The Underscore’s Bleach review 427

427 A Delicious Dissonance

Hey there, welcome to yet another Bleach review by yours truly. This week’s chapter continues with Ichigo’s days of peace coming to an end, be it at a slow pace. With the content of this week’s chapter, I’m afraid that there’s not much to write about. But with my ability to rant on and on about details that possibly aren’t around, you’re bound to get something out of this review. On that note, some of you may have noticed that this week’s poll isn’t so much about this week’s chapter as it is about the reviews.

I’ve been writing these reviews for give or take two years now, and through those years I’ve changed some of the headers bit by bit. With most of these headers being used for almost a year, with the exception of the first header which I’ve used since the beginning, it’s time for a couple of fresh headers. Too bad I don’t really have the time to make them… if I had the time I wouldn’t have the need for the ‘Posts that were lost, but not forgotten’ section . This brings me to this week’s poll, so I ask you all to let me know whether you’d be interested in supplying me with new headers or not!

But enough about the reviews’ outer appearances, let’s get to this week’s content. This week I’ll be using the Mangastream/Binktopia scanlation pictures, as I’ve been doing for the past couple of months. Thanks go out to them for supplying us with another dose of Bleach to last us another week.

Bleach chapter 426: The Starter 2, rated by 28 voters, gets an average score of:



Last week it was revealed that Ishida had been working for Urahara for some time, in some way taking over Ichigo’s Shinigami responsibilities. But the plain fact that Ishida is working for someone with close ties to Shinigami is suspicious at its core -not really, I know -!!! What hidden meaning did you guys find behind Ishida’s new job?

Two voters saw Ishida rebelling against his father, being the teenager that he is. Makes you wonder whether Ryuuken knows Urahara in the first place… Maybe Ryuuken has a sweet tooth no one knows about?
Four voters connected different dots, noting that if Urahara is employing Ishida he still hasn’t rejoined Soul Society. Could it be that Urahara knows there’s still a threat that he needs to look out for from within Karakura town? Is he repenting for what he’s done to others with his experiments? Has he taken a liking to being a humble candy store owner?
Five voters didn’t really care for any of the other options as they saw the most important thing: Ishida working for Urahara means that the Sandal-hat man will be making an appearance soon! Boy were these guys right .
Thirteen voters didn’t find any meaning behind Ishida working for Urahara. Ishida is just working for Urahara to them, nothing more, nothing less.
But twenty four voters know what Ishida’s new employment means. Urahara tends to get people to work for him one way or another. Remember what happened to Renji? These voters know exactly what this means: Urahara is still exploiting people…


No matter how you cut it Ishida, being proud of the whiteness of your clothes makes you a weirdo…

The chapter starts off with a scream of panic as Orihime found out that Ichigo has been kidnapped. With Ishida, sort of, confirming this, Orihime rushes off to save Ichigo. The one time Orihime tries to make herself useful by protecting Ichigo and its for nothing. Sure, we can attribute this to Orihime’s wackiness, but I’d like to see this as another sign of Orihime’s character development, minor as it may be. Like I pointed out two reviews back, Orihime already decided to leave her Shun Shun Rikka hidden from plain sight. I thought this to be so she would spare Ichigo from being reminded of his time as a Shinigami (and in some sense being reminded of Rukia).

Orihime rushing off to save Ichigo from his kidnapping here can be seen as another sign of Orihime wanting to protect Ichigo. Perhaps she decided to protect Ichigo who lost his powers protecting everyone including her. I wouldn’t put it past her to blame herself for not being able to stop Aizen’s evolution by not undoing the Hougyoku’s existence and as such for Ichigo’s current powerlessness. This with her affection towards Ichigo may have driven her to the decision to protect Ichigo no matter what.

