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NOT quite

419 Deicide 21 [Transcendent God Rock]

Bleach chapter 418, Deicide 20, after being rated by 89 voters gets an average score of:



Last week, Aizen made quite the tumble. Ichigo came, saw, and messed Aizen up good. In all his attempts to make sense of what happened to him, Aizen made some of his usual claims. But how much did he get wrong according to you guys?

One voter didn’t get ahead of him/herself by claiming to know what is right or wrong about Aizen’s claims. A wise decision as the rest of us might be a bit presumptuous in claiming to know exactly what is right and what is wrong.
Three voters still have some faith in Aizen as they believe that Aizen only had a couple of things wrong in last week’s chapter. With Aizen’s habit of being right almost all the time, it is quite possible that he only made the mistake of underestimating his opponent.
Then we have a tie between six voters who just plain don’t care, and six true believers who know for sure Aizen will be right about everything in the end. Talk about two polar opposites .
23 voters felt Aizen was wrong about most of the things he claimed last week as one or two things just made too much sense to be wrong. For example, the way his and Ichigo’s zanpakutou are attached to their arms.
But with 44 votes, the most popular option of last week’s poll is none other than Aizen being wrong about everything. Will Aizen be able to make this up to all these voters? Let’s find out!

Running for the hills

You taste that, Aizen? It tastes a bit…irony

Ichigo’s slash from last week isn’t repeated unlike what we usually see with Bleach. Then again, it was only the first blow. To make up for this loss of repeating, Kubo makes up with another Bleach classic: loads of blood. As blood spatters around aplenty, Aizen uses his split-step teleportation to rebuilt himself in a saver location. Before any of us had the time to point out how ridiculously similar this is to what we’ve seen a little while ago, Ichigo shows us that he has been paying attention. There was already a look of horror on Aizen’s face, which is only intruded by Ichigo’s words to him, speaking of the good old times where Aizen was in Ichigo’s shoes. As if reminiscing about those good old days wasn’t enough, Ichigo has the gall to ask Aizen the exact same question from that time. With the anger bubbling underneath Aizen’s skin, there’s more bubbling going on around Aizen’s injury. Where the cocoon stage Aizen was recuperated via cracks surrounding the space that was harmed, ButterflAizen seems to be going for a more retro restoration. If we wouldn’t know any better, we could say it was a Hollow’s regeneration. What’s more intriguing is that the regeneration is progressing just as steadily as Aizen’s anger reaches its boiling point.

Pots and kettles

Yeah Ichigo, YOU’RE the one whose being arrogant…

The previous scene made me LOL, but this here, this made me ROFL. Really Aizen? As if last week’s mistakes weren’t enough, you had to go this far? Maybe Aizen and Byakuya should start a group or something, an AA meeting (arrogants anonymous) if you will. With Aizen’s current look, we could almost say he’s the queen of Denial. It seems that I’m not the only one thinking that at this point when the zit on Aizen’s forehead suddenly pops to reveal a third eye. Aizen, looking a bit cross-eyed in an attempt to take a look at his third eye, is surprised at the blood dripping down his face, almost as much so as Ichigo at this sudden eye-opener Aizen had -I’m on a roll when it comes to the bad puns, aren’t I? . The third eye hardly opened itself, before it starts having a seizure as it rapidly starts moving.Where it almost seemed as if the blood/black eye puss was about to cover Aizen’s face, in a manner similar to when a Hollow mask forms, the rapid eye movements cause Aizen’s face to crack. As Aizen’s face starts cracking, he cries out in pain. In the meantime, Ichigo witnesses what is happening to ButterflAizen, only to find a creature standing before him which isn’t quite the butterfly we know.


The taste still lingers, doesn’t it Aizen?

Oh, Aizen. Admittedly, this is your coolest form in my opinion, but at the same time you couldn’t look any more pathetic. Let’s see what we got here, shall we? The once so pretty ButterflAizen still retains his hair and is still predominantly white, but that’s where the comparison ends. One of the most obvious changes to Aizen has to be the Hollow-like heads at the end of what were once his wings. These are somewhat reminiscent to the Calaveras Rudobone was capable of creating with his Arbol release. But unlike the Arbol release, these skulls don’t seem as if they grow out an army of warriors (yet). Another noticeable change to the wings are the eyes. Big and black, ready to take in everything that is happening around Aizen. On the lower end of the wings, it seems that Aizen has taken in a bit from Aaroniero’s release, with the tentacles and all. Not sure how those will help Aizen, but who am I to judge. Then, the legs that were ones covered by cloth have been beefed up for the major part, though the feet have retained the entomological features Aizen had before. The arms haven’t had a similar beefing up as the legs, though the hands have changed their color as well. What’s most noticeable about this change is the fact that the left hand remains, where the right hand has practically disappeared, leaving Kyouka Suigetsu in its stead. The agglutination of the Zanpakutou really has reached a different level with Aizen, though this could have something to do with Aizen’s vision on evolution as he stated it last week. Moving a bit further, we see three holes in Aizen’s upper body, as opposed to the single hole with the cross. The Hougyouku, however, doesn’t find a problem with the loss of the cross as it now hovers in the top hole where it was once embedded in Aizen. But now, the biggest, and perhaps grossest, change in Aizen’s appearance: his head. Aizen’s face didn’t just crumble and fall to the ground, but it right split through the middle before being pulled to the sides. The third eye has now become white, same as the other two eyes, and they remain in the same place as before. The only difference with Aizen’s face is that it has now become entirely black, almost as if Aizen’s skull has been morphed to a Hollow-mask-like substance. All in all, Aizen’s new look is perfectly gruesome, looking as awesome as we could expect from Kubo’s art. But I already mentioned that Aizen also looks more pathetic than he did before, so what’s up with that? Well, the most important thing for me to think Aizen looks too pathetic is the fact that he has practically become a Hollow. Let’s face it, three holes in his body only makes him triple Hollow; the skulls at the end of the tentacle-wings are similar to Rudobone, whom Aizen never took serious; the legs look similar to those of Tousen’s, who Aizen screwed over as well; and finally, his skull has been revealed, similar to Barragan’s release, and is now similar to Ichigonator/Neo-Ichigo’s mask, with a couple of differences. In the end, Aizen has become an accumulation of everything he thought was worthless, below him. So yeah, congratulations on the transformation Aizen…

Spring cleaning

That should shut that brat up a bit…

While someone such as The Underscore would be so pathetic to hurl at the sight of someone’s face being pulled back to reveal a more grotesque figure with three eyes -something I, The Underscore mask, would never do-, we find that Ichigo isn’t all too impressed. Which shows us that Ichigo really is prepared for everything Aizen is going to throw at him. Now I’m really curious as to what Ichigo has in store for us. But before getting into that, Aizen has something to tell us. All of a sudden, Aizen begins talking to the Hougyoku. Aizen claims that the Hougyoku caused this latest in transformations in order to make sure Aizen isn’t defeated by a mere human. It’s not like the Hougyoku is just using Aizen as a means to protect itself from Ichigo or nothing… .
This “conversation” Aizen has with the Hougyoku is yet another humiliation to Aizen on some level, though this can easily be argued against. On the one hand, Aizen embedded the Hougyoku for the purpose of evolving himself to a supreme being. From the moment Ichigo attacked him in fake Karakura town, he has been transforming according to his own will. Even when Gin betrayed him, his anger towards the treacherous snake made him want to transform to a greater being. But this latest transformation seems different. Aizen did look rather surprised when his third eye opened and this conversation suggests that the Hougyouku was the one to take the initiative for this transformation. So on the one hand, the Hougyoku is doing exactly what Aizen intended it to do, but on the other hand, Aizen probably didn’t intend this to happen (yet). Whether this is a sign of the Hougyoku starting to take over, or just a mechanism starting in order to protect its master is something for you guys to decide, I guess.
Anyways, Aizen decides to do just as the Hougyouku suggested and proceeds to annihilate Ichigo. One of the skulls on Aizen’s tentacles opens its mouth as it charges a sphere similar to a Cero. The sphere is then launched in a manner similar to a Bala, though its effect is more similar to Ulquiorra’s Lanza del Relampago. The blast is so great, that it can easily be noticed by Tatsuki and the others, who are looking over at the area Ichigo and Aizen are fighting. As the blast settles, we see Ichigo still standing, be it a bit tattered.

