Almost, but NOT quite yet The Underscore’s Bleach review 421

Almost, but NOT quite yet

421 Deicide 23

Let’s hope the bandwidth for Photobucket will hold out long enough for this week’s review . Let’s see if it will, shall we?

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Things seemed to be coming to an end last week, so I just had to know what you guys thought could happen. So, did you guys think Bleach will be coming to an end soon?

We start off with a tie, between two voters who think Bleach will end in two chapters and two voters who have had it with Bleach and it ended for them. Hopefully, all four of them are wrong .
Three voters saw a silver lining in Ichigo losing his powers, because now it gives room for the great Keigo to make his name! I can’t wait to see that happening .
Then we come to another tie, between four voters who hope Bleach will come to an end and four voters who don’t care whether it ends or not. Again, I’m rooting for these eight to be wrong -no offense .
Six voters got a bit hysterical as they screamed out they don’t want Bleach to end. I for one, agree!
Eight voters got the feeling that things look a bit grim at the moment, so all they can do is hope Bleach isn’t coming to an end.
Twenty voters are more certain about Bleach continuing for a while, but they don’t have the faintest idea on what Kubo might be up to next.
But the majority, a full 39 voters, know for sure that there will be a fresh new start for Ichigo to last us at least two whole arcs. Hopefully Kubo will listen to the masses .

Mugetsu Ichigo

Best of all, his hair is dandruff free!

Last week, Ichigo revealed his final form by activating the final Getsuga Tenshou: Mugetsu. By becoming one with Zangetsu, he relinquished all his powers in order to defeat Aizen. To signify this unison with Zangetsu, his blade disappeared while he was covered in bandages and his hair grew longer and black, all while the katana disappeared. In this new form, we haven’t seen much from Ichigo, so this colored page is something new. Unless this is a picture of the moment Ichigo unleashed the Mugetsu. Nonetheless, a pretty awesome picture, even though it would be hard to convince anyone this is Ichigo if they missed last week’s or this week’s chapter. This was a pretty good looking form, but one that won’t last, as we already know.


Why Zangetsu, WHY~~~~

Last week we learned that Ichigo had to sacrifice his powers in order to obtain the power to defeat Aizen. Ichigo unleashed his final technique against the completely transformed Aizen as the entire area turns black. In this moment of release, Arrancar Zangetsu bids Ichigo a final farewell with a faint smile on his face. Though I can’t say I’m all too happy about this final farewell, I’m glad that Kubo didn’t ignore Zangetsu completely. Being the representation of Ichigo’s powers, he had to disappear along with them during the Mugetsu. The smile on Zangetsu’s face is one I was quite surprised with when I first saw it, almost as much as I was about the blue iris. But in the end it makes sense, I suppose. Zangetsu had spent three months with Ichigo during which he saw Ichigo regain his confidence and finally became one with him. He knows that Ichigo will be alright, even without him, which is why he doesn’t mind the fact that he is disappearing. Of course, I’d like to see this as Zangetsu just returning to wherever he was before Ichigo obtained his powers, but it’s the same difference I guess. Even though our time with Tensa Zangetsu was short, I’m going to miss the old-man Zangetsu -again, same difference .

But then comes the most important question: Will the Mugetsu work? Judging from the look on Aizenator’s face, we can say it hurts to say the least. But the next few frames show us that the Mugetsu wasn’t just a giant explosion, but basically an overcharged Getsuga Tenshou which had so much residual energy that it covered an entire area. Classic Getsuga Tenshou, the energy blast cuts straight through its target. The blast has so much power behind it, that it actually takes a while to disappear. But while the blast settles down, Ichigo walks away from it all.


