The Underscore’s Double Bleach review 429 & 430

429 & 430: Welcome to our Execution 1 & 2

Hey there, welcome to this week’s Bleach review by yours truly. This week I present you guys with a two chapter review after my break last week. Then again, I gave you two reviews last time to last you two weeks… Anyways, chapters 429 and 430 are up this week. What’s more, things are finally getting interesting. Might as well get to the chapters then. Thanks go out to Mangastream/Binktopia scanlation group for providing us with Bleach and I’ll be using their scanlations in this week’s review, as usual. But first, there’s some polls to cover.

Bleach chapter 428, The Known, rated by 25 voters gets an average score of:



Chapter 428 gave us Urahara doing what he does best: present us with wacky tools. Of course, Urahara wasn’t the only one with tools, giving us a great selection to pick from. So what Bleach merchandize should they consider to produce in the nearby future?

There’s no need for any Kutsuzawa’s to be sold. King Bradley and Sasakibe’s fusion isn’t quite as interesting as the other tools shown in chapter 428. To think, no one is interested in the butler type tool…
The No Backpainu Alpha does just as bad as Kutsuzawa. But what would you expect with a newer and improved tool in the market? This brings us to the next set of tools in the poll:
Each on equal footing, with one vote each, we have No Backpainu Theta (with vitamin C), Spiripel X, and Zetavoltan! I suppose there’s a lot of us who don’t have need for Spirit-related tools (or old men with an eyepatch).
Five voters just didn’t feel anything for any of the tools listed in the poll. I guess there’ve been better tools in Bleach than the ones we’ve seen here. But two tools did well in the poll.
Coming in third in the poll is Ururu’s torture feather! (easily confused with a regular feather). An exquisite tool; precise, delicate, and most of all, effective. Who wouldn’t want one of those feathers? Just make sure you don’t buy a knock off! The seven of you who wanted this feather have been warned!
Nine voters were paying too much attention to the poll’s options as they noticed I actually mentioned the two new characters as options in the poll, effectively saying they’re tools. They couldn’t help but wonder whether I just called the two of them tools. So without further ado, getting straight to point of the matter of whether I, The Underscore, would refer to Kutsuzawa and Rurika, the two new characters as tools, I will tell you now that I think th~~at we should get to the number one option in the poll!
Eleven perv~~voters saw one tool they would love to have: Riruka. Let’s just say, Kon-sama’s teachings tell me that I wouldn’t turn down a tool like Riruka if the chance presented itself .

The One With Answers

But how do you know, that he doesn’t know that he doesn’t know?

Starting off with a colored page with Kuugo, the chapter subsequently continues where it left off last week. Ichigo was confronted with the fact that he doesn’t know what is going on with his family. After learning Kuugo’s name, Ichigo warns him that he doesn’t trust him just because of what happened here. Kuugo acknowledges this fact as he doesn’t want to rush things with Ichigo. Rather than telling Ichigo to shut up and follow him, he gives Ichigo a gift.

Orihime’s successor?

Hairpins, smarter than she looks, puppy dog slippers, and a brother complex… behold Orihime 2.0!

Ichigo is greeted by Yuzu with great enthusiasm. Ichigo isn’t fazed by this at all, making it evident that Yuzu greets him like this on a regular basis. But today’s a special day, because Yuzu got a 95 on her first test!!! Wouldn’t you be proud of your kid sister if she came to you with such a great test score for her first test in her new school? Oddly, Ichigo is that proud of her as he pets her on the head and tells her she should show her father. Yuzu’s dream almost came true, though she was rudely awakened from it by the last thing Ichigo said. It’s one thing for Ichigo to say he’s proud of Yuzu -not caring either way of course-, but to actually bring up their father by his own volition…

Ichigo keeps up the proud brother act as he asks Yuzu where “the old man” is anyways. Taking a moment to consider that her brother has been abducted by aliens and replaced by a replica, Yuzu tells Ichigo he has probably been gone since morning. Ichigo probably cusses the fact that his annoying father isn’t around the one time he actually wants to see him, not looking at his sister to hide this fact. He then tells Yuzu he’s going to his room. Yuzu then wants to ask Ichigo what’s wrong, but after seeing her brother smiling like that she came to the obvious conclusion: Something’s up with Ichigo. Something big. She then tells Ichigo it’s nothing as she lets her brother go up to his room.

