NOT The Underscore’s Bleach review 417

417 Deicide 19

Way to go Kubo… Deicide 19… What happened to the “[The End]” part from last week’s chapter, huh?… Why do I get the feeling Kubo somehow knew about what I said at the start of last week’s review and did this because I said I wouldn’t review Deicide chapters anymore… Well, that just means that I won’t be reviewing this week as I have to stay true to my word… Good luck to whoever is going to review the remaining Deicide chapters, cause I sure as hell won’t be reviewing them. I shouldn’t have said I wouldn’t be reviewing the Deicide chapters anymore, I know that now. Maybe it’s because I kept making fun of Aizen the entire time and Aizen stopped my review through Kubo’s naming sense for chapters. I’ll see you guys again once the Deicide chapters are over… [walks away]

Hey there everyone, welcome to a brand new Bleach review! If you believe I am The Underscore, you are mistaken!! You have the wrong reviewer!!
I may look similar, but I am actually The Underscore’s friend, The Underscore Mask!!

I shall be the one to do the review instead of The Underscore, who I’m definitely NOT as I he already pointed out he wouldn’t be reviewing the Deicide chapters of Bleach anymore. Oh, wait, I’m The Underscore Mask and doing a review about Bleach… Just a sec…

Right, this is a more fitting mask for a Bleach review. As I said: I, The Underscore Mask, shall be reviewing this Bleach Deicide chapter in The Underscore’s stead using the Binktopia/Mangastream scanlation. But first, let’s see what came out of the polls I The Underscore put up last week. Then, we’ll start with NOT The Underscore’s:

Bleach chapter 417, Deicide 18 [The End], after being rated by 49 voters gets an average score of:



Last week, Kubo presented us with a great big color spread with all of Ichigo’s forms, minus the latest one that was introduced at the end of last week’s chapter. But which of these forms do you like best? Though I could go over each of his forms to describe what might be so appealing about them, I’d say pictures are worth more in most cases.

Ichigo with Shikai Zangetsu

No votes, ninth place
Student Ichigo

One vote, seventh place

Shinigami Ichigo

One vote, seventh place

Ichigo with Tensa Zangetsu

Two votes, sixth place

Of course, there were three voters who didn’t really get what this poll was about. They actually dared to ask if there’s a difference. Shame on you three. I mean, the difference in the forms may not be as great as, say, the difference between The Underscore and myself, The Underscore Mask, but still…

Visored Ichigo

Six votes, fourth place

Then we had eleven voters who didn’t even bother to choose one of these forms, as they already know that Kubo is going to give something even more awesome than any of the forms we’ve seen before. We can say what we want about Kubo’s naming sense, but at least his character art is amongst the best. We can only wonder what he’ll show us next.


Twelve votes, second place
“The New Look”

Thirty-two votes, first place, completely badass

With the new look taking the first place, we’ll start off with the review immediately as well. Last week, Ichigo appeared out of the blue, carrying his father on his back with a new look going for him. Everyone looks at the new Ichigo in amazement, surprised to suddenly see him standing there after all that happened while he was away for an hour. Ichigo puts his father on the ground as he prepares to face off against Aizen. Finally, we get a complete picture of Ichigo’s renewed look. While we already saw that his hair had grown, his right sleeve was torn off, Tensa Zangetsu’s chain became significantly longer while being wrapped around his arm, and he now has a glove and a bracer on his right hand, we also get a clear picture of what happened to the katana part of the Bankai. Though the blade itself hasn’t changed too much, the guard and the handle seem to have changed. The guard has increased in size and its shape also has been altered a bit. The current guard’s form also has a more noticeable blade collar – the part that connects the handle/guard with the blade-, though that could’ve always been the same. Personally, I’d like to think that this change in the guard represents Zangetsu’s desire to protect Ichigo a bit more. Not to say that he doesn’t want to protect Ichigo at all while it’s in the Shikai state, but it is still a notable change in a blade of someone who never wielded a blade with such a (relatively) large guard. But the strangest part has to be the handle. In the previous form, the handle was bigger than it seems now. The current handle only seems to be big enough to be held with one hand, which is strange as Ichigo’s (own) fighting style relies on him holding the katana with two hands. The most important change, however, is that the chain has been moved from the handle to the bracer. Strangely, the chain’s new location makes it seem as if it wasn’t meant to be like that, as the right sleeve of Ichigo’s shihakusho (the Bankai coat) is more torn up than the other parts usually are. Does this mean that Ichigo won’t be fighting at 100%?

