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422 The Silent Victory

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Fine, I’ll admit it… I, The Underscore, was actually The Underscore Mask… Good thing I don’t have to keep this charade up anymore… making intros as I did the last couple of weeks took quite some time, which I honestly don’t have .
Anyways, let’s get back to the good old reviews where the masks are limited to those worn by the Visoreds and Hollows. Well then let’s get to this week’s Bleach review, using the Binktopia/Mangastream scanlation! Written in the middle of the night of course .

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Last week, we found Urahara in Soul Society to claim his victory over Aizen. In the end, Aizen lost due to his arrogance -disappointing as it may be. But did Aizen lose everything? Did Aizen actually lose to Urahara in the end? Last week’s poll was all in order to find out which of these two schemers is the schemiest, which of these two plotters plotted the plot better than Kubo would ever hope to plot. The final showdown in wits, Sousuke Aizen vs. Urahara Kisuke (vs. Kon)!

Sadly, few voters saw the true genius that Kon possesses. I mean, he was the man who set out to search for the hidden valley. The man who knew all that mattered… Four voters know exactly what I’m talking about…

But then we come to the main event of this review: Aizen vs. Urahara. With 68 voters rooting for their favorite it results in a landslide victory for…

Urahara Kisuke with 56 votes! It seems that the last man standing is the smartest in this poll. But Aizen did manage to come in second with 12 votes….

The Forgotten Genius

… and get me a cappuccino!

The chapter starts off with the world shifting binding posts under maintenance. The pillars that withstood the onslaught brought on by Aizen’s Espadas have now been readied to return everything to normal. Judging from the numbers that are mentioned, these might be grids in the transported area or something along those lines. With one of the pillars broken due to Ikkaku’s stubbornness, the 12th division had plenty to do. After checking all 1100 grids, the 12th squad confirms that Karakura town can now be restored to its former glory with both worlds stabilized for reentry. We then find Mayuri giving the order to activate the world shifting. With this, the threat to Karakura town has passed and everything will return to normal… Though Mayuri is getting a bit ahead of himself as one of his subordinates warns him that shifting worlds now would be dangerous for the Shinigami roaming the towns at this moment. The technique for shifting realities had been developed to transport a part of the material world, along with living beings to Soul Society, land of the dead while replacing that with Soul Society’s… soil . Shinigami and other spirits aren’t included in this transportation, leaving them to use the Senkaimon as they are supposed to.

Even though the subordinate points out this threat, Mayuri isn’t all too bothered by this fact as I doubt he wasn’t aware of this fact. More likely, Mayuri just wanted to do a little experiment while rushing to move on to all the data and specimen he collected in Las Noches. Whatever he collected in Las Noches, it seems to be good enough to keep him in a good mood even after everything Ichigo said to him before. He is in such a good mood that he actually gives people some time to leave… ten second time that is.

The Injured

What are you saying to Unohana-sama?! Do you want to get hurt?!

As Mayuri’s subordinate tries to warn them they have 10 seconds to live, the scene changes to the Visored. First thing we see is Hiyori who still seems to be feeling a bit down. Unohana tells us that Hiyori is fine for the time-being, which Risa -yes, the Masked data-book gave this as the official English spelling- wasn’t hoping to hear. Apparently she thought that Hiyori would be pieced together and things would go back to normal. But Unohana now tells us that there’s still a chance that Hiyori might die. Unohana also reveals that Kidou is basically a more effective form of medicine and that even though the medicine can help restore the body, it will still depend on the patient’s will to live whether it will work or not.

Then there’s the question of whether Hiyori would want to keep on living. Aizen’s done for, so there’s no need for revenge anymore. But we’ve already seen that Hiyori isn’t too happy with her fate as a Visored, which begs the question: What does she have left without revenge? But Unohana points out to us that there’s one person amongst them who can tell us whether she’ll want to keep on going. Shinji seems to be feeling a bit more secure, though there’s a hint of doubt in his demeanor. He thanks Unohana for helping out Hiyori, though I get the feeling she helped all of the Visored judging from their appearance. But his thanks aren’t required as Unohana tells them it’s only natural for her to help her allies. Shinji then tells Unohana the same thing he told Genryuusai, that the Visored aren’t allies of Soul Society. Though Hachi and Love seem to be able to relate to this, Risa seems a bit surprised at the fact that Shinji is still trying to say that after all that happened. Rose seems to be more surprised at the fact that Shinji had the gall to talk to Unohana in such a way.

