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444 The Rising

It’s sunny outside, I finally have some free time… On to writing a Bleach review! I’d better get started soon as it’s Sunday already and most of you probably only read these reviews in the weekends . Anyways, thanks to Mangastream and Binktopia for their scanlation!

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The black reiatsu coming out of Ichigo’s Fullbring at the end of chapter 433. Will it be a good thing, or a bad thing? Here’s your thoughts on the matter!

Not one of you felt this would be a bad thing where Shirosaki is trying to take over again. Either you didn’t think Shirosaki is trying to take over, or you didn’t think it would be a bad thing…
One of you thinks this is a bad thing as Ichigo’s Fullbring is reaching a new stage, postponing the return of Ichigo’s Shinigami power… That would be troublesome, wouldn’t it?
Then we reach a triple tie, with two votes for each option. Two voters felt the black reiatsu is a ‘mystery reiatsu’, meaning that some things are better left unexplained(?). Two voters thought this would be a good thing as Shirosaki is trying to take over again, adding some spice to the mix. Two other voters can’t quite put it into words, but they’re certain it’s something BAAAD!
Three voters didn’t care…
Seven voters weren’t capable of putting things into words either, but they knew one thing. The black reiatsu is something GOOOD.
But most of you were sure about one thing. The black reiatsu coming out of the Fullbring is a good thing as it’s a sign of it reaching a new stage!

Aizen’s touch

No matter what Ichigo does in future battles, he owes it all to Aizen

The chapter starts off with proving Aizen was right all along. All the battles Aizen set up for Ichigo honed Ichigo’s skills beyond that of the average person. Ichigo recalls his past fights with Renji, Kenpachi, Grimmjow, and Ulquiorra, four of the most important battles in his development. The moment I saw the faces of these four I could only think of one thing…. WHY DIDN’T I MENTION THAT IN LAST WEEK’S REVIEW . I remember it crossed my mind the first time I read last week’s chapter, yet I forgot by the time I got to writing the review last Sunday… Ah, yes, I’m being a bit vague here. After Ichigo bragged about his experience far surpassing Jackie’s, it was obvious that he held a certain pride towards that fact. Chad’s explanation about Fullbring and the way Ichigo’s Fullbring initially activated gave an obvious explanation as to what would happen in this week’s chapter.

Either way, Kubo turns back the clock a little bit to have Jackie thinking about how impressive Ichigo’s battle sense is. She even thinks that Ichigo purposefully got into a supernatural battle without powers of his own in order to reawaken this sensation. It’s true that Ichigo managed to develop his powers best during the four battles he thought back on. The battle with Renji was important for him to be confronted with his limits and to see he surpassed them after achieving Shikai. The battle with Kenpachi brought him closer to Zangetsu and even had Zangetsu materializing, making it the key to Ichigo achieving Bankai. The battle with Grimