The Underscore’s Bleach review 414

Bleach 414 Deicide 16

Too much is rushing through my mind to spend time on writing this intro. Let’s get to the review ASAP before I forget the important things! First thanks to Binktopia and Mangastream for their scanlation, next let’s get to the rating and poll quickly!

Bleach chapter 413, Deicide 16, after being rated by 29 voters gets an average score of:



Mizuiro had his time to shine last week, and this is what it resulted in:

Two options didn’t get picked in last week’s poll. No one never liked him or thought he lost it and felt Chizuru’s response made more sense.
One voter (still) thinks Mizuiro’s actually a secret agent of Aizen’s while two voters are hoping he is yet to become one as those two will like him better once he betrays his friends to join Aizen. But there were two other voters who don’t think Mizuiro’s worth thinking of.
Three voters felt these actions made by Mizuiro make him even more suspicious than before as they trust him even less than before. Boy going psycho tends to have that effect .
Five voters thought Mizuiro was awesome and that they’d do the same if they were him. Honestly I’d be running for the hills, but at least we have five fooli~ erm valorous readers amongst us who would dare to oppose Aizen .
Six Mizuiro fans had a field day last week as they got everything they wanted and more, making this the second most chosen option in the polls. But it appears the majority of the voters thought Mizuiro did great, but didn’t get why Kubo took the time to show his actions. If they think Mizuiro did great last week, I’m curious what they think of Gin in this week’s chapter .


The mask changes nothing!

With the 16th Deicide chapter comes a colored page dedicated to the man who possesses the Zanpakutou that fits the title best. Usually I don’t go too far into the chapter at this point of the review as I make a play by play of things that cross my mind the first time I read the chapter, but due to the nature of this picture and the events in this chapter I have to skip ahead a bit. Gin taking off the fox-mask here to reveal his true face -though it’s hard to distinguish the two – obviously refers to what happened this week. The mask represents what we’ve seen up to this point, a sly creature that can’t be trusted. Behind that same mask lies… well, a creature that can’t be trusted . But what’s more interesting is what Gin’s saying on this page. “You go that way, and I’ll go this way. I’m counting on you, now.” With Gin only having come close to two or three people in his life, not even including Tousen, because let’s face it those two didn’t really have much going, we can only wonder who he’s talking to. Either Gin has an ally hidden up his sleeve such as Rangiku or perhaps even Kira, or he’s referring to something completely different. The most obvious choice has to be the second option, where the something different is Kamishini no Yari. I’ll get back on this in a bit when the chapter gets to that point, but for now I’ll let you guys piece it together . But, what if it’s Rangiku or Kira? Look at where Gin’s standing right now. Right now you could say he’s standing in at the opening of the thicket of a bamboo field. The path through the thicket gets darker the further you go in, while the place he is standing right now is relatively well lighted. Perhaps the darkness in the thicket represents the path Gin took along with Aizen, into the darkness of Las Noches -the nights- while he left Rangiku or Kira in the light of Soul Society. While he proceeds into the darkness for their plans, the other stays behind in Soul Society to keep an eye on the other side. Of course there’s the possibility of a third person, whom we’ve suspected for a couple of weeks… Let’s just take a look see at what’s happened in this chapter and how it relates to this page.