But Shinji realizes that he owes Unohana the live of his friends and that Hiyori would want to say something to her as well. Shinji then takes a moment to think of what Hiyori would say, probably thinking on the question of whether she would want to live or not. Shinji then tells Unohana that Hiyori would say she’d be indebted to Unohana, which means that Unohana did the right thing in saving her even if it was Shinji who wanted to save her most.


Well… glad that’s over… I guess…

Byakuya, Kenpachi, and (most importantly) Yachiru make their return from Las Noches as they are greeted by their subordinates. Though the both of them look fine, their subordinates are certain that the two captains have taken more of a beating than they’re showing. One of Kenpachi’s subordinates then asks him how the battle was this time round. Just as we would expect from a battle against the Cero Espada that took place behind the scenes, it was… “Boring as fuck”. While this may look bad for Yammy, you shouldn’t forget that Kenpachi would think this battle was boring because he didn’t fight it singlehandedly.

But in Las Noches, we find Yammy in the last of his transformations lying on the ground. With his right arm lost and a major cut down on his body, it shouldn’t be a problem for normal Hollows to get back up again. But as was pointed out a long LOONG time ago, Yammy is horrible when it comes to regeneration. As he lies there, we suddenly hear some barking which is enough to wake Yammy up. It would seem that Kenpachi and Byakuya were so bored with the battle, they didn’t even bother to check whether Yammy was killed dead. The giant Arrancar opens his eyes to his puppy dog Hollow, who seems to be glad his master’s still alive. Yammy then asks the dog why he followed him, calling it stupid for doing so. Whether he was glad that the dog followed him or not isn’t all too clear. He did follow Ulquiorra in a similar manner in a certain sense, but Ichigo saw that Yammy didn’t care about his comrades. Maybe this final act of loyalty on the dog’s part was enough to make Yammy realize something, or maybe this was just a way to show how the strongest of the Espada was weakened to the point where he couldn’t even beat a puppy. Whatever the case, Yammy closes his eyes for the last time, leaving the puppy alone. In grievance of its former master, it licks Yammy gently to bid him farewell…

Silent Victory

Life is going to be boring from now on…

Ichigo is staring into the sky, contemplating on everything that has happened to him in the past three months (and a day) and the way it ended. Urahara then walks up to Ichigo, most likely after helping with the shifting of the worlds. Ichigo wants to know where his friends and father are, but Urahara tells Ichigo they already went back home. His friends did want to speak to him, but they couldn’t. Ichigo’s thoughts immediately go to the memory swiping tool Rukia has used countless times in the material world, though Urahara tells Ichigo he left their memories intact. Ichigo takes a moment to realize that he now has to tell his friends what is going on, though he’s happy to do so. With all that happened at school before he set out to Las Noches, Ichigo feels he should tell his friends the truth of what happened. Now that the danger has passed, he can tell them everything without risking the chance that his friends would want to come along. Urahara then smiles at the fact that he had read Ichigo completely and, more importantly, that Ichigo is the same gentle kid he was before everything with Aizen happened a couple of hours ago.

Urahara then moves on the a more important subject: Aizen’s seal. We learn that Aizen’s seal structure is moved to Seireitei in order for the 46 chambers to decide on what to do with him. Though this should have been good news, Ichigo doesn’t look quite so happy. Urahara then asks him why he is making such a concerned face. But Ichigo doesn’t know how to put it into words. But Urahara tries to explain to Ichigo why he shouldn’t feel down as he saved his friends, family, and the rest of the world by stopping Aizen. By doing this, he did the right thing no matter how you look at it. But this still doesn’t comfort Ichigo, and Urahara doesn’t quite know what Ichigo is thinking right now. But then Ichigo asks Urahara a question about what just happened to Aizen.

