The Underscore’s Bleach review 443

443 Dirty Boots Dangers

Another Sunday, another Bleach review. As you may have noticed by now, I’m lacking the time to write reviews to post on Saturdays consistently. Then again, I already told you a couple of months ago that I was planning to release the reviews on Sundays anyways . But enough about my reviews, let’s look at my review. Thanks to Mangastream/Binktopia for their scanlation of Bleach 443 from which I will take the pictures for this review. Now to see whether the new chapter rating header has lured more people into clicking it (you don’t even need an account or anything to rate a chapter!).


Bleach chapter 442, Battlefield Shallows, Otherfield Abyss, rated by 20 voters, gets an average score of:



With Ichigo advancing in his Fullbring training, it’s more than likely that he’ll improve his personal Fullbring even further. Taking into account that even Chad’s Fullbring (El Brazo Derecha del Gigante) has three steps similar to a Zanpakutou’s release, it isn’t unlikely for Ichigo’s Fullbring to do the same. Then again, Chad’s Fullbring has had a touch of Hougyoku added to the mix, so who knows… Anyways, I wanted you guys to tell me what the odds are of Ichigo’s Fullbring transforming further. Here’s what you guys thought:

No one didn’t have any odds to give and no one felt that Kubo shouldn’t bother to give Ichigo’s Fullbring a power up.
One voter said (s)he’d give a random percentage in a reply, though I haven’t seen the figure as of yet .
Another voter doesn’t care whether Ichigo’s Fullbring will power up or not.
Six voters give it a 50-50 chance, as it could go either way.
But the majority of the voters are more than certain that Ichigo will power up his Fullbring as his Shinigami powers won’t be returning soon.


Ichigo’s going to be able to throw a mean Frisbee on the next family picnic

The chapter starts off with Ichigo firing off a couple of Getsuga Rasentenshou’s at Jackie. Jackie has little trouble evading the first attack with her Dirty Boots’ speed, and even less trouble breaking the technique the second time. The first thing to notice is the inconsistent amount of blades on the Getsuga Rasentenshou. The first one fired by Ichigo had six blades, where this chapter had one with five blades and one with three blades. At this point of the chapter it’s hard to say what the deal is with the changing numbers.

What is noticeable is the difference in charging time between the six bladed and three bladed Getsuga Rasentenshou. The first time Ichigo fired the attack, he was holding on to the attack for quite some time, mostly because of his surprise of it taking place. The one with three blades, however, was fired almost immediately as a means to prevent Jackie from attacking him so easily. Either way, the ease with which Jackie broke the Rasentenshou shows that Ichigo still has a long ways to go.

Detective Chad

I’m not confident he’ll beat Conan with brains, but sure as heck he’ll beat him in brawn

As Ichigo and Jackie are playing in the aquarium, Kuugo notices Chad entering the room. A nice detail to note is the lamp shining on the aquarium, explaining why it’s so bright in there in spite of the darkness in the room . Either way, Kuugo tells Chad that Ichigo’s in training right now, or rather that he “should” be. I wonder whether this is the translator’s preference, or what Kuugo actually said. Is it that Kuugo doubts whether Jackie is seriously training him? But with Ichigo in training, Chad sees this as the perfect opportunity to get some information out of Kuugo without alerting Ichigo to the situation. He asks Kuugo a simple question: What’s Tsukishima’s “ability”?

It’s good to see my prediction wasn’t that far off last week, though I can’t help but wonder why Kuugo looks so troubled at such a simple question. Perhaps he’s crossed that Chad wants to take his target away, or maybe he’s afraid of what Chad might do if he finds out what Tsukishima did to Orihime. Either way, Chad will get an answer out of Tsukishima. Whether it’s the whole truth is the question that remains.

Kick the Strawberry

You’re gonna squish him!

Ichigo gets sent flying by Jackie’s kick. Jackie decides to see how Ichigo’s doing by asking him how he likes the attack. He then notes that he’s only been able to dodge some of the attacks, while getting hit by the others. Jackie tells him that it’s because Ichigo’s too lax, in spite of his good battle senses. Ichigo ignores this comment, much to Jackie’s dismay. She then notes that the ground under their feet has started to turn to mud, warning Ichigo that things are about to get messy now.

