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What happened last week on the review adventures of The Underscore Mask

This week on the review adventures of The Underscore Mask

Bleach chapter 418, Deicide 20, after being rated by 63 voters gets an average score of:



Last week’s poll gave you the option to choose multiple of 11 options (in case you didn’t notice ). What I, The Underscore Mask, wanted to know, was what was on your minds after reading the chapter and the review.

For one thing, we have to hand it to Kubo that last week’s chapter truly was awesome. It actually caused all of the voters to have something on their mind, so no one had to choose the “Not much” option. This is an astounding feature indeed.
Then, one voter indicated that he couldn’t take a joke. For those of you who somehow forgot or didn’t catch the joke, it’s this one. To this one person who couldn’t take the joke… I’m just not that funny…
Two voters couldn’t imagine that Isshin could look more like a bearded daruma than he did in last week’s chapter. This just shows that we can’t underestimate the Kurosaki family now, can we?
Four voters just couldn’t believe last week’s chapter could be as bad as it was. Not sure what they didn’t like about it, but perhaps they thought it lacked some content or something, I don’t know.
Five voters were wondering about what is most likely the most important question one should have asked oneself after last week’s chapter and review (not even close): If The Underscore Mask wrote last week’s review, where’s The Underscore? . Here’s the answer to The Underscore’s whereabouts as well as the most probable response of most readers.

Six voters wondered about something that comes closest to the previous question: Does this mean that Keigo vs. Aizen won’t happen? Worry not Keigo fans, if Ichigo happens to fail, I’m sure Keigo will clean up his mess .
Ten voters were more intrigued by a different question. Last week, Gin somehow lived after the chapter before that. But with last week’s ominous words, we can only wonder whether he’ll resurrect once more or whether he has now officially died dead (not to be confused with normal dying).
Then we have a tie. First, there’s 11 voters who were having the time of their lives looking at the look on Aizen’s face during last week’s chapter. Good times, good times.
11 votes, perhaps some by the same voters as the previous option, then went out to one of the greatest mysteries surrounding Bleach: Kubo’s chapter titles. They asked themselves, much like I The Underscore did why Kubo didn’t stop naming the chapters Deicide, when it clearly said “The End” in chapter 416. A true enigma wrapped in a mystery indeed.
Thirteen voters indicated that they just couldn’t get the awesomeness of last week’s chapter off their mind. My guess is that this week’s chapter should be able to cure that .
Twenty voters needed the same cure as the previous thirteen voters as they NEEDED this week’s chapter right then. Sure, it’s a week later, but it was once more worth the wait.
But the real star last week was none other than Ichigo, as he was stuck on the mind of the majority of the voters, a full 26 voters that is.

Prepare for the ranting

Bow down to the great strawberry, ButterflAizen.

Ichigo promised us he would finish the fight with Aizen in an instant last week. While this was enough to impress most of us, Aizen doesn’t really care at all. In his egomania, he doesn’t really care about anything that is said to him unless it’s about him. Ichigo saying he’ll finish him in an instant is just something that doesn’t compute in Aizen’s brain, so he is more interested in how Ichigo managed to bring him on to one knee. Aizen didn’t sense any Reiatsu from Ichigo, so it should have been impossible for him to even touch Aizen. But Ichigo didn’t just touch Aizen, he tossed him around as if he were nothing himself. But Aizen understands it all now. Aizen deduces that Ichigo didn’t lose his Reiatsu by some freak accident during the training, but that he got rid of it by his own volition. Though Aizen doesn’t know exactly how Ichigo did it, he (thinks he) knows why he did it. Aizen claims that Ichigo used up all his Reiatsu to increase all the parameters of his spiritual body to their best. Whereas most Shinigami use their Reiatsu in order to use different techniques for short instances (e.g. Kidou, Shunpou, Hierro, Zanjutsu), Ichigo has permanently increased his own abilities (strength and speed) by sacrificing all of his Reiatsu. Apparently, it’s something not anyone can do as not even the great Aizen isn’t capable of comprehending this process. One would think Aizen would have at least considered this process for one of his experiments and for him to have attempted this. But apparently he didn’t. Instead, he focused on what can surpass physical limitations and separates all beings from each other: Reiatsu. As Aizen has surpassed everyone in terms of Reiatsu, he believes that Ichigo wouldn’t be able to catch up to him and thus had to resort to pure physical strength as he wouldn’t stand a chance in the area of Reiatsu. But Aizen isn’t one to give up from being pushed to the ground once as he tells Ichigo that there is no hope for victory, even if he is to rely on just physical strength.

Preparing for liftoff

Yes Ichigo, Aizen did have wings ever since you came out of the Dangai. Pay attention.

Aizen then shows us exactly why Kubo gave him the butterfly wings as he prepares to show Ichigo the true terror of his power. The sight of Aizen standing there with his wings spread like that, he actually does look more like a celestial being than he did before. While Ichigo is still processing Aizen’s rant on what Ichigo did, he asks the simple question: what? At first glance, it seems as if Ichigo is reacting to the way Aizen is preparing to attack Ichigo. But most likely, Ichigo is reacting to the content of Aizen’s rant, where Aizen explained everything Ichigo did and what his motives were. Something tells me Ichigo doesn’t agree with what Aizen said. Aizen is then ready to charge at Ichigo with his full strength in order to show him exactly what he’s made of. The first thing he does, is use the same technique he used right after Gin killed him. He splits himself into eight parts, which part themselves into smaller particles, in order to rebuilt himself right next to the opponent. This way Aizen’s trajectory can’t be determined nor can he be stopped by someone getting in his way. There is one obvious weakness to this technique, one that is just as white as Aizen is right now, but Aizen doesn’t have to worry about that at this moment. Aizen then appears right behind Ichigo, who noticed this instant transportation in time to block it with Tensa Zangetsu.