Aizen must be so proud of Gin, killing a girl that adores you…

Picking up where we left off last week, we see Gin returning to Aizen’s side and announcing his return to captain Aizen. While Aizen turns around to greet his right hand man, six of his seven targets are surprised by this sudden turn of events as well. Aizen then repeats what Gin just told him, that Gin “returned”. Perhaps Aizen already knows what is about to happen to him soon thanks to those words of Gin. But for now Aizen’s more concerned with what happened to Matsumoto. Without a moment’s hesitation or his smile fainting, Gin tells Aizen he killed her. Aizen feels a bit distrustful of this claim as he focuses on the area he last sensed Gin and Matsumoto. Aizen then confirms Gin’s claim as he tells us that Aizen can’t sense her Reiatsu anymore. Aizen then turns his gaze towards Gin again, who unflinchingly shows the same smile he arrived with, much like the mask on the cover page.
While Aizen pronouncing Rangiku’s loss of reiatsu should be more than enough to assume she’s actually dead, there are at least two more possible reasons for Rangiku’s reiatsu to have disappeared. First was the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw Rangiku last week, her coda being broken. I know this is unlikely, but it would explain why Aizen can’t sense her Reiatsu while leaving Rangiku alive. The second option is that Gin put up a barrier around Rangiku to erase her Reiatsu, much like the trick Isshin used before. I know I’m pushing Rangiku staying alive a bit too much, but don’t worry I’ve got a good reason for this. More on that in a bit, first let’s get to Aizen.
Aizen, looking at the smiling Gin, tells Gin that he’s surprised by his killing Rangiku. He expected him to let her live at least for the same reason many of us believed him to leave her alive, his emotions towards her. Gin then denies he has any emotions at all as he reminds Aizen of their first meeting.

The constant

Some things will never change, Gin being creepy is one of those things

Rather than having emotions, Gin has something else going on for himself. Gin tells us he’s not a common Shinigami or anything else, but a real predator. Not just any predator, but a snake. The similarities between the two are rather uncanny. A cold skin, no emotions, and slithering around while looking for a prey to swallow whole. Other creatures know they should avoid them, much like Rukia knew she had to avoid Gin, while others know how to handle snakes, much like Aizen knew how to. But my guess is that any snake-owner/breeder will tell you the same thing: Don’t let your guard down. Taking this little flashback to their meeting and Gin’s comment on his “return” into account, it should already be obvious what’s going on. But Aizen isn’t too worried about what Gin is saying here as it probably all falls within his grand scheme. This conversation between these two is starting to get really intriguing; it is almost worth risking your life seeing this. Keigo at least seems to think so.

The doomed

Everyone here’s in danger of losing their lives… get the hint Aizen?

Keigo snaps everyone back to reality as he tells his companions they have to make a run for it. We already caught a glimpse of everyone stopping to listen to the conversation, but Keigo-sama realizes that he is the only one powerful enough to stop and listen to the conversation… though it might be better for him to run with his companions for hi~~ err their own good. As Keigo and the others run away from the two monsters, Aizen once more claims he’s lost his interest. It seems that Mizuiro’s actions from last week were interesting for only a moment. Gin then asks us what Aizen wants to do after killing the seven people in front of them. Aizen then reveals that he wants to leave their bodies intact so that he can hang them out at the edge of town so that Ichigo can get a good look at them. After that, Aizen plans to make the Ouken. While this all seems bad in its own right, I wonder why Aizen chose to leave Karin and Yuzu out of his schemes. He wants to piss Ichigo off as badly as he can, yet he uses Ichigo’s twin sisters as mere materials for the Ouken. Mind you, I’m glad Karin and Yuzu are relatively safe from immediate danger thanks to this, but I find this to be somewhat of a flaw in Aizen’s evil schemes. But in the end I’m with Gin, who thinks his plans right now are good enough as they are as he puts his hand on Kyouka Suigetsu’s blade that was pointed towards Keigo and the others. Aizen obviously looks at the position of Gin’s hand on his blade, probably knowing what is going on. Gin, however, doesn’t care about the looks Aizen is giving as he tells him that he’s the one who will do the killing.

Snakes on the plane

Don’t you just hate those snakes on the mothaf’n airplanes?