Comrades reuniting

…….. I keep calling him Afro-san, so don’t ask me!

Ichigo thanks his father for everything he’s done for him the past hour (which felt like three months ) as we get a confirmation that Ichigo’s hair is basic hair growth due to the bearded daruma’s beard having grown even bigger. Tatsuki and Keigo stare at Ichigo in amazement as they notice that Ichigo’s hair has grown quite a lot in one day time (which felt like years for us ). But Keigo feels that Ichigo has grown -probably means matured- , though that could have something to do with his hair. Of course, not even the great Keigo sama could be able to see Ichigo’s eyes from such a distance, so he couldn’t see how Ichigo’s demeanor is what has changed. Ichigo then suddenly closes his eyes and focuses on a certain part of the town. He then opens his eyes and lets out a sigh of relief as he, being a big brother, senses that his little sisters are alright. Now that he knows his family is safe, he turns to his friends. Tatsuki, Keigo, Mizuiro, Houshou, and Kanonji all seem to be rather surprised by the fact that Ichigo is looking at them. Though it’s mainly Tatsuki and Keigo who were startled by Ichigo, but I’ll get to my theory as to why in a bit. Ichigo checks up on each and every individual standing by them as he says their names out loud. Things seemed to be a bit off by Ichigo doing this, until he got to Afro-san, where we know this is the actual Ichigo who is standing there. He exchanges looks with Afro-san -which cracked me up – as he concludes it must be Imoyama-san. Zennosuke isn’t pleased with his new name as he yells at Ichigo for giving him a random name. Even though Ichigo seems a completely different person right now, his not being able to remember faces and names shows that he’s still the same Ichigo. Or is he?

Guess who?

I know that with you starring the past few chapters it seemed like you were in a different manga, but this is still Bleach…

Ichigo completely ignores Imoyama’s comment as he tells his friends to stay put. While Keigo is probably wondering if they shouldn’t be running away right about now, Tatsuki has different concerns: she doesn’t feel anything. Not to say that her crush for Ichigo is over, but she doesn’t seem to be able to sense Ichigo’s power at all at the moment. This is probably why she and Keigo were a bit surprised when Ichigo turned to them, as Ichigo is practically none existent in comparison to Aizen’s overwhelming power. Tatsuki isn’t the only one to notice this as Aizen takes a good look at the product of his raw materials. Aizen asks Ichigo if it is really him, as he can’t even sense a single speck of Reiatsu from him. Ichigo, apparently having mastered the art of ignoring most of what Aizen says, takes his time to respond as he first checks to see what is going on with Rangiku and Gin. He then decides to humor Aizen by asking what he meant by that question. Aizen then reveals that he literally doesn’t sense anything from Ichigo, which is impossible at that range even when trying to hide one’s presence. Perhaps this means that Aizen isn’t able to understand Ichigo’s power anymore, or maybe there’s something else going on.
Aizen then declares that Ichigo has failed his evolution and ruined the final chance Aizen bestowed on him. With this, Aizen revealed that destroying the janitor in the Dangai was indeed intended to give Ichigo the opportunity to become stronger. This would mean that Aizen wanted Ichigo to evolve, though the reason for that is still unclear. But Aizen apparently expected that the power up would be bound to an evolution and not just the acquisition of a new technique. Could it be that he wanted an example or a model after which he could evolve himself, or did he want to obtain a being that underwent a different evolutionary path he could consume to increase his own power? Aizen probably has plenty of things he wants to talk about, probably mainly revolving around the fact that Ichigo failed, but Ichigo once more uses his new ultimate technique, the ‘Ignore Aizen’s Words’ technique as he focuses on someone else.