ButterflAizen’s are bad for the environment… or are they?

‘The single swing of Aizen’s blade is enough to cut a distant rock in two. Ichigo was lucky to dodge that attack as it could have been his body to be cut up like that instead of the earth around him. Ichigo must be surprised at what happened there as Aizen’s current power is great enough to cause something like that.’ So says Aizen. Without any energy blasts flying around, it would seem that the mere pressure of a single blade was enough to scar the soil of Soul Society. The most interesting part is that not even Aizen expected he would be capable of doing such a thing. Apparently, Aizen expected him to become far greater than before, which is obvious as he wouldn’t have done all of this if it were to fail, but not even Aizen expected to become so powerful that he could destroy everything around him with such ease. Being a researcher at heart, he thanks Ichigo for presenting him with a perfect opportunity to test how much greater Aizen has become than he calculated. Being an entity that surpasses both Hollow and Shinigami, it is hard for him to find a worthy opponent and Ichigo surviving this initial attack is enough for Aizen to feel the ecstasy of him finally using that which he wanted to obtain for decades, if not centuries. The usually collected Aizen can’t help but laugh at the thought of using his power as he charges towards Ichigo. But Ichigo doesn’t look worried about the fact that Aizen just cut a giant rock in two. In fact, he looks just as unimpressed as he was when Aizen read through his motives and the true source of his newfound power. Ichigo then blocks Aizen’s attack with Tensa Zangetsu again, which is once more ensued by a grand blasts through Soul Society.

The key to evolution

At least Aizen’s not oblivious to everything

As the blast settles, Aizen can’t help but be amused at the sight before him. His Kyouka Suigetsu and Ichigo’s Tensa Zangetsu clashed instead of Kyouka Suigetsu cutting through Ichigo. Seeing how this happened, Aizen then discovers a similarity between him and Ichigo, who are otherwise completely different. Where Aizen’s Kyouka Suigetsu is attached to his right hand through the material that covered his body during his evolution, Ichigo’s Tensa Zangetsu attached itself to Ichigo’s right hand by adding a new piece of equipment to the Bankai. Where The Underscore overlooked this similarity two weeks ago, I The Underscore Mask obviously didn’t as I have a mask and he doesn’t… . I, The Underscore Mask was obviously just waiting for Aizen to point out this similarity, obviously….obviously…really!…
It would seem that there is something to this theory of Aizen’s. Then again, Aizen is only stating something that was known from the time that the first Shinigami obtained his/her Shikai. During the first couple of arcs of Bleach, we already learnt that a Shinigami becomes more powerful once he learns more about his Zanpakutou. The more they exchange with each other, the more they unite, the more power they obtain. In that sense, the physical unison of the Shinigami and the Zanpakutou is only a more unorthodox, but natural step towards a greater power. This was already hinted at with the Resurrecciónes of the various Arrancar, who unleashed their true form from their Zanpakutou. It seems that Kubo has decided to once more show the importance of Zanpakutous in the obtaining of power. Here we have two beings who have both surpassed conventional Shinigami and Hollow limits, each in his own way, but both sharing one similarity. Where Aizen emphasized on the increase of his Reiatsu capabilities/the presence of his Reiatsu in order to strengthen himself, Ichigo opted to use that Reiatsu to strengthen his physical capabilities, the other side of the spectrum. But for both of them, it was necessary to agglutinate with their Zanpakutous to obtain this new level of evolution.
This leads Aizen to believe that the unison of spiritual beings and Zanpakutou is the true path to evolution every one of those beings should take as he feels this is the true form a Zanpakutou should take. Something tells me, this will be important soon, but we’ll have to wait and see about that. In any case, Aizen has now discovered what made him and Ichigo so great, but the different evolutionary paths they took made it that they each reached a different dimension of strength. Going with Aizen’s egomania, he believes, of course, that his dimension far surpasses Ichigo’s. In fact, he is so great, that he is capable of breaking Ichigo’s Zanpakutou with a single blow, which he tries to prove immediately after this.


Why do you think there are so many sayings about being careful what you do to others, Aizen?

