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Bleach chapter 419, Deicide 21 [Transcendent God Rock], after being rated by 53 voters gets an average score of:



Aizen just kept falling and falling from his position as invincible God, to overpowered Hollow. The thing that made Aizen turn into a monstrosity, is the topic of last week’s poll. Last week, Aizen suddenly transformed, much to his own surprise. Where his other evolutions were sought out, his latest evolution was caused by the Hougyoku’s desire not to lose to a mere human. Or at least that’s what Aizen thought. Well then, is this a sign of the Hougyoku taking things over now? Here’s what you guys thought:
Three voters don’t think the Hougyoku is taking over for Aizen. They probably believe that the Hougyoku is just protecting its master, or itself through Aizen, but Aizen is still in charge. Besides, how could someone like Aizen be manipulated by an inanimate object, even if it has a soul?
Ten voters plain didn’t care about this. Whether the Hougyoku takes over or not, things are moving along whether they like it, or not. So who cares? The other sixty-three voters, apparently .
25 voters weren’t sure whether the Hougyoku is taking over or not. There have been some signs that could prove this theory to be true, then again, there’s more than enough proof to say otherwise. “Maybe” is the safest way to go in this case.
35 voters, however, answered the poll with a yes. The monster we saw last week only wore a part of Aizen’s visage, but it wasn’t the good old Aizen they loved (to hate). The Hougyoku probably had enough of having to transform Aizen so often in such a short time, so he might as well take the body out for a spin to see where it gets him…


Don’t blink, don’t blink… wait, this situation means we’ll get a flashb~~

Aizen showed a vibrant display of power last week after what seems to be his final transformation. Where Ichigo was capable of crushing a 90’s level Hadou with his bare hands, Aizen’s final transformation gave him enough power to actually injure Ichigo, be it only slightly. Aizen wanted to finish Ichigo off with what seemed an evolved form of a Cero, but Ichigo was done playing with Aizen. He threw Aizen off and promised us the Final Getsuga Tenshou. The traditional black reiatsu that is fired by Ichigo’s Tensa Zangetsu suddenly starts pouring out from Ichigo’s right arm as Aizen witnesses something incredible. Where we only see Aizen’s face from Ichigo’s perspective, Aizen looks as Ichigo as he can’t help but wonder what “that form” is. At this point we could expect to see a new Visored form for Ichigo, but before we get to see Ichigo’s new form, we finally learn how he obtained it.

Path to ascension

With vertical becoming horizontal, falling down gets a bit tricky, you know?

The first thing we see in the flashback of Ichigo’s training is that Ichigo’s Tensa Zangetsu suddenly snaps. After weeks, months, of beating, the blade finally broke. But breaking Tensa Zangetsu isn’t enough for Arrancar Zangetsu, as he blasts Ichigo into one of the buildings. But Ichigo won’t stay down for long as he immediately repositions himself away from his opponent. Where Ichigo started his training in despair, Ichigo now looks more like he did after facing off against Aizen a couple of chapters ago. More collected and focused, though this isn’t shown in his inner-world. I’m not entirely sure what Kubo wanted to show with this as the current state of Ichigo’s inner world suggests he’s still drowning in despair. While the purpose of defeating Arrancar Zangetsu is to crush that which brings Ichigo despair and to obtain the Final Getsuga Tenshou in one go, I would expect some gradual changes reflected in Ichigo’s inner world. Either way, Ichigo still doesn’t give up, even after weeks of fighting.
Perhaps all the fighting is what caused Ichigo’s behavior to change like this. Ichigo has proven to develop best during fights, so after fighting for a couple of weeks straight it isn’t too strange for him to have learned to use a poker-face as he does here. Then again, Ichigo’s determination may be the reason he looks like this, as he tells Arrancar Zangetsu he won’t fall until he obtains the Final Getsuga Tenshou. In spite of this determination, which Old-man Zangetsu once yearned for, Arrancar Zangetsu isn’t willing to give his master the power of the Final Getsuga Tenshou.
Arrancar Zangetsu charges towards Ichigo, who starts thinking about his current situation. No matter how you look at it, Ichigo is at a disadvantage at this point. He’s been fighting for weeks and Arrancar Zangetsu doesn’t even have a scratch on him. Arrancar Zangetsu is so powerful, that he would be able to easily defeat Ichigo if he wanted to. In spite of him not wanting to teach Ichigo, he still faces him in a fight instead of rejecting him from Ichigo’s inner world. But all Ichigo senses from Arrancar Zangetsu’s blade is sadness. Once again, Ichigo shows us that he has the ability to read his opponent through the clashing of Zanpakutou, though since he fought Gin he has been able to use this during the battles, instead of interpreting after the fights. After reading Arrancar Zangetsu’s heart, Ichigo makes a bold decision.