I’d look tired too if I were to pour my entire being into something

As Ichigo walks away from the blast we see a sad look in his eyes. He just lost Zangetsu, so it makes sense for him to feel down. After having heard Zangetsu’s farewell, the transformation starts to wear off as the markings on his arm and the bandages start to fade away by turning into spirit particles. What’s interesting is that the bandages around Ichigo’s face almost seem to be made of the same material as his mask was made of. Not only that, the mask actually had a couple of fangs on the sides, which I thought were just torn bits of cloth last week. But with Ichigo becoming the Getsuga Tenshou, it makes sense for him to have fangs, and what better place to have them than on his face? -With the exception of the inside of his mouth of course .- Of course, with Zangetsu disappearing, it means that even the remains of his coat are disappearing as well. As the last of Ichigo’s powers disappear along with the objects, something suddenly crashes down next to Ichigo.

Ichigo glances over at the crater with a look on his face which seems to be wondering whether losing Zangetsu was worth the trouble. Inside the crater, we see the results of the Mugetsu. Aizen’s transformation seems to have been reverted for a great part. The holes in Aizen’s chest made room for the gaping hole made by the Mugetsu, while the steroids seemed to have lost their effect. Beside the fact that most of Aizen’s transformation seems to have disappeared, the appearance of his right hand is almost more surprising. But with Aizen being hit by an attack of this magnitude, it only makes sense for there to be little left of him. Though we almost seem to be forgetting something… something important…

Premature powerlessness

Don’t worry Ichigo, other men have had the same problem before…

Aizen’s motionless body suddenly displays more motion than Ichigo was hoping for. Aizen started regenerating! Of course, with so much of Aizen left, it isn’t all that strange to see a regeneration at this time. The Mugetsu was just a ridiculously powerful Getsuga Tenshou in the end, so in that respect Kamishini no Yari was probably more dangerous. In any case, Aizen’s regeneration signals the beginning of a new round of Aizen vs. Ichigo. Sadly, Ichigo isn’t up for another round as his hair seems to be bleaching itself. Though the orange hair shouldn’t be a problem in itself, it is this time. The last of Ichigo’s powers just disappeared, while Aizen is rebuilding himself. While Ichigo falls to the ground, Aizen rises once more as he takes up his Kyouka Suigetsu.

Aizen now stands in front of a powerless Ichigo as he can finally claim his victory. It was a bit more work than he anticipated as it reduced him to a state where we can see remains from all the forms he’s taken from the moment he started his evolution. But Aizen isn’t worried as he announces Ichigo’s defeat. Aizen’s Kyouka Suigetsu starts disappearing, which Aizen sees as a good thing. The fact that he has turned into a form similar to his Shinigami self, along with the disappearance of his Zanpakutou are signs of Aizen’s ultimate transformation. Same as how Ichigo became one with his Zanpakutou to surpass Aizen, his Zanpakutou is preparing to become one with Aizen as well. Ichigo knows how much power this can generate and Aizen is obtaining this power because the Hougyoku has decided to proceed with this next step in the evolution.

It is interesting to see that Aizen is so content with the Hougyoku starting up this transformation. Before, he was boasting on how he subjugated the Hougyoku, but now he’s just as dependent on the Hougyoku as when he turned into Aizenator. Of course, for the Hougyoku to rebuild Aizen to the same state he was before all the evolutions is rather peculiar as well as it would be just as easy to leave Aizen as Aizenator while transforming Kyouka Suigetsu. Aizen seems to be attributing this to the Hougyouku transforming him into a form similar to Ichigo’s final technique. But of course, with Ichigo being defeated, he couldn’t possibly be transforming into a being who would lose such an amazing power so easily, oh no. Instead, he will surpass Ichigo’s power and put an end to Ichigo! Things seem to be going all according to the mastermind’s plans… The other one, that is.

Gastric ulcers

Is that a Kidou in your chest, or are you just happy to see me?