You reap what you sow. What goes around comes around. I’m sure every language in the world has an expression or three to describe the situation that we see here. Aizen strikes at Ichigo with the intent to cut Tensa Zangetsu in half, but instead of raising his blade, Ichigo raises his left hand. While swinging his blade, Aizen can’t help but be stunned by this irrational move made by Ichigo. What kind of a moron would put his hand in the trajectory of an object that can split mountains in two? Apparently, we’ve found one. Then again, is he really that big of a moron? As the blade comes to a complete halt in Ichigo’s hand, not even the pressure of the swing touches Ichigo even though it creates a small canyon behind him. Aizen can’t even grasp how this is happening, someone stopping his blade. Even the thought of Ichigo just evading the attack is something Aizen only considered as a one in a million possibility, but even that is something that would be unreasonable in itself. But for someone, anyone, to STOP his blade… ridiculous, just plain ridiculous. All I can say is… Lovely, just plain lovely. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was especially pleased after seeing this. Luckily, Ichigo isn’t done with messing with Aizen just yet. He then uses more from Aizen’s repertoire, only better as he asks Aizen why he is so surprised that his attack failed like that. Whereas Aizen usually has his arrogant smile when asking his opponents about their failures, Ichigo doesn’t even bother going that far. Instead, he asks why it is impossible for him to stop Aizen’s strike. More importantly, whether Aizen is scared of something happening that he doesn’t understand. How I missed Ichigo being this badass . Of course, Aizen does have an explanation for Ichigo surpassing him for that instant, as he has done the same to him countless times. Ichigo obviously just increased his physical strength for a moment in order to block the attack. Which is funny, as he just said Ichigo didn’t have the Reiatsu to pull something like that off anymore as he threw the requirement for such a feat away, but who is paying attention to something trivial like that?… We are, obviously .


Remember how awesome this attack was before?

With Ichigo being capable of surpassing Aizen in terms of physical strength, as we’ve just seen, he has to resort to the other side of the spectrum: Reiatsu. What better way is there to use Reiatsu on a being without Reiatsu than a level 90 hadou? Aizen starts his chanting for the spell, which is intriguing in itself.

The crest of turbidity, seeping out. An insolent vessel of madness. Boiling up, denying, numbness, blinking, obstructing slumber. The steel princess who creeps. The mud doll, ever disintegrating. Unite! Oppose! Filling the earth, know your own impotence!! Hadou #90 [Kurohitsugi] (Black Coffin)

Take a good look at the parts I’ve underscored -bad pun intended. I’d say Aizen fits the bill on those parts, wouldn’t you?
The same Kurohitsugi that almost killed Komamura when it was executed badly by the old Aizen, is now executed perfectly by a being that is not even close to the old Aizen in terms of Reiatsu. Where Komamura was a being who had captain-level Reiatsu to counter the spell, this perfect spell is used against a creature without an ounce of Reiatsu showing. Ichigo’s death seems imminent at this point in time judging by the severity of this situation. Though this doesn’t show on Ichigo’s face as he is surrounded by a darkness that can tear him into molecules. Moments after Aizen’s final words to Ichigo, something shatters. But it isn’t what was supposed to shatter as the black coffin suddenly breaks after Ichigo hits it with his bare hand. Though Aizen’s hadou failed horrendously, he did manage to surpass someone in the last two pages of the chapter: Gin. How, you ask? Remember the look on Gin’s face when Don Kanonji made his entrance? Compare that look, to this one:

There’s little I can add to this. I almost fell off my chair laughing at this sight .

Bitch slash

The classic: ‘Karma’s a bitch’. In this case, the bitch is a strawberry that bitch slashes you.

Remember how proud Aizen was just a couple of minutes ago, when he surpassed his own calculations by cutting a mountain in two with a single cut? Ichigo reveals that it wasn’t Aizen who did that. So… with only Aizen and Ichigo being around, that obviously leaves Ichigo as the only culprit. Aizen failed to notice that he had nothing to do with the mountain disappearing, nor that Ichigo is far more powerful than Aizen is right now. The once so formidable observer failed to see the truth in the end. Blinded by the thought of having obtained the power he sought out for ages and the chance to try them out, he failed to notice the obvious signs throughout this chapter that Ichigo was already superior to him in almost every way. He was so caught up in the thought of Reiatsu being equal to strength and it having to be present for there to be true strength, he forgot that Ichigo couldn’t have thrown his Reiatsu aside. The single Zanpakutou technique that Ichigo had: Getsuga Tenshou, was nothing more than the gathering of Reiatsu in a single blast. So how could he possibly have lost that Reiatsu, even if he were to focus it inside his spiritual body? I’ll make your head spin about this soon enough, don’t worry.
After Ichigo puts Aizen in his place, telling him how weak he actually is, he then mimics Aizen one final time as he mercilessly cuts down Aizen in the same way he did Gin. Justice!
What’s almost more interesting than Aizen getting his just deserts, is the ease with which Ichigo cut down Aizen. Perhaps he expects Aizen to be fine after this, but Ichigo always had trouble cutting his opponents this mercilessly. The look on Ichigo’s face shows as little signs of regret as he did when he started out fighting Hollows, before he knew that Hollows were once people too. Does this mean Ichigo finally embraced his instincts, or that he has recognized Aizen as a being just as foul as a Hollow was for him when he started out? Time will tell as we have to wait another full week before we learn more.

Let me pull out a classic I The Underscore used a long looong time ago to describe the impression of this chapter:

Ichigo was just plain awesome. The way he behaved, the things he did, just awesome. Reading the chapter is enough to know this. Aizen, however, was somewhat disappointing to be honest. Most of us saw this coming and knew it was bound to happen: Aizen snapped. He completely let go of his calm and collected self and forgot to look before leaping due to his own egomania. While this was exactly what I had been hoping for, for ages, a part of me was hoping for something more subtle than this. While this is something that bothers me a bit, the overall consensus is still:

… on my part at least. Aizen still has the chance to redeem himself as he is bound to come back soon enough. Aizen already said it himself during this arc, he needs fear in order to evolve. If I were him, I’d be scared sh~~uper, even though I’m the great Underscore Mask who is far better than that idiot Underscore. Of course, I myself have the limitation of not having a cape, which makes all the difference. Awesome chapter indeed and I have said everything I needed to say. Let’s get to the last two sections then, shall we?

