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424 The Lost Agent

Two weeks have passed since the last Bleach chapter. While I entertained myself with a couple of One Piece reviews to pass the time, it’s good to be back with Bleach. After the two week break we start with a brand new arc, starting with the first everyday-life chapter in ages. In fact, this is the first Bleach chapter I am reviewing where there are no battles taking place worth noting on-screen or off-screen. Without the threat of Aizen looming over the Bleach chapters, we can only wonder what’ll happen. So let’s start off with the first new daily life chapter for the brand new Bleach arc: The ‘Lost Shinigami Representative Badge’ arc. This week, as usual, I’m using the Mangastream/Binktopia scanlation. So thanks to them for a brand new dose of Bleach. Have I told you guys this week’s all about brand new Bleach arc? Now to hope I haven’t gotten rusty…

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With the Deicide arc wrapping things up with Aizen, Kubo had to move on. Taking a two week break gave both him and us the time to think of what could happen next. While Kubo’s answer is definitive, you guys had your own thoughts on the matter which are worth mentioning here. Though with the options I had given you, it more of a guideline for the main purpose of the arc than it was an actual prediction. So I’ll be covering this poll a bit differently than the usual polls:

First off, let’s get rid of the votes of the people who don’t care about this new arc , which were 11 votes. Perhaps they’ve given up on Bleach now, or they just plain enjoy anything Kubo throws at them. In either case, they don’t have a specific prediction we can use here.
Same goes for 5 voters who admitted they had no idea of what could happen next. Not to say I don’t appreciate the fact that these 16 people voted in the polls (because I really do), but these votes don’t really help to give an outline of predictions/desires for the next arc.

Three voters were eager to tell us what they thought would happen in the new arc, so I suggest you guys take a look at the replies to see what they predicted would happen.

This leaves us with five more options and 56 votes. Five people were mainly hoping to see a new antagonist in the new arc. Aizen’s had his time to shine, so let’s see who the next antagonist is! Six voters thought the arc would take place a short time after the last chapter. All I can say is that Kubo didn’t think along the same lines. Instead, 12 voters thought the arc would take place a year or two after the previous chapter, a time-skip if you will. Which is exactly what we got. Then we had another 12 voters who were sure this arc would have Ichigo regaining his powers. Which would make sense as Bleach without the strawberry wouldn’t be Bleach. But most votes went to seeing an arc on Isshin’s past, a full 21 votes that is. Who’s to say that these options can’t be combined into a whole new arc?

Death and Strawberry reprised

Ichigo’s on the flipside now

The chapter starts off with Yuzu calling out to her brother to wake up. The Kurosaki clinic has returned to its normal state after everything that happened during Ichigo’s time as a Shinigami. The contrast between this chapter and the first chapter is greatly emphasized in the first pages. First off, this chapter starts off at 7.00 am, as opposed to 7.13 pm (chapter 1). Not only that, this chapter starts on a Monday, where chapter one started on a Friday. It’s almost as if time was coming to an end when Bleach started, but things are starting anew in this chapter.

An even bigger difference between chapter 1 and chapter 424 is the picture above. The similarity to the picture in the first chapter ( here) is painfully obvious. The difference, however, lies in the fact that Ichigo isn’t holding a Zanpakutou now, Rukia isn’t in the back, and everyone in the pictures is looking the other way. The blade and a reflection of a person’s eye are also an indicator that things are about to change even more.

But the biggest change of all has presented itself on the page before this one: Ichigo. Now 17 years old, as opposed to 15 when he started, Ichigo is still an orange haired, brown-eyed student. But he can’t see ghosts…

Nothing special

Another slow day in the Kurosaki household…

As Ichigo walks downstairs he’s greeted by his sister Yuzu sporting a new look. Showing off her new uniform and pigtails, she tries to get a reaction out of her big brother. Of course, Ichigo doesn’t care either way as it’s the same old Yuzu, just in a uniform. He just gives Yuzu the same look he usually gives to people acting strange (read: who act like his father) as he remembers that today’s Yuzu’s entrance ceremony. Ignoring that fact as well, he just asks for the soy sauce from his other sister Karin.