The ace up Gin’s sleeve is the same as usual as Kamishini no Yari suddenly rips through it. In the manner Gin’s fans have been having wet dreams about, Kamishini no Yari doesn’t cut through Keigo and the others, but stabs Aizen right through the chest. I have to admit that even though I saw this coming a couple of weeks ago and the thought kept popping up throughout the Deicide chapters, I had the same look on my face as Aizen -probably, don’t have a mirror on me while reading these chapters – while Aizen probably thought the same thing I did a long time before I did. But before we even have the chance to think that Aizen created a last minute illusion with Kyouka Suigetsu, Gin already ruins the possibility of us speculating on this by revealing the Zanpakutou’s loophole. Gin is clearly holding Kyouka Suigetsu’s blade, which is what allows people to escape the complete hypnosis according to Gin. The key is to be touching the blade before Aizen activates the ability, which complies with what happened with Genryuusai. Though Genryuusai didn’t know of this escape route, he did know Aizen wasn’t an illusion as he had been stabbed by the real blade. But Gin didn’t figure this out after seeing the fight with Genryuusai, but he learnt it from Aizen’s own two lips. Apparently Gin had been planning on killing Aizen from the moment they met. But Kyouka Suigetsu was a bit troublesome in his schemes as it is hard to kill someone if you can’t make sure you’re hitting him as he could counter. As such the cute little Gin played with Aizen until Aizen revealed the truth behind Kyouka Suigetsu. After what turns out to be a couple of decades, Gin finally heard the secret from Aizen, which was what made him enjoy the rest of the century even more. The fact that others were trying to kill Aizen, without the knowledge he possesses really excited Gin as he watched their struggles. The reason for this is that he knew they would fail where only he could succeed. The fact that he was riding the same plane as Aizen to reach new heights, while stowing away his killing intent in the storage of that same plane, much like snakes on a plane -I just saw a Samuel L. Jackson movie, and Gin’s reference to a snake made me remember his movie, can you blame me? – must have been ever so exciting to him. But with him finding out that Aizen still had secrets for him, he must have decided to end things now. But if commoners such as ourselves saw this coming, we can be sure Aizen already knew this before even Kubo knew it would happen!

The fox reveals his true nature

Kamishini no Yari’s thoughts: ‘Gin’s evil scheme really cracks me up!’ Zanpakutou-joke yohohoho!

As Aizen holds the wound in his chest caused by the only man he ever considered to be his vice-captain, he reveals he knew Gin would betray him sooner or later. But Aizen was solely interested in seeing how Gin was planning on killing him. But stabbing Aizen with a blade, no matter how long or fast it is, isn’t enough to kill him now. But Gin didn’t even dream a single stab would be enough to kill Aizen, especially how he’s right now. This is where Gin’s mask finally comes off as he reveals the truth about himself. We then see Shinsou, though something’s a bit off. We suddenly see a little crack, which Gin points out to Aizen. It’s not like Aizen is too powerful for Gin and his Zanpakutou to handle. Gin actually cracked the blade of his own volition and left the missing piece inside Aizen, as if he left part of Shinsou behind for that purpose -remember the cover page? . But why would the fastest and most likely longest Zanpakutou there is be able to do something so impractical like that? Let’s face it; a crack in a 13 km long blade would be rather inconvenient. But more importantly, why would he leave a piece inside Aizen? Even Aizen is amazed at this turn of events as he too knows about Kamishini no Yari from Gin’s own words. Gin then tells us that Kamishini no Yari doesn’t extend up to 13 km, which was already considered to be a fact by some of you as the towers in the fake Karakura town were left standing after Gin’s monstrous swing, nor that it is as fast as he told us. Of course, it is still ridiculously long and fast, but it’s the way he does it that is really interesting. Rather than just extending, the blade turns to dust -Haineko anyone?- during the moment it extends and retracts. Basically it’s like a molecular breakdown to rearrange the molecules into a new form at a breakneck pace. But this dust isn’t your ordinary dust; it is actually a violent poison which breaks down other cells. Possibly this is the same poison that is used to break down the blade, though unlike other creatures Kamishini no Yari is capable of reconstructing itself. We can only wonder whether this turning to dust actually makes it possible for Gin to create more shapes than the single long blade, but the fact that he had to leave a piece of the blade inside Aizen shows us that there is still a limit to its transformation.
But with a piece of poisonous steel inside Aizen, even Aizen realizes that there may be something troublesome going on for him right now. Gin reveals that the Kamishini no Yari dust was put inside Aizen in the single moment it took him to stab Aizen. Knowing this, Aizen isn’t too pleased.


Whose the failed Arrancar now?!