Ichigo set out to obtain the Final Getsuga Tenshou. The Getsuga Tenshou, is a technique that focuses Ichigo’s Reiatsu into a concentrated blast. As such, the Final Getsuga Tenshou can only be a technique that does the same on a completely different level. But now we see Ichigo, without a shred of Reiatsu standing in front of Aizen and completely surpassing him in spite of this. Does this mean that this is the Final Getsuga Tenshou?

Aizen will be completely thrown off by Ichigo telling him this. He will go crazy a bit as he demands to know what Ichigo did to surpass him. Ichigo will then explain just enough to annoy Aizen, without revealing everything. We might then catch a flashback on what Ichigo did during his training before Aizen decides to show his full strength using his Bankai. The Bankai will prove futile and Aizen will then decide this is the time for him to devour Ichigo. But Ichigo will prove to be too much of a fastfood, which leaves Aizen with only one final option: devouring Yammy….

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again Deicide chapter if there is one! If not, you’ll have to settle with The Underscore!

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  1. awesome…

  2. right?… You’re talking about the chapter, aren’t you?

  3. Hello Underscore Mask. I am very happy you continue those reviews. I am praying the Deicide chapters will go up to 50-60 or even better Kubo will rename his manga to “Deicide” for a permanent dose of your reviews every week. :p

    Anyways, let’s get back to our latest good looking Bleach which this week I would describe it as an interesting turn of events. The main event of course was Ichigo’s immense and ultimate power up which I agree with Aizen describing it as “ridiculous”. Is almost like Aizen was addressing to Kubo. No matter how much potential Ichigo has I find hard to believe that our hero from being single handily wiped out by a shinigami Aizen is now capable of single handily wipe out a “Perfect” Hybrid Aizen after only 3 months. I guess it wasn’t the duration of the training but the nature of it. I guess we will found after this battle is over. I am literally killing to see what happened in Ichigo’s inner world.

    But let’s get back to the fight in which I must admit I am a bit disappointed. I was expecting an even battle, maybe Aizen having slightly the advantage due to Hougyoku but definitely not this. Aizen getting his ass whooped so easily is completely and utterly ANTI-CLIMATIC. It’s like Kubo wants to completely destroy Aizen, the most important person of the series by far and one of the best shonen Villains (imo). I mean it’s so ridiculous that I wonder if this also one of Aizen’s plans (I doubt since we heard his inner monologue but thinking of that now, the previous time we did that it was fake since Aizen pwned the captains in the end. KS affect reader’s minds.) Maybe being killed is also part of his plan. After the Deicide Chapters we may have a Resurrection one(Oh, Jesus Christ – literally). Being Killed only to reconstruct himself without the boundaries of shinigami/hollow souls is something Aizen would do.

    Anyways, the battle design was perfect. We had sword fighting and finally we have seen a fully-powered kurohitsugi with a very interesting chant I’d say. I love your points there, I had exactly the same thoughts when I read the chant for a second time.

    In any case I am eagerly waiting for the next one. Especially cause I want to see Aizen’s reaction, now that Ichigo proved that indeed he is stronger. We may see a bankai soon, who knows ?

    My question to you is : Do you also find Ichigo’s powerup a bit extravagant ? Breaking a #90 kido with his bare hand and adding to this with a uber Aizen-ish calm expression in his face was too much. I mean he literally rendered Kido spells useless.

  4. Underscore, i mean… Underscore mask, it warms my heart somehow to see you are also a big fan of One Piece. this chapter was so ridiculously awesome. to any one complaining about how ichigo’s power does not make sense, id like to remind you all that it was aizen who de(i)cided to throw away reason first. ichigo’s ability to grow has always been his greatest strength, and he had 3 months to train. personally i think there is a huge cost to this power boost, but right now im just enjoying watching aizen get aizened XD. a theory i have heard, is that the reason tensa zangetsu did not want to teach ichigo the FGT, is because using it will cause ichigo to die/loose all his powers. that would explain why ichigo is so serious right now, because he already knows what will happen to him. anyway, nice review Underscore… Mask! i espically liked that “bitch slash” part. Underscore never came up with jokes these good, good thing we’ve got you now right? XP anyway, lets hope now we get to see aizens bankai!

  5. @takashid – That’s not a valid argument.
    You can’t really compare Ichigo’s and Aizen’s power ups. The first one came through training for 3 months. Aizen used another way to power up by fusing with Hougyoku so it is justifiable why Aizen gained so much power through it in a matter of minutes(+he already was powerful before Hougyoku). But Ichigo ? Through training he reached above Aizen’s point of power in a mere 3 months ? He surpassed the centuries of Aizen’s (and everyone’s else’s) training in 3 months ? WTF ?

    Besides, from a story point of view it is not usual for the hero to be so powerful 1 arc before the end. For main villains it is though. You may not like Aizen but seeing him being pwned so easily shouldn’t make sense to you. Most of the readers are so happy that Aizen is getting his ass whooped and they ignore the fact that this is a completely anticlimatic battle. And it was supposed to be the hardest battle Ichigo gave. LOL he nonchalantly nullified a #90 kido dammit. No drama at all.

