The Underscore’s One-Shot One Piece review

Chapter 600: The Island of Fresh Beginning

Hey there, welcome to a One Piece review written by a Bleach reviewer. With Bleach on a two week break and my wanting to write a One Piece review at least once, this was a great opportunity to write this review. I did write a little warming up for this week’s review by covering the two previous reviews, but I didn’t bother posting it on Mangahelpers. If you’re really interested, you can find it here, but if you’re already completely up to date with One Piece and don’t care about the past two chapters anymore, you might as well skip it . I’ve got little else to say here other than this being a One-Shot review. Maybe I’ll review One Piece again one day, but that depends on how this review works out as well.
Anyways, here’s the review for One Piece 600: The Island of Fresh Beginning, scanlated by Mangastream and Binktopia, so thanks to them for giving us this week’s chapter.

Survival of the fittest

A clear case of eat or be e~quipment

Oda’s in a giving mood as this is the second request drawing he’s given us in two weeks time. My guess is that Oda’s using these requests to showcase the characters after the two year time-skip so he can show that they haven’t really changed at all. Personality wise that is. Zoro is still as oblivious to his surroundings as ever, mistaking a one ton alligator for his workout equipment. This cover shows us that Zoro really is the same as he was before, though he traded the scars on his legs for a scar on his left eye. The only thing that isn’t all too clear right now is whether Zoro’s left eye is open or not. As far as I can tell, it looks like he’s opened his left eye. But with the angle of his head and Oda already having made a mistake with Zoro’s eye before, we may never know (unless Zoro opens his eye in one of the later chapters). The lack of scarring on Zoro’s legs may just be a sign of those wounds finally having healed after two years.

The weakling trio reunite

Doctor, ride, and spare-food, is there something Chopper can’t do?

The chapter starts off with Chopper running through Sabaody’s 35th grove in search for, whom he believes to be, Robin. As he screams his lungs out in order to find Robin, we see that his Walk-point (animal form) has changed over the past two years. While the Brain-point remained the same -much to my relieve- I’m glad that Chopper’s other forms may have changed by Chopper maturing. Our favorite raccoon has now finally become a full-fledged reindeer (when he’s in his Walk-point, that is). Judging from the current size of Chopper’s antlers, I’m really curious to see what will happen to his Horn-point. Then again, I just want to see all of Chopper’s (new) forms now . But enough on the Walk-point.

Chopper still can’t believe how his crewmates would just give up on Robin like they did. For the past two years, Chopper has been training for the crew he knew and loved. But now his captain has become a cruel man who doesn’t care for his nakama anymore. As Chopper thinks about what will happen to the straw-hats from now on, and possibly about the time he wasted for them, he suddenly hears a familiar voice.

Usopp and Nami are seen riding a Bon Chari (the Bubble Bike) carrying bubbles filled with Cola barrels to fuel the Sunny as they call out to their crewmate. Chopper is glad to see Usopp, who he hadn’t seen yet, as he probably feels that he would understand Chopper. Usopp, however, is just glad to see his fellow weakling brother and is amazed to see how much Chopper’s grown. Usopp immediately notes how it must be easier to ride Chopper now, almost establishing the fact that Usopp will be riding Chopper when necessary. Whether this has to do with Usopp’s training in the past two years (perhaps he’s learned to snipe while riding animals) or his old habit of running away is something I can’t really say for sure, but it’s a fun fact to note.

Chopper then gets hugged by Nami, who tells him that he’s gotten fluffier. This being the second time that Nami hugged one of the Straw-hats, I’m really curious whether she’ll hug Sanji (possibly killing him in the process) or will completely ignore Sanji’s desire for a woman’s touch and just greet him (killing him in the process). It’s just too bad we’ll be losing Sanji soon, but with some luck he’ll go to a better place (after being hugged that is). But back to Chopper. Chopper looks at Nami in amazement as he just saw her a short while ago. He is surprised to see how much different she suddenly looks, with her hair being longer, her being taller, and having a completely different outfit, and her actually recognizing him and all. But before figuring out whether Nami has obtained a Hag-point transformation or has a twin, he tells Usopp and Nami they have urgent business: to save Robin!!!