But Yuzu is the one to pass the soy sauce and she does it with a bang. Angered by the fact that Ichigo doesn’t care about her brand new look, though denying it, she threatens to not give Ichigo his favorite burned bits of rice. I’ll admit that I care about Yuzu’s new look as much as Ichigo right now, but Karin, Yuzu, and I have one thing in common, so I’ll cut her some slack and go into her new look a bit.

Our little Yuzu’s grown so much in the past two years. She’s finally going to middle school now and has the uniform to prove it. Nothing special there I guess…. HOWEVER! There’s one thing to note about Yuzu’s new look: The pigtails! Have you guys noticed the strawberry’s on the little hair bands (or whatever they’re called)? My guess is that Yuzu was hoping Ichigo would notice those and would show some brotherly affection towards Yuzu in response. I’m afraid she has the wrong brother for the type of affection she wants from a brother. The only brotherly thing Ichigo does is what every decent brother does: tease her.

The Usual

Even the bearded Daruma’s the same as always…

After telling Yuzu that her fastener is open, Yuzu throws a little tantrum at her brother for making her look. As the usual breakfast scene takes place, we find Karin eating her breakfast in peace. The only exception being two ghosts hanging close around her. As Karin manages to poke one of the ghosts with her chopsticks, we get confirmation of Ichigo’s inability to see ghosts. Though Ichigo asks her what’s wrong, Karin just keeps it bottled up as she usually does. As opposed to Ichigo who was always complaining about the ghosts coming to him for help, Karin is still ignoring the spirits as much as she can and denying anything’s wrong. But before Ichigo can talk to his sister any further, Isshin makes his appearance.

Almost crying at the thought that his girls are old enough to go to middle school, he can’t decide what looks better with his suit; the necktie or bowtie. Both with a ridiculous print… He knows he doesn’t have to bother with Ichigo and Karin, so he tries to the only member of his family that understands him a bit, Yuzu. But she doesn’t care what he wears, much to Isshin’s dismay. Like we saw from the beginning of this chapter, things have gone back to normal in the Kurosaki household…. perhaps a bit too normal.


… I think this is normal… I do this to my little brother all the time!

Ichigo tells us what’s been going on since he defeated Aizen a full 17 months ago. Ichigo has now become a senior at school and already told his friends everything that there was to tell about his final battle with Aizen. Even though it was probably hard to believe, the outcome and Ichigo’s words were enough to convince them. They didn’t even ask Ichigo why he gave up on his powers or anything, they just accepted that Ichigo defeated Aizen at the expense of his powers. Mizuiro, with longer hair, is standing outside of the Kurosaki clinic as usual, showing once more that things have gotten back to the way Ichigo likes it: normal.

As Ichigo and his family part ways on the way to their schools, Ichigo thinks about how Karin has now become the target for ghosts seeking help. Ichigo can’t be sure about how she’s doing, as she doesn’t come to him for help on that matter, but he believes she’s doing just fine. If only Ichigo knew that one of those ghosts has been hanging around her for almost two years already… or at least he looks really familiar to me. In either case, Ichigo takes off to school with Mizuiro as a new semester is probably starting now.

Arriving at school, Keigo greets Ichigo as usual, to which Ichigo responds with by giving the usual dose of pain. Mizuiro just keeps on walking to his own classroom, as Ichigo tells him he’ll be seeing him during lunch. This shows us that Ichigo is no longer in the classroom with the same people as in his first year. But it seems at least Keigo is still in the same classroom as Ichigo. But he isn’t the only familiar face.

Tatsuki, who’s new hairdo looks a lot like Kuukaku’s, is still in the same classroom as Ichigo and is still willing to lend him DVD’s. She immediately demands to get her ‘Tekken’ back as a new one is coming out soon. Ichigo then looks through his bag as he suddenly finds something not normal. Tatsuki thinks Ichigo’s look is due to him forgetting to bring the DVD, but it is nothing like that at all.


For saving all existence, you get a useless slab!

After searching his bag for Tatsuki’s DVD, Ichigo finds his Shinigami Representative badge. The badge we haven’t seen for ages is still in Ichigo’s possession as he didn’t have the opportunity to return it to Soul Society. But the badge has now lost all its purpose as it can no longer be used to eject Ichigo’s soul from his body. Where it was once a multifunctional device, alarming Ichigo whenever there were Hollows and the aforementioned soul ejection, it lost its power same as Ichigo did. The fact that Ichigo can see it now is further prove that it has lost its functions, as no one without spiritual perception would be able to see it. Distracted by the badge, Ichigo thinks of how everything has changed in the past 17 months. The only thing that draws his attention is the commotion in the hallway.