    Still, I believe that Aizen will make his comeback.

  6. kuroi: well i didnt meant to start a debate, but okay. first of all, i want to thank you for mentioning the different ways ichigo and aizen have gained their power, because thats one of my points; ichigo has gotten where he is with real, hard work. aizen has just relied on the hogyokyu for everything. aizen has no idea how strong he is, or what his limits are, he confirmed that himself this chapter. ichigo on the other hand has always forged his own path with hard work, he knows his limits. aizen cant do that, so he took a shortcut with the hogyuku and…

    as for the part that everyone keeps mentioning about “it makes no sense that ichigo can just flush aizens centuries of planning/training this easily” id like to remind you that ichigo alone did not do this. this whole thing has been aizen and his army vs Gotei 13, vizards, ichigo’ group, and urahara’s group. this is not ichigo singlehandly beating down aizens plans, this is ichigo, supported by everyone, lifted to the level where he can beat aizen. ichigo couldn’t have done half the stuff he has done, without the help he has gotten. aizen on the other hand, ditched his army, killed both his two captain subordinates and is now all alone. thats what he has done with his “centuries of planning and training”.

    lastly, id like to point out that ichigo said “Im stronger then you RIGHT NOW” in support of what i mentioned earlier about the FGT either killing or draining ichigo’s powers, id say its highly likely ichigo is using a one time deal here. that makes it less unbelievable. id like to finish by saying that we cannot call this unbelivable until we see either a flashback to ichigo’s training or someone mentions how it went. i think its very obvious that ichigo did more then just master FGT for the whole three months. he probably trained for another power up after that that we don’t know about. but this is all speculation, we cant say for sure till we see ichigo’s training.

    its interesting though to see how the fandom is so divided right now. on one side everyone who loves aizen(for some… reason, despite him repededly proving that he is the biggest dick in this show) are crying “bullshit” “plotkai” while the other side is loving this. i mean seriously, i got tired of seeing aizen always, always, win back in fake karakura. its about time he actually struggled. maybe now he will do something interesting like show us WHY he wants to become god, or use his bankai. he’s always been a boring villain(to me) because he has practically no character, he a cliche villian. and really kuroi, the battle has JUST started! hold down the crys of bullshit till it seems like aizen will actually lose. he hasnt even pulled out a bankai yet, and now that he knows ichigo is actually a threat, he will probably start taking this battle seriously next chapter.

    P.S ichigo did not “nonchalantly nullifie” that kido, he falcon punched it! 😛

  7. On the Island of Reviewers, I was born
    100 Pages, 100 Lines
    Lu lu la la lu~
    On a mouse’s eyeball REVIEW
    On your heart REVIEW!
    The man who came from the Island of Reviewers
    Lu lu lu, lu lu la la
    You better read
    Review, review, review…
    While it would be awesome to have me week after week, you should be careful with having too much of a good thing. That’s why you should settle with the infinitely inferior Underscore at times as well -the mask makes all the difference.
    You wouldn’t believe how many people have been complaining about this sudden power difference with Aizen and Ichigo. I have given an explanation on how this has worked out in my opinion here:

    “Yes, Ichigo’s power up seems to be too much, but if it didn’t there wouldn’t be a point to him finally subjugating his powers. This form of Ichigo is most likely at the pinnacle of his evolutionary possibilities. The only thing he might be able to do now is use a Hollowfication, but this form should be the basis for that. Achieving this form in three months time may be a bit over the top, but Ichigo has done this before. Besides which, for all we know time went even slower in Ichigo’s inner world as his entering his inner world during his fight with Kenpachi actually stopped time for a while.
    Aizen, however, already met a limit, which he broke using the Hougyoku. He kept repeating this process during this arc as he kept meeting up with other limits. The cocoon stage Aizen was just a transitional stage, mind you. The power he displayed during that stage was the same power he would hold after he would exit, but just before he obtained the wings. The Hougyoku just took its sweet time to calibrate Aizen’s spiritual body. After he was shattered by Gin’s Bankai, he was rebuilt faster than before due to it being more urgent than before. Even then, his power probably didn’t increase that much compared to the pre-wing stage. If I had to put it into numbers, I’d say Aizen’s stages went as follows:

    * Shinigami Aizen = 100% (Genryuusai level power, only attack power is lower)
    * Cocoon Aizen = 101~~250% (Aizen is rebuilding himself so he can handle his newfound power)
    * Post-Cocoon Aizen = 250% (Aizen’s overall power is already beyond that of Shinigami and Hollows, when using techniques he can surpass these limits as well)
    * ButterflAizen = 300% (Aizen died once only to fortify himself and obtaining the wings, his base power is still greater than any average Shinigami or Hollow we know. He can again surpass his limits by using techniques (e.g. splitting in eight to move at high speed, speed = 500%))