The Truth Revealed

Wait a second… What’s Sogeking doing with the fake crew then?!!

We find out that there’s been a fake crew on Sabaody this entire time as Nami explains the situation to Chopper. I was almost as shocked as Chopper was here! But this does explain how there are two Namis, why the crew acted so differently, why Robin suddenly got scary, and why she smelled different than before… Nami must be a genius! Silliness aside, Nami points out how Robin would never get caught so easily, especially if she was merely stuffed into a bag and taken away. Chopper then finally connects the dots as he realizes that Robin never offered him a cucumber before (or had a fox chewing her head).

Chopper gets angry at the fact that other people would sully the Straw-hat name. How could such a cruel captain pretend to be the kind captain that would do anything for his crew? Why would anyone pretending to be the Straw-hats be so uncaring towards their nakama? The fact that they’re being copied is just wrong!
Then again, it is pretty awesome they are famous enough for people to impersonate them…
As Chopper is going from outrage to being overjoyed, Nami points out that Luffy’s name is notorious enough for other people to use it to their own advantage. But all Chopper and Usopp hear is how much fame they must have as the Straw-hat crew, thinking only of the autographs will be signing. It seems that the concepts of notoriety and fame are a bit lost on these two.

With Chopper meeting up with Usopp and the real Nami, we can rest assured that there won’t be any more mistakes and that they won’t meddle with the fake crew’s business. Here we were thinking Chopper would try to save Robin and the Straw-hats having to come get Chopper and whatnot. Chopper must feel so silly, falling for the fake Zoro, Sanji, and Robin’s disguises when he met up with them. We should be glad that none of the other Straw-hats would be thickheaded enough to fall for the fake-Straw-hats’ disguises… wait a sec… it’s as if we’re forgetting someone…

When Idiots Collide

Just call him Gold Luffy for now…

The scene changes to the fake Sanji and Zoro running through Grove 40 in search of Chopper. After Chopper left in search of Cocoa (the woman who pretended to be Robin), the fake Luffy found out that he was in fact a true member of the Straw-hats. Concluding the same thing his fake-crew did last week, he feels the need to add Chopper to his crew in order to reinforce the illusion that they are the real Straw-hats. This brings us back to the fake Sanji and Zoro running through the streets of Sabaody in search for Chopper.

Seeing these two running through Sabaody is a complete disgrace to the real Sanji and Zoro. For one, the fake Zoro has no stamina at all, running out of breath trying to keep up with the fake Sanji. What’s even more disgraceful to Zoro is the fact that this Zoro is actually this close to Sanji and listens to what that Sanji tells him to do. The fact that this Zoro doesn’t get lost while running after the fake-Sanji is also completely out of character .
Then we have the fake Sanji, who is actually being buddy-buddy with Zoro. What’s worse, this Sanji doesn’t even know what he has to do to find Chopper, where the real Sanji would’ve thought of something. But before we find out more reasons for Sanji to be ashamed of this fake Sanji and to beat him up, the fake monster duo find the cloaked kid with the big bag.

Luffy is still following his Vivre-card towards his nakama. But after his short encounter with the fake-Luffy in last week’s chapter, he decided to take heed of Hancock’s warning. To ensure no one will recognize him and so he won’t make another scene, he decides to put on the fake mustache Hancock gave him. Just as he puts on the mustache, the fake-Sanji and Zoro notice that one of their targets just presented himself on a silver plate. But they aren’t exactly sure whether this is their real target as the mustache on Luffy makes them doubt he’s a kid. Luffy, however, sees the two fakes as he suddenly realizes something about those two…