Ishida rushes past Ichigo’s classroom telling his teacher he’s going to the nurse’s office. The excuse Ichigo has used countless times during his Shinigami career only reminds him even more of what he left behind. As he looks at Ishida, we see that the Quincy completely ignores him. Something tells me that things haven’t been all too great between Ichigo and Ishida in the past year or so. I wouldn’t put it past Ishida to blame himself for not being able to help Ichigo out more with Aizen and as such feeling responsible for Ichigo losing his Shinigami abilities. Judging from Ichigo’s face, he probably knows what Ishida is thinking, as he would probably feel the same way if it were the other way around. Of course, this could also be a sign of Ichigo missing the Shinigami side job.

Ichigo then explains how Ishida has taken over for Ichigo, as Afro-san is completely useless when it comes to Hollow extermination. But Ichigo only thinks to himself that Ishida shouldn’t overdo it as Soul Society will probably yell at him for interfering with Shinigami business. The Quincy extermination method isn’t exactly one of the best ways to go, so I’m quite surprised that Soul Society hasn’t made better arrangements with Ishida on this matter. But I’m more surprised that they left Afro-san in Karakura town, even though it is still an important area brimming with the same energy that Aizen once sought to create the Ouken with. But ever since Afro-san took over he remained as the Shinigami on duty, taking over Rukia’s responsibilities completely. Whatever Rukia is doing right now is unbeknownst to Ichigo, as she hasn’t stopped by for the past 17 months.

Future plans

We want Rukia! Give us Rukia~~!

During lunch, Keigo and Ichigo are at their usual spot as they suddenly start discussing the future. Ichigo hasn’t even thought of what he wants to do, yet Keigo -of all people- wants to talk about their future careers. With career guidance starting soon, Keigo probably wants to know what Ichigo is going to do so he can do the same thing. But Ichigo was never a bad student, with the exception of a large part of his first year where he kept being interrupted by matters of life and death (literally). But Ichigo reminds Keigo that he was still doing good enough, though Keigo’s mind is already wandering somewhere else as he mentions Rukia.

Ichigo can’t help but feel annoyed by the fact that Keigo drags up the past while they’re talking about their futures. Keigo starts whining about wanting to see Rukia and how she should at least show her face now and then. But Ichigo then gives some sensible reasons for her not coming by once, saying how she isn’t supposed to come as she isn’t the representative of the town. As Keigo asks Ichigo if he doesn’t feel lonely without her, Ichigo explains how he doesn’t want anything to do with ghosts for the rest of his life. The look on his face, however, is obviously showing that he would like to see Rukia once in a while. But he probably keeps reminding himself that it’s only normal for Rukia not to show herself.

Keigo understands that he should drop the subject as he relates to not wanting to see anything scary anymore. The thought of another Aizen is enough for him to agree with Ichigo that not seeing ghosts in his life anymore is for the better. But with all that’s happening to Ichigo today, he can’t help but think back on his past as a medium/Shinigami. He then reminds himself that he finally got what he always wanted, a normal life. When he had his powers he only used them because he could, but he never intended to use them in the first place. His powers were just there and he only used them because it was the right thing to do. But without he’s fine without his powers as he didn’t care about them either way.

Special delivery

The Ichigo special: a knuckle sandwich

With another normal day of school over, Ichigo walks back home with his friends. Now that life has gone back to normal, Ichigo no longer has to confront Hollows. But Karakura town still has other lowlifes prowling its streets. We are reminded of this fact as a thief runs past Ichigo and his friends after bumping into Keigo. Ichigo uses this opportunity to pass his bag onto Mizuiro and pursue the thief. Keigo isn’t all to impressed with the fact that he was just pushed around (he could probably kill the thief just by blinking, he could’ve even taken on Aizen if he wanted to ) whereas Mizuiro is excited to see that Ichigo is going to do something reckless again.