Center of attention

Are you sure you got him this time Aizen?

Ichigo’s left arm didn’t get out of the blast as well as it did when it faced last week’s Kidou. The arm is scorched by the heat of the blast, while a large part of his coat is torn to shreds. It seems that Aizen has powered up thanks to this transformation, though Ichigo still doesn’t look worried at all. But Aizen isn’t concerned either as he now knows how much damage Ichigo takes in proportion to the energy he puts into the attack. Perhaps this is a sign of Aizen regaining some of his calculating deviousness. With only one of the six skulls firing a Bala, it is enough to disable one of Ichigo’s limbs. Knowing this, Aizen charges towards Ichigo once more. Aizen grabs Ichigo by his neck as the six skulls and eyes on the tentacle-wings open up wide and start emitting energy. The reiatsu starts forming a circle around Ichigo as he is still held in Aizen’s arm. Apparently, Aizen feels he has become so powerful that he doesn’t feel the need to use Kyouka Suigetsu to cut Ichigo up. Then again, Ichigo managed to stop Kyouka Suigetsu last week and the bala has been proven to be effective, so it makes sense for Aizen to use this type of attack. As Aizen charges more rings to blast Ichigo, he starts another rant on how awesome he is. First, he admits that Ichigo also managed to transcend the barrier of Hollows and Shinigami. Implicitly, he suggests that Ichigo was great as long as he was modeled according to Aizen’s plans, thus making this another statement on how awesome he (thinks he) is. Aizen then tells Ichigo he has become but a mere shadow of his former self because he relinquished his Reiatsu for physical strength. Though this seemed highly effective, looking at the results from last week, Ichigo’s current situation would suggest that giving up his Reiatsu was a bad thing indeed. Then we finally get to the real interesting part, where Aizen says Ichigo isn’t worth taking in and understanding. This would suggest that Aizen intended to devour Ichigo for the purpose of understanding his evolution and as such supporting his own evolution. But now that Ichigo has transformed in a manner that Aizen didn’t intend, he feels Ichigo has become useless. But not all is lost, as Ichigo can now serve a different purpose for Aizen. Instead of devouring him and using him to evolve further, Aizen will destroy him as a way to show that he is capable of standing far above the existence of both Shinigami and Hollow. Aizen then finishes his rant by telling Ichigo is now finished.

Advanced bluffing

I see your hydra powers and I raise you a Final Getsuga Tenshou

Ichigo asks Aizen if he’s finished with his rant, to which Aizen reacts in surprise. But that’s not all. Ichigo follows up his question by asking Aizen if that’s all he’s got. Ichigo looks so badass at this point that it almost pisses me off , so go figure how Aizen must feel right now . The only thing I’m a bit disappointed in with this frame is that Ichigo’s hair looks a bit too different from the way it looked just a couple of frames ago. I did consider the possibility that Ichigo’s hair had been growing, but it seems that Kubo decided to make Ichigo look tougher by making sure the hair covers as much of his face as it can. It certainly worked . Ichigo then swings his Zanpakutou to wave away the circles of Reiatsu with almost as much ease as with last week’s Kidou. Aizen is surprised at this sudden development, but Ichigo is done with him, his rants, and twisted logic. Ichigo then tells us what we can expect to see next week: The Final Getsuga Tenshou. As he tells us this, you might notice that the chain around Ichigo’s arm is starting to turn to the black Reiatsu that is usually fired along with the Getsuga Tenshou. Whether this confirms our suspicions of the chain being a compression of all of Ichigo’s Reiatsu or not is yet to be seen, but it certainly looks promising.