Sympathy for the devil

Sing with me: Lonely, I’m mister lonely….

Ichigo asks Urahara if he really had been rejected by Hougyoku. Ichigo tells us that his father explained the workings of the Hougyoku and how it materializes what is in the heart of its surroundings. Though last week it seemed to be more obvious for Aizen to have been sealed due to being weakened by the Mugetsu, Ichigo seems to think that Aizen wanted to lose his powers. Ichigo explains that after he obtained the power to face Aizen, he was capable of reading Aizen’s blade and as such his heart. All Ichigo found in that blade was solitude. Aizen always proclaimed that relying on others was a sign of weakness and the way he ended up by himself in the end was more prove of his feeling of not wanting to be surrounded by people who wouldn’t understand him.

Ichigo deduces that Aizen was born with a power far greater than anyone around him. In a sense, he was an standing on top of a mountain while everyone else was walking at the foot of that mountain. Throughout his life, he noticed that people were striving to obtain powers similar to his, yet none could reach him. They were like eagles without wings, wanting to soar above everything but incapable of doing so. Maybe that’s why he got close to Hitsugaya at times. The boy who was a prodigy in his own right, but was still incapable of standing next to Aizen in power. The reason he kept angering Hitsugaya might have been because he noticed that people grow stronger when they’re angry, carrying hatred to those that harm their friends.
Perhaps he was taunting Hitsugaya as a backup plan, to let him grow into a being that could stand with him on top of the mountain.

But Aizen had followers for a long time. When he was a captain, he had subordinates that adored him, yet he wasn’t searching for that. Even before he was a captain, he never found anyone who could stand alongside him. It was probably around that time that Aizen wanted to change things, and as such had to go after the Spirit King. He started up his plans and had to work around Tosen, who he convinced to follow him. But even though Tosen had faith in him, it wasn’t what he was looking for. Using the Hougyoku Aizen created countless Arrancar, but all of them lacked the power to stand with him and all had their own desires. Tosen shared Aizen’s ideals, but even after the Hollowfication he lacked the power to stand beside him. The reason Aizen blew Tosen up in the end, probably had to do with the fact that he knew Tosen would follow him no matter what, but couldn’t give him what he truly wanted.

Gin was someone who could’ve stood alongside Aizen. But Gin came to him with the intent to kill him. Though Gin could’ve stood on the same heights as Aizen, they would never be able to stand at the same place. Gin fought for Matsumoto and his target was Aizen. Without that goal, he would never reach Aizen’s level of power. But with the hatred towards Aizen he achieved an amazing power. This is probably why he only saw Gin as his vice-captain, as he had the same potential as Aizen. But he never truly relied on Gin because Gin never intended to stand on top of the mountain. While Aizen was looking forward and upward, Gin was only looking down at the person he felt was most important to him. But Aizen could still use Gin’s inevitable betrayal to his advantage, to get to his target: The Spirit King…

But then came his battle against Ichigo. Ichigo obtained a power far greater than his own, but it came at a great price. In order to achieve the greatest power Aizen has ever seen, Ichigo had to give them all up. Ichigo fired his Mugetsu and started losing his powers. During this moment, Aizen probably started to realize something. As Kyouka Suigetsu started disappearing and parts of Aizen’s evolution started to come loose, Aizen thought the Hougyoku was granting him the same power Ichigo had as he desired such a power. But Ichigo now believes that Aizen wasn’t looking for the power Ichigo had at that time, but for the side effect of that power. After seeing how Ichigo lowered himself to the level of a mere human, he must have realized somewhere in his heart that he too could just give up his power with the Hougyoku’s help. Same as how Rukia gave up on her power, he could just become a normal Shinigami.