Don’t try this at home kids, only do it in your inner world when guided by your Zanpakutou

Ichigo throws away what remains of his blade, much to Arrancar Zangetsu’s surprise. As Arrancar Zangetsu’s blade pierces Ichigo, he gives Ichigo his compliments. Arrancar Zangetsu then tells Ichigo that the Final Getsuga Tenshou isn’t acquired by only accepting his blade. Though it is strange for Arrancar Zangetsu to say something like this to the master he just stabbed, we suddenly see Ichigo in prime condition. Not only that, Ichigo tells Arrancar Zangetsu that the blade in his chest doesn’t even hurt. Arrancar Zangetsu then explains that it only makes sense that it doesn’t hurt. The Tensa Zangetsu he wields is Ichigo, so as long as he accepts himself there is no reason he would feel any pain. In spite of his master being safe, Zangetsu starts crying.
Ichigo asks Zangetsu why he’s crying, though he probably already knows the answer deep down inside. Zangetsu then refers to the moment the battle for the Final Getsuga Tenshou started. Here, Zangetsu revealed he didn’t want to protect what Ichigo wanted to protect. It was already quite obvious that Zangetsu was referring to Ichigo at this time, but now we know for sure. The moment he tells Ichigo that he was protecting Ichigo, the ocean of despair starts disappearing. Perhaps this was the natural result of Zangetsu’s defeat, though this may also be Ichigo who finally realizes that even his inner-Hollow was set on protecting him. Nonetheless, Ichigo is surprised to hear this remarkable answer. As he asks Zangetsu for an explanation, he learns that the answer will come to him eventually along with the way to obtain the Final Getsuga Tenshou. For the answer had always been inside of him…


Yet somehow, this means Aizen was right…

We then witness what Aizen saw at the start of this chapter. When Arrancar Zangetsu said acquiring his blade wasn’t enough, he wasn’t kidding. The Final Getsuga Tenshou isn’t just another blast of Reiatsu, it is Ichigo becoming the Getsuga himself. But not just becoming the attack, as Ichigo is wrapped in bandages and his hair turned black, but turning his being into the attack. First thing to note is the fact that this Getsuga Ichigo has all of the essential basics Zangetsu had. The cloth wrapped around Ichigo is the combination of the Bankai transformation with the cloth he had on the Shikai. I was actually quite pleased to see how Kubo used the cloth for this final transformation. But unlike the other two Zanpakutou forms, this one doesn’t have a blade anymore. It almost seems as if Ichigo’s right arm has now become like El Brazo Derecho del Diablo, as opposed to Chad’s left arm . But to emphasize the Bankai’s part of the power, the black reiatsu it used to emit is swirling around Ichigo.
Then there’s the aspect of the two beings inside of Ichigo: Zangetsu. Both the Old-man and Shirosaki are a part of Zangetsu, though only Shirosaki manifested itself more notably in Ichigo’s appearance through the form of a mask and even Hollowfication at certain times. But now Ichigo’s body transformed only at the hair, which has grown long -same as Ichigonator- and black -same as Old-man Zangetsu- showing that Ichigo has accepted both sides of his power and has now become one with his Zanpakutou.
In this sense, Aizen was right. A couple of chapters he did explain that beings who truly evolved became attached to their Zanpakutou. I’d say Ichigo has pushed it to the extreme in this case. Perhaps Aizen can find some comfort in this fact. But why would Zangetsu be so reluctant to give Ichigo this power? He did mention that he had to obtain more than just Zangetsu’s blade and Ichigo already said that he had to become the Getsuga. Ichigo then reveals, what many of you already predicted, that he has to sacrifice all his Shinigami powers in order to use this Final Getsuga Tenshou, explaining why it is the final one.
While I was somewhat reluctant to accept this outcome, it was probably the most logical one. The only issue with this development is simple: Isshin. Isshin knew of the Final Getsuga Tenshou and most likely used it once before. Looking at the force Ichigo has at this time, we can only wonder whether Isshin had a strength similar to that before he became a husband and then a father. But more importantly: what would force him to use such excessive force to begin with? But I digress, let’s see what the target of this Final Getsuga Tenshou thinks of the entity that will destroy him.

Utter defeat

Plotkai… that’s the most obvious/popular explanation

While Ichigo explains he is planning to sacrifice all his powers in order to defeat Aizen, Aizen’s mind is working in overdrive. Even though Ichigo’s power is obviously greater than he can perceive, the fact that he can’t perceive it concerns him more than Ichigo’s revelation. Aizen explains that he evolved into a being that surpassed the dimension where humans, Shinigami, and Hollows live, making it impossible for them to even sense him unless he lowered himself to their level. He compares it to him being in a third dimension, where Shinigami and Hollows are in the second dimension. But if he can’t sense anything from Ichigo, where he can sense everything from the third dimension and lower, it would mean that Ichigo has achieved a completely different level of power. Ichigo has achieved a power on a completely different level from Aizen in this short period of time, be it at a far greater price.
In just over 16 years, Ichigo managed to obtain everything Aizen has worked for during decades, centuries. If this were to happen to you, you’d be agitated as well, wouldn’t you? Aizen can’t keep his frustration hidden anymore as he starts yelling and screaming how he shouldn’t have been beaten by something so low as a human. With this, everything that Aizen was has been destroyed. From the grand mastermind who predicted everything, manipulated everything in order for him to obtain the ultimate power to overthrow the spirit king, he has been degraded to an antagonist turned monster and mad. Truly, this has been a painful sight over the course of these chapters. All that is left of Aizen is a shell of his former grandeur. Aizen has now become… Hollow.

The Moonless sky

The end?…

When faced with a Hollow, it is a Shinigami’s duty to strike him down for the sake of protecting other souls, no matter the price. Aizen, turned Hollow, is now faced by Ichigo, who is sacrificing his Shinigami powers in order to defeat him. The chained moon is now unchained, causing it to fall from the sky as it crashes down upon Ichigo’s opponent, turning the night sky dark for the rest of time. The same moonless sky appears in Soul Society as the darkness devours everything as Ichigo reveals the true name of the Final Getsuga Tenshou: Mugetsu. Is this enough to defeat Aizen for good? Is this massive explosion of black Reiatsu truly the Final Getsuga Tenshou? Is Ichigo’s hair turning black a sign that there won’t be any Bleach in the future? Time will tell…

Before going into this chapter, let’s take a quick look at my prediction from last week:

Next week, Ichigo will start off with firing off the Final Getsuga Tenshou. Aizen will probably notice the way the chain around Ichigo’s arm is disappearing during the first three or four pages. Then we’ll see a reaction from Aizen, as Ichigo thinks back on what made the Final Getsuga Tenshou so dangerous that Zangetsu wouldn’t want to teach him. Ichigo then fires off the Final Getsuga Tenshou, giving us a two page spread of its devastating effect. The chapter will end with Aizen completely destroyed, leaving only the Hougyoku, which will hover in the place Aizen once stood. Ichigo will then take the Hougyoku, leaving us with the cliffhanger of what will happen now as Aizen (seemingly) has met his end….
The week after that, we might get a bit of information from Ichigo, possibly seeing the side-effects of the Final Getsuga Tenshou (such as a permanent sacrifice of Ichigo’s reiatsu, which even Orihime’s Santen Kesshun has trouble recovering) as the scene changes to Las Noches. Here, we will Orihime and Ishida going to the place Aizen hid the Hougyoku Orihime saw. As the two arrive in the hidden chamber, they will find more than just the crumbling crystal…

Somehow I don’t seem to be too far off if you ask me. Sure, some things have been turned around a bit, but that doesn’t change the fact that most of the prediction did come true. Hopefully I’m right about this not being the end for Bleach just yet . But enough on the predictions, let’s take get to the overview of this chapter.
The Mugetsu as a concept is great if you ask me. The power was what you would expect from an evolved being sacrificing everything he has. The price for the attack is rather steep, but Isshin is living proof that this doesn’t have to be the end. Though there might be a catch, which I’ll cover in the next section. The flashback to Ichigo’s training was predictable as well as the result of that training. But then again, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. This is the most logical way for Kubo to stop Aizen as it incorporates plenty of things that were shown throughout the story. From the way Shinigami obtain great power by becoming one with their Zanpakutou, to the way the Final Getsuga Tenshou is probably related to why Isshin became human. Though not a spectacular way to end things parse, it was the only option that would fit in principle.
Then there’s Aizen. Though part of me is disappointed at what has become of him, I can also appreciate what happened to him. Bleach started out with Shinigami and Hollows and this chapter ended the same way. But in this case Aizen was the Hollow. Going from a great Shinigami to a egomaniacal monster obsessed with power which destroyed everything he ever was, same as what happens to all spirits that turn into Hollows. Because of the way this ties in I can appreciate this on some level. But perhaps a bigger part of me is disappointed about the fact that Aizen turned out this way.
I guess I can only state the obvious about this chapter. It was awesomely bad, or horrifically good if you will. Everything that happened made sense on the one hand, while it really seems like plot-kai on the other hand. Honestly I can’t choose yet. Time will tell… let’s see whether the discussions can persuade me either way.

Mugetsu was the final Getsuga Tenshou, which was final due to it sacrificing all of Ichigo’s Shinigami powers. We know that Isshin became a human at some point and he even suggested that he used a Mugetsu as well. But in spite of this, he eventually turned up as a Shinigami, using a Getsuga Tenshou against Aizen during this arc as well. This gives me three things to make your heads spin:
1) Does this mean Ichigo will have to regain all of his powers again during a new arc, where we will finally learn how he actually obtained his Bankai and Hollow control in the first place?
2) Will Ichigo still be able to turn into a Shinigami, but have a permanently sealed Zangetsu which he can use for nothing but Getsuga Tenshou’s?
3)Ichigo said he had to give up his Shinigami powers, could this mean that he will only have Hollow powers left after this (and possibly become the villain himself) or did he just use the term Shinigami powers to describe them both?

I’d say that last week’s prediction could still fit and I’m sticking with that one. Just change the order a bit and you’ll see that it still works as a prediction. But I’ll throw in two more predictions for the heck of it.

The first one is my least favorite and I’d say most of you would agree. After this chapter ends, we will get one final chapter for Bleach. In this chapter, Yammy will come to an end along with Las Noches. Everyone will meet up with Ichigo who will have passed out after using Mugetsu. Ichigo will wake up a couple of weeks after these events where he will learn what happened afterwards. Ichigo will have lost his ability to see ghosts along with his Shinigami powers, forcing Rukia (and Renji) to visit him in their Gigai for one last time. Rukia and Ichigo will have to part ways for good this time, as she wipes his memory clean. Ichigo then picks up his life from where it was before the mess with Shinigami happened. As we learn that Ichigo is treated differently by some of his friends (Orihime, Chad, and Ishida) he will comment on how he hasn’t seen ghosts for a while. The rest of the town also had their memories swiped by the Gotei 13, bringing peace to Karakura town once more. But on the last page we catch a hint that Ichigo is capable of seeing ghosts again, as he gets a request from a small girl with a chain on her chest as some ruffians kicked a tribute to her…

This second prediction is my personal favorite, even though it doesn’t have Ichigo either… In the after wakes of the final battle between Ichigo and Aizen, the people who were awake in Karakura town are trapped. Only a single boy is capable of moving a bit. He then hears a man’s voice as he turns around to find a Shinigami with an afro. The Shinigami offers the young boy a part of his powers, so that he can help his friends in this time of need. The boy looks around as he sees the people close to them in dire need and then decides to go along with the Shinigami’s request. Before the Shinigami gives the boy his powers, he introduces himself to the boy as Zennosuke Kurumadani. The boy then gives his own name, before thrusting a Zanpakutou through himself: Asano Keigo…

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it even if there is bound to be a lot more to be covered. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review. I’m really curious what you guys think about this chapter as my head is still spinning a bit after reading it . I know, I know, how could I, The Underscore Mask, fail you like this? Well, the chapter blew me away and when I fell, the mask cracked a bit. So until I find some superglue I’ll have to do with this mediocre Underscore level of reviewing -perhaps lower than that-, so help a reviewer out by letting me know your thoughts. Also, give any theories that you may have and vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week! The Underscore will be coming back soon enough as well!

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~ by The Underscore on September 16, 2010.

10 Responses to “Similar to The Underscore’s Bleach review 420”

  1. Great review for this chapter and it is pretty interesting but leaves me with some questions:

    1- In the chapter 410 and 420 Ichigo’s fight in the inner we’ll notice that his hair has grown even grown in the inner, is that related to the time span he spent inside?

    2- Returning back to Hueco Mendo Yammy may be get beaten but there is a point of leaving this fight open plus we have seen a heat development between the three captains stayed in the fight scene which I think something will evolve of this tension.

    3- There should be some reveals to the king that all Bleach story till now is about and whats the key to get to him (assuming Ichigo is going to defeat Aizen).