Ichigo runs after the thief and catches up with ease after which he grabs and punches him. But the thief is determined to get away even if he has to kill for it. He draws a knife and tries to stab Ichigo. But Ichigo doesn’t even flinch at such a slow and sloppy stab as he stops the jab with a single hand. He then goes in for the kill as he knocks the thief out with a second, and final, blow. Ichigo meanwhile explains that his body is still in the same shape it was before. When he was a Shinigami he honed all his skills in order to react to any possible situation. This fighting instinct as well as his physique haven’t left Ichigo in all this time, though Ichigo doesn’t care either way. He then returns the bag to the rightful owner.

Aizen’s successor?

I already dislike him, out of principle

The young man thanks Ichigo for retrieving his bag and offers him a reward in the form of ramen. But Ichigo rejects the offer as he just did what was right. All he asks in return is that the man doesn’t tell anyone he hit someone. The man is somewhat disappointed that he couldn’t offer Ichigo a better reward as Ichigo walks away. But as Ichigo turns his bag on the man, we suddenly see a Shinigami Representative badge coming out of the man’s bag as he reveals that he knows who Ichigo is. The chapter then ends with the announcement of this being the brand new arc, called the Lost Shinigami Representative Badge arc.

Whoever this stranger is, he clearly has both an agenda and something of interest. Personally I feel he looks a bit too much like an anime filler character, but I guess I’m just a bit skeptical about a new antagonist (though I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned out to be an ally). But the badge he has is rather interesting. It’s obviously a different one from the one Ichigo has, as we can see from the chain attached to it and it coming from the man’s bag. When Ichigo received the badge from Ukitake he only heard that it was given to those who would help Soul Society when needed and gave them the authority of an acting Shinigami. But it was rather convenient that such a thing already existed when Ichigo allied himself with Soul Society. Perhaps this man shares a similar past to that of Ichigo, where he too obtained the powers of a Shinigami and became a substitute Shinigami. Then again, it’s possible that he obtained the badge after Ichigo and only heard of Ichigo through stories during the past year and now wants to see whether Ichigo lives up to his reputation.

But how convenient is it that his bag gets stolen at the exact same time that Ichigo is passing by? Could it be that this man is capable of manipulating people into doing what he wants them to do? Or was he able to trick the thief into stealing his bag? Of course, it’s just as possible that the thief is just an accomplice. Whatever is going on right now, I still want to find out soon. Hopefully we’ll learn more about this arc in the next two or three chapters as I see some promise here.

I won’t lie to you, I’m not sold just yet. I did expect a time skip and it is exactly what we got. But Ichigo looks almost exactly the same as he did before, only looking slightly different from time to time. The other characters we’ve seen so far haven’t changed all too much either. Basically it’s just a change of hairstyles for most of the characters. Of course, this time skip was never announced so we wouldn’t have to expect any changes. Other manga announced their time skips, created a lot of anticipation, and disappointed us with the results. Kubo decided to just put in the time skip without notice, which means there are fewer expectations to live up to.
Anyways, I get the feeling this chapter will be better once we get the next chapter as well. For now we have the absolute basis for the upcoming arc(s): Ichigo being used to his life as a “normal” student, even if he does seem to feel like he’s missing something, while Soul Society has returned to its old routines of fighting Hollows by placing a representative in a town. But Bleach wouldn’t be interesting anymore if we didn’t get an unknown character who makes an ominous appearance while revealing he knows (of) Ichigo. This raises the question of what this man will do to force Ichigo to return to his life as a Shinigami. But while reading the chapter, a more important question came to my mind. Probably one you were thinking of as well, but in case you didn’t…

Where’s Kon?

No, seriously. We haven’t seen Kon in the story for years. He only made a couple of appearances during the Shounen polls, but besides that we haven’t seen him at all. Not even during the previous chapter, where things were being wrapped up. Has he left off to Soul Society with Rukia? Or is he exploring the world in search for true beauty? But I wouldn’t put it past Ichigo to have stuffed Kon into a drawer and to have kept him there for the past 17 months…

I’m expecting next week’s chapter to be just as slow-paced as this week’s chapter. Perhaps we’ll find out where Chad and Orihime are at this time. Perhaps Ichigo will run into Orihime as she rushes to meet someone. But Orihime being the clumsy person she is will probably trip and need some help from Ichigo, even if she rejects it at first. As they walk together we’ll probably hear that Chad left to Mexico for a while and won’t be back until a couple of days, explaining why we haven’t seen him yet. Orihime will then get all nervous as she probably feels that she should’ve been able to restore his powers. Ichigo will just tell her that he wanted the normal life he has now and doesn’t mind not having powers. Orihime will then tell him he probably would want his powers so he could see Rukia again, only for her to remember who she was supposed to meet with. We then hear someone calling out to Orihime, only to find Rukia arriving in a Gigai.