Then again, I wouldn’t put it past her to know that this isn’t a serious kidnapping as she’s bound to have noticed that Ishida wasn’t rushing anywhere. But hearing Ichigo’s been kidnapped is enough for her to want to check up on him, of course. Ishida stops her and explains that it was Ichigo’s boss that kidnapped him. Orihime then asks whether it was a weird person, to which he replies by telling her that the boss was just as weird as many others around Ichigo. The funny thing is that, knowing Ishida, he probably only sees himself as a normal person who knows Ichigo. But after taking a couple of seconds Orihime rubs in the fact that Ishida is in fact a weirdo himself.

With Ishida hurting on the inside -truth hurts Ishida, get used to it- Orihime finally raises something that is more intriguing. Orihime notes that she’s been sensing something weird around Ichigo since the day before yesterday, around the time this new arc started. Ishida distracts Orihime by asking her where she was going, as she remembers that she was on her way to work. Ishida then confirms what we all expected to happen to Ichigo: There’s Reiatsu gathering around Ichigo.

Yes, this could be residual Reiatsu that came from Karin or other friends of Ichigo’s, but if that were the case Ishida wouldn’t mention it like this. Things are finally starting to go somewhere!

Ramen at an Eel shop

Soggy noodles… Katekyo Hitman: Reborn! is on another page dude…

The scene changes to Slickback eating Ichigo’s ramen. Ichigo is kind of crossed by this weirdo -Orihime was right!- suddenly eating ramen in his break room. Slickback tells Ichigo that he has to eat the ramen because Ichigo won’t eat it and the noodles’ll stretch out if he doesn’t eat it in time. Ichigo then gets really annoyed at Slickback for coming to his work, eating the ramen that was meant for him, while he is trying to enjoy his time in his break room. Ikumi isn’t too fond to hear that Ichigo only came to her house thinking it’s a break room .

Ikumi then asks Slickback what he wants with her shop, as she actually agrees that Ichigo has made a good point. Slickback then tells her that he’s a customer, demanding tea in the process. Ikumi, being the businesswoman she is, then offers him his tea before they get to the business transaction. Ichigo then plain asks what Slickback wants from him. Slickback tries covering it up, saying that he just had a job that he needed done and the Unagi shop was exactly what he needed. Meeting Ichigo was just a plain coincidence.

But Ichigo knows better than just accepting such a lame excuse, especially considering the fact that Slickback had the ramen he promised Ichigo. Slickback then tries telling Ichigo that he just had it with him because he likes Ramen (though he already stated twice that it was for Ichigo). Ichigo tries to be subtle as he tells Slickback that if everyone were to carry around food that they liked, he’d be walking around with chocolate. Slickback then makes a remark that’s more intriguing than the panels suggest, stating that Ichigo’s love for chocolate is cute. Flashback to Ichigo’s battle with Dordoni, better known as Arrancar 103. Anyways, it seems that Slickback is really amused by the fact that Ichigo loves chocolate so much, especially considering Ichigo is being just as sweet as chocolate (read: naive).

But Ichigo isn’t distracted as Slickback realizes he can’t stall things/taunt Ichigo anymore. He then asks Ikumi whether he can tell her his request. Ikumi seems to be rather conscious of her age, judging from her reaction to Slickback calling her “Sis”. But what kind of request could Slickback possibly have for an Eel shop? Speaking of shops that don’t do what their names suggest…


In the end, someone’s been knocked out of the park…

We see two kids playing ball in front of Urahara’s store. The pitcher throws a ball as the batter tries to hit it with a Jinta Homerun. Just as the pitcher tries to catch the ball, someone blocks the ball and throws it into the batter’s stomach. We then see Jinta, all grown up and stuff. Somehow he’s deluded himself into being an Aniki of some sorts, telling the kids to stop playing baseball in front of other people’s homes. But the real reason he made an attempt to have the batter throw up was plain and simple: No one uses the Jinta Homerun but Jinta!