The fox’s final act

Give him 30 cc’s of popularity, stat! We can still save his life!

Ichigo takes another close look at Gin, who is still lying where Aizen last left him. Even though I The Underscore already wrote him off as dead, it seems that he still has the strength to open his eyes. Whether this means that Gin will survive this using the ‘popular silver haired character’ revival method or not is something I can’t really make out yet. I The Underscore did predict the possibility of Gin telling Ichigo of Kyouka Suigetsu’s weakness, so this seems to be working in favor of that prediction. While Aizen has trouble believing Ichigo has grown during the time he spent in the Dangai, Gin would beg to differ. Gin takes a good look at Ichigo’s eyes, which he observed throughout the Deicide arc. Where he once saw fear and doubt, he now sees strength and determination. He knows that Ichigo’s power and confidence are dependent on each other, so he knows for sure that things will work out. Having seen this new Ichigo, he feels he can finally leave and entrust his hunt to Ichigo. We then see an arm extending itself. Personally, I believe this is Gin raising his arm for a last time as he relinquishes himself of the burden he placed on himself and entrusts it to Ichigo. But with the frame right next to that being Aizen extending his hand in a similar manner, I’m not sure.

Two easy ways of silencing Aizen

First option, talk right through him. Second option, deprive him of air.

With Gin’s -most likely- final moment having past, the moment I The Underscore feared seemed to be at hand: the part where Aizen starts mumbling on how much everyone else fails and how great he is. Luckily, Ichigo saw that coming as well as he interrupts Aizen and he tells him he wants to change location for their final battle. This explains why he didn’t attack Aizen yet and he felt it save to take his father with him this close to Aizen. Ichigo intended to move away from areas where people are in order to prevent any (more) casualties. But Aizen, probably annoyed by both the fact that Ichigo didn’t evolve according to his plans and that he was interrupted, then tells Ichigo that he doesn’t have the right to make such demands as he is not suited to fight him. He then tells Ichigo that he doesn’t have to worry as he wouldn’t be able to damage something, though we don’t know what that could be as Ichigo is ignoring Aizen on a whole new level. He suddenly flies towards Aizen and grabs his face using his left hand, probably thinking that if Aizen doesn’t want to come on his own accord he’ll just make him. Using a speed which Yoruichi could be proud of, he somehow managed to take Aizen to a field far away from Karakura town as he throws Aizen to the ground.

Predicted Deicide?

Try not to blink Aizen, something tells me this’ll be over soon.

As Aizen gets up from being tossed like a butterfly doll, he grabs hold of his face as he can’t believe he was forced to move by Ichigo’s brute strength -which Kenpachi could be proud of. Somehow Ichigo, without a speck of Reiatsu, managed to move Aizen against his will. The being he thought failed to evolve, managed to do something so humiliating to him, a being that has already underwent a couple of evolutions after dying once. As if that didn’t hurt him enough, that same being is now telling Aizen they can start their fight now according to Ichigo’s accord and that he’ll end it in an instant. Does this mean that the Deicide arc will end with actual Deicide? We can only wait and see what will happen next.