Just when everything seemed to be going Aizen’s way, light starts shining from places it shouldn’t. The lights appearing in and around Aizen aren’t part of the Hougyoku’s plan, though. Instead, they are a form of Kidou, as noted by Aizen. But we can say for sure that this isn’t a Kidou cast by Ichigo, so who else could it be? The answer comes to us almost immediately as the humble storeowner with the sandals -without the hat- makes his appearance. Urahara Kisuke has finally returned to Soul Society for the purpose of watching his Kidou doing its magic. I must say, Urahara’s appearance is the biggest surprise of all, even greater than the Kidou activating. Urahara explains that he is responsible for the Kidou surrounding Aizen. Most likely, this Kidou is a technique similar to the one he used to blast Aizen with his own Reiatsu a while back. But judging from the flashback panels, Urahara planted this technique along with the level 91 Hadou. It was during the time that Aizen let his guard down, due to his arrogance, that Urahara added this technique to the Hadou. But the technique isn’t just something to destroy Aizen (again), but is a sealing technique. Urahara knows full well that Aizen can no longer be destroyed by conventional means, now that he has become one with the Hougyoku. Instead, he chose to seal Aizen along with the crystal.

Before going to the next part of the story, I have to take a moment to emphasize just how unexpected Urahara’s appearance is and just what this appearance means. The most obvious thing to note is, of course, the fact that Urahara is in Soul Society in the first place. It had been suggested that Urahara was incapable of leaving the realm of the living during the Soul Society arc, and nothing hinted at this banishment being revoked. Then again, with Aizen’s plot revealed and Genryuusai asking for Urahara’s help, this only makes sense. This means that Urahara being in Soul Society in itself isn’t that strange. But the fact that he showed up just now is.
It’s almost as if Urahara knew that things would turn out the way they did and that he just appeared to make sure things went according to plan. The fact that Urahara cast a sealing spell on Aizen that would activate at this time suggests that he knew Aizen would come to this point. Does this mean that Urahara knew that Ichigo would be able to drive Aizen to this point? But more importantly, did Aizen know what was going to happen next?

Aizen acknowledges that sealing him would be the best course of action. However, Aizen points out that the Hougyoku is now evolving him to a whole new level. With the cocoon stage being enough to prevent one of Urahara’s Kidou, a whole new level beyond even Ichigo’s power -which could shatter a 90’s level Kidou with his bare hands- should be capable of stopping anything Urahara throws at him. Too bad the Hougyoku doesn’t feel up to it.

The Candy man’s treat

Willy Wonka’s got nothing on Urahara… then again, has Urahara ever made candy?

Aizen’s ego started to grow again after his humiliation at Ichigo’s hand, but just when Aizen started to get on a roll, things start falling apart. Quite literally at that. Aizen’s skin starts peeling, his hair falls out, and now he’s empty handed to boot. All of Aizen’s newly obtained power starts to disappear, but it isn’t entirely Urahara’s fault. Urahara tells us that the Hougyoku has willed Aizen’s loss of powers. Like the saying goes: The Hougyoku giveth, and the Hougyoku taketh, and then someth. Urahara’s sealing technique waited to be activated the moment that Aizen’s power started weakening. Thanks to the Mugetsu, Aizen lost so much power that it even reverted the majority of his evolutions. What’s interesting is that every phase of Aizen’s evolutions almost seemed to be a layer on the original Aizen. With the last bits of those layers disappearing, it signifies that Aizen is being reduced to his former state. But Aizen being reduced to his former state has to do with the fact that the Hougyoku’s will no longer sees Aizen as its master and that he’s now done with him.

Urahara’s Kidou seems to play a part in this change of opinion. Urahara already mentioned that he now knew how he had to control the Hougyoku when Aizen was boasting on how he was the current wielder. This shows us that Urahara wasn’t bluffing when he said he could control it. My guess would be that Urahara’s sealing technique is similar to a remote control for the Hougyoku. With the Hougyoku reacting to Reiatsu and desires, it is possible that Urahara’s sealing technique contains his Reiatsu and a programmed desire to seal the Hougyoku. With Aizen’s power fading for a moment, due to the Mugetsu, Urahara’s sealing technique held more power for a moment, making it the dominant command for the Hougyoku to react to. This made the Hougyoku decide that Aizen is no longer its master. Aizen isn’t all too happy with this .