Urahara, however, might have noticed something more than just this. Looking at it like this, the story seems to be quite similar to what Ichigo had to go through with his ability to see ghosts. The ability to see ghosts (and the orange hair) made him somewhat of an outcast. But unlike Aizen, who blamed the Spirit King, Ichigo did his best to fit in. Ichigo found friends who accepted him for what he was and he did the same for them. This was the greatest difference between Aizen and Ichigo. Where Aizen was waiting for others to come to him, Ichigo helped others to get to where he was. This resulted in the friends Ichigo has made in his life. Speaking of his friends…


You can say what you want about their strength, but they have impeccable timing

Orihime, Ishida, Rukia, Chad, and Renji finally show themselves after quite some time. Though this wrecks all the predictions on Orihime using her powers on a second Hougyoku, it is more important for them to show up right now. Urahara could try all he wants, but in the end his nakama are the only ones who can really make him feel better. The only thing I have a problem with is the fact that this somehow broke the promise Ichigo and his friends made before they split up before, to join in the same place they departed . But it’s alright as they at least came back to Ichigo, though not exactly in one piece. Ichigo asks his friends if they should be walking around right now, though Rukia should be the one to ask that. But Orihime can’t help but interrupt Rukia and Ichigo.

She starts crying out of joy as Ichigo is still in one piece. After all that happened in Las Noches and with Ulquiorra, Orihime was probably worried sick about what would happen with Ichigo when facing off against even more powerful enemies. She tells us that she wasn’t sure if it was Ichigo, with the long hair -how many people are walking around with orange hair?…- , but seeing him in good shape is enough for her. Rukia is glad that Orihime started feeling better as well and Ichigo can’t help but smile at the way Orihime is reacting to his long hair. With Orihime saved at last and Aizen gone, things are looking up a bit. Then again…


Don’t tell me you’re hurting just because The Underscore Mask isn’t reviewing anymore! :@

Ichigo suddenly collapses in front of his friends. As all of his friends rush to his side, Ichigo starts screaming out in pain. Is this the result of Ichigo using the Mugetsu? Is this Ichigo’s body crumbling under the spiritual pressure of his friends? Could it be that Ichigo is dying right now due to his loss of Shinigami powers? Without his Shinigami powers, he is a normal spirit that should be bound to his body with a chain of fate. It is possible that, with his body still living, his spirit is starting to hurt because it isn’t inside the body anymore. Then again, the spirit and the body are now no longer synced as the Spirit aged 3 months in comparison to the body.
All we know for now is that Ichigo is in pain. The cause, is something for us to think about as we won’t know until next week…

Not a bad chapter in my opinion. It wrapped things up that took place during the Deicide arc in a simple fashion. This could be a point for Kubo to end the Anime, in the same way other manga’s anime ended, though I hope I’m wrong on that account. We found that most of the people have been saved and are trying to get their bearings after Aizen’s defeat. Mayuri cleaned up everything with the fake town, the Visored are still standing and are trying to think of what to do now that their target of revenge has been removed. Yammy passed away rather peacefully (as far as we know) in spite of the fact that he faced off against two of the most merciless Shinigami around. The fact that we haven’t seen anything of that fight and everyone just walked away from it so easily was a bit disappointing. But seeing Yammy’s fight after Aizen’s defeat wouldn’t have served any purpose, I guess.
Ichigo’s interpretation of what happened with Aizen had to be the highlight of this chapter, for me at least. Sure, it makes Aizen seem like a completely different person, but that doesn’t change the fact that it makes sense. Just look at everything that Aizen has done throughout the story. Even though his main purpose, the fall of the Spirit King, wasn’t really explained with this, the rest of his actions were. I tried to explain that in the two page rant, so I hope it got through .
But then came this week’s cliffhanger: Ichigo collapsing and crying out in pain. That’s something that could make our heads spin, wouldn’t you agree?
But before getting to that. This chapter in itself was good. Sure, it pales in comparison to what we had predicted could happen and certainly in comparison to this week’s chapter of One Piece, but with all that happened during Deicide this is a nice change of pace. Let’s see how Kubo will work this out.