    4- Is the captain commander dead or not and who are going to be the captains replacement for the deceased captains Gin, Tosen and Aizen (even if he’s not dead there should be a replacement).

    5- There is big behind the arrancar Nel where she should show relevance to the story as she didn’t till now more than a filler character, but I’m assuming there is a big thing behind her.

    at all thats my own opinion feel free to criticize politely :).

  2. Indeed a good read as usual Under

    Well Kubo not that long ago stated he had 2 more arcs planned for bleach

    1 mini arc(supposinglu related to Isshin, though could have been deicide) and one major arc

    we could also have this as the end but then keep exploring bleach in depth using flashbacks to seal the holes in the plot.

  3. Under my depression on finding moar about Deicide 22, I stumble upon this blog.

    There are too many holes regarding the current HM and on the fake-Karakura town plot. It kinda sucked (as in for me) when I kept on reading the battle of the higher officer of SS battling against the Arrancar in fake-Karakura. And its a bit boring on the battle against the double digit Arrancar in HM way back then.

    So, what happened with Kubo Tite? What made him extremely adrenaline pumped up that he made the Deicide ‘arc’ this amazing?

    The second prediction…… I kinda like it. Are you a major fan of Keigo? cuz I think I saw some trivial of him in this post. Though I give my best on prediction one, minus the nonability to see ghost.

  4. @anon:
    Thanks, glad you enjoyed the read. Let’s see if I can give you my personal answers to the questions you put up here:

    1) I believe that Ichigo had been fighting for at least two months before we got to the point we saw in this chapter. Ichigo’s hair growing accordingly is only natural. The fact that it is reflected in his inner-world probably has to do with the fact that the Jinzen made him so in touch with Zangetsu that everything that happened inside, was reflected outside (e.g. the first cut on his shoulder) and vice-versa (e.g. the hair).

    2)The battle with Yammy should still be going on right now, unless Kubo decided to use that fight as filler for the anime. It really depends on what Kubo wants to do with the story starting one of these weeks.

    3)The Ouken (king’s key) and the Spirit King are two factors that still have to be solved. The problem is that the Ouken’s creation is a rather tricky thing, so that’s why Kubo probably mentioned that there should be another Ouken hidden somewhere. Thus, it should be possible for Bleach to move to that dimension, possibly revealing some of Aizen’s motives along the way…

    4)Genryuusai’s current status is unknown to me. Same goes for Ukitake, mind you. With Unohana going around in Fake Karakura town, most people should be able to come out alive. The question is, however, whether Genryuusai (who sacrificed his burnt limbs), Ukitake (who took quite a severe blow in the chest), and Hiyori (both parts of her) can be saved without the divine intervention of the Santen Kesshun. Genryuusai’s death seems the most probable one to me, perhaps Yoruichi will be the one to take over as Commander General…

    5) Nel did fade to the background. I remember seeing some sketches made for a part where Nel woke up with Kenpachi staring her in the face from really close up. Maybe she’s playing with Yachiru right now… She is the only one of the (former) Arrancar whose still alive and might be willing to help the Shinigami (with Grimmjow being a mystery similar to Ukitake’s status), so she could clarify some things which could propel us into the next arc…

    Glad you enjoyed the read.
    Kubo has said many, many things in interviews. One of them was apparently that Unohana would have a fight pretty soon. Then again, he also mentioned something about the corpses hanging in Szayelaporro’s storage being key to the story…

    I’m amazed you could find this blog :). Hope it was worth the search ;).
    Bleach isn’t exactly a story known for putting the pieces together in a sensible order. Kubo kind of leaves most of the plot-hole filling to the readers, only giving some answers and possible explanations along the way. Most of all, he seems to enjoy drawing the characters -which he does great, no matter how you look at it- and situations where they can best show off their abilities. The fights against the Arrancar eventually became more about showing off the characters than moving on with the story. If the story had to pick up the pace, we’d have seen a lot more Bankai’s than we’ve seen now. The Deicide arc has been so much better than the events in Fake Karakura Town because the story was progressing, the developments were great (even if they were predictable at times), and it had more than enough popular characters and twists to help the story along.

    As for the second prediction and the reason why I am The Underscore Mask, I’d suggest you take a look at the review for chapter 407/408 (I think it was) and the review for chapter 416 respectively ;). Both can be found here on WordonMars.

  5. That was a really good chapter. And a great review as well !
    It was good to see that FGT has this sort of drawback. I had mentioned that I had found Ichigo’s power up a bit ridiculous but if by using this ultimate technique you have to pay a huge price by losing your shinigami powers, then yes his power up just became much more balanced and believable.