Ichigo then throws his bag into the room as he can’t help but think about the picture Kuugo showed him. The mystery surrounding his father and sister is eating at Ichigo more than he wants to admit. The fact that he tried to act casual towards Yuzu by smiling (which Ichigo just doesn’t do, let’s face it) and casually mentioning his father (who he only asks to see when there’s no other option) are more proof of this fact. He even misses the fact that he can’t sense Reiatsu anymore, saying he’d be able to find his father with ease if he could. Ignoring the fact that Ichigo has always sucked at perceiving Reiatsu and his father is rather good at hiding it, it’s funny to see that he still hasn’t gotten the Shinigami habits out of his system, even though he’s gone longer without powers than that he’s been a Shinigami. But before Ichigo can think about how much better his life was with the Shinigami duties, Orihime 1.0 arrives.

Ichigo’s room

No Orihime, boys aren’t the ones with cooties, it’s girls who have cooties :p

Orihime stands outside of Ichigo’s window, asking him whether he wants some bread while offering him a discount. This shows us that Orihime has been working at ABCookies, a bakery, after school. I guess Orihime has fulfilled a small part of her dream by working at a bakery. After being invited into Ichigo’s room, another part of her dream (little as it may be) is fulfilled.

Ichigo tells Orihime it’s impossible for him and his family to eat as much bread as she brought him, though Orihime concerned with more than the fact that she’d probably be able to eat all of that herself. Ichigo offers to take whatever she gives him, but can’t help but wonder what Orihime’s fidgeting around for. Ichigo tells her she’s overreacting at the current situation, telling Orihime that she’s already been in his room before. But something tells me this is the first time she’s entered Ichigo’s room by herself (with Ichigo knowing, that is (yes, I know that Karin and Yuzu were sleeping in the room at that time)). Ichigo then tells Orihime to make sure she takes her part of the discarded bread, to which Orihime reacts by telling Ichigo it’s leftovers, which is something completely different from discarded.

Orihime relaxes a bit as she gets to the true reason she went to Ichigo. Orihime then asks Ichigo whether something’s happened to him, like he’s been followed or something, saying she thinks so because of her intuition -the same one that was completely wrong on Rukia and Ishida-. Ichigo then makes fun of Orihime saying that of the two of them, she’s the one who’s bound to be followed by someone. Besides that, it’s not like there’s not someone following Ichigo after schools, as there’re plenty of gangs who want to fight Ichigo. Orihime then apologizes for her wacky intuition as Ichigo changes the subject to the manga he borrowed from her. As Orihime tries to think of an excuse why Ichigo can keep her manga -if you know what I’m saying – the scene changes to Ishida who is standing outside the Kurosaki clinic.

Fated meeting?

Stalking people while wearing white… Someone’s stealing your groove Ishida!

Ishida senses that Orihime is with Ichigo, probably relieved that he doesn’t have to go to Ichigo himself . Ishida seemed to have been prepared to meet up with Ichigo himself, but we know how awkward things can get between those two, so it’s a good thing that Orihime was the first one to show up. But Ishida makes an excellent point by thinking that Ichigo won’t say anything about what’s going on with him, even if someone were to ask him. It was obvious, going by Ichigo’s behavior, that he wants to keep things to himself until he sorts them out with his father. Because of this, Ishida concludes that he should find out what’s going on by taking a more indirect approach.

All of a sudden, Ishida senses that something’s amiss, suddenly noticing a man standing on top of a roof while reading a book. Now I know what you might be thinking: The Underscore’s going to hate this new guy as well. Well, you’re wrong! Not to say that I like him, mind you, it’s just that I finally don’t get the feeling this guy is quite as filler as the others we’ve seen so far. Lucky for me, I can’t recall any manga where this type of character was shown . Anyways, the bookworm notices that Ishida noticed him as he rushes off.

Ishida immediately pursues the bookworm, noticing how fast he is. Ishida immediately rules out the use of Spirit particles to move around, which Shinigami and Quincy usually do. But just as he’s trying to find out what makes the bookworm go so fast, strange lights surround the target’s feet before he catches Ishida off guard.

Starting the Execution

Try giving Ichigo a hand, and it’ll cost you your arm!

The scene changes to Ichigo who is still concerned about the situation with his father. Though it has gotten rather late, his father still hasn’t returned from wherever he has gone. Ichigo then looks into his bag and pulls out a card. Ichigo then thinks of what Kuugo told him as he looks at the card that he received from him. Ichigo then hears the sound of an ambulance driving by, We then see Ishida lying on the ground with only one arm and a puddle of blood where the other should’ve been. The chapter ends with the printing on the card shown: Welcome to our Xcution.

Orihime vision

Warning, the following program can cause great confusion and annoyance

Chapter 430 starts off with Orihime at her home putting on a sweater. She’s still flabbergasted by the fact that Ichigo invited her to come into his room. Considering the fact that she only intended to speak to him in front of his house, she got more than she bargained for. Looking at the Orihime version of the events, it isn’t all too strange that her face turned so red. It’s still strange to see that she’s having so much trouble talking to Ichigo after all this time, even though she seemed to be doing fine a couple of chapters back. But I guess that’s the thing with one sided love, as soon as you’re left alone your mind starts to wander…

With Orihime overexcited about the fact that she was invited into Ichigo’s house and that Ichigo offered her to take some of the bread she brough thim (even though it was hers to begin with) she starts rolling around her living room. She suddenly hits her head and causes her brother’s picture to fall down. She then apologizes to her brother for acting that way, giving her a moment to think of what actually happened. She then realizes that she only confirmed that something is wrong with Ichigo, but that she has no clue whatsoever about what it is that’s wrong. She then hears it’s all right, though that’s just her ringtone going off. Orihime sees it’s Ishida’s number and answers to ask what’s going on. We then learn that Ishida is alive and at least has the strength to call Orihime. Orihime was probably asked whether she has time to come over, only to hear that Ishida’s in the hospital. In the meantime…

The curious case of the perverted brother

Well Yuzu, have you seen the way Ichigo looked at Yoruichi and Rangiku?…

Karin and Yuzu are having dinner without the Kurosaki men present. Curious about her brother, Karin asks Yuzu where Ichigo is. Yuzu tells Karin that Ichigo is still in his room (both unaware that Karin had a hand in this), which Karin takes as Ichigo doing some perverted pubescent stuff (Karin won’t have a hand in that… in Ichigo’s case that is. Here’s looking at you perverts, you know who you are! ). Yuzu gets a little angry at Karin bringing up such a rancid subject and defends her brother by saying he wouldn’t do something like that.

Karin then says something that’s a bit confusing in my opinion. She tells Yuzu that she should stop thinking about weird fantasies about her brother, that he isn’t some anime character or something (O_o). At first I thought Karin was referring to the unhealthy obsession Yuzu has with getting her brother’s attention, which could be caused due to her thinking Karin gets more attention from her brother. Then I thought it could have something to do with the fact that Ichigo, up till 17 month ago, was capable of seeing ghosts and that Karin is trying to cover that up by pretending he never was capable of doing something like that.

But then I had an even wackier hypothesis: What if Yuzu really has been having “fantasies” about her brother. Like, say, having dreams where her brother is running around in black, wielding a katana sort of fantasies? But not fighting a peculiar ButterflAizen, but say a bookworm or a certain Slickback? That’s right, I’m suggesting that Yuzu may have some form of precognition that manifests itself in her dreams. Let’s face it, it’s not like it would be strange for her to have an ability. In fact, it’s stranger that she is the only Kurosaki that doesn’t have an ability. Perhaps the look on Ichigo’s face and the questions he asked her were exactly as she dreamt before, leading up to the point where Ichigo will regain his powers again and so on…. I’m just saying, it would make almost as much sense as Yuzu not having any powers at all .

Of course, the way Yuzu reacts at Karin’s teasing would suggest that she just has an unhealthy brother complex as she starts screaming and runs to her room. Then again, she could just be really concerned about her brother and she’s so unsure about the situation and believes that her sister won’t listen to her worries. It must be troublesome to be worried about your brother but are unable to discuss it with your family. With her mother gone; her brother being the subject of the matter and having the tendency to deny everything; her sister writing things off as her brother not being an Anime character; and her father being a goofball that only thinks of assaulting his son in the morning, leaving no one to discuss matters, Yuzu must be having a hard time with Ichigo’s current situation.

Unaware of all of this, Karin writes this off as Ichigo being cold at Yuzu again and tells herself she should send Ichigo to console her. Suddenly she hears someone running down the stairs, thinking it’s Yuzu, we find it to be Ichigo running out the frontdoor.