This chapter was pretty straightforward, no matter how you look at it. The three main things to note are that Ichigo’s his old self again, though his Reiatsu can’t be sensed; Gin was still alive even with all that happened last week; and Aizen intended Ichigo to undergo an evolution, which he feels didn’t take place. This chapter’s main purpose is to prepare us for the fight between Ichigo and Aizen, without any distractions, while adding to the mystery of Ichigo’s training in the Dangai. Ichigo checking up on everyone was something that had to be done, which is what Kubo did pretty well as he not only showed that Ichigo had matured, but that he was still the same old Ichigo through the conversation with Afro-san. Aizen revealing his disappointment in Ichigo was rather surprising, but little can be said about it at this time as it is obvious that Ichigo has obtained more power than Aizen seems to understand. Ichigo’s exchange of looks with Gin was important as well, as Gin was the one who confirmed that Ichigo now has the strength to take on Aizen. The fact that Ichigo managed to move Aizen away from Karakura town by taking him by the face was probably one of the most awesome things I’ve seen in a while. Sure, I The Underscore did mention a possibility of Ichigo blowing Aizen away from Karakura town using a Getsuga Tenshou, but this worked out just as well, if not better, with the humiliated look on Aizen’s face.
With the chapter basically explaining itself by using the art, there wasn’t much to cover this week. But chapters like that are always good and with everything that happened this week I’d say this was an awesome, if not perfect chapter.

This week we learned that Ichigo’s Reiatsu can’t be sensed by anyone in Karakura town (who is conscious at least). This happened right after Ichigo finished his training in the Dangai, where he had to subdue Arrancar Zangetsu. With Zangetsu being able to take in Ichigo’s Reiatsu and firing it off in a concentrated blast and the chain now being wrapped around Ichigo’s arm, it could be that it is a side effect of Ichigo’s Bankai. Taking the Bankai’s speed into account along with Ichigo being invisible, one could say that Ichigo has become a true phantom. On the other hand, the Deicide chapters focused on being able to understand the power of others and it playing a part in being able to fight someone. That Tatsuki or the others couldn’t understand Ichigo’s power makes sense then, but what of Aizen? Taking these things into account: What does it mean, that Ichigo’s Reiatsu can’t be sensed at all?

Depending on how fast Ichigo will take down Aizen, we will most likely see a moment between Tatsuki and Isshin. Isshin will regain consciousness, be it for a moment, to give us another hint about how awesome Ichigo will be now. Immediately after that, Ichigo will unleash his Final Getsuga Tenshou on Aizen, eliminating him while only leaving the Hougyoku. Aizen will then regenerate in another brand new form as he acknowledges that Ichigo has completed the evolution according to his plans. Aizen is then confident that he is immortal as the Hougyoku can’t be destroyed and he will devour Ichigo. But Ichigo then tells him the initial attack wasn’t enough, before he prepares to use his Hollowfication….

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it, even though it was a bit short. Like I said, there really wasn’t all that much to cover in this week’s chapter . Of course, I could’ve overlooked some things, my being The Underscore Mask and not The Underscore and all…, so be sure to leave a reply with your thoughts on this week’s chapter and/or review, and any theories that you may have. Don’t forget to vote in this week’s poll and to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next Deicide chapter!
(The Underscore will see you the next time there’s a brand new chapter title!)

Click on the picture above to rate this week’s chapter, and as a reminder here’s what the ratings are:
1.0: Abysmal
1.1 – 3.4: Awful
3.5.-5.4: Bad
5.5-6.9: Average
7.0-8.9: Great
9.0-9.9: Awesome
10: Perfect

Behind the Mask

Messing with the readers (skip if you can’t take a joke )


~ by The Underscore on August 26, 2010.

9 Responses to “NOT The Underscore’s Bleach review 417”

  1. FIRST! And nice breakdown Undersc– The Underscore Mask! 😛

    I think this “invisible Reiatsu” is really cool and I’d love to know what made it so. Also, I have no idea if you said anything about this, but I thought that Aizen saying Ichigo could not transform or something was interesting to note. Transform into what? Become more Hollow-like? Because an “Aizen”? *Gets headache* Anyone have Tylen–OH WAIT! That can kill you! 😛

    Cookster, out.

  2. OMG ichigo you are almost making me like you again! not only does he look much, much cooler with the longer hair, but he reminds me of urahara! he is channeling Urahara’s awesomeness! reallly its about Ffffing time someone shut aizen up! keep this up kubo and youll make an honest bleach fan of me again.