Tessai then makes his appearance as he knocks some sense into Jinta, quite literally. He then explains that Jinta shouldn’t be throwing balls with all his might towards people without gloves on. Ururu then makes her appearance in a school uniform, apologizing for what Jinta did and asking whether the batter is feeling alright. She then points out that Jinta is a weirdo -another point for Orihime- but asks the boys if they will still play with him. Love struck, the boys are happy to do anything for Ururu. Tessai, Ururu, and Jinta then get back into the candy store as we are almost led to believe that Slickback’s request could have something to do with them…

Lookin’ out for pops

It still amazes me that Ichigo never denies having ties to his father

Slickback reveals he wants a background check on someone. He then shows a picture of none other than Kurosaki Isshin! Ichigo immediately recognizes the bearded daruma as Slickback tries to explain what he knows about Isshin. But Ichigo immediately explains that he knows that the person in the photo is Isshin. Slickback tries to act as if he’s surprised, though he fails miserably. Ichigo then yells at Slickback, telling him Isshin’s his father and that if he wants to know anything he should just ask him whatever he wants to know.

Slickback then makes it all too obvious that he was taunting Ichigo again, claiming it to be a coincidence that he came to Isshin’s son with the request to get background information. As the look in Ichigo’s eyes suggests that he’s ready to beat up Slickback, he finally says something that makes me like him more: Does Ichigo actually know enough about his father to answer “whatever”?

While Ichigo is confronted with Slickback’s eerie knowledge of what Ichigo does and doesn’t know, the Urahara shop gets a customer requesting to see Urahara.

Story development

This is something indeed… Urahara finally gets a customer!

Slickback basically tells Ichigo that he doesn’t know anything about his family, at all. But what’s more intriguing is that he tells Ichigo he doesn’t know anything about his family yet. At the same time, Kurosaki Karin is greeted by Urahara Kisuke… The plot thickens…….

Things are finally going somewhere. At first I was afraid that this arc would be little else than Ichigo regaining his powers before moving on to another arc. This chapter, however, shows us that this isn’t the only thing that will happen in this arc. Not only will Ichigo be regaining his powers (hard to deny that), but we will finally learn the truth behind the Kurosaki family. Not only that, with Karin looking for Urahara, things are bound to get interesting. Slow as this chapter may have been, this chapter is probably the most interesting one for this arc as of yet. Plot progression, plenty of characters we wanted to see sooner or later, and enough humor spread throughout the chapter made this a good one for me. The only thing I missed in this week’s chapter was the revelation of Slickback’s name. Moreover, the news of a double dose of Bleach makes me regret that we still have to wait for next week’s jump.

Simple headspinner this week as I’m sure you’ve already thought about this before: How come every interesting development in Bleach can be traced back to Urahara?

Can’t say what will happen with the Hell-arc one shot -yes, I’ll be reviewing that one as well- but for the regular chapter I’m expecting a lot of questions being raised. Something tells me that the chapter will have Ichigo walking back home, where Slickback’s conversation with Ichigo will be shown through flashbacks. Karin’s conversation with Urahara, however, might be where the chapter starts off. Karin will reveal what questions she has for Urahara, though the answers will remain hidden (of course). Next week’s chapter will just be plain annoying as we will only get more questions. But something tells me that, in order to balance things out, we may actually see Rukia at the end of next week’s chapter standing in front of the Kurosaki clinic. I know, wishful thinking, but you can’t fool me by saying you don’t want to see Rukia .

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, and give any theories that you may have. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! Also, I’d appreciate it if you guys vote in this week’s poll. I really want to find out if there’re people out there who’d like to help out with the review’s headers. Anyways, I’ll see you guys again next week with DOUBLE THE BLEACH! Just know that the review will probably come out later due to the one shot having to be reviewed as well!

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Thanks for the review, Underscore. It was short and sweet, just like the chapter. There wasn’t too much to comment on with this chapter but with a character that feels like Kuukaku and Tatsuki bosslady in the mix, I have no complains there. I didn’t catch the Isshin similarities immediately but after reading your notes on that, I think there’s a chance that she’s not just an average human.