How to find the real Sanji and Zoro

Mix one part Sanji with one part Zoro and watch it blow up

Meanwhile on the grove next to the one where the fakes are, the real Zoro tells Sanji he wants to go fishing on the beach. While other pirates are walking past the two Straw-hats -most likely on their way to the fake-Straw-hat meeting-, Sanji tells Zoro to stop thinking about fishing. Zoro then once more shows us how reluctant he is to listen to Sanji (unlike the fake) as he asks him why he would even listen to him in the first place. Sanji then tells him that he’s sticking with Zoro for the crew’s sake, as Zoro would just get lost on Sabaody while the crew is already gathering at the Sunny. Zoro probably feels like seeing the rest of the crew, thus agreeing with Sanji that they should return, but mocks Sanji to hide this fact. Calling Sanji number 7 while referring to himself as number 1 is enough to anger Sanji. As he tells Zoro he shouldn’t rank him based on the order they arrived back at Sabaody, Zoro apologizes to number 7. Hell breaks loose as Sanji threatens to show how much stronger he’s gotten during his two years in hell and Zoro goes along as he usually does.

Seeing these two interacting this way was so touching. It reminds me of how I act with my little brother. After two long years Zoro and Sanji are so glad to be together again that they immediately get back to their usual routine. What’s even funnier is that even after two whole years on Kamabakka island, Sanji still refers to it as hell. Part of me expected him to have mellowed up a bit, only referring to it as ‘that shitty island’ instead of hell, but I guess it is impossible for Sanji to see that island as anything less than a hell. Oda is really setting Sanji up to die sooner or later (not literally). Either he’ll die from meeting up with his dear Nami-swan and Robin-chwan, or from the thought that Luffy actually went to the isle of women and met up with one of the most beautiful women in the world. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Oda is really cruel towards Sanji (other examples being the wanted poster and his eyebrows) .

The New Supernovas

They lack the charm the other Supernovas we know have…

Meanwhile, on grove 46, the new Straw-hat members are gathering under the watchful eye of a marine. Reporting through his Den-Den Mushi, the marine informs his base of the presence of four captains with a high bounty. Two of them met the fake-Luffy’s requirement of having at least a 70 million bounty (Gashed Albion (92 million) who looks like a merman to me, and “lip service” Doughty (88 million) whose name says it all) while two new Supernova have joined the crew as well.
Wet Hair Karibou and Blood Spattered Coribou are the most infamous new members of the crew. Renowned as marine killers, we can see these are amongst the more shady of pirates just by their appearances. Karibou looks like he escaped from a mental institute judging from the look in his eyes and the straightjacket like sleeves. Coribou just looks like a stressed out clown, sweating and looking a bit panicked. The iguana on his head, serving as hair, really doesn’t add to his sanity meter either. Judging from the strange mimes in the background, the crew of these brothers is really into the psychotic performer theme.

While the marine tries to report all the pirates gathering under the Straw-hat flag, he is caught by Karibou. The Wet Hair tells the marine he shouldn’t have called the marines. The marine claims he didn’t have the opportunity yet, which the pirate believes. Karibou then threatens that the arrival of marines would be bad for him as it could cause his blood to spill. Karibou then asks his brother to confirm. But Coribou has some trouble finding his brother (whose standing next to him) for some reason. Even when his brother tells him where to look, he still looks the wrong way. My guess is that Blood-Spattered Caribou is in dire need of glasses or has a directional sense worse than Zoro’s.

While the pirates are distracted by their own quirks, the marine tries to save the day by taking out his gun. But luck isn’t on this marine’s side as Karibou lives up to his name as marine killer by stabbing him. Karibou then places the blame on the marine, as he was the one who attacked him and he was only acting in self defense. Karibou then starts praying to his God, asking for forgiveness for the poor marine who assaulted him. Then he tells Coribou to dig a hole to bury the marine alive, who immediately starts digging. With the psychopathic brothers doing their routine, the marine begs them not to bury him alive. Just as things look grim for the marine, he’s saved by Straw-hat Luffy!… or something.

The “Straw-Hats” gather

This makes me wonder… what’s Buggy doing right now?