I expected Aizen to come back, which he did on some level. Aizen still had to tumble a bit before getting back up. Sadly, he seems to have become exactly what he swore he wouldn’t become. Knowing Aizen, he’ll be able to chatter his way out of this, but to me he has practically become a Hollow. I’ll make your heads spin on this matter in a bit. In spite of Aizen becoming a monster, he certainly looks monstrously awesome to me. The last transformation made him strong enough to damage Ichigo a bit, but it seems that it isn’t quite enough to bring down our valorous protagonist. Ichigo was great in this chapter again, ridiculing Aizen while holding his own against a Lanza del Relampago level attack, similar as Ichigonator/Neo-Ichigo once did, showing us that he at least has that level of power. Then again, Aizen’s attack could have been even more powerful than Ulquiorra’s, but that only confirms the idea of Ichigo having surpassed his previous transformation. Seeing that Aizen still hasn’t gotten the upper hand during this chapter was something I’m still happy with. Aizen still has the Hougyoku, meaning he can still transform further. If Ichigo was already hard-pressed after a single chapter, it just wouldn’t be fun. Another awesome chapter in my opinion, though by no means perfect as the artwork wasn’t Kubo’s best due to some minor details, even if it still looked awesome. With the Final Getsuga Tenshou making its appearance next week, I can’t wait to see whether that will be the last Deicide chapter as well. With next week’s chapter being numbered 420, it would make for a great number to end the Deicide arc.

Throughout this review, I’ve been trying to point out how Aizen has been turning more and more into a Hollow. Remember what Hollows are? Spirits that are transformed to monsters due to negative emotions eating them up from the inside, corrupting themselves due to their own ambitions and emotions. The more Aizen aggravated himself, the more he became a monster. To a certain extent, this is all according to what Aizen said about the Hougyouku reacting to fear. Then again, souls corrupt themselves by negative emotions to turn into Hollows. Throughout the Deicide chapters, Aizen has been showing more emotions than we’ve seen from him any time before and these displays of emotion have been followed by transformations almost every time. Basically, what I want you guys to think about is: Has Aizen truly ascended the boundaries of Shinigami and Hollows, or is he still trapped within these limitations depending on a Hollow’s form to reach a new height of power?

Next week, Ichigo will start off with firing off the Final Getsuga Tenshou. Aizen will probably notice the way the chain around Ichigo’s arm is disappearing during the first three or four pages. Then we’ll see a reaction from Aizen, as Ichigo thinks back on what made the Final Getsuga Tenshou so dangerous that Zangetsu wouldn’t want to teach him. Ichigo then fires off the Final Getsuga Tenshou, giving us a two page spread of its devastating effect. The chapter will end with Aizen completely destroyed, leaving only the Hougyoku, which will hover in the place Aizen once stood. Ichigo will then take the Hougyoku, leaving us with the cliffhanger of what will happen now as Aizen (seemingly) has met his end….
The week after that, we might get a bit of information from Ichigo, possibly seeing the side-effects of the Final Getsuga Tenshou (such as a permanent sacrifice of Ichigo’s reiatsu, which even Orihime’s Santen Kesshun has trouble recovering) as the scene changes to Las Noches. Here, we will Orihime and Ishida going to the place Aizen hid the Hougyoku Orihime saw. As the two arrive in the hidden chamber, they will find more than just the crumbling crystal…

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I had to rush it a bit as the chapter came out a bit later than usual. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week if there’s still a Deicide! If not, The Underscore is rearing to get back into the review saddle, though he could never hope to come close to the flashiness provided by my awesome mask! In either case, the review might come out on the usual Saturday instead of the day the chapter comes out. Whether that is next week, or the week after that is yet to be seen, but the reviews will be going back to the Saturday either way.

Click on the picture above to rate this week’s chapter, and as a reminder here’s what the ratings are:

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~ by The Underscore on September 9, 2010.