Jackie kicks the mud up a bit before going over into another right legged attack. Ichigo tries to use his Fullbring as a shield, yet finds that the attack’s power is much greater than it was before. Dodging only part of the attack by using its force as propulsion, he lives to hear what made the attack so much more powerful. We learn that Dirty Boots’ power increases with the amount of dirt it accumulates. Anything that makes them dirty, from sand to blood, gives it more power. I have to say, this is an interesting way of powering up, especially for a woman . If she were a five year old, I wouldn’t have been all to surprised to see that filth would be considered a good thing, but someone her age…

Either way, in spite of Ichigo getting out of the attack relatively unscathed, Jackie gets really angry with him. She raises a rather interesting point by pointing out that Ichigo has never really fought a supernatural battle in his living body before. She then tells him that because he’s always been fighting Hollows and whatnot in his Shinigami state, he’s lost his sense of reality. Because of this, Ichigo’s not realizing that he will really die if he is as careless as he’s now and that he’s going to die. But Ichigo doesn’t care and prepares his Fullbring again .

Fatal Flaws?

I still think my headspinners are better you know…

Seeing Ichigo preparing his Fullbring only sends Jackie into a rage. She can’t believe that Ichigo doesn’t see the flaws in his ability and how it isn’t suited for battle yet. As Ichigo fires off a five bladed Rasentenshou, Jackie decides to explain just how flawed it really is after dodging it.

She explains that the number of blades we see is equal to the number of times the Rasentenshou spins. The number of times the attack spins is apparently inherent to the rate at which Ichigo fires the attack. In a way, it’s consistent to what I noticed at the start of the attack, though I didn’t think the attack was just a single blade.

Jackie dodging some attacks while breaking others apparently has to do with the attack’s momentum. Only after spinning four times or more does it have the durability to not be broken with a single kick from Jackie. What’s interesting to see here is that the Swastika is what’s being fired with the Getsuga Rasentenshou. The Swastika does return almost immediately after Ichigo fires it (not in the sense of a boomerang returning, but more like the next bullet loading into a gun).

But this isn’t the last of the flaws. No, perhaps the biggest flaw in the attack has to be the fact that it leaves a great opening after it’s fired continuously for three times -Déjà Vu to you too ). Which Ichigo is eager to point out to Jackie as well.

Jump for joy

Because it’s fun to kick girls

Just as Jackie charges in to take advantage of the opening left behind by the third Rasentenshou, Ichigo appears from behind Jackie for a blindside attack. Much to her surprise, she learns that Ichigo had created that opening on purpose. What’s more surprising, however, is that Ichigo has managed to use an ability referred to as ‘Bringer Light’, a Fullbringer’s equivalent of Shunpo.

Apparently the light at Ichigo’s feet is the sign of a novice using the high speed movement technique. Which is rather strange to hear as Tsukishima apparently has the same thing going on for him and he’s obviously not a novice when it comes to Fullbring. What is interesting, however, is that I think Chad has used the same technique with the same effect around the time when he first awoke his Brazo Izquierda del Diablo. Though I’m not sure whether it had the Bringer Light’s flashes around his feet at the time… guess I should reread those chapters .

Either way, it would seem that Ichigo’s affinity with Shunpo makes it easy for him to get into the use of Bringer Light. Rather than kicking the sky to move forward -that’s how Shunpo works, just look at the anime where it can be seen most clearly-, he uses the ground and increases the elasticity and whatnot.

But the thing that Jackie’s most impressed with, is the way in which she was lured into Ichigo’s counter. Which I found to be the best part of this entire chapter as well .

Protagonist Pride

How does it feel Ichigo? Finally, you’re the one with most experience!

Jackie wants to know how Ichigo came to use his own weaknesses as a means to fight Jackie. Ichigo then explains that it came from two things: Urahara and experience. It’s interesting that Ichigo refers to Urahara as Kisuke rather than Urahara-san as he usually does. Again, I can’t say whether it’s the translator’s preference or what Ichigo actually said. If it’s what Ichigo said, it’s interesting to see that his doubts for Urahara have caused him to lose that little bit of respect he had for Urahara as his teacher.