The winner’s mindset

Yeah Urahara, listen to the loser!…

While Aizen is being humiliated even further by being reverted to his former Shinigami state before being sealed along with the Hougyoku, he starts interrogating Urahara. For a couple of moments, Aizen wants to curse Urahara for doing this to him. But instead, he starts to ask Urahara some things, almost as if he is desperate. Aizen tells Urahara he hates him for sitting by idly while he is being controlled by a thing. It seems as if this is what Aizen was fighting for. He didn’t want to be controlled by a thing, he wanted to be free of it, he wanted to control it instead. This thing isn’t the Hougyoku, but the Spirit King! Urahara realized that Aizen was talking about the Spirit King, but instead of reacting to it he just seems to be a bit surprised at the fact that Aizen has seen it.

The fact that Urahara reacted so quaint angers Aizen even further. Urahara knew what Aizen was fighting against, yet he did nothing, which he doesn’t understand. But the fact that Urahara has seen the Spirit King as well and doesn’t have the same ambitions as Aizen probably hurts even more. But Urahara then explains what the Spirit King does. Urahara explains that the Spirit King is a Lynchpin, something that holds Soul Society together. The reason Urahara protects the Spirit King is simply because the loss of that pin would spell disaster and nothing more than that. See this week’s head spinner for more on this to think about.
While Urahara explains that he is protecting the stability of Soul Society along with the Spirit King, Aizen once more tries to explain his reasoning. He tells Urahara that he’s got the wrong mentality for someone of his caliber. Instead of accepting the rule of the Spirit King, he should change the world to what the world should be. Obviously, this is what Aizen intended to do. Whether this was solely because Aizen’s ego didn’t allow him to be ruled by the Spirit King, or because he isn’t satisfied with Soul Society’s current state isn’t made clear yet. But we won’t learn why Aizen thinks that winners should be the ones to decide the fate of the world as the seal wraps things up.


This is not the greatest villain in the world, this is just a tribute.

While the two greatest minds in Soul Society were chatting on morals, the powerless Ichigo witnesses Aizen’s fall. Though Ichigo failed to destroy Aizen with the Hougyoku -which makes sense, considering the Hougyoku’s nature-, he had a hand in Aizen’s defeat. But somehow, I get the feeling that Ichigo managed to understand Aizen on some level during these final moments. In the end, Aizen had his reasons to do all of this. Apparently he just wasn’t happy with the way things were, something Ichigo should be able to relate to on some level. Seeing this man becoming so desperate in his final moments may be something Ichigo wasn’t expecting, which is why he looked away, just to save some of Aizen’s dignity. As Ichigo looks away, the seal completes itself to seal the Hougyoku. Three spear like crosses come are joined in the center, which most likely contains the Hougyoku, forming the final resting place for the Hougyoku and Aizen. With this, the villain that instigated everything that happened throughout Bleach has finally come to his end… or did he?

I must say, I didn’t see this one coming. Ichigo losing his powers, while Zangetsu gave his parting words was something that we knew would happen -minus Zangetsu appearing for a final time-. Aizen surviving wasn’t exactly unexpected either, though I thought he’d be reduced to nothing but the Hougyoku. Instead, Aizen just lost all the layers of his evolution and seemed to be transforming to the level Ichigo obtained during his Final Getsuga Tenshou. But looks deceived as Kyouka Suigetsu’s disappearance seemed to be part of Aizen losing his powers. With Aizen weakening due to the blast, a Kidou suddenly activates, which turns out to be Urahara’s. The Sandalhat-guy makes his appearance as if he was expecting this to happen as he reveals he implanted the Kidou to activate the moment Aizen would weaken. Now, I forgot to mention why Urahara might have known this could happen as I intended it to be placed in the next section, but I changed my mind .