Aizen, with the most shocked look on him we’ve seen up till now, holds his hand to the wound left by the man he always knew would try to kill him. He curses Gin for this treachery now that the fox has revealed to be a poisonous snake in a fox-hide -talk about an unexpected disguise- but Gin tells him to talk fast -he should have told him this sooner- as his time is running out. Gin then puts his hand to Aizen’s chest, much like he did with Matsumoto, possibly to feel the heart stop beating. He then gives Kamishini no Yari the command to “kill”, almost as if it were a Shikai release. Aizen once more curses Gin as the poison takes effect. A hole starts opening in Aizen’s chest, which is a long cherished ambition of Aizen’s according to Gin. The hole in Aizen’s chest becomes bigger and bigger as the poison makes its rounds. But what’s interesting is that the Hougyouku remains intact, even if it was to be expected. With Aizen turning to dust at Gin’s hands and the Hougyoku remaining, what can we expect to see next week?

Awesome has gotten a new spelling in my book and it’s now written Ichimaru Gin. I was hoping for something like this to happen and Kubo delivered. Whether this assassination succeeds or not, it was an awesome chapter. The only thing that was a tad bit disappointing is the fact that Gin only told us he lives to kill incredible prey. I was hoping for a grander scheme, but I guess it has to wait until next week if there really is one. Learning that Aizen’s Zanpakutou has a similar weakness to that of Tousen’s was interesting as well, to say the least. But let’s see, with the usual awesome character drawings and the answer to the chapter’s title, I have said all I need to say. Let’s get to the next section for a bit to cover something else that came to mind while reading this chapter.

Gin revealed that Kamishini no Yari works by turning the blade into dust for a short moment. If anything the Zanpakutou is a combination of Haineko, Senbonzakura, and Ashisogi Jizō, which are all deadly in their own rights. But the emphasis lied in the turning to dust of the blade, which makes it most similar to Haineko. With the Zanpakutou being a representation of the wielder’s soul, it makes sense to think there’s a similarity between Rangiku and Gin. Perhaps Gin sensed this similarity between the two of them when they first met. But taking this week’s cover page into account: What if Rangiku and Gin are in cahoots?

Gin finally gone and done it, he killed Aizen… Or did he? For now, let’s say he did.
The Hougyoku remains intact and Gin no longer has a target as Aizen was the most powerful prey he could hope to find… besides the Spirit king of course. Gin will take the Hougyoku with the purpose of creating the Ouken. But before he does so we will find out that he had an accomplice. My personal favorite would have to be Rangiku, but we can’t forget Mizuiro. Perhaps it is only one of these two, or maybe it’s both of them. Let’s face it, Mizuiro was pretty keen on attacking Aizen, same as Gin. But having someone in Soul Society, the living world and Hueco Mundo would be the best way to go. Gin will then proceed where Aizen left off and Ichigo will have to face off against Gin instead of Aizen. Of course, it’s possible that Gin won’t go after the Spirit king just yet. Instead he’ll go for Ichigo first, the prey he wasn’t allowed to hunt.
But what could happen as well is that Gin’s accomplices are revealed -assuming he has them- only to find that Aizen is still alive and kicking! Gin did let go of Kyouka Suigetsu after stabbing Aizen. For all we know Gin has been seeing an illusion from the moment he let go and Kamishini no Yari’s poison was ineffective against Aizen…

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I sure had a great time trying to write down everything that came to mind and I’m sure I’ve overlooked some things still -wretched short term memory – so be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review. As usual don’t forget to give any theories you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to poke Kon below to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week!

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~ by The Underscore on July 30, 2010.

5 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 414”

  1. Yes it is true sam comes back out of the blue or was it out of the hat, but seriously best chapter so far. Sweet review underscore as usually. Rating of a 10 for me maybe 9 for others anyone thinks lower go …… your….. you get the point.