The chapter after that will be something of a reunion between Ichigo and Rukia as we find out that she wants Orihime’s help to find the man with the Shinigami badge. Rukia chose Orihime as Chad isn’t around and Ishida refuses to work with Soul Society. Ichigo will then ask her why she never came by, only for her to reveal that she didn’t want him to be caught up in Shinigami matters again. But just as she says that, the man with the Shinigami badge appears in front of them.

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed the read, it was quite a pain to get something on paper in so little time -my busyness knows no ends. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have on this new arc, and to vote in this week’s poll. Maybe you guys can give your prediction for this entire arc, see if you guys know what Kubo might be thinking . Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week!



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12 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 424”

  1. Meh, it was ok. Tatsuki looked pretty awesome this chapter.
    Maybe we’ll have new protagonists this chapter? For instance, Karin’s abilities have gotten stronger, Tatsuki has spriritual power, Keigo does too, etc.

  2. Keigo is gonna be the new baddass. The end.

  3. “Other manga announced their time skips, created a lot of anticipation, and disappointed us with the results”
    …your not talking about One Piece are you? LOL ANYWAY
    Pointless. thats my main problem with this new chapter. the arrancar arc was almost entirely pointless! if you change the end of the soul society arc’s ending t have aizen sealed, ichigo powerless, and gin and tousen dead, then basically theres no difference! as ive said before underscore, my favorite character was and still is Ulquiorra. this makes it seem like there was no point to his character or any of the other espada! sigh… anyway, im really not impressed with the new guy. this feels exactly the same as when shinji first appeared, ill bet anything he will turn out to be an ally, since hes a shinigami. (that also means he cant die in this manga, so theres no way hes a villain. but, i guess we will have to wait and see. i just wish the plot wasnt so predictable.

  4. @Phoe:
    With all the characters around who have spiritual powers and haven’t been shown in battle during the story yet, we can only wonder whether Kubo will add them to the fray. It would be interesting to find out what the deal is with Karin (and Yuzu for that matter) as she has the same lineage as Ichigo and whatnot. Maybe the dude at the end of the chapter is Aizen’s backup plan while Karin is Aizen’s backup material…

    Keigo will be like the nuke of Bleach. When things get tough, they’ll send out Keigo. Otherwise, he’s just there to bring fear to all those who would even consider attacking Karakura town :p.

    I was referring to the Naruto time skip. A lot of people say that it was a pointless time skip as Naruto only learned usefull jutsu after the time skip and Sakura remained completely useless only showing off monstrous strength in one battle. The One Piece time skip is working for me, so I don’t have any complaints about that :).

    As for the Arrancar arc having become pointless…. well… ehhh… You see… I guess you could say it was rather pointless on some level. The main thing it did was show how Aizen planned on creating a perfect being by experimenting on Hollows. He then tried to create the Ouken by attacking Karakura town (which I think he did wrong as he should’ve just used a surprise attack so he could catch Soul Society off guard. But in Aizen’s defense, he did want to become something different from a Shinigami, so using surprise attacks wouldn’t work). Of course, the Visoreds were important as well during this arc. Who else could’ve helped Ichigo with his Hollow issues? There have been a couple of significant things that happened during the Arrancar arc which weren’t pointless. But the way things were wrapped up and some fights in the middle of the arc do make it a bit harder to see the point of it all…

    As for the new guy being an ally. The way he looks is too obviously evil, same as the way his eye is reflected in the blade on the color spread. Because of that it would be obvious for him to be an ally, perhaps a Shinigami from the other side of the world or whatnot. But that is so predictable that he could still be a villain. Right?