The Attending Surgeon

Where were you 17 months ago?!!

Ichigo runs through the hospital to arrive at Ishida’s room. He finds Orihime sitting in Ishida’s room as he asks her where Chad is right now. Orihime tells Ichigo that he didn’t answer his phone, suggesting that he must be at work at this time -still no Chad, Kon, or Rukia. Damn you Kubo!- showing us that Chad is still trying his best to make ends meet. Ishida then notifies Orihime and Ichigo that he’s awake by getting annoyed at the fact (pretending to be annoyed that) Orihime called Ichigo over. Of course, it’s easy to see through this guise, especially if you’re Ishida’s father!!!

Ryuuken finally makes his appearance after a long time. The first thing we see him do after his son wakes up from surgery? Reprimand him for acting like a fool for pretending not to be happy to see his friends there. Ishida tries to rationalize his way out of this, saying it must be bad for his wounds to have that many visitors. Of course, his father won’t tolerate any smart mouthing from a patient, especially when it’s his N00B-son who gets caught off guard and lost his arm after being cut down.

After hearing Ishida had been slashed by someone, Ichigo is really curious to know what’s going on. Ichigo knows Ishida can handle easily handle most Hollows, but for him to be cut down and critically injured is something Ichigo wasn’t expecting. Ishida tells Ichigo that he has nothing to do with the matter, though Ichigo won’t stand around when one of his friends gets beaten that badly. Too bad for Ichigo, he’s forgotten the fact that he is, in fact, useless right now. Ishida doesn’t want to say this to him, though Ichigo still wants an answer.

Ryuuken then intervenes, telling Ishida that he should share as much information as he can with his comrades. This angers Ishida as he yells at his father (in some twisted sense, their relation is so similar to Ichigo and Isshin’s relation ), almost opening up the wound on Ishida’s arm. Ryuuken seems to be a bit too amused at the thought of his son almost opening up his wounds, though Ishida can’t appreciate the snarky comment. But it had its effect as Ishida getting worked up probably made him realize why he feels so frustrated. But more on that in a bit.

Orihime tries to calm down Ishida, looking a bit guilty at the same time. This raises the ever important question: Why hasn’t she healed Ishida already? Guess that’s something for later, but I’ll give you a (new) wacky theory about that matter in a bit. Ishida tells Orihime that he has nothing to tell them, and he would like to be left alone.

Orihime’s lucky day?

Really Ryuuken, not only do you deprive her the pleasure to be taken home by Ichigo, but you won’t even let her shout in a hospital…

As everyone leaves Ishida’s room, Ichigo is caught up in his thoughts again. He has started to realize that his life was easier when he was a Shinigami-representative and that he should’ve talked to his father sooner. Add the fact that Ishida has been cut down and he can’t do anything about it, and you can’t blame Ichigo for being caught up in his own little world. Orihime tries to see if he’s alright, only for Ichigo to ask her if she’s alright.

Ichigo then offers to take Orihime home as it’s late and she must be worried about Ishida as well. Orihime almost tells Ichigo that it’s fine and he doesn’t have to, but she’s learned from her past mistake (around chapter 10, if memory serves me right) and asks him if it’s alright instead. But Ryuuken bursts Orihime’s bubble as he tells Ichigo that he’ll take Orihime home in his car. But Ryuuken is on a killing spree, after shooting down both his son and Orihime’s dream situation, as he then aims his bow of hurtful comments at Ichigo. Ryuuken tells Ichigo that he should go home immediately as his father would get noisy if he kept him from getting home on time. I have to say, Ryuuken is really good at what he does . Ichigo then comes to an conclusion as he thanks Ryuuken for taking Orihime home before he runs off.

The doctor’s diagnosis

But does he know the meaning of life?

With the useless strawberry out of the way, Ryuuken aims his attention at the less useless princess. He immediately starts off by telling Orihime that Ishida hasn’t been attacked by a Hollow or a Shinigami. Though he focuses solely on his career as a doctor, Ryuuken is still trained as a Quincy, meaning he can’t help but look for traces of Reiatsu in situations like this. Ryuuken tells Orihime that the reiatsu he sensed was different from any he had sensed before, even doubting whether he can actually call it Reiatsu. Ryuuken doesn’t let Orihime ask (useless) questions as he says to her that he’s telling her everything he knows at this time.