Fake-Luffy tells the two brothers not to bother with a couple of marines as he has more important new. The fake Luffy takes the stage as he tells all the pirates that have gathered on the grove that they have now officially been made part of his crew. As the pirates are thrilled at the news of joining the infamous pirate who assaulted all three of the world government’s greatest facilities in the first half of the Grand Line, Fake-Luffy riles them up even further. After a small speech, he tells his new crewmembers that they are going to go after the people who humiliated him, their “Boss”. As the crowd goes wild for their new boss, the fake Sanji and Zoro arrive on the grove as well. Followed by Luffy…

Luffy proves once more that he’s still an idiot deep down inside, as he believes the two fakes are the real Sanji and Zoro. Luffy is just excited to finally see all of his crewmembers again, so maybe that’s why he didn’t notice how the two are fakes. He tells the fakes that they certainly have changed in two years time (them being so buddy-buddy and all) and that it looks as if they are wearing disguises same as he is. The two fakes are worried that Luffy was another member of the Straw-hats, but one without a bounty (if they only knew), so they keep quiet until they present Luffy to their captain.

The fake Sanji then tells their captain -who wants to be called “boss” now- that they couldn’t find Chopper, but probably found one of the people he was looking for. The two Luffy’s then meet eyes as the scene changes to another gathering.

The Soul King’s Encore

There ain’t no party like a Straw-hat party!

Meanwhile, at Brook’s concert, Brook gets a Den-Den-Mushi call telling him marines are on the prowl. But in spite of this threat, Brook decides to give his adoring fans the encore they are calling for. Just as Brook takes the stage, the marines surround the arena as they found out that Brook is none other than the 33 million bounty pirate Humming Brook. To make matters even worse, he’s a part of the Straw-hat pirates as well. The crowd is shocked at the news of their idol being a member of an infamous pirate crew as everything Brook’s worked for these past two years seems to be coming to an end.

Brook’s manager then takes the stage as he reveals himself to be the one who betrayed him. After hearing Brook was going to retire and return to his pirate life, his manager decided to take Brook’s life (and bounty) to make up for all the money he and his agency won’t get after Brook’s retirement. Brook isn’t all too surprised by this fact and doesn’t even seem to care that he’s been betrayed by the people he’s worked for these past two years. Instead, he asks the rest of the performers to accompany him for one last song as a group, assuring him everything will be alright as his music now has power.

His manager tells Brook he’s gone mad, but Brook just thanks him for the ride to Sabaody. He then explains what Sabaody means to him and the rest of the Straw-hats, naming it an island of restarting, before telling the crowd his part in the crew as the man that has to enliven the adventure. Brook then tells the world that Straw-hat Luffy isn’t dead, but that he’s alive and ready to go again. Starting up the latest of his songs, ‘New World’, he tells everyone that Luffy will be the Pirate King and that someone with such a title would never depart without making a ruckus (amen to that). As the marines try to warn the base and capture Brook, the fans tell them to be quiet as they were touched by Brook’s music. Brook’s music managed to move their souls (as I thought it would’ve ), so they don’t care who he is. Brook then gives his grand finale while the scene changes to the people he is dedicating the song to.


Franky’s finally who he’s supposed to be

Usopp, Chopper, and Nami finally returned to the Sunny as they meet up with Franky and Robin. Chopper immediately freaks out at the new and improved Franky as he starts to ask all the questions we all(/I) had about this new Franky: Does he have lasers? Missiles? Can he merge with anything? Usopp tries to calm Chopper down as he underwent the same thing as Chopper is going through right now (judging from the way he speaks) at the glorious sight of male romance embodied in one person. Franky enjoys the attention he gets from his little bro’s as he prepares to give a little show. Usopp then asks one of the first questions that came to a lot of people’s minds after seeing the new Franky: How could he do precise work with such huge hands?

I expected him to be able to take off the arms and replace them with smaller ones. But instead of using something so predictable, Franky has a smaller hand that comes out of his hand instead! While Chopper almost dies from excitement, Nami greets Robin. Robin and Nami quickly go over the strangeness of Franky’s new body and the ship’s coating. But Franky quickly gets back to the center of attention as he reveals something Chopper and Usopp both haven’t seen yet.