11 Responses to “NOT quite The Underscore’s Bleach review 419”

  1. Okay, I don’t know what to say.

    Aizen is probably going to violate Ichigo deeply before Ichigo can beat him. The Hougokyu is constantly evolving him, but I agree with the UM in his review that Aizen is becoming more hollow like now. However, I took what Aizen said about him giving away the power he once possessed meaning His hollow powers. Afterall, nothing here about Ichigo is showing us a relation to his hollow powers and I think it is about time that Ichigo’s Shinigami powers develop more. Lately the only ting that’s been evolving on Ichigo’s part has been his Hollow powers. From controlling the mask, to extending the hollofication process, to gaining a new mask and hollow form, Ichigo has done no kind of training in regards to Shinigami power at all. However, the Jinzen is a shinigami skill and so I believe that the Jinzen allowed him to gain more shinigami power, at least enough to beat Aizen..However, Ichigo has lost his hollow powers to an extent and this is what Aizen is ranting about.

    Speaking of ranting, I also noticed a hint of…well, “Brekaing the Fourth Wall.” Here we all are, on The reviewer’s island of Word on Mars or whatever you call it going on and on with different ideas and theories on Bleach and we’re loving it right? Well notice how in the last panels of the chapter, Ichigo says “”I’m sick and tired of your logic…”? Now, given that I got a boner from seeing Ichigo pretty much tell Aizen that he should STFU because he’s a freakshow prick, I couldn’t help but feel like Kubo was telling us through Ichigo that he’s had enough of our assumptions. Then again, I could be wrong…I just love it when manga, comics, and just about anything else breaks the fourth wall.


  2. “With only one of the six skulls firing a Bala, it is enough to disable one of Ichigo’s limbs.”
    ah, ah, ah! aizen thinks it was enough to disable his limb, but as these last two chapters has shown, when it comes to ichigo aizen is not always right anymore.

    anyway this chapter was great, i loved ichigo aizening aizen again at the start, by throwing the egales without wings speech back at him. aizens transformation is really gross, i cant help but think that Deicide really will be the end of aizen, he has been becoming more and more pathetic(which is making him lose fanboys) and more and more monstrous (which is costing him his fangirls) also in shonnen it usually becomes OK to kill the bad guy once they are less human, and right now aizen looks like a mix between all the ugly parts of the espada’s and tousen’s releases. i really think think (read, HOPE) that aizen dies soon, because, because… im sick and tired of his logic! 🙂

  3. btw, i hope aizen fans liked this chapter? ichigo didnt lose his awesome face, but he did take damage. kuroi?

  4. I also loved this chapter. The art was epic, definitely the one point that Bleach is better than the other two “Big” shonen.

    Going to the chapter now. Yes, the obvious happened and the battle this time was more balanced at least. You couldn’t expect Aizen to go down that easily. And that made Ichigo looking more badass than the previous chapter. It’s a completely different thing to retain your coolness when you are in danger and other when you know you can easily overwhelm your opponent.

    The most important thing of the chapter is that finally the Hougyoku is taking the control. Underscore Mask you asked “Whether this is a sign of the Hougyoku starting to take over, or just a mechanism starting in order to protect its master”. I believe that it’s both. Hougyoku wants to protect its master and he is doing that by seizing the control from him uaing the evolution as the mechanism to do it. But for now Aizen still retains the control of the mind, his talk about Ichigo being not worth of understanding proves it, but I seriously doubt that he can handle any more evolutions. He probably reached his limits. If the FGT activates further evolution he may crumble. No matter if hougyoku survives or not the upcoming final blast, I can’t really see Aizen staying alive.

    The last page is also very interesting. For the first time in this battle chapters Ichigo seems to have started emitting reiatsu. It’s early but I believe that this chain was indeed sealing his reiatsu within his body or his zangetsu. I just noticed that Karakura Town may be in danger. If the shock wave of Aizen’s “cero” reached Karakura what will happen when Ichigo fires the FGT, which I expect to be stronger than all the 6 Cero Aizen can shoot together ? But perhaps FGT is a more concentrated blast but with more devastating effects. We have to wait to learn. Dammit, this week is going to be very long.