Ryuuken probably knew what Orihime was about to ask, as he answers why Ishida didn’t tell them he was attacked by a bookworm. Ishida didn’t know what attacked him and that’s what’s bothering him this much. Ryuuken teasing him about being an unknowing child probably made Ishida realize that he is frustrated by this fact. But Ryuuken is able to see the bigger picture as he hypothesized that the culprit has an unknown power and is a human.

Rather than being a human and Shinigami hybrid, like Ichigo, it is a human with a special ability, much like Orihime, Chad, and a Quincy’s. Ryuuken goes even further with his hypothesis as he believes that Ishida was the culprit’s true target, as Ishida is of the special human class. If Ishida was truly attacked for this reason, it means that Chad or Orihime is the next target. After giving Orihime a moment to take things in, he tells her he’s going to take her home.

This gives me a good opportunity to get back on why Orihime hasn’t healed Ishida with her powers. When we first saw Orihime after the time-skip, I noticed that Orihime didn’t have her hairpins with her. Ever since that time, we’ve only seen her hairpins on one of the covers, where she had them pinned on her uniform. But besides that picture, I haven’t seen her with the hairpins, at all. I hypothesized that she didn’t take her Shun Shun Rikka with, as she wanted to spare Ichigo’s feelings or that she lost her powers at the same time as Ichigo. With Ryuuken having sensed that Ichigo is useless at this time, he probably noticed Orihime does have powers, so the latter theory is already ruled out. But would Orihime go so far as not to help Ishida only because Ichigo would feel bad? I highly doubt it. This bring me to another hypothesis: What if Orihime doesn’t have her hairpins to her disposal?

Let’s face it, her Shun Shun Rikka allows her to do something beyond the limits of what most Shinigami can do. What if Soul Society took Orihime’s Shun Shun Rikka from her to ensure they won’t fall into the wrong hands? Soul Society can be unreasonable at times, and with Aizen gone there’s no real reason for Orihime to have her Shun Shun Rikka. In fact, I’d prefer this explanation than Orihime suddenly forgetting that she can, or refusing to, heal Ishida. But time will tell. For now, let’s get to someone who we know relinquished his own powers at his own will.

Welcome to Xcution

Let’s see if Bleach can do what Psyren didn’t have the opportunity to do

Ichigo’s frustrations about not knowing what is going on have finally accumulated as he can’t stand it anymore. He wants to do something about this powerlessness, but he doesn’t know what he can do about it. Then he realizes that there’s only one thing he can do as he pulls out a calling card. He dials the number and reaches Xcution. The operator doesn’t know Ichigo’s phone number and asks his name. After giving his name, we find out that Xcution has been informed about him as he’s welcomed to Xcution.

The frustration on Ichigo’s face as he was forced to do what Kuugo planned out for him must be really frustrating. Especially after he’s been manipulated for ages by Aizen. But he can’t just sit back after knowing that there’s some way for him to get answers. He’s done it before with the Visoreds, and this new group, Xcution, may prove to be just as useful as the Visoreds were. But who are they really? Next week’s chapter will tell…

What can I say, chapters 429 and 430 were good. Not exactly as good as you’d expect from one of the top 3 Shounen manga, but good nonetheless. Slowly but steadily Bleach is picking up the pace again. After more than a hundred chapters of going from battle to battle all surrounding Aizen, this new setting is rather intriguing. Like many of Bleach’s loyal readers, I was getting rather impatient with this new arc. But after chapter 430, the new arc’s setting makes a lot of sense. In a way, Kubo has managed to have us feel as troubled as Ichigo is feeling right now. Ichigo could only watch as life was getting unusually boring, even though he knew there were a lot of things going on around him. But he couldn’t do anything about it, much like we readers have little to no influence on the story. There are only two things both Ichigo and we can do: quit or follow someone else’s plans (in Ichigo’s case, it’s Kuugo’s plans as we saw in the end of 430, or read what Kubo throws at us, the entire arc up to this point). So all I can say is that these last two chapters have been good, especially as they are more steadily bringing us to this arc’s purpose.

The way the chapters were handled was rather good if you ask me. The regular cast acted in character, the familiar cast (Karin, Yuzu, and Ryuuken) were as interesting as we could expect from them, and even the two newer characters shown in these chapters did good. Of these two chapters, I have to go with 430 being better, though they’re close to each other in my opinion. It’s just that 430 is more intriguing as most questions raised in 429 were answered in 430.