    I know, rather crude and baseless numbers, but they are just to illustrate how it went with Aizen. In comparison to Aizen, Ichigo’s reiatsu never met its limits. The only limitations Ichigo found were his spiritual body (when he fought his first Menos Grande) and the limitations brought by the Shikai and Bankai state for his Shinigami powers. For his Hollow powers, the limitations were all brought on by his fear of its powers. He openly admitted to Hiyori things would go bad if he used all of his powers and Yoruichi already pointed out that his Bankai doesn’t really improve his Reiatsu all that much. But now that he has conquered both his sides in the form of Arrancar Zangetsu, he has finally mastered all those powers. Ichigo, unlike Aizen, wasn’t constricted by the concept of Reiatsu limitations, so he plain went for the power he had from the moment he started out as a Shinigami, the power to protect everything he wanted to. The Hougyoku granted that wish, making Ichigo’s potential near limitless. In comparison to Aizen’s power, which is at a constant 300% of his initial stage, Ichigo’s power could be at a constant 500% compared to Aizen’s initial stage. Aizen needs techniques to reach that 500%, while Ichigo is constantly at that level due to Tensa Zangetsu’s current form. But this is all pure speculation, mind you.”

    So to answer your question on whether I find Ichigo’s power-up to be extravagant: no :). I’m glad Ichigo at his best surpasses this Aizen as an equal fight at this time would mean that Aizen was already too powerful and would only become greater as his plan would’ve worked out perfectly (probably).

    My awesomeness knows no ends (all thanks to the mask, of course :p), so it makes sense for you to want more :). But remember, too much of a good thing is never a good thing ;).
    The whole losing reiatsu because of the Final Getsuga Tenshou is something I’ve heard as well. But I’d say the Final Getsuga Tenshou in itself is something Aizen is waiting for, as it should be a compressed blast of Reiatsu, which the Hougyoku is capable of absorbing. So somehow I’d say that the Final Getsuga Tenshou only uses Reiatsu that is compounded into the chain around Ichigo’s arm -which could explain why it’s so long now- and that that is the energy that is fired off/used at this time to fight. Once it’s fired, the chains should be able to rebuilt themselves as Ichigo pours in the energy.
    But yes, One Piece rules and this chapter was great ;).

    Personally, I love the idea of Ichigo owning at this time, as I believe Aizen will surpass him soon enough. I just want to enjoy this rare moment of Ichigo owning his opponent (especially Aizen) as long as it lasts as it will soon come to pass one way or another.

    You make some valid points when it comes to the paths Aizen and Ichigo took to their new evolutionary state. The results of this are shown in the way Aizen focused on Reiatsu whereas Ichigo focused on physical ability (as far as we know). The only thing I disagree with is that Aizen is a cliche villain. He only turned cliche in this week’s chapter, probably for this chapter only. Other than this week, he was different from most villains as he actually thought everything through, calculated everything thoroughly, and (most importantly) didn’t blabber significant parts of his plans unless they were key to progressing his plans. Most villains would have already told us exactly what and how they would want to do it, before it took place, only leaving out some details but still giving the protagonists countless of chances to prevent them. Yes, this made him obnoxiously annoying at times, but at least we could love to hate him. Because we could hate him this much, it made this chapter so much sweeter :D.
    The division in the fandom is interesting, though. But if we didn’t get the opportunity to make the story our own and interpret it for ourselves, Bleach wouldn’t be this much fun now, would it? 😉

    And it certainly was a Falcon Punch :D.

  8. Underscore Mask: you are having far too much fun with this arent you? well, as long as we all remember where reviewer island is 🙂 lol anyway, what i meant when i said aizen was a cliche villain, was that after 418 chapters, all we know about him is that he is incredibly overpowered (and we have never seen a single hint of how he became so ridiculously strong) and that he wants to become God/rule the world. thats about as cliche as it gets. in terms of personality and goals, hes exactly the same as Madara from Naruto, Light from Death note, Eneru from One Piece, etc. He has never had any character development since being established as this stock villain, and thus is very boring. his methods might be slightly better then the above mentioned characters, but it still just comes done to constant sppeches about how great he is. Snooore…

  9. @takashid:
    I’d never have fun while I’m on the job. Why? Because I’m The Underscore Mask!

    Tudunn, Tudunn, Tudunnn~~~~
    On the Island of Reviewers, I was born
    100 Pages, 100 Lines
    Lu lu la la lu~
    On a mouse’s eyeball REVIEW
    On your heart REVIEW!
    The man who came from the Island of Reviewers
    Lu lu lu, lu lu la la
    You better read
    Review, review, review…

    Anyways, I suppose that in the character development department Aizen is rather cliche. Personality wise, I suppose he gets close to the three villains you mentioned as they all believe they know what’s best for others and as such should act as the hand of God/become a God. The rinsing and repeating of his awesomeness does tend to get a bit stale, I agree. Then again, Aizen really hasn’t had that much opportunities to develop himself as he has been constantly hiding behind his Kyouka Suigetsu and Espadas. He only started to reveal parts of himself around the time we got to the TBTP arc and these Deicide chapters. But who knows what’s going on inside that brain of his. Guess we’ll hear about that once Aizen tells us how awesome he actually is :).

    Also, the location of Reviewer Island you say?… Why it’s… in your… Heart…. 😉

  10. First off, awesome review mask. I can see where TakashiD is coming from. There was no foreshadowing that led us to believe that Aizen had any weakness(es) thus making this turn of events a bit unbelievable as with any story. I hope that made some sense. 😉 PS: I appreciate all the work both Underscores have put into these reviews. First rate work.