    …and on the other side of my psyche, where im not fanboying over this, im looking at this and going “really ichigo!? finish it in one shot? have you forgotten how many times that has worked in your past fights? o yeah thats right, None!” well at least this manga has become a little harder to predict now. makes it more interesting. though the pacing is still God awefull. we spent a whole chapter talking and moving to a new area. thats it really see you next week kids!

    … god dammit kubo your manga is so good and yet so bad, its making me practically bipolar over it. anyway, Underscore mask, when you see the Underscore again, mind sending him this comment? he always gives me interesting replies that are nice to read, and i don’t think i can accept a substitute 😛 though this was a nice review, it wasn’t quite the same without him. nice try though XD

  3. @noneatencookie
    Yes, I, The Underscore Mask, thank you. Glad you enjoyed the read.
    Someone mentioned the possibility of the invisible Reiatsu being made up of a third force, Ichigo’s human side, explaining why Aizen wouldn’t be able to make sense of it. But I honestly doubt Aizen would overlook the potential of a human’s reiatsu, in spite of his arrogance. But who knows, Kubo must have something in store for us.
    As for Aizen saying something about Ichigo transforming. In the review I referred to it as an evolution, same as was done in the mangastream scanlation. But I haven’t the faintest as to what Aizen wanted Ichigo to become…

    I’m afraid that The Underscore is preparing himself for the next arc, but I asked him about your comment so I got the gist on it ;).
    In the looks department, one can easily say that Ichigo certainly looks like he can finish Aizen off in one blow. Ichigo’s track record, however, begs to differ. Mind you, he has finished fights in one shot, though those opponents never took up more than three frames or something along those lines :).
    Sadly Bleach is horrendous when it comes to its pacing, though you can’t deny that once you (re)read a couple of chapters in a go, it is one heckuva ride.
    As for my substituting The Underscore, I’m afraid he has to keep his word from last week and as such can’t review any more Deicide chapters. Though I admit I didn’t write as good a review as he usually does, this chapter was a hard one to start with for me, The Underscore Mask. 😉

  4. I never commented before, but in memory of The Underscore I will comment on this review.

    First off, Is it just me or does anyone think that Kubo is reading these damn reviews because every time the Underscore mocked or tried to critique the writer, something happened that seemed as if Kubo almost did it to bitchslap Underscore. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that the Underscore is as awesome as Kubo although the Underscore is awesome (I admit, I don’t like all the nicknames he gave to ichigo’s hollow/evil forms because they seem flaky, but I love the reviews too much to complain)

    Anyway, this chapter of Decide supports my theory that Kubo reads this because although we all assumed this was the end of Decide and ergo Underscore wouldn’t write another one, but LOOK HERE! Decide XXX is out!!! So now I have to deal with The Underscore MAsk for a while (Which means Decide wil never end) although I do enjoy his sarcasm, I never here anything about Keigo vs Aizen from The UM. Becuase in the next five chapters, Keigo and Ichigo will fuse into an Omega Vizard, Zangetsu, humanm Hybrid!! Okay, maybe not…

    Everything about this chapter was righteous, Ichigo put Aizen’s ego in it’s place. Aizen’s such a smug sh!!tface, and apparently we’ve all seen Ichigo’s TRUE POWER: He can shut Aizen UP!!! That’s all I needed to see. Gin should just die already (I dont care fangirls and boys, Gin has had his glory, its time for Ichigo to end this game) And they really need to explain to us what’s going on with Ichigo AND Aizen right now because Aizen’s new forms are still lost to me. I MEAN WTF THIS BASTARDS TRANSFORMED ALMOST AS MUCH AS ICHIGO’S TRANSFORMED OVER THE COURSE OF THE SERIES!!!! ITS AS IF AIZEN WANTS TO BE LIKE ICHIGO!!! FOR EVERY TRANSFORMATION ICHIGO’S DONE OVER THE COURSE OF THE SERIES, THIS BUTTERFAIZEN’S COVERED THEM ALL IN LIKE A DAMN HOUR OR TWO!!!!