Ichigo collapsed at the end of this week’s chapter. Perhaps the final bits of his Shinigami powers left him only moments ago, or maybe Zangetsu’s departure is the cause of this pain. Is this sudden cry of pain made by Ichigo part of the Mugetsu, or could the Spirit King have a hand in this?

Next week’s chapter can pick up in several situations. The first is that the chapter starts immediately where this chapter ended. Urahara might take Ichigo back to his living body in order to save his life. Ichigo will be left comatose for some time, leaving his friends to think of a way to help him getting back on his feet, making for the set-up of the next arc.

Another possibility is that this is just a side effect of his friends coming to close to him now. His friends all have the level of power equal to a vice-captain or higher, which can be disastrous for normal souls. His friends then have to stay away from Ichigo in order to ensure they won’t crush him.

Another possibility is that Isshin will show up with Kon (in Ichigo’s body). Kon will be ejected and Ichigo will be put back into his body. Isshin will then reveal how he went through the same thing and reveal how he became a mortal…

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it, even if it was without a mask. Just know that I’ve spent/wasted my entire lunch-break to upload this! Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter!… well, I can say anything I want in this part of the review as hardly anyone reads this final bit anyways . Maybe I shouldn’t be using the standard format for the ending week after week… I did ask you guys to vote in a poll last week as I wondered whether I should take up One Piece as well… With only ten voters and six of them saying I should just stick to Bleach I’ll do just that. Maybe I’ll write a single review for chapter 600 as I always wanted to write a One Piece review, even if it is just a single one… But first I’ll need to find time for that . In any case, I’ll see you guys again next week with another Bleach review!

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  1. the whole ending to bleach was totally dissappointing. i mean instead of going all hollow and raising his power level to 9000, he could still have used kyoka suigetsu and fcked ichigo. i always wondered what nice ways ichgo wud have to think of to counter it but the ending was laughably anticlimatic. i guess even kubo got bored of bleach 😦

  2. Uh, I’m sorry but Bleach isn’t over; I can confirm that. Anyways, I highly doubt Aizen survived. Not even Aizen could have anticipated this sealing. But I do think I know where Ichigo is coming from about Aizen. Aizen was simply a Shinigami born with extraordinary power. He just need a way to express it, and this is how he did.

    On a unrelated note: I will be posting something new here tomorrow or today (Depending on if Underscore will allow me to post today).

    Ciao! ^^

  3. Couldn’t wait for this review.

    Still, my heart aches for the end of the Underscore Mask. The dedication you put forth just to act like someone else was entertaining…sigh.

    Love Kenpachi….he’s always bored as fuck LOL!

    Happy to see Ichigo’s gang back together again.

    I think Ichigo is either weak from being around his friends, or something evil is effecting him…You know what I mean.

    We’ll know next week. Overall, nice chapter and it closes the decide arc well.

  4. im disappointed with this chapter. two things have irked me.
    1. Yammi’s fight was skipped
    if hes the strongest espada why did we not see him fight? hell, we never saw anything that indicated he deserved the title! i was hoping for a better resolution for the arrancar in general, that by going back to yammi’s fight we would see what happened to nell, if Grimmjow is still alive, etc. instead, skipped. i mean i know the arc was dragging on, but this feels sloppy and rushed.
    2. Orihime
    i know we only had a few panels to see her this chapter, and there might be more later, but i was really, really, REALLY! hoping that she might have picked up some character development after all this. after the fiasco on the dome, her causing monster ichigo to come out and having that touching moment with Ulquiorra, i thought she might have grown up a little. but, No, its back to K-Kuning to the end of time! That blubbery crying face was so pathetic, i don’t know why, but when i saw t i was just like “really? your back to crying and being weak again? already? no wonder the fandom thinks you cant fight at all ever” she hasnt grown or changed at all, so what was the point of her whole time in hueco mundo!!??
    …phew, now that i got that out of the way, i will say that i think she will develop eventually. i did notice that her hairpins seem to be missing while admiring the group picture. is this foreshadowing, or kubo being lazy again?

    as for ichigo collapsing, hes clutching his throat, so i think its him losing his powers and being unable to stand the Soul Society’s pressure. Great review Underscore! nice to have you back XD its too bad about that masked guy though. he was so much better… 😛

  5. whoops, forgot to add my name. the above post is mine Undersocre!