  5. sigh, i swear Underscore, your like Bleach therapy for me. i think id have dropped it a long time ago if not for your insightful comments. for the new guy: i suppose hes not that easy to predict, but the fact that he is in the spread, seems to indicate to me that he will bring back ichigos powers, like how rukia was in the spread where he first got his powers. therfore, ally. The visords only narrative purpose was to advance the hollow ichigo subplot. after that they were hyped up to be badass, and then got one shoted along with everyone else. Yammi is my major example of how this arc became pointless. why give him the zero rank and then kill him off screen? what was the point? and if he really was zero, why did he get beat so easily?

  6. @takashid:
    Let’s just say that if Bleach wasn’t interesting enough, I’d have stopped reviewing it a long time ago.
    I’ll admit that the last part of the Arrancar arc and the last two chapters of the Deicide arc were rather disappointing. Everyone getting one shotted did get a bit old, especially considering how most of the people that were defeated still had a Bankai up their sleeve. Yammy being killed off screen was rather inevitable. Yammy would have to fall before Aizen, but Kubo couldn’t take a break from the confrontation between Aizen and Ichigo. If he would have changed scenes, the story would’ve gotten bad in no time. But even if Yammy got beaten off screen, he did lose at the hands of two of the strongest captains around. Kenpachi probably went all out at some point, while Byakuya used his Bankai. Though it could’ve been fun to see, the two of them wouldn’t have shown us anything new. Maybe Kubo will use it as anime filler to make sure the anime doesn’t catch up to the manga again.

  7. Hello, Underscore Mask! Long time no see. I am back, me and my long posts. Previously you said that I mes–…, I mean Kubo messed up with you by taking a break just after starting reviewing again “normally”. But what I can say. I was away and by returning I was expecting four whole new chapters only to got 2 ones. Well, I should have imagined that he could take a break.

    I’ll talk about only the latest chapter but I’ll give my opinion about the previous spinner. About chapter 423 the only thing I have to say is that I liked it. In 19 pages Kubo managed to show us about the 3 most important things: 1) Aizen’s fate, 2) Soul Society’s status and 3) Ichigo. Not bad.

    Anyways, about 424 : it was a very good chapter to begin the second part of the Bleach storyline. Yeah, seeing that the plot was concluded and we had a timeskip, I believe that we should consider the upcoming plot more like a “Bleach Round 2”. First, it was good to see that we had that timeskip. That means that many characters had the time to change and many things reverted back to normal, back to a routine without having to witness it. Had the story continued one month after Aizen’s defeat we wouldn’t be able to see those things. I loved in this chapter was the first person narrative mode made by Ichigo. Those kinds of inner monologues can add some depth to a character, something that Ichigo lacks comparing to other shonen protagonists. Hearing his thoughts and watching his reaction we can deduce that Ichigo seems restless. He may have said that he worked 16 years for a “normal life” but my own impression is that he is feeling more like a “prisoner of his own powerlessness”. He is definitely in a nostalgia mode. Ichigo’s psychological status was the focus of the chapter and it was portrayed greatly.

    About the rest, it was good to see how much some character changed (Keigo has Aizen’s taicho hairstyle -> indication that they share the same power level, isn’t it ?), Ichigo’s sister grew up to a more “action-able” age, hot Tatsuki remained hot etc. Of course we didn’t see his nakama. We got a glimpse of Ishida but nothing more. That’s an indication that they also have changed not only appearance-wise but also in their inner worlds. They took part in that battle, they shouldn’t be the same people anymore. And that’s exactly why we didn’t see them. This chapter was dedicated solely to Ichigo and they will need their “own” chapter(s) to portray their changes/progression/whereabouts/etc.

    And the last pages were there to initialize the plot of “Bleach Part Two”. This guy is obviously (or was) a substitute shinigami as he had his own badge. My impression is that he isn’t evil. He may serve as a short-term rival-antagonist but he will not be the one who will replace Aizen (frankly, no one can replace Aizen). We do not have much to say about him other than the obvious: he needs Ichigo for something. Resuming, this is going to be the small 7-8 month arc Kubo promised and I am pretty sure that by the time it will end, Ichigo will be a shinigami again.

    About this week’s spinner : “Where’s Kon “?

    Yeah, that is the most important question. KON’s whereabouts would be crucial to the whole plot. Honestly my wild guess is that he is with Urahara’s crew. Or he is still with Ichigo but we didn’t see him because he would have destroy the mood. We’ll learn about it in the upcoming chapters.