Franky tells Usopp to press and hold his nose for more than three seconds (repeating it in a robot’s voice as it is a part of the romance, awing Chopper and Usopp). Three seconds later we get… HAIR! Franky’s hair has now become controllable making it even more SUUUUPER than before!!! This has officially made Franky’s transformation utterly SUUUPER to me as the only problem I (and many of you probably) found in his new design was the lack of his hair . After putting his hair back in model he tells Nami hello, though she is still trying to understand what happened to Franky. Guess that just proves that Nami will never be able to understand a man’s romance… she didn’t get the afro during the Davy back fight either… she’s a lost cause I guess…

Chopper then wants to see what everyone wants to see: Franky’s new weapons! But Franky tells Chopper they should wait for Luffy before he shows his new weapons, as he would love to see them (true that). But Chopper and Usopp are already impressed by the fact that Franky added “Mecha” at the end of his sentence… Franky’s really enjoying the attention if you ask me . But before everything spins out of control on the ship, Rayleigh and Shakky arrive at the Sunny.

A Fresh Start

You’re underestimating Luffy right now guys…

Shakky explains that she heard through the Den-Den Mushi that marines have mistaken the fake Luffy for the real Luffy. After hearing from Shakky that Brook’s heard everything as well and that he’ll be coming to the Sunny soon, Franky (with Chopper on his shoulder in awe) commends the skeleton for abandoning stardom for the pirate’s life. Rayleigh then asks Nami if she’s the navigator, to make sure he teaches the way to navigate a coated ship to the right person. Usopp then asks Rayleigh why they’re so tense even though Luffy isn’t there yet. Rayleigh then tells him that Luffy has disembarked as well, much to everyone’s joy. The crew is excited that everyone is now heading back to the Sunny (as Sanji, using a Den-Den Mushi, told Franky that he found Zoro and is coming as well), meaning they can finally journey together again. Shakky is relieved to hear that everyone is returning to the ship too, as the marines are closing in. She then gives the crew the original Vivre-card, that the other pieces are pointing towards, in order for Luffy to find his way to them. For some reason she’s expecting Luffy to arrive at the ship without any trouble. Though Shakky’s been right about everything up to this point, I can’t shake the feeling she’s going to be wrong for once. Rayleigh then gives the Straw-hats his final pieces of advice before the Straw-hats can continue their journey in their own way as he announces this to be a new start for them.

Perhaps not as spectacular as I anticipated the 600th chapter to be, but certainly a great chapter nonetheless. Chopper meeting up with the real crew certainly averted a rather predictable situation at first, though Luffy still manages to mess that up in his usual way as he meets up with a fake Sanji and Zoro. This chapter basically reassures us that the Straw-hats are still the same old crew they always were even if they were apart for 2 years.

Though each crewmember has improved himself during the two years, some things won’t ever change amongst the crew. Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper are still incredibly gullible; Franky is still as manly as ever as he still has his SUUUUPER hair; Brook is still set on exploring the New World along with the captain that accepted him in spite of being just bones; Nami still won’t understand a man’s romance; Robin keeps on being the more collected member of the Straw-hats without judging any of them (mainly Franky); and Zoro and Sanji are still as easily agitated by each other as always. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m glad they’re still this way .

The other thing this chapter did, what most chapters of One Piece do, was set us up for a chapter where we’ll try to predict everything, only to be completely wrong. On that note, here’s my prediction:

For those of you who never read my Bleach reviews: My predictions are wrong 99% of the time. With One Piece, I’m bound to be wrong entirely, but I might as well try to give an alternative to what will happen .

As the Sunny moves towards Grove 42, Luffy and the fake-Luffy’s second confrontation will take place. Fake-Luffy will take a good look at Luffy before… deciding he isn’t the boy he was looking for (he didn’t even recognize Luffy and Chopper from the wanted posters, so he’ll probably be fooled by the mustache). The fake Luffy then asks Luffy who he is, but with Hancock’s advice still in the back of his mind he’ll just tell the fake he’s a pirate. The fake will then tell Luffy to help out the Straw-hats, making Luffy think he’s going to help his friends with a bunch of other pirates as Sanji and Zoro are also there. Luffy will then go out with the fake Sanji and Zoro to find Nami and Usopp. During a conversation with the two fakes, Luffy will learn that the fake-Robin has been kidnapped, only for him to rush towards Rayleigh and Shakky to ask for help. In the meantime, Sanji, Zoro, and Brook will have gathered on the Sunny as they wait for Luffy.

The crew then gets anxious as they realize that Luffy would be dumb enough to fall for the fake crew’s disguises as they set out together. Luffy and some of the fake Straw-hats find the fake Robin by chance, only to see she’s held by the marines’ Cipher Pol. Luffy starts fighting, alerting the real Straw-hats, the fake Straw-hats (including their fleet), and the marines (including Sentoumaru) of Luffy’s location. The fake and the real crew are then pitched up against each other as both crews try to convince others that they are the real ones. Luffy will then gather his crew using his arms, as he wraps his arms around those he believes are his real crewmembers. This results in him picking the right people except for Sanji (as his hair is parted differently along with the eyebrow being different) and taking Sogeking with him as well (as Sogeking is a good friend of his and not being Usopp, of course). The rest of the crew then sets matters straight of course, reprimanding Luffy for being an idiot (though Chopper will be with Luffy on the matter). The fakes are then attacked by the fleets they tried to deceive as the Straw-hats just go to the Sunny.

But just as they get to the Sunny, they find it to be surrounded by Sentoumaru and the two PX-units, giving the Straw-hats the opportunity to showcase their (new) skills. In the meantime, the marines from Marineford arrive to capture the fake crew and the pirate fleets that joined them.

Well, that’s about enough One Piece for today (not really, but there’s little left for now ). I hope you guys enjoyed this one-shot review. Let me know what your thoughts are on this chapter and/or review. Please point out if I misinterpreted or missed anything, and please be gentle if you want to say how badly this turned out . For those of you who usually read my Bleach reviews, I’ll see you guys in two weeks, for those of you who just tuned in for this One Piece review… So long, I guess?


~ by The Underscore on October 15, 2010.

5 Responses to “The Underscore’s One-Shot One Piece review”

  1. Nice review! ill say it again, you should do more One piece reviews. i enjoyed this review alot. btw youll notice that although franky can return his hair to normal, his default state seems to be the one from the color spread, since he has reverted it back to normal near the end of the chapter. i actully prefer his new look, so this works for me. and those who missed the hair are now pacified. anyone else getting tired of the fakes? i just want them to die already so we can deal with people and adventures that are actually important. im honestly hoping that the next we see of grove 46 is Sentomaru arriving to find everyone knocked out from haki and(for the stronger ones) beat up, and then we see luffy looking for the ship. i dont think that will happen, but it would be nice. anyway, hope to see more of these alongside your bleach reviews!

  2. Thanks. I have had a couple of people saying they’d love to see more One Piece reviews from me, but that’d mean I’d have to give up more sleep and/or my free Sunday :(… Who knows, maybe one day. I could review One Piece next week again, though… No Bleach and all…

    I did notice Franky’s hair has retracted again. Personally, I was hoping it is solely to show off to Luffy once he gets there and then only retracts it during fights (to protect his hair). Then again, it is possible that his hair comes out specifically for the fights…

    Seeing the fakes go down is something everyone wants to see, I think. But I doubt Oda is going to let them off the hook so easily ;).

  3. yeah, i have a feeling the old hair will come out during fights as an indicator of his fuel when he does an attack. No doubt it shall be epic and SUUUUUPER!!!
    yeah, i know the fakes wont go down THAT easily, but still. i want to see people who matter! the warlords, Blackbeard and crew, Shanks, Whitebeard pirates, the supernovas, and most importantly, THE BLACKBEARD PIRATES! and i guess the marines too. wasting time with these losers who we know aren’t important at all to the plot is boring, and im not accustomed to feeling bored while reading One Piece. Unless Oda once again screws our expectations and makes these fakes important… No, not even he would.. or would he? No, no its impossible! anyway, i just want to get the adventure started again. how many times have we heard by now that “Fish-man Island is the next destination!”?

  4. OMG THE NEW CHAPTER IS ROMANCE DAWN 2!!! you must review it underscoooooore!!!

  5. I do have the time to review One Piece, without Bleach this week… Maybe I’ll do a short review tomorrow. Can’t promise anything, though.

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