  11. ALLRIGHT! First off, Kudos to The Underscoremask for this hilarious intro into the review. I tried looking deep into my heart to find the island, but that’s another story. There are some things I wanna poke at:

    LOVED The Chapter! LOVED how Aizen’s rants were denied (Although we can’t ignore that this fusing of the Zanpakutous and right hands are solid observations) LOVED how Ichigo grabbed AIZENS blade (For ever since Ichigo first dared to attack Aizen and afterwards Aizen always grabbed his blade as well as others) and now the tables have turned! LOVED How Ichigo Falcon Punched the Black Coffin. And I love that Bitch Slash. When this stuff hits the animated series, I’m gonna make fun of both those scenes!!!

    Now…*Sighs* my opinion on this debate between how poor it is that Kubo would allow Ichigo to be so strong that he could override Aizen’s abilities even though Aizen has always been the most powerful bastard in this world. I had this assumption before even reading the comments, but after taking note of the comment The Underscore Mask makes about Ichigo’s reiatsu I have been able to flesh out my opinion more.

    First off

  12. The way ichigos new form works kinda makes sense. I’ve heard from many sources and perhaps even from the characters in bleach themselves that ichigos sword and fighting style are melee based in a similar fashion to Kenpachi. The only thing about ichigo is that he possessed a ridiculous amount of reiatsu which (As The Underscore Mask pointed out that I’d like to quote) “never met its limits”. Therefore, we never could determine just how power Ichigo was or could be. Now as I was saying about his melee style. I believe that to truly reach his final form or the true power of Zangetsu (Either option can be argued) he converted every ounce of reiatsu he possessed into physical strength to increase the power of his melee style. He’s pretty much at a ridiculous level of strength because…well, his reiatsu was ridiculous. My only question is what exactly IS the final Getsuga Tensho? Is it going to look like the any other Getsuga Tensho OR (DUN DUN DUN!!!!!) is this form in fact the final Getsuga Tensho?

  13. On a side note…I could have sworn that it was said somewhere that the Getsuga Tensho was actually a physical attack and not necessarily a projectile..But I’ll leave that alone. HOWEVER IF THAT WAS THE CASE then my theory that the Final Getsuga Tensho is the act of converting or throwing away all his reiatsu in order to obtain this strength would be a stronger claim.
    NOW…my opinions about what my fellow Bleach peers had to say, or at least the comments that made me think of my own opinion.

  14. Kuroi: DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE, accept that Ichigo is a badass!!! LOL!
    No but seriously, I can see where your argument comes from. Aizen has always been the strongest, most well-planned warrior…well, in a sense, before the show even began. To say that one such of him who has maxed out his limits and then gone beyond them with this Godmod device can be defeated by this kid who just trained for 3 months is ridiculous, right? Well I disagree. Takashid and The Underscore Mask pointed out something about Ichigo that’s been noted even within Bleach by two of the smartest warriors Urahara and Aizen(Which is why you should always go back and read the old ones): Ichigo’s most astounding ability is his growth rate. Where some warriors had to train for years to master something like a Shikai, Ichigo did it in a day, where it takes years to master Bankai and Flash steps, Ichigo mastered Bankai and became skilled in Flash Steps in 3 whole days. The duration of his hollow mask increased after every battle using it. Jinzen, which is the best and hardest way of being one with your Zanpakutou took Ichigo 3 months where it takes others thousands of years. These feats were done so not necessarily because he had the ability to, but because all in all he grows in order to protect his friends.
    Now…Aizen’s power and Ichigo’s power…Aizen has always been at his limits of power, which is why he is so damn strong! Ichigo is…well, he IS still a NOVICE in terms of experience and such. Ichigo has not had the years of training and experience that Aizen has had to maximize his power. Therefore, the truth might be that Ichigo was potentially always stronger than Aizen because even though Ichigo could keep up with Aizen during before he transformed, Ichigo was never at his full potential. Full REIATSU, but not FULL POTENIAL! BIG DIFFERENCE!!! Afterall, Ichigo is and was something that Aizen wasn’t: A shinigami half-breed at birth, AND a vizard later on. Aizen was only a shingami, albeit a powerful one, but Ichigo was a vizard who still hasn’t reached his limits. So…if Ichigo was in his prime much like Aizen was pre-transformation and he was going against the pre-transformation Aizen, Ichigo would probably win. The struggle is that Ichigo is just a kid and Aizen is an experienced fighter people!!! Now let’s apply this to what’s going on right now… Aizen has finally reached a power higher than Shinigami and Hollow, a butterfly (Sorry, stupid joke). And Ichigo has reached his maximum (I mean, even I would cut my left nut off if Ichigo grows even stronger than this.) Is it too much to say that Ichigo’s at full potential is stronger than Aizen at full potential+Hougyoku transformation? Nope. If the Ichigo who wasn’t at his limit could keep up (Which means injure) the Aizen at his limits, then imagine what an Ichigo at his limit could do to this new Aizen: Tah dah. This whole theory is different from Takashid’s theory, but both hold valid claims if you ask me.