    About the previous spinner I’ll reply in a separate post soon. This post is already too long. 🙂

  8. And now I am gonna give you my own opinion about the previous chapter’s spinner which, if I recall well, it was what ruined “Ichigo’s goodbye to Rukia”.

    ——Gigai anyone ? ——

    That is a nice point. Ichigo may not have the ability to see ghosts and shinigami but he could see Rukia if she was using a gigai. Then why Ichigo and Rukia, or we should better say Kubo, didn’t think about this ?

    It’s not that he didn’t think about this, the problem lies elsewhere. Rukia can’t find or take a gigai to use for her personal means. It’s not like she can go in a supermarket and buy it. According to gigai is an artificial body that allows Shinigami to remain in the Human World and interact with humans. Check the last part again. Shinigami-human interaction. Now considering that Soul Society, Shinigami and Hollows are being kept as secret from humans, it’s logical to assume that there are some severe restrictions and laws concerning this interaction. So it’s only natural to assume that gigais, the construction of which is a responsibility of the 12th Division, are given to shinigami who have a sort of a mission in the Real World and that certainly doesn’t include tourism or visiting a friend. No way the new Chamber 46 or Yammamoto would give one to Rukia and allow her seeing Ichigo, even if the latest is the hero of Soul Society.

    Only Urahara could give a gigai to her but there are some additional problems. First, now that Urahara isn’t considered a criminal and has reinstablished his status and connections with Soul Society, I doubt he would like to break a law and give Rukia a gigai without their authorization. But more importantly it’s Rukia who isn’t allowed to visit the Real World (unless in a mission), even if she is in her soul form. She has no reason to be in Karakura anymore. The town has its own shinigami and that’s Imoyama-san.

    And for the end, there is one more argument, strong enough to prevent Rukia from visiting Ichigo. : she is letting him continue his life normally. I am pretty sure that Rukia wants a normal life for her friend, away from any shinigami,hollows and crazy rocks. Showing up with a gigai and reminding Ichigo all those things that was supposed to forget and move on, isn’t a good idea. Despite the fact that she has some (intimate?) feelings about him, I am pretty sure that she would resists her desire to speak with him again, only for her friend to continue in his life normally. And since Ichigo is powerless and there’s no way for him to interfere in Soul Sociry matters ever again, the goodbye was seemingly a final one.

    I know that you don’t like meddling with the spinner theories but I would like to hear your take on my points. Is anything I said false or made wrong conclusions ?

  9. @Kubo~~ err Kuroi:
    y~~ Kubo just messed with with me when he took a break, so it’s not that he messed things up with me. Same as with the Deicide titles -it really makes you wonder if he did that on purpose.
    Anyways, 424 certainly can be considered to be a fresh new start for Bleach. There’s still enough for the fans to recognize, yet the reset button hit on Ichigo is helpful to make things more interesting for other (new) characters to show up and show off. Let’s face it, if Ichigo still had all of his powers it would just be an overkill, anyone would just die by looking at him.

    But I agree with what you said about this week’s chapter. Especially on the part of Keigo’s new hairdo :p. But the new character is still hard to estimate. It can still go either way. The way you described him was one of my initial thoughts on him as well. A (former) substitute Shinigami who will pose as a bad guy so he can draw out Ichigo’s sealed powers.

    As for your posts on the headspinners. My policy won’t change, so I can’t really discuss it all too much with you, as you certainly know by now. But I think I was pretty clear about my opinion in these last two headspinners :).
    The only thing I would like to add on the Gigai part is that Urahara could easily whip one up for Rukia (he even made inflatable ones, so go figure), certainly if it was for her and Ichigo. Urahara still owes the two of them big time, whether Rukia and Ichigo recognize it or not. But you are right when it comes to the rules and restrictions you mentioned.

  10. I’m not bullshitting you guys, I think Kuroi is Kubo XD!!! Fuck it, it’s the truth damnit!!!! That comment was too insightful to ignore.

  11. Is anyone else having problems viewing the newest review??? Dang I need to read it.

  12. That’s strange, I swore I posted it a couple of days ago… Oh well, it’s up now.

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