But then comes the part of Ichigo’s experience. You can say what you want, but Ichigo practically copied his own battle with Renji in Soul Society. It’s good to see Ichigo hasn’t forgotten Urahara’s basic teachings either. Just look at this chapter again and see how Ichigo cornered Jackie. He points out that Jackie has one surefire attack that works on him, which is when she kicks him with her right leg. This causes her to continuously attack him from the left. Then using the three strike combo feint during the battle, he causes her to lower her guard for a moment in the same way Renji once did to him. Using another ace in the hole, in the form of ‘Bringer Light’, he delivers a devastating blow. I think Ichigo did an excellent job here.

What’s more, Ichigo then points out how inexperienced Jackie truly is in comparison to him. He was force fed experience by Aizen’s plans in the couple of months he’s been a Shinigami. In that respect it’s easy to understand why and how he’s grasping enemy’s techniques and abilities as easily as he’s doing now. What’s more, Jackie tried to tell Ichigo that he was careless because he wasn’t used to fighting with a living body. She couldn’t be further from the truth with that comment she made, which actually made it hilarious in the process. Not only are the wounds received in a Shinigami’s spiritual body transferred to the living body after reuniting, meaning it’s just as lethal, but Ichigo has been fighting since he was a child (for being an orange haired brat and all).

With Ichigo’s bragging over, Jackie can’t help but smile at the thought of how she’s been had. But all of a sudden, a black reiatsu starts seeping from Ichigo’s right hand which scares her good. What could it be?

For a battlecentric chapter, this had a lot more content than we could’ve expected, though it’s straightforward nonetheless. In the end it was just Ichigo trapping Jackie into a single attack, resulting in something happening to Ichigo’s Fullbring while Chad confronts Kuugo, but still…

The attributes of the Getsuga Rasentenshou were finally explained, which was kind of necessary in order to point out how it isn’t ready for battle yet. Jackie’s Fullbring has been explained, which I find to be the most amusing of all Fullbrings as of yet -possibly due to its simplicity. Ichigo using the basics he learned before he headed to Soul Society was rather entertaining as well… Like I said, the chapter was rather straightforward in the end . Guess I might as well try to let your heads spin for a bit .

We know that Fullbring is a Hollow based power, but as of yet we’ve not seen any downsides to the ability. What could the downside to the Hollow based power be?

Next week will obviously start off with whatever is happening to Ichigo right now. I don’t know whether Ichigo’s Fullbring is just transforming or whether something else is going on. Either way, this stage of the training will end for the good or the bad. My guess is that this effect is triggered by Ichigo’s pride towards his battle experience.

After this stage of the training ends, the scene will change to Chad confronting Orihime about the effects of Tsukishima’s ability. But just as he approaches Orihime’s place, Tsukishima appears in front of him…

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week!




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~ by The Underscore on April 10, 2011.

5 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 443”

  1. Good review, you actually squeezed a lot of from a fighting chapter.

    Ichigo saying ‘Kisuke’ was not in the raw, it was put there from the translate. They could at least put there ‘Urahara’.

    I think badge just remembered something and wanted to add more touch on Ichigo, isn’t that an innocent little badge ;P

    Waiting your review for chapter 444.

  2. SDFBUSDBFLKJSDFNKJSDB!…sigh… well, once again we are back to barely anything happening. Jackie’s sudden show of emotion near the end was the only good part for me i think, i really started to wonder about her character and why she would care so much about what ichigo was doing. is she really desperate to get rid of her powers? does she care about ichigo? was it just frustration? i dont know, but it did make me a little more interested in her.

    Ichigo is still very boring to me right now. I just can’t find it in me to care about him much right now. After what happened in his fight with Ulquiorra ive been ticked off at him for Ulquiorra’s death, but more then that, Ichithing really destroyed my willing suspension of disbelief, because he proved that Ichigo is never going to be in any “real” danger. no matter what happens to ichigo now, i know( really really KNOW) that he will be fine. even if he is 100% stone cold dead he will deus ex machina his way back to life. So why should i care about him if he cannot really lose? Nowadays when kubo tries to put ichigo in a serious situation (or hell, even attempts to pretend that one of the good guys “might” die, like Orihime and Tsukishima) i just laugh, or feel pissed off. Its why i could never be a huge fan of wolverine in comics, because theirs no point in caring about a character who is never at risk. at least with wolverine the story doesnt try to pretend that he is at risk, and wolverine makes up for it by being a huge badass. Compare One Piece, where the characters always fight hard and get torn up. we just had a whole arc with luffy getting his ass kicked from Impel down through the whole war. time and again we see that although luffy is awesome, he’s not invincible. Goddammit underscore, i wish you did One Piece reviews 😦