    Sigh…sorry about the caps lock.

    I mean..I love to learn about how the powers and forms of Bleach characters work just as much as I love reading the manga (its part of the reason I enjoy reading these reviews) so the whole “Transforming every two seconds without fleshing out the reasons) thing is gay.

    NOW:: Here is a topic that I’d like to find out about: With this new badass form of Ichigo, does this mean that he cannot activate his hollow powers in this form? I ask because….

    First off, Ichigo’s hollow powers were shunned from him once again after Ulquiorra killed him, thus forcing Ichigo to allow his evil side, inner hollow, whatever you call it, to take over. I assume that his powers were “shunned” (Which doesnt have to mean that he COULDNT USE THEM after fighting Ulquiorra) because his control over the mask was decreased. And I assume his control over the mask decreased because the mask [or say, his hollow powers] had also evolved in power which would mean that he needed to train to overcome inner evil ichigo again. Which brings me to my second reason for all this.

    Ichigo had to perform Jinzen in order to face his zanpaktou in Bankai and truly acquire the final GT. Once inside his mind, he had to face the fusion of Tensa Zangetsu AND his dark side (Which was obviously stronger now than ever since Ichigo’s last dark transformation) in order to be stronger. As we waited to see Ichigo’s new form, I assumed that his new form would be based upon his Shinigami powers since his goal was to learn the final GT and not to gain control over his hollow powers. But with the appearance of his dark side that could only mean two things: Ichigo had to not only defeat Tensa Zangetsu to master the final GT, BUT he had to defeat his dark side to regain full control over the mask. With all that being said, his new form looks like it’s centered around Zangetsu and not his dark side.

    So….what does this say about his hollow powers? Can he use them in this form? And if he can, will it be the same mask or….Will he have a new mask/hollow form all together?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  5. AND WTF!??????? What ever happened to Byakuya, Kenpachi, Sado, Rukia, EVERYBODY IN HUECO MUNDO!?!?!?! Yammy can’t possibly be that powerful, sh!!T!!!!! ken and byakuyaboy better man up and team up to kill that prick because all this waiting is retarded.

  6. @wilborn:
    Be sure to reply to The Underscore’s review once I~~err he’s back once the Deicide chapters end ;).
    My personal theory is that Aizen is the one bitchslapping m~~ The Underscore, using Kubo as his medium. Let’s face it, Aizen already manipulated practically everything that happened in Bleach, and as far as we know he is capable of influencing everything :|. Or Kubo is just plain messing with me, because he can :).
    As for m~~ The Underscore’s naming sense for Ichigo’s different nicknames… Let’s face it, in spite of the fact that you can interpret his own nickname in two ways, of which one fits nicely with the reviews he writes, he named himself after an ” _ “, so what would you expect? 😉 In that sense, Kubo and I~~ The Underscore may be similar. Where The Underscore can’t pick or be bothered with choosing a decent nickname, Kubo does the same with the chapter titles :p.
    I have to say, I like the idea of Ichigo and Keigo fusing, though I doubt it would happen as Ichigo would be lost in Keigo’s awesomeness. Besides, if Aizen has trouble with Ichigo now, go figure what would happen once Keigo joins in as well.
    But saying Aizen is mimicking Ichigo and his transformations might not even be that far off, to be honest. Let’s face it, somehow Aizen waited this long before he started with all his transformations and he did imply that Ichigo’s development is an important part of it.
    As for Aizen undergoing as many transformations as Ichigo, he did see his cocoon stage as just an intermediate phase. But I agree, he’s transforming a lot and fast.
    Whether the subjugation of Tensa Zangetsu and Shirosaki -The Underscore did not give this nickname , mind you ;)- affects Ichigo’s hollowfication will probably be shown in a chapter or three. My guess is that he will be able to use his Hollow powers in this new form, be it differently from before.
    As for the situation in Hueco Mundo. As it is right now, I don’t really care anymore when it will take place, as long as it does take place. If Kubo was to switch to Hueco Mundo now, it would be a bit bothersome, even if it would make sense. But it would be interesting to see what Yammy would do once the fight between Ichigo and Aizen is over, so either way can work out.