Around the same time Kuugo made his appearance in Karakura town, two other characters show up who are interested in Ichigo. On that same day, Ishida finds someone with powers outside of Ichigo’s home. Though Ryuuken hypothesized that the bookworm was targeting Ishida, you could say that Ishida was the one who provoked the attack by following the Bookworm. Assuming that bookworm was observing Ichigo and Ishida was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, is it possible that Bookworm is a part of Xcution? Or better yet: Is it possible that Xcution is a division of Soul Society that targets humans with special powers that would pose a danger to Soul Society, and that Bookworm is their target?

Short prediction this week as I’ve been typing for quite some time already: Next week’s chapter will focus around Ichigo meeting with Xcution. He’ll probably be told to await further instructions before getting to meet up with the gang. I’m guessing that Xcution exists of around 6 members. These characters will be shown at the end of the next chapter, as Kuugo will welcome Ichigo into the group and offer to restore his powers.

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it, even if it was later than usual. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapters and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate both of these chapters! Also, for any of you who are working on review headers for me, I’ll let you guys know what you can do with them in next week’s review. On that note, I’ll see you guys again next week!



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~ by The Underscore on December 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “The Underscore’s Double Bleach review 429 & 430”

  1. I liked the read as usual

    Regarding Yuzu’s reactions regarding Ichigo
    As You mentioned it’s not normal to have Ichigo smiling, as i’ve seen others point out this is the same attitude he had in “memories in the rain”
    The day before Masaki died(back then it was Orihime that commented he wasn’t his usual self)

    so him smiling is him being tense or in a somewhat hopeless situation where he can’t do anything about what’s going on etc.

    Also Regarding 430 Yuzu, I think it’s just she got to high hopes about Ichigo, I don’t think it’s necessary her having fallen for her brother. I believe it’s more of a looking at him as the “perfect” person, her role model(in a way though of causes she’s not him)

    So she refuse to believe that her brother isn’t perfect(is a normal human not a superhero, prince on the white horse etc)

    Finally you made the same mistake I and i believe the majority did regarding Ichigda’s wound
    (take a second look at him on the ground he didn’t lose his arm)

    anyway will be looking forward to your next review as usual

  2. about that Xcution that ichigo just called, i have discovered Kubo’s secret. Xcution is…

    Ichigo’s new job. Ginjou gave him the contact number listed on the site. Ikumi is gonna be pissed! see, Ginjou isn’t actually a suspicious guy, he’s just a humble business man recruiting people for his company. Urahara is one of his rivals, so he’s trying to make ichigo stay away from him. After seeing ichigo’s strength in taking down the bag thief, Ginjou knew that ichigo would be a great asset to the company, and has been trying to recruit him. kubo even foreshadowed this by mentioning ichigo changing jobs so often! 😛

  3. Okay, so now as to these chapters themselves, i have to get a few things out of the way.

    First of all ORIHIME! just when i have no problems with her, she does something else. Underscore, you know that i have complained in the past about wanting to see Orihime change after what happened in hueco mundo. ive ranted about how annoying her lack of character growth is before, so i won’t go over that again. So, when i saw the scene with her at the start of Execution2, i was just disgusted. she really hasn’t changed at all!! Not. One. Bit. Her character is literally the same as the orihime we met back in the Sora arc! huh!?

    the only difference is that now her unrealistic fantasy is a little more on the sexy side instead of the weird. But that scene just really killed my love for Orihime. It’s been over 400 chapters and Orihime has apparently dodged any kind of character development! and knowing kubo’s pacing, telling me to “be patient and wait” doesn’t cut it anymore. really, it’s as if the Lust arc and everything else in HM never happened. just why? as if we needed everything that happened in the Arrancar arcs to become even MORE pointless. ugh. ive ranted again, sorry.

    anyway, the guy who cut ishida seems interesting, and im still holding out hope that mr butler will be similar to wrath from FMA, because Wrath was an unparalleled badass, which this manga could use right now. Ichigo is, of course, once again being retarded and talks to strangers rather then simply wait for his dad to come back, talk to him, call him out on his secrets, and tell him about ginjou and Xcution. you know, like any sane, semi intelligent person would think to do.
    Good review as always Underscore, looking foreword to the next one.

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