    I really think kubo should have kept the story as it was in the beginning, a high school life story with a bit of supernatural. I bought Color Bleach and i loved it. Kubo can write good comedy. Color Bleach is filled with hilarious jokes about soul society and i loved all of it. If kubo had kept the story like that it might have been better. As it is now, i find myself losing interest more and more. Old characters have been forgotten (Nell, Grimmjow, Kensei) or trolled out of the plot in really deus ex machina ways (aizen and Ulquiorra) and nothing about the new guys suggests that they will get any better treatment. how do you stay interested Underscore?

  3. @FirstReplierWannabe:
    Thanks. I thought it was suspicious for Ichigo to use Kisuke instead of Urahara :). As for the badge reacting, it could be a consequence of the use of Fullbring ;).
    Next review will be out on Sunday!

    The contrast between this and the previous chapter when it comes to content is rather big. But that’s just Bleach for ya, 1 chapter brimmed with content followed by 9 with less (at least that’s how it’s been for the past 200 chapters (give or take) with a couple of exceptions of course).

    When it comes to characters never being in real danger, that’s one of the downsides of working with characters who are generally already dead. Admittedly, with all the Arrancar dieing like they did it almost wouldn’t hurt for a good guy to actually die. The only people who’ve died in Bleach that can be considered to be real good guys are… Ichigo’s mom. The only thing that can present a sense of danger is the pain that the characters can experience, even if that’s ruined a bit by Orihime and her powers (though with her not healing Ishida we might have stumbled across something interesting). Guess the only option we have left to make Bleach more interesting is to kill off a “good guy”… guess Xcution could have its purpose >:^D…

    With One Piece we had Ace and Whitebeard’s deaths which created a sense of danger, but really you can’t expect any of the Strawhats to die during the course of the story… except for Brook of course, whose already died once :p. Who knows, maybe I can throw out a One Piece review once in a while ;).

    As for how I stay interested in Bleach… Guess I really like the artwork and how enjoyable it is once you read an entire volume in one go. Trying to explain what happened during Bleach can often be quite fun as well with a lot hidden in expressions and seemingly purposeless actions in (past) chapters. That and I shall never forget the table that’s used for joke purposes only :D. And Kon-sama’s teachings of course, I must never forget those :).

  4. well, kaien also “died”, but both him and Ichigo’s mom died before the series began, in flashbacks.

    With One Piece, the war arc proved that Oda can really make things serious and isn’t afraid to hurt his characters. besides luffy getting his ass kicked so much, Ace and Whitebeard dying broke the rule that “no one dies in One Piece outside of a flashback”. It showed that when shit got real, Oda was willing to take the story to really serious areas. No one expected Ace to die, but he did, and now as we read One Piece we have a bit more fear for our favorite characters, beause we know Oda is willing to kill people off. It makes the story that much better, to see that there can be consequences and bad results. it makes the victories that much sweeter.

    Kubo can’t do that. He never has. The unspoken rule that “no good guys die in Bleach” has never been broken, and as the story goes on its obvious that it never will. I don’t really accept the explanation that “they are already dead” because it has been shown that shinigami can die, with kaien. Games or story’s are only fun if there is a real risk of failure, if the story can convince you that it is possible for bad things to happen. Kubo has never proved that, rather he has proved that there ARENT consequences in his world. Not permanent ones anyway. It really hurts the story, and the “Hollowcaust” we just went through where literally EVERY antagonist who’s name wasn’t “Aizen” was slaughtered, and not one, NOT ONE good guy died, really makes it hard to ignore. its just…ughh…
    -goes off into corner grumbling and muttering darkly to himself-

    …anyway. i like the funny, and of course who doesn’t love kon 😛 where is kon btw? i can’t remember the last time he was in the manga. maybe if kon comes back the manga will be more fun like it used to be.

    P.S “That and I shall never forget the table that’s used for joke purposes only :D”

    table? what table?

  5. @takashid
    Re-read first chapter’s 15-16th pages, you’ll see that epic table ;D
    I bet Isshin was the one who bought that.

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