Urahara is related to Isshin giving up his Shinigami identity, this much we know for sure. But we don’t know how or why Isshin lost his Shinigami powers. The best guess would be that Isshin was forced to use the Final Getsuga Tenshou, as he knew Ichigo would be able to learn this one as well. Odds are that Isshin used the Final Getsuga Tenshou and was put inside of Urahara’s Gigai shortly after that in order to protect him/regain his powers. This means that Urahara would be familiar with the Final Getsuga Tenshou’s effects and as such that it would be a part of defeating Aizen. This suggests that Urahara knew that Isshin would teach Ichigo the Final Getsuga Tenshou, but what’s more, that he knew that Ichigo would have the opportunity to learn it. Go think about that!

But back to the overview, Urahara pops up and reveals the Hougyoku has rejected Aizen. Aizen then starts to throw a tantrum at Urahara for not doing anything against ‘that thing’ even though he’s so smart. We then learn that the Spirit King is the key to maintaining the balance in Soul Society, and probably beyond Soul Society as well. Aizen then shows signs of resentment towards the Spirit King, which almost seems to be his motive, in his final words. But his final speech is cut short -Aizen’s final humiliation in a long line of humiliations- as the sealing technique completes.
I have a lot of mixed feelings about this chapter. For one, I’m going to miss Zangetsu. He was a cool old man, but now he’s completely disappeared (perhaps even for ever). On the other hand, it is a good thing that Ichigo had to pay such a price to defeat Aizen as it would’ve been bad if he could’ve defeated Aizen too easily. The fact that Aizen survived the Mugetsu was something I wasn’t all that happy with as Ichigo literally threw everything at him, while Kamishini no Yari was more effective. But I’m glad Ichigo didn’t just magically managed to destroy the indestructible orb, so again fifty fifty. Urahara showing up was a pretty nice surprise, though I’m really curious why he waited so long to make his appearance. Aizen being sealed along with the Hougyoku was the natural way to go, so it’s a good thing Urahara thought that far ahead. So all in all, I’d say it is a good chapter, though for some reason I can’t say it’s perfect in spite of everything that’s happened. Maybe it’s fatigue or just the fact that Zangetsu is gone, who knows.

During this week’s chapter we learn that the Spirit King functions as a lynchpin for Soul Society. Before that, we heard that the Spirit King didn’t involve himself with any matters surrounding Soul Society anymore and that it was just a title. In spite of this, the Spirit King is important enough to be protected by the elusive Zero squad. Aizen then started hinting at the Spirit King being responsible for manipulating all of existence -where have we heard that before, Aizen?- causing much frustration for him. But in spite of it being conscious, Aizen still refers to the King as a Thing. Urahara reacted to Aizen’s comment by saying he must have seen the Spirit King as well. The main connection between these two is that they both wielded a Hougyoku.
Does this mean the Spirit King is similar to the Hougyoku, or even the source of the Hougyoku?

I’ve got a prediction or two. First off, there’s one I gave you guys last week:
In the after wakes of the final battle between Ichigo and Aizen, the people who were awake in Karakura town are trapped. Only a single boy is capable of moving a bit. He then hears a man’s voice as he turns around to find a Shinigami with an afro. The Shinigami offers the young boy a part of his powers, so that he can help his friends in this time of need. The boy looks around as he sees the people close to them in dire need and then decides to go along with the Shinigami’s request. Before the Shinigami gives the boy his powers, he introduces himself to the boy as Zennosuke Kurumadani. The boy then gives his own name, before thrusting a Zanpakutou through himself: Asano Keigo…
I can so see this happening .