  15. And of course….The main Character always wins,so yeah. :-/

  16. @broken1i:
    I guess that it ís rather strange, finding Aizen with so many flaws after such a long time of him seemingly being invincible. For Aizen to be taken in by his humongous ego to the extend of it becoming his downfall was something I did see happening sooner or later, though this may be just a bit too soon, I guess. Then again, I doubt Aizen is down for the count. But for Aizen’s ego to be considered a real weakness, after he calculated so many aspects of the story, might be too presumptuous. So in the end it only makes sense for this to be considered too unexpected.

    Of course my intro is awesome unlike anything The Underscore could possibly do…thanks to this awesome mask and completely original intro song -cough-.
    On the Island of Reviewers, I was born
    100 Pages, 100 Lines
    Lu lu la la lu~
    On a mouse’s eyeball REVIEW
    On your heart REVIEW!
    The man who came from the Island of Reviewers
    Lu lu lu, lu lu la la
    You better read
    Review, review, review…

    Ichigo’s fighting style has been melee based from the start. The Getsuga Tenshou, however, is a supplementary attack that increases his attack range and power by firing off a concentrated blast of Ichigo’s Reiatsu. The Getsuga Tenshou has only been a physical attack a couple of times during Ichigo’s fight with Ulquiorra.

    What you said on Ichigo’s development is exactly how I think about it. Ichigo always had potential which he had to reach one time or the other. If he wouldn’t be able to do that in three months time of training, where he obtained everything else in give or take 7 full days worth of training, it wouldn’t make sense.

    But you certainly went out of your way to post all of this, didn’t you? 😉 Always good to read what others think of the chapter and story developments, though posting it in 5 separate posts might be a bit overkill :p. Of course, the reply box isn’t always your friend when you try to write a lot…

  17. What can I say, I love Bleach discussions lol!

  18. LOL too many things to reply to. Well I’ll write something and I hope I’ll answer some of your questions.:p

    First of all I admit that new Ichigo is a badass and I really like him that way. He looks like more of a seinen hero than a shonen one. Silent and efficient. I hope he stays that way but I have my doubts.

    I am saying that it’s “too much” for Ichigo to be able to defeat Aizen THAT easily after having taken account of his extremely high potential and growth rate. I didn’t say that Ichigo will never be able to defeat Aizen but IMO 3 months are not enough. Please consider the GIGANTIC lap Ichigo had concerning his power level. He doesn’t fight on par with Aizen neither he is just better. He is literally owning him.

    Whom ? Aizen. The until-now supreme being of the series. The strongest shinigami ever along with Yammamoto having taken even taken additional power up using the Hougyoku, enough to destroy 3 of the strongest shinigami (Urahara+Yoruichi+Isshin) in one strike. He became a being beyond the realm of reiatsu, beyond a shinigami’s comprehension, being able to destroy Kototsu. And as if this wasn’t enough he became even more powerful after Gin’s strike. Yeah, I agree it was a huge power up in a matter of 20-30 minutes BLEACH’s real-time life but he had used Hougyoku, a non conventional way. And that’s why it is somewhat believable. It’s not like we know anything about this mysterious Orb yet. But we know that it seems to possess godlike powers, materializing the individual’s wishes. It’s like using cheats in an online game. Someone can become a

    And we have an Ichigo, whose strike was stopped by the bare hand of BASE Aizen in the chapter “The Bite” minutes before the Deicide arc begins, to now being able to stop Aizen’s blade with his bare hand and nonchalantly break out from a fully powered #90 kido. WTF ? Shinigami Captains are training entire decades for a less of power up and Ichigo managed to become stronger (“stronger” it’s an understatement LOL) than God in a matter of 3 months and not by using a non-conventional way but only training ? Three months wouldn’t suffice even if he had 10 times more potential than Aizen and Yammamoto themselves.

    And all these by simple training, without any help from the others (except from his father and that’s indirectly by buying him time).I couldn’t understand that point of your argument takashid. And underscore Mask, I don’t think that Ichigo needs/can use a hollowfication anymore. It sounds more like a downgrade than power up tbh. I really hope that a possible flashback of what happened during Ichigo’s training will explain and will be enough to justify this Gods of Gods power up Ichigo had.

    Resuming, no matter how much do like this development, it doesn’t mean that it makes sense. I also like the latest chapters, I even enjoy the fact that Aizen’s smirk was wiped from his face. But I can realize that Ichigo’s power up is “too much”. If it’s because you hate Aizen, imagine Ichigo being able to do the same things to Yammamoto who’s even weaker than Buttrflaizen. Not looking good isn’t it ?

    And I disagree that the fandom is divided. The vast majority of the fans likes the latest development. Aizen was rendered to a much hated character lately :p

  19. I also love Bleach discussions. More than “normally” I could say. :p

  20. “If it’s because you hate Aizen, imagine Ichigo being able to do the same things to Yammamoto who’s even weaker than Buttrflaizen. Not looking good isn’t it ?”

    kuroi: well… actually if ichigo did this to Yammamoto id like him even more LOL.

  21. but i agree with you on your points. no matter how much we justify or enjoy this, we can all agree that this is somewhat unbelievable. but, hopefully we will get better justification for this when we see what happened during those 3 months. it could have been more then just learning FGT and training, in fact looking at ichigo’s incredible power increase, id say it has to have been more then that. but, again, we dont know. but as long as ichigo continues being this new badass ichigo, im good with this 🙂

  22. well kuroi, you should be happy with the new chapter, the tables have been evened out a bit.

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