn’t as foolish as his looks suggest as he knows it is best to run away. But Aizen didn’t even get a speck of dust on him after the attack as he prepares to give chase again. But before he can give chase, Gin manages to catch up again.


You made him betray his friends, you made him kill his girl, now you’ll make him…

Gin appears behind Aizen after dealing with Matsumoto. The look in Aizen’s eyes suggests that something is amiss, even though it is Gin who joined him. Gin mentioning he returned also is something that we could expect from him. But Kubo mentions a tension between the two. Like I’ve pointed out quite a few times throughout my reviews, Gin’s loyalty seems to be suffering at Aizen’s (selfish) actions. While Aizen probably offered him something really good, we can only wonder what it really is. Perhaps killing Matsumoto -or at least bringing her closer to death than she’s been for quite some time- was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Maybe Gin wants to go on by himself now, or maybe he will demand to get what Aizen promised him. Either way, it seems that if there really is a tension between these two, they will cover it next week.

Like I said, this was a troublesome chapter to review. With plenty of things happening at a relatively quick pace it is hard to really go into things without moving away from the events. I guess the most important things in this chapter are the fact that Mizuiro and Chizuru have woken up, which could mean that the entire town may wake up soon, and the way they are coping with this situation. Mizuiro, bored with his own world, embraces the new and exiting events, while Chizuru panics at this surreal situation. Aizen claiming to stop his pretend search is rather strange as he starts his strolling search again only after Mizuiro blows him up. Perhaps Mizuiro intrigued Aizen enough for him to spent some time on them again. Mizuiro’s actions were the most intriguing parts of the chapter, which is a bit disappointing on some level, while impressive on another. In the end I find this to be the worst of the Deicide chapters up till now, though it was still a good chapter. The main reason it was still good has to do with Mizuiro’s awesome actions. Perhaps this chapter will be better once I reread it eventually along with future chapters, as a lot of other Bleach chapters also did. Or maybe I didn’t like this chapter because Keigo vs. Aizen has passed us by for the umptieth time since the Deicide chapters started. Who knows?

I already mentioned the possibility of Mizuiro actually being a spy of Aizen’s in one of these sections. But with what we’ve seen from Mizuiro in this chapter, we can say that it’s unlikely he even knew of Aizen. But what we did see in this week’s chapter is that Mizuiro is more than willing to step into an uncertain world where he may lose his life at any time. We also saw that Mizuiro’s actions were enough to catch Aizen’s attention. Most importantly, Mizuiro got really close to Ichigo because he had something otherworldly about him. What if Mizuiro sees the same in Aizen as he saw in Ichigo? Is it possible that Mizuiro is so bored with the world that he would want to join Aizen? More importantly, Is Mizuiro interesting enough for Aizen to take him in?

Next week we’ll see the confrontation between Gin and Aizen. Aizen will ask Gin about what happened, while Gin can react in a couple of ways.
The first, most likely option, is that Gin will just ignore Aizen’s comment and tell him nothing happened and that they should just move on with the plan.
The second option is that Gin will demand to get what Aizen promised him, or at least some prove that he can get it soon. To do this he will use some form of leverage so he can convince Aizen.
The third option, is the classic betrayal, where Gin reveals he’s given up too much and got too little in return.
Whatever way Gin will react, we will probably find out what Gin and Rangiku did on the rooftop. Besides the flashback of what happened last week between the two old friends, we may finally find out what Aizen offered Gin for his loyalty. The chapter could then end with the start of a flashback for that part, or with a glimpse of Ichigo’s training.

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope it was enough for you to waste some of your time even if I didn’t put too much effort into it. Hopefully Kubo will be able to excite me with next week’s chapter so that I can’t wait to write the review and I can go on my usual 8 page rant . Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week!

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  1. well, well, well. i think some of my rants have finally been answered in the new chapter. GO GIN!

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