No review this week, instead…

Going by the poll posted in the double review from last week, I won’t be writing a review this week . Most of you allowed me to have some free time and to take a trip to reviewer island, so no review. Not to worry, I’ll keep you informed on my visit to reviewer Island:

Warning, the following contains utter nonsense and should not be read by people who deem themselves to be sane in any way. Reading the following may result in confusion and utter disappointment.


Yes, this is what happens when I’m bored yet don’t feel like doing anything useful at all .

Headspinner for this chapter(?): Did you catch the reference to one of Canada’s greatest actors?

See you next week with a new Bleach review!


~ by The Underscore on March 27, 2011.

3 Responses to “No review this week, instead…”

  1. i dont know which actor your talking about, but was the reference “don’t call me shirly”? (do i win?)

    anyway, ill miss rant- i mean, relating my thoughts to you each week, but there’s no doubt this break was well deserved. How long are you going to be off at “reviewer island”?

  2. So as not to spoil others, check and see this link: to see who I’m talking about :).

    As for my break at reviewer island, I’ll be back with the next Bleach chapter. I just have a break this week as there’s no new Bleach.

  3. i see that i was right in guessing the reference, and the prize was a video full of hilarious acting šŸ™‚

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