    –“Has Aizen truly ascended the boundaries of Shinigami and Hollows, or is he still trapped within these limitations depending on a Hollow’s form to reach a new height of power?”–

    I believe that he is truly beyond those boundaries. He is godlike stronger than any other being we know (excluding Ichigo), he is beyond the comprehension of shinigami as they can’t understand his reiatsu and he could influence that belong in the realm of reason by destroying Kototsu with this mind. He isnt’ a shinigami neither a hollow. He is probably a hybrid that closes to perfection. We should not judge by his current gruesome appearance. I mean who told us that the “Perfect Hybrid” should look like a human/shinigami ? Maybe this perception was wrong. Aizen retains a humanoid main body shape with head, legs, arms and he still has his zanpakutou. We tend to focus more on his hollow traits and this is because those are the “unusual” one. Whatever doesn’t look like a human does not mean it’s necessarily a hollow.

  5. As an Aizen fan it really hurts me to see him at this state. And I’m not talking about his appearance which I never cared but his character. Aizen was almost always a super cool character. The most epic quotes of the series are his. And his speeches about how he perceived the reality and the other people were very interesting. I miss them.

    It would be better for his character to die now by Ichigo rather than later by pathetically absorbed by the Hougyoku.

  6. On the Island of Reviewers, I was born
    100 Pages, 100 Lines
    Lu lu la la lu~
    On a mouse’s eyeball REVIEW
    On your heart REVIEW!
    The man who came from the Island of Reviewers
    Lu lu lu, lu lu la la
    You better read
    Review, review, review…

    Such an awesome intro, isn’t this? :p

    You could say that Ichigo’s Shinigami powers are the only ones that have been developed during his three month training. However, Ichigo’s Hollow powers had already reached an incredible level during the fight with Ulquiorra, which would make it pointless to make those stronger. Then again, Ichigo’s Shinigami powers were also maxed out before the training started (i.e. his Bankai), so what we are seeing here is Ichigo just taking what he already had. Aizen was just ranting about Ichigo having lost what he once had: a ridiculous amount of Reiatsu that kept pouring out of him up to the point that it affected the people around him.
    As for Ichigo telling everyone to just shut up and enjoy the ride (assuming he’s breaking the 4th wall)… Kubo already messed with The Underscore by messing with the chapter titles and now you’re suggesting that he’s right out telling me to stop theorizing about what happened…

    I know full well that Ichigo’s arm isn’t as badly injured as it looks, but that was what that part of the chapter was supposed to make us think. Perhaps I should have pointed out in the next paragraph of the chapter that Aizen was completely wrong about that, but Aizen’s heard enough about that lately ;). But with Gin already long gone, the only Deicide that can still take place is Aizen…

    The art this week was just as great as you would expect from Kubo, that’s for sure, but that doesn’t change the fact that Kubo left out things such as Ichigo’s ears a lot of the times. In the previous chapters they were visible, but now they suddenly aren’t… And I don’t think Ichigo’s hair has grown in two minutes time, though I could still be wrong.
    This week’s chapter did have a more balanced confrontation between Aizen and Ichigo, which was a good thing. With the Hougyoku taking the initiative, Aizen certainly got more powerful. Go figure that Aizen was already impressed with his power last week… With you giving the option of the Hougyoku both taking over and using its defense mechanism, an explanation that can be given is that the Hougyoku is taking over in order to protect itself, as Aizen has been seeking death in order to evolve, which goes against the Hougyoku’s instincts :).
    As for the Headspinner, I have the same policy as The Underscore, so I can’t really get into it too much. I suggest some of the others to go into this with you, but I’ll give you a little hint to further the headspinning.

    The Hougyouku grants the user’s desires as long as they are within the realm of his/her possibilities. But the one’s desires are still bound to what the user thinks he wants. Same goes with the Hougyoku, because if it weren’t Chad would be the one pounding in Aizen’s face right now :). Aizen wants to transcend both Shinigami and Hollow, but that desire itself might be the limitation in his evolution, as he keeps thinking Shinigami and Hollow…

    I’ll assume this is vague enough to make your head spin a little more on that topic :).
    Aizen being in this state is rather painful, especially considering where he came from. But I covered that during the review, so you know my thoughts on that too, right? 😉

  7. awesome review again…but did anyone else see what looked like when ichigo prepared FGT that when his rietsu started showing up it was about to engulf his body(especially his face which is what it looks like when he summons his hollow mask)? I think this might be a new hollow-shinigami hybrid transformation for himself like we saw when he was battling tensa/hichgo. I also think in order to use FGT, ichigo must combine both his shinigami-hollow powers thus resulting in a new form possibly to do so…just a thought but other then that great chapter and review.