  6. @Gunslinger:
    I doubt this was the actual ending of Bleach. The only part of this that could be the end of Bleach would have to be for the Anime. But something tells me the Manga will be around for a couple of arcs at least.

    It’s a good thing you’re so sure that Bleach won’t be ending soon :). Kind of curious what makes you think that. Is it from interviews with Kubo or something like that?
    Whether Aizen died or not is something I can’t really say. Urahara did suggest that Aizen became immortal due to his fusion with the Hougyoku, so…
    As for the unrelated note: I thought you already were allowed to post?!… shoot, now I have to do administrative things…. how did that work again? ‘^_^… (I’ll be right on it).

    *Edit: You do still have the right to post here from what I can see here. You thought you’d need my permission? 🙂

    Oh, so you’re going to act as if you already knew I was The Underscore Mask. Just admit you were blinded by the awesomeness of the mask and you never knew ;).
    I did consider the possibility of something evil a while back. Then again, I haven’t even considered the possibility of it being a Hougyoku inside Ichigo’s chest… But this is the headspinner for this week, so I’d better leave you guys to it ;).

    I’ll admit that the Arrancar arc has been overshadowed by the events of the Deicide arc. Some events from the Arrancar arc were resolved during the Deicide arc, where others (such as Yammy) were only ended during this chapter. But really, it’s not as if Kenpachi and Byakuya could’ve lost this, with Bleach’s unspoken rule of popularity equals immortality (unless it plays a major part in the story).
    Orihime’s crying was something I didn’t mind too much, basically as it was an easy way for Kubo to show Ichigo that Orihime is alright. Mind you, I’m still hoping she’ll one day get to the point of using Tsubaki for real, but for now it’s all good. Maybe she’ll be more dedicated to use Tsubaki to protect the now powerless Ichigo. As for the missing hairpins… my money’s on Kubo being lazy :). Then again, it might be possible that Orihime and Chad have lost their powers now as well, due to Ichigo losing his powers and theirs being born from Ichigo’s.

    Glad you enjoyed the review. Good thing you posted your name after the first one. To say you liked The Underscore Mask better without letting me know who you are would have been a bit cowardly :p.

  7. hey everyone was thinking it! im just saying it! XD…

  8. my main problem with orihime crying, was that she should not be all right.
    after everything that happened to her(i mean seriously, i think more crazy stuff happened to her then every other character sans ichigo) how is it possible that her character has not changed at all from the Orihime before hueco mundo? i was mainly hoping for her to change because im sick and tired of the weakling, crying Orihime who is useless and says kurosaki-kun all the time. when she talked with ulquiorra she became interesting, other then that she was boring all the time. i mean when she bitch-slapped Ulquiorra i was like “whoa, thats awesome!” that was the last time i was impressed with orihime. she was tough and interesting then, but now she has reverted hundreds of chapters of character development(apparently), so im annoyed. heres hoping we see more change in her in future chapters. that or she stops using so much pannel time…

  9. @Underscore

    I know I’m allowed to post, I was wondering if you’d allow me to post on the same day as your breakdown. Obviously, this is the next day, so I’ll be posting now.

    Side Note: Have you heard from Ron in awhile?

  10. @Underscore

    By the way, I LOVE your gravatar. Where did you find it?

  11. @takashid:
    I think even I was thinking that… or wasn’t I the narrator in the opening? It was pretty late when I made that opening… should’ve bothered to check the spelling at least ‘-_-.