But let’s just assume that Kubo can keep himself from starting up such an awesome story and that he’ll stick to the strawberry. Ichigo will probably start collapsing even further, now that the tension has ended and the last of his powers will start to fade as well. Urahara will then call for Kon to bring Ichigo’s body. Kon will start off in a usual fashion where he tells Ichigo the horror’s he’s been through before Urahara knocks him out of Ichigo’s body. Ichigo then reenters his body after which Urahara will start to explain things about the sealing technique, and more importantly, Aizen’s final words. Before we hear anything from Urahara, however, Ichigo remembers that Yammy was still prowling around. Urahara will then reveal that he has that covered as well, before we move to Hueco Mundo a bit. After a scene or two on how Urahara handled that situation, we’ll get some information from Urahara. But just as Urahara finishes his explanation, a new evil rises from the depths of Szayelapporo’s lab just as Orihime and Ishida find the Hougyoku in Las Noches…

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review. I’m really curious what you guys think about this chapter I still haven’t made up my mind . Be sure to give any theories that you may have and vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter!
Please vote in this poll as well !!! I’ll probably see you guys again next week unless Deicide has finally ended! If that’s the case, The Underscore will be coming back next week!

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  1. and now hueco mundo please? this looks like the last deicide chapter, so next week we will probably have underscore back. we will miss your awesomeness Mask-san! hopefully we will see you again the next time underscore makes a foolish promise? as for the chapter, i liked it a lot. ichigo will defenentaly not stay powerless, so im sure we will see zangetsu again. hopefully aizen stays gone for awhile, we all know he will be unsealed eventually, but hopefully we will have a few hundred chapters of a break from his speeches. im really hping now that we go back to hueco mundo and see some arrancar revivals! kubo said in “MASKED” that he didnt feel like keeping some of them dead, adn grimmjow was still alive last we saw him. As a huge Ulquiorra fan, im really hoping that if any arrancar come back, its him…

  2. From the isle of reviewers comes: The Underscore Mask~~!
    Where it is? It’s in… your… heart…

    If this truly is the final Deicide chapter, I will not be making a return until The Underscore makes another one of his foolish promises. But I feel like I know The Underscore a little, so something tells me there will be plenty of foolish promises to come.
    But hopefully Zangetsu will make his return before I have to after the Deicide chapters. But moving to Hueco Mundo has to happen sooner or later, unless Kubo wants to leave that for the filler in the Anime.
    As for reviving Arrancar… Grimmjow and Szayelapporo seem to be most likely to revive, along with Aaroniero I suppose. The others have been defeated rather thoroughly if you ask me. Seeing Ulquiorra again would actually be a bad thing if you ask me. For Ichigo to stress this much about what he did to Ulquiorra, only to reappear after a while wouldn’t really work if you ask me…

  3. Again Kudos to your nice review I’m always waiting for your reviews same as waiting for each chapter weekly even if there are some points of difference so let me emphasize them:

    I can’t see Grimmjow coming back, three fights with Ichigo and then got beaten up by Nniotra one more time would make it stale and I see no point of putting hopes for him or any other deceased arrancar to come back, as to mention about the arrancars specially the espadas we should remember that these guys were not that strong until Aizen arraived to Hueco Mendo giving them their extra ordinary powers thanks to Hougyoku for that and remember the original 2 espadas that appeared in story (Nel and Aaroniero) got beaten up so easily, so I’m still at the point that new arrancars may appear remember the fat arrancar appeared in ch. 198 or ep. 116 and didn’t appear again, so my point is that there is no point going back and digging into dead characters while there is much more potential with living ones.

    Once again nice review looking forward to seeing more of your stuff 😉

  4. Great review Underscore Mask. That was a great chapter to finish the Deicide ones, although the lack of a sub-title makes me think again if this is really the end.

    Zangetsu’s disappearance, Aizen’s defeat, Urahara’s showing up, there were many interesting things happened in chapter 421 but the most important was that last dialogue between Aizen and Urahara about the Spirit King which can set the path to the upcoming events. Without any other delay let’s go to the spinner.

    –Does this mean the Spirit King is similar to the Hougyoku, or even the source of the Hougyoku?–

    That was an interesting approach. Yeah, I agree that the reason why Aizen and Urahara were able to see the Spirit King it is because they both were owners of a Hougyoku crystal. That alone can make us deduce that there is must be a connection between the Spirit King and the Hougyoku(s). And as you very well spotted, the Spirit King is “something” that manipulates the existence of all the living beings, just like Hougyoku in a much limited sense of course.