  7. Hello Underscore ! –Masked of course. I really like your review much better that the unmasked Underscore’s ones. He does not have that “air of professionalism” that your reviews have. And you seem to be tons smarter than him. No need to mention that this mask of yours make you much cooler. Adding to that he is a nerd having recently take his Masters, I bet he never had a girlfriend before. You are much better overall in both coolness and reviewing. But not mention that to him. He’ll not reply to my comments anymore if he learns about that. :p

    It’s a bit late to comment since it’s already Monday but I’ll do it anyway. First of all I did like your humor about how you handled the fact that “Deicide 18 The End” wasn’t the “End” after all. Underscore Masked rules. I hope he wi– I mean you’ll do again a review even when the Deicide chapters are over.

    In any case, seeing that most of the others have already pointed out what I wanted to say I’ll just make a question to you. A question that probably will define the course of Bleach. Do you thing that despite the facepalm, Ichigo’s reiatsu disappearance etc, things are going according to Aizen’s plan ? Is Ichigo heading into a trap ?

    It’s safe to assume that Aizen was absolutely surprised when Ichigo dragged him violently out of the city. He was surprised by the brute strength of Ichigo mainly because he didn’t expected Ichigo to be not necessarily “that strong” but merely to be “any stronger at all”. Don’t forget that moments earlier he had deduced that Ichigo had failed to evolve. And he added, according to MS translation, that he was disheartened by this.

    On the other hand, it’s safe to assume that Aizen waited for Ichigo to arrive there and to be stronger. So, do you believe that Ichigo current level of power is still within Aizen’s expectations ? Are we going to have another “Just as Planned” soon ? What’s your opinion/impression ?

    PS : A reply to wilborn : It’s obvious that with the Deicide chapters still running it is doubtful that we’ll return to HM any time soon. The focus is on Karakura Town atm and it will remain there until the end of the arc. BUT there’s a high probability that a character from HM may move to Karakura Town and interrupt or affect the battle there. Hueco Mundo is still a loose ends and Kubo must deal with it somehow. And since after his final transformation I don’t see Yammy as complete fodder anymore and the mere fact that Kubo is not going to show the STRONGEST espada’s death off-screen, I tend to believe that we’ll soon see Yammy visiting Karakura Town and that is definitely no good for the “good guys”.

  8. On the Island of Reviewers, I was born
    100 Pages, 100 Lines
    Lu lu la la lu~
    On a mouse’s eyeball REVIEW
    On your heart REVIEW!
    The man who came from the Island of Reviewers
    Lu lu lu, lu lu la la
    You better read
    Review, review, review…

    Compliments towards me, The Underscore Mask, are always appreciated. The Underscore obviously lacks something, which I have -the awesome mask and of course the awesome intro song :p. But don’t worry, I will keep your comments on how big of a loser The Underscore is as good a secret as my own identity is a secret to you all ;). But whether I will return after the Deicide chapters or not is something that depends on The Underscore himself. If I~~ he’s dumb enough to say he won’t review something anymore while he was fully capable to do so, I might step in once more.
    Something tells me things did go according to Aizen’s plans on some level, though it worked out differently from what he predicted. He already admitted that he never saw Neo-Ichigo/Ichigonator coming, so the fusion between Tensa Zangetsu and Shirosaki should be completely unexpected as well. The question is how far off course the current form of Ichigo is from the intended evolution Aizen had planned. I’d say Aizen’s trap is still active, but the prey is different from what he intended, it being more powerful (even if only a bit).

  9. I can see what Kuroi is saying, but check this out guys: THE NEXT CHAPTER SHOWS THAT ICHIGO HAS THE UPPER HAND!!! AIZEN DOESNT KNOW WHATS GOING ON AT ALL

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