    I’ll admit that with everything Grimmjow and Ulquiorra said about Orihime you’d expect there to be something wrong. But then again, both of them wanted to provoke Ichigo, so why not use Orihime? There might be some changes in her pretty soon, but you can’t expect her to turn a 180 all of a sudden. But time will tell…


    I guess it would be better to spread the posts a bit, didn’t even think about it like that :). I did hear from Ron a while back, but then work got in the way and I haven’t found the time to chat with him… Maybe I should send him an e-mail soon…

    As for my gravatar. I just googled prinny and found the gravatar picture along with the pictures I used in this week’s opening (with the adding of Rose’s mask, of course). I think these pictures came from I only changed the background color :). Why I chose a Prinny? It’s a penguin… that explodes once you throw it and uses awesome words like “dood”. Nuff said, right? Too bad it’s so hard to get Disgaea games where I live :(.

  12. Ah, thank you. 🙂

  13. Thanks for the review Underscore Mask ! Amusing and very good as always. Forgive my spelling/grammar errors, I am typing it very fast by the lack of time.

    Nah, I know I am commenting a bit late but nevertheless that spinner deserves a theory. Too good that Kubo decided that there is never going to be another BLEACH chapter without a cliffhanger again.

    —– Is this sudden cry of pain made by Ichigo part of the Mugetsu, or could the Spirit King have a hand in this?——

    Ok, before we make assumptions let’s state the facts we already know : Ichigo has just used Mugetsu and he has lost his shinigami (but not his hollow ?) powers and he is now a soul outside of his body, the last panel suggests that Ichigo is being “overwhelmed” (oh the lack of a better word) by reiatsu seeing the design of the force that made him collapse, also seeing that he had put his hand into his neck he seems to be a sort of suffocating, he is the only one here who does that, he has several vc-captain level people around him and a minute before he was talking to Urahara. I don’t know if I have forgot something. Probably the fact that this event was triggered while he was talking to his nakama, but this must be a coincidence. Let’s go to the theories.

    At first I thought it was something simple, Ichigo is now a powerless soul outside of his body. Checking back, even before the SS arc during Urahara’s training, we know that souls out of their material body feel sick and weak even having difficulties at breathing (chapter 59). Well, that alone of course would have not been enough to make Ichigo collapse but we should not forget that atm he is surrounded by his nakama, who are strong enough to put them in vc level of power (well most of them). So Ichigo is down because he can’t stand his nakama reiatsu. See, as they start running towards him, Ichigo suffers more and more. This is the writter’s way to make Ichigo’s friend learn that he is powerless. Or is it ?

    Well, that this what I believed but now, after having some second thoughts and hearing some other opinions, I am not so sure. It somehow seems as a drastic moment. If it was that Ichigo couldn’t simply stand his nakama’s reiatsu I don’t think that Kubo would have portrayed it that dramatic and by such an extensive suffering.

    There’s another -cracky- theory, that has to do with your “suggestion” about the Spirit King having something to do in this, even though indirectly.

    Kubo is going to introduce the Royal Guards in the next chapters. Probably, they are right now opening a gate from the Royal Realm to Soul Society using their Key or another unknown way. Such an event of course, causes huge amount of reiatsu to burst through the Soul Society. But, since the Royal Realm is the Realm of Reason and not of reiatsu, no one there can feel it. No one except Ichigo, who once stood in a dimension similar to one of RR. He is not the only one who can feel that huge turn of events but the fact that he is now powerless makes him suffering to the max.

    Yeah, don’t laugh Underscore Mask. I know that’s a bit far-fetched and probably a wishful theory but it’s not like you have never heard cracky theories again, do you ? Joking aside, it probably is something unknown to us, neither hollowfication, nor mere collapsing by reiatsu. I am pretty sure that it has something to do with Mugetsu and the fact that Ichigo is powerless. Maybe the repercussions of the use of FGT is something more than losing all of your abilities. Maybe it a huge and drastic change of Ichigo’s inner world. I want to know what Isshin and Urahara have to say about that.

    We will soon learn, or I should better say you will soon learn. I am taking a break from Bleach for a couple of weeks for some “professional” reasons. As much as having no chapter to read for some weeks sucks, it would be good to have 3 or 4 chapters to read when I return. So cya then Underscore Mask.

    PS : oh yeah, you’ll be always the Underscore Mask for me…:P

  14. ^ Can’t believe that this kind of post turned out to be long again…

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