    So, Spirit King being the source of the Hougyoku, all parts of the same sentient being with their own will, is very possible indeed. If the Spirit King is basically something like a “huge” or a “central” Hougyoku” that influences every single being by manifesting their basic desire which is “survival” (and that explains the several stages of the soul) but also keeping the balance between everyone’s desires, then theres no wonder why Urahara believes that the world will be thrown to chaos without it.

    But that raises an obvious question. Why does Aizen, who used and become more and more dependent to Hougyoku, is so disgusted by the idea of following a similar to Hougyoku “thing” ?

    There must be a “catch” there, something “evil” from a specific point of view that the Spirit King is responsible for. And I tell to my self thinking about some situations in real life, what’s the main argument against the existence of an “Order that prevents the chaos ?” The obvious answer is “freedom and lack of progression”. I don’t know if Aizen’s belief is according to those lines. Maybe he wants to break this infinitive loop of soul “dying and reincarnating” that prevents an individual person, or I would better say an individual “consciousness” (Realm of Reason isn’t it where the Spirit King resides ?) from rising to a truly “perfect” being.

    Of course this is a premature theory. I am pretty sure we miss several plot elements to see the truth behind this. The sure thing is that the Spirit King’s matter is by far the deepest and the most important one in the universe of Bleach, and the truth about it will come near the end of the series, as after this there will be no room for the plot to furtherly expand. And that makes me think if Kubo made Aizen have this major setback so he could somehow delay the conclusion of this matter.

    Yeah, I know my post is long but here’s a “cracky but possible” theory about the upcoming chapters. Mayuri will be the “mini”-villain of the new arc until Aizen returns. Yeah, I know it is sounds a bit off but don’t mind me I said “cracky”. The moment that made me think about this was when Byakuya asked why Mayuri didn’t return to FKT and he “suspiciously” decided to stay in HM ? I am pretty sure that Mayuri is up to something, probably that “something” has to do with those bodies in Szayel’s locker room. It’s weird we still don’t have a conclusion of the HM loose ends. Let’s see what’s going to happen when the plot returns there.

  5. @anon:
    To think you’d anticipate my reviews as much as the chapters themselves :). That doesn’t make me happy, bastard! :D:D:D (Another One Piece reference in case you didn’t know ;)).
    Mind you, I’m not that set on seeing dead characters reviving unless there’s an actual method and reason to. The reason I say Grimmjow could come back is simply because he had the best odds of survival amongst the Espada. But I wouldn’t mind seeing some new characters sooner or later, mind you.

    You’re welcome. Without a subtitle for the chapter it would seem that this isn’t the end of the Deicide chapters just yet, but remember that we can’t really rely on chapter titles to predict the duration of battles or whatnot in Bleach.

    As for your take on the headspinner, I find it intriguing. But sadly I’ll have to remind you again that I don’t intervene with the spinning of head caused by the ‘Things to make your head spin’ section. All I can say is that your theory sounds reasonable considering what little information we have at this point. Maybe someone else will be willing to give you a bit more feedback on your theories or some of their own takes. Mine are hidden somewhere in the review and won’t be worked out until a later point ;).

    As for the post being long: I don’t really mind. Have you seen the length of some of my reviews and posts? 😉
    The cracky theory you posted sounds interesting. Even though Mayuri is now fighting alongside everyone and whatnot, it doesn’t change the fact that he was incarcerated for his wacky ideas and he murdered hundreds just for his research… I’m honestly surprised that Ishida hasn’t decided to kill him yet… Kubo did mention the bodies in the storage room would be important, and I doubt Mayuri would overlook something so critical. Now to wait and see how Kubo will wrap that up…

  6. Haha, it’s ok if you don’t want to directly reveal it. You remind me one of my teachers, making things challenging rather than having a straight conversation. He was the best one I’ve ever had XD

    Therefore, I’ll re-read your review one more time then and I’ll also consider some of Aizen’s earlier speeches. Maybe between the “vacancy of the throne”, the “how gods are born” and “the sheer existence of mere facts that humans accept as thruth or lies” we may be able to deduce something. Many people used to hate Aizen for his monologues but we can learn many things not only about him but about the status quo of the World concerning how it is functioning.