    About the headspinners :

    1)I don’t know if he has to spend a whole arc but yeah I am pretty sure that he will take him a while before he regains his powers. Who knows, maybe we will witness a different path of evolution this time, and maybe some new techniques ? Also, it’s pretty sure that Isshin will play a major role in helping Ichigo regain his powers and that means we’ll have more interaction between them. Thus that way we may learn more things about Isshin’s past. Ichigo’s regaining power “arc” can very well be combined with some Isshin gaiden chapters.

    2) As I said, we may witness a different evolution path for Ichigo this time. And that would be a smart move for story telling purposes. Watching Ichigo trying to reach shikai (Getsuga Tensho) stages again would be boring.

    3)I tend to believe the latest theory. That “shinigami powers” refer to both shinigami and hollow ones. Don’t forget that it has been mentioned several times that Shirosaki is part of Zangetsu. Wait, Shirosaki himself has once stated “I am Zangetsu”. So it’s logical to conclude that his hollow powers will be gone as well. In the opposite case, if hollow powers remain then without his shinigami self functioning as a counterbalance, Ichigo should transform into a full Hollow himself.

    On another note. Why does everybody seems so sure that FGT will 100% succeed ? Tell me an obsessed Aizen fanboy but is there really a guarantee that the Hougyoku will not only help Aizen survive but by taking the hit Aizen will finally understands Ichigo’s power and he will transcend into a similar but permanent state ? Ok, maybe not that exactly but “Aizen’s survives” would be suffice. If Kubo pulls this, it can be considered “surprising” and “unpredictable”, seeing that anyone is so sure about Aizen’s death, something that Bleach definitely has done again. I admit that everything points to his death but still shouldn’t we wait a bit more until we see with our own eyes Aizen being down ?

  6. @Kuroi:
    The fact that Mugetsu costs Ichigo all his (Shinigami) powers is something that was speculated on for quite some time. While I was hoping it would just be draining all his Reiatsu at best, the loss of his powers certainly balances his increase in power as we’ve seen it the last couple of chapters. Especially considering how much power Ichigo actually had to begin with.
    As for the success rate of the Mugetsu. A small part of me can see an Absolute Hypnosis hidden here somewhere. The panic Aizen had for a long time seems almost too good to be true at times. Then again, even if Aizen used Kyouka Suigetsu, he probably was still around close enough to observe everything Ichigo did. With the Mugetsu covering an entire area, the odds of Aizen escaping the blast are slim…

  7. I have to add that this drawback not only makes the power up it self more balanced but it also restores some sense to the Bleach power levels. If Ichigo was able to retain this level of power then the Gotei13, the Vizards and his nakama would be literally useless. That’s undeniable IMO. This power up was too much for Ichigo to have as a standard technique. It would not be even useful, because the term “useful” refers to something that can help you, not something than can win a battle for you on it’s own.

  8. @Kuroi:
    Depending on the results of the Mugetsu, it would be overkill to have it return every fight :). If Aizen somehow manages to survive the Mugetsu, this drawback can be catastrophic. Can you imagine Aizen surviving this blast and becoming more powerful, while leaving the only person who had a chance to beat him completely powerless? I’m really curious to find out how Kubo is going to work this out :).

  9. I believe that it is already overkill to have even if Mugetsu fails. I guess there will not be many people at Aizen’s current level for Ichigo to fight, and definitely no one else will be fused with an immortal Orb that renders them nearly invincible. If it wasn’t that drawback, knowing that Ichigo can use it every time he wants that would made us all be “just use it already” every time a weaker than current Aizen enemy had the upper hand against Ichigo. It would be like spamming Nuclear attacks using cheats in a video game :p

    Aizen emerging victorious would be indeed catastrophic for the good guys but interesting for us, the readers. 😉
    Come on people, I can’t be the only one around who would find extremely interesting to see how will everyone (Gotei 13, Vizards, nakama) will react in case of a total defeat. And if Kubo will even choose to have Aizen eventually destroy Karakura town (although I see Ichigo’s nakama escaping and a recently conscious Isshin carrying his daughters to safety) that event would give an apocalyptic atmosphere to Bleach. But I have my doubt if Kubo have the guts to pull this out :p

    That sounds so much better that “restarting” the story with new villains, plot etc. Am I a such a bloodlusted person supporting the bad guys ? :p

  10. Yes Kuroi you are a bloodluster, lol!!! Damn man I hate to admit it, but it seems you got what you asked for in a sense.

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