    Sam Says: I always thought that Gin and Aizen stood on equal terms, Gin knowing Aizen secret for all these years knowing that he was the only one who could kill him would make exactly what you said entertaining to watch everyone fail just trying to kill him. (Amazing)

    Sam Wonders: Knowing Aizen secret for all these years why didn’t he kill him sooner like when he got a bankai? Instead of mizsuro being Gin accomplice could be Izuru he said that same line (I’m counting on you) to him? Last questions Even if Gin has accomplices what can a vice captain masamato do against ishhin and ichigo with vasto lorde form? What are the possibility that Gin will retreat? (Thinking)

    Sam Predictions: well if not true that Gin killed Aizen than every thing i have said up to this point is pointless and don’t continue reading after this. After Aizen Deterioration the hyokou will fall into Gin’s Hand and Ishhin will notice it and halt Ichigo Training to see what happens when they go to check it out everything looks unchanged and then they feel a cold blooded chilling as they see Gin holding the hyokou and Gin tells them that they are his next prey and disappears with the hyokou. (Greatness)

    Sam’s Future of Bleach: If Kubo is trying to keep the bleach manga going then it would be interesting to see Gin and his accomplices retreat to the Underworld instead of Heco Muendo we could see a new hybrid of a hollow/demon or demon/Shinigami

    Sam’s Really Easy Questions;) Did anyone really think ichigo with his soon to be new found power really kill Aizen? ( If so please explain thank you) Does anyone think Gin has accomplices? If so who?

    @underscore again great review on Gin I remember a while back I did a yin yang theory comparing Aizen to Gin.

  2. I have got to stop doing this but glad to be back on mars i love it here!!!!!!!!!

  3. @sam:
    It’s been a while since you’ve made yourself heard, only to double post immediately… Guess that was to be expected ;). Glad to hear you enjoyed the review and being here on wordonmars.
    Anyway, Gin and Aizen being on equal terms makes sense, at least before Aizen fused with the Hougyouku. At least Gin still feels he is the one with the upper hand judging from his actions. Perhaps he even felt superior to Aizen before the Hougyouku fusion and he thinks this is the best Aizen has to offer. Gin did say he only wanted to swallow the targets he wants whole.
    Gin retreating with a possible partner is in the realm of possibilities. We don’t even know what Gin’s real goals are. If he actually wants to go to the King’s realm, the Hougyouku alone may be enough to open the passageway. Your prediction of Gin announcing Ichigo’s his next target sounds interesting, but I wonder if it will work out like that. Let’s see if Kubo will go that way next :). But Gin retreating to Hell rather than Hueco Mundo sounds a bit far fetched, even if it would make sense for Gin to actually turn out to be a demon. But I’d say there wouldn’t be actual demons as much as there are Hell Shinigami as there are only plus and minus spirits. Of course, they could refer to themselves as demons instead of Shinigami. Guess Kubo has plenty of options and a lot of work to do if he actually kills off Aizen.

  4. please say this is for real kubo. bleach would be so sick if aizen dies. i dont know what to think… on the one hand, this is aizen, and he still hasnt shown us a bankai (unless maybe it will be revealed that absolute hypnosis is his bankai power? he did say that it was his zanpakutos power when he revealed it, he never said shikai) so i dont see how this can be the end for him. but on the other hand, so much of this seems to fit. gin negated kyokya suigetsu, he used his kamishini no yari which fits the title of Deicide, and if i could belive that anyone could pull this off that wasnt ichigo, it would be gin. but, ugh all i know is that if aizen really does turn out all right next chapter, and is all “just as planned” again… i may have to fly to japan just to attack kubo. just make gin the new supervillain kubo, hes much more interesting!

  5. @takashid:
    Almost everyone who replied to my review is rooting for Gin to have succeeded in his assassination attempt. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Aizen did turn out to be all right, though. Due to Kyouka Suigetsu and Aizen’s batting average, we can be 90% sure that Gin’s attack is a fluke, even with this so called loophole to the absolute hypnosis. Let’s face it, Aizen’s fusion with the Hougyouku was for the sole purpose of overcoming his own limits, so why wouldn’t this apply to Kyouka Suigetsu which is a part of him?
    But I’d rather see how Aizen regenerates from the Hougyouku crystal rather than the return of the ‘I knew it all, planned it all, and pwned it all’ ritual Aizen has been using. Let’s hope Kubo saves you the trip to Japan ;).

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