    Although, I am wondering if you believe at the thesis you posed on your spinner ? Do you believe that the Spirit King is similar to Hougyoku ? Maybe you would like to reply with a yes or no and let me find the why and reasons behind it :p

  7. Personally I believe it’s best to think things through for yourself as well. If you just take something to be true and don’t even think about why or how it could be true, you’ll never learn anything. Not that Bleach is something similar to schoolwork ‘-_-…
    Still, it’s fun to think about possibilities, even if they can drive you crazy from time to time. That’s where the entire section came from, actually :).

    As for the headspinner itself. Let’s just say that I find the two Hougyoku’s creators share too much knowledge on the Spirit King for it to just be a coincidence. Hopefully this is vague enough while giving you somewhat of an answer to work with ;).

  8. I hope this marks the end of Bleach. While I certainly enjoyed it while it lasted, this is a good place to end. Ichigo has lost his powers and I feel like it would cheapen that sacrifice if he could regain them. Aizen is defeated so there’s that loose end tied up. I think Bleach should come to a close right bout now.

  9. I guess it would be kind of cheap for Ichigo to regain his powers after all that happened and whatnot. But just beating Aizen might not be enough to end things. Sure, Aizen’s defeat means that the main antagonist has met his end and with only Yammy being left from the Espada, things can only go one way. But the way Kubo’s been going, it would seem like he really intends to explore the Spirit King factor of Bleach. Besides, a period of powerlessness could offer Ichigo’s friends to achieve more power. I for one am especially curious about Chad and his powers and it would be great to see Orihime putting Tsubaki to good use for once. Besides, I get the feeling that this use of the Mugetsu was something Kubo had intended to use for a long time, ever since he revealed Isshin to be a Shinigami in fact. Then again, it could be that he just thought of that excuse during these Deicide chapters and things just worked out this way :).

  10. Great review, and I wasn’t going to say anything (All I did was vote and rate) but I would also love to see Chad get stronger. He and orihime are the only humans who have powers without any explanation. Sure, Kubo revealed to us through Aizen that they probably gained powers through the hougyoku’s “will of their hearts” crap, that explanation was just too short and too kingdom hearts-ish for me to just blatantly accept. I don’t know about orihime, but I truly have interest in Chad’s future development. I can just imagine what Kubo could do with Chad’s hollow powers (I doubt that Chad has any dark-sides or hollow chado twins, but still) Then again if this IS the end than I can accept that…it has been a good run and this would be a sound ending. then Kubo could write the next Bleach series with Keigo as the star and Ichigo would be like sick or something from losing his powers or maybe he’d just drop in to say hi and stuff XD. But if it does continue, then I’m sure Kubo will just go into detail about the history and story of the spirit king which is sounding less like a person and more of a thing. He will also go into detail about Aizen or just leave him be and Ichigo and Urahara will talk about what will happen next. And isshin will probably give us his background (just to give Kubo time to figure out what to do next, lol)

    I apologize for my lack writing focus; I’m somewhat tired but I wanted to throw my two cents in.

  11. Thanks.
    After Chad claimed his powers were like those of a Hollow, we haven’t heard anything about them. Besides that, there was a time where Chad and Ichigo actually were close in power -before the whole Shinigami thing Chad probably was stronger- and they watched each other’s backs. I’d love to see how things get back to that point, preferably by Chad getting stronger.
    If Bleach was to end now, a new story with Keigo would be awesome :). Then Ichigo would become the annoyingly clingy character instead :p. Even with Keigo as the star, Kubo would still be able to explore the story behind the Spirit King and whatnot.

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