  8. Aha, I see.
    You say that Aizen isn’t limited (only) by his potential but by his perception of what’s a “perfect” being. With other words he completely overlooks the “human” factor, and that latest chapter includes a great example as he is looking down on Ichigo calling him “mere human”. Then Aizen was deemed to fail from the beginning simply by the fact that he never was a human. In his state he may be the pinnacle of Shinigami-hollow evolution but he will never be “perfect” because of the absence of the “human” factor. Is that what you are trying to say or did I misunderstand anything ? That would be strange for Aizen. If he believed that only the Hollow and Shinigami natures can be the keys to the “perfect” evolution why did he use the human Ichigo as his guinea pig ? It was a mistake ? In any case it would be great to hear your views about your the headspinner let’s say one day before the new chapter’s release even if in reality your opinion is hidden in your review. We are not smart you know :p

    And about another theory you just mentioned, my Masked friend: “an explanation that can be given is that the Hougyoku is taking over in order to protect itself, as Aizen has been seeking death in order to evolve, which goes against the Hougyoku’s instincts”

    I have also thought about that and I am wondering if this can be possible ? If Aizen in reality does NOT ignore the human factor and actually he truly wants to be killed so he can reborn as a being exactly like Ichigo (damn that theory about Orihime and the second Hougyoku came to my mind again :p). If Aizen in reality wants to die, then normally Hougyoku which is a “wish granter” should have not make him more powerful. But that would go against Hougyoku’s self perseverance “programming” because if the host dies, it may die too. Don’t forget that they are fused now, they are one being. And not only that, Aizen’s wish may be to die by Ichigo’s Final Getsuga Tensho and only so Hougyoku made him powerful enough just to push Ichigo to use the FGT.

    I don’t know, so many good theories around probably one of them is right. I really hope there will be a huge twist waiting for us in the end of this arc but probably Kubo will just take the linear path : “Hero kills Villain” and we have a new bad guy show up in the next arc. That would suck. Or it wouldn’t and I am saying all this because I am (still) an Aizen fan ? :p

  9. @jdrules:
    Thanks, glad you enjoyed the read.
    It is possible that Ichigo has to use some form of Hollowfication in order to use his Final Getsuga Tenshou. Perhaps the chain unleashes a new form by having the reiatsu contained in it wrap around Ichigo. I wonder whether we’ll see a transformation from Ichigo next week…

    I’m not even including the human factor into Aizen’s perceptions. Aizen has an image of how an ultimate being should be. In his eyes, it’s a creature much like himself, with boatloads of Reiatsu and capable of overcoming things such as the Janitor in the Dangai. Aizen takes everything into account based on what he knows and predicts, thus forming that image of a God-like being. This image is what the Hougyoku is creating.
    Thus, the only limitation Aizen has, besides his potential which the Hougyoku awakens, is his image of what he wants to become.
    As for the other things you mentioned. They all sound plausible as Bleach leaves plenty of room for things, such as the things you mentioned, to happen. Aizen should have taken into account that Ichigo could fail his evolution or even that Ichigo would become more powerful than him. In this case, Ichigo’s Reiatsu is far weaker, yet he is a lot stronger than Aizen. Basically this is a situation of 2 contingencies in a single situation. But in the end, whether Aizen saw this coming or not, I doubt he won’t be the last villain of the series. Even if he were to die here and now, he’d probably resurrect in the end somehow for the last 4 chapters or something. Lame, I know, but Aizen just has to be the last villain standing.

  10. ….Next chapter is here…

  11. I know, I know, give me 15 minutes and a review will be up 😉

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