There was a quick comment about her family name and I think it will hold relevance in future chapters. That and even though we see the story week by week, its kind of funny looking back at the fact that this woman called Ichigo and kidnapped him within minutes of the deathberry hanging up on her lol

I don’t have much of an opinion on the ramen guy seeing how we’ll probably know more about him (at least a name) by next week’s chapter..

Quote: takashid
• i guess your right about Orihime being used to abuse, but the fact of the matter is, that many of use readers (myself included) were hoping that Orihime would grow from her HM experience. she is always the baby, the protected and sheltered one of the group. I was hoping that HM would toughen her up, and (as hachi told her o so long ago) allow her to find her own way of fighting, thus regaining equal standing with the nakama. instead she is useless the entire HM arc, never able to fight, and immediately reverts back to her childish attitude that put her into the protected category with the nakama in the first place! you can see it clearly in the last two nakama interactions we have with the group before the time skip, in the first one, Orihime is still k-kuning, and she makes a pathetic crybaby face that makes her look weak and childish compared to the others, who are all calm and composed. ichigo even calls her on it! geeze inoue, whats with that face?” she is already back to being the child of the group. and again, after ichigo wakes up in his room, she shouts like a kid while the rest of the nakama are calm and smiling. Orihime even realizes how embarrassing it is in that scene. and now, after the time skip, she is apparently the same. the lac of hairpins intrigues me though. perhaps kubo will finally do something with her? …best not to get hopes up, i think. Overall, i just wanted orihime to do something cool, win a fight, to prove herself like she did way back in Princess and Dragon. and we still haven’t seen something like that since, well… Princess and Dragon…
P.S about the unanswered ran-comment! i was just disappointed cause that was a nice, fresh rant from when i was feeling really pissed off. i was interested in seeing how you’d reply, since there actually were some good points to it. so, i was a bit disappointed.

Orihime really hides her character development behind the baby-face facade. But I have high hopes for her yet. No matter how you cut it, the Shun Shun Rikka is proof that there’s more to Orihime than meets the eye. Looking at the Shun Shun Rikka in the same way as other Zanpakutou, at least one sixth of her is more than willing to kill (Go Tsubaki!). But just take a close look at Orihime throughout Bleach -look beyond the boobs, I know it’s hard to look beyond those, but do your best!- and you’ll see that her character development is there, be it too well hidden to those who glance through the story -/at her boobs-.

Quote: Kuroi
Nice review Underscore Mask ! Even if the latest chapters are definetely bit boring and not “Bleach” like, your quality of your review is still top-notch ! I have nothing really to comment about the latest chapter other than expressing my wish that next week we’ll finally learn why that guy is stalking Ichigo.
—why would Ikumi hire Ichigo if her son dislikes him so much?—
No long posts for this one. (). The answer is simple. Her son may dislike but she doesn’t. She acts harshly because she wants to hide that thing. Well, that’s my interpretation at least. One thing that supports my theory is that she seems skeptical about her son not liking Ichigo by telling him to bear with it. In any other case I don’t think she would give a damn. She would have ignore it.

Glad you enjoyed the read. I’ll admit the latest chapters have been a bit boring when it comes to story progression, but you can’t say they haven’t been Bleach-like. At least this week’s chapter gave you the info on Slickback, so you should be happy about that. As for the headspinner, you just keep spinning .

Quote: takashid
aha my rant was answered! XD ignore the P.S in my last comment here, though i was hoping youd still answer the bit about Orihime.

Consider the Orihime rant answered as well … Unless you need to know more that is


~ by The Underscore on November 19, 2010.

6 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 427”

  1. nice review Underscore! id love to help with the headers, but I’m not an artist or any good with photo-shop, so i don’t think i can help there.

    as for the thing about Orihime’s character development, i know that its there, at times, but it seems inconsistent. at times she seems calm, mature and unafraid, like say… anytime she was talking to Ulquiorra. but any other time shes back to her childish attitude. i wouldn’t mind that she puts up this silly act around her friends, but when it prevents her from ever winning a fight, after her first one, for all of 427 chapters then that’s not development. she defiantly has a part of her that wants to fight, but she never uses him! not when grimmjow is choking her, not when tesla and Nnotoria are beating ichigo into paste, and not during the Ulquiorra fight. why? so maybe she has had character development, but it hasnt been the good kind.

    btw, dont think that i am attacking orihimes with these comments, Orihime is one of my favorite characters, but thats why im so irritated by her (apparent) lack of growth.

    Now, as to the actual chapter, i liked it! for once i got to the end of the chapter and did not feel like it was too short or unimportant. im starting to like slick hope we get a name for him next chapter. i dont think slick was trying to act surprised and failed, i think he was just messing with ichigo, the way he said it “what a coincidence”. lolz, i hear that already, just cause of that “Sis” comment and ikumi’s reaction, people are starting to ship ikumi with slickback. it figures…
    back to the chapter, karin’s showing up at urahara shop makes me hope that she has powers, or is about to get them. we all know that would be cool 😛 anyway, great review for an okay chapter Underscore, sorry to leave you another long comment!

    P.S i noticed orihime has her hairpins clipped to her shirt in the cover page? i wonder if that’s cannon, or not…

  2. a good read as usual

    A note

    Orihime might still be wearing her hair pins, as was shown on the cover, she there had em on her shirt as far as i recall

    anyway a fine setup chapter and good to see changes in more characters

  3. @takashid:
    Orihime can be frustrating at times. I remember when I hoped that Orihime would actually do something to fight Ulquiorra back when Ichigo started his fight with him and she blocked one of his attacks… Then again, we should take into account that Tsubaki was broken beyond Orihime’s repair (or so she thought) when she used it against Yammy. Then again, taking into account that she didn’t train with Rukia yet and that Yammy was Espada 0, it is pretty lame of her to think she can’t fight because of that. But who knows, maybe one of the upcoming chapters will force her to be more, well, forceful :).

    As for the hairpins clipped to her shirt, after you guys mentioned it I tried to see whether they were there in any of the other pictures. But her hair was in the way every time… Maybe she should wear some hairpins to counter that :P. But what does this teach us? Diligently analyse girls’ boobs to make sure you don’t overlook things like their hairpins. I never should’ve gone against Kon-sama’s teachings in the first place :P.

    The chapter in itself was good. I like the way things are going right now. Karin showing up at Urahara still seems like it will be simply her asking some questions about Ichigo’s current state and how his Reiatsu seems to be regenerating. I think…

    Glad you liked the read.

    I saw it after you guys pointed it out. But as I pointed out in this reply, I couldn’t find them anywhere else. Shame on me for not listening to Kon-sama’s teachings… Oh the SHAAAAMEE~~~!! I’m sorry Kon-sama~~~~~!!!

    But it was a good chapter indeed. Almost a shame that Urahara and Tessai didn’t have any changes in wardrobe or something. Or maybe there are changes that weren’t too clear in the couple of frames they were in…

  4. another thing is do you pick our avatars?

    I just find the avartar I gained just to fitting to be coincidental.

    Chad should show up this week or next i’d say it would be strange otherwise

  5. All I want to throw out is that I love the caption for the Slickback eating Ramen photograph. Things are heating up, I think this arc is going to be about Isshin only! Perhaps as a sidenote, Karin will began gaining powers and by the end something will happen that forces Ichigo to regain his and in that very second he will own Slickback or whoever it is that is harming his family.

  6. @Stone:
    I have nothing to do with the avatars you got. You can always change them, but these avatars are completely random otherwise. As for Chad having to appear, I couldn’t agree more.

    I wonder whether this arc will be focusing on Isshin solely. Judging from the newest chapter, Kubo seems to be planning to cover multiple issues at the same time. But more on that in the new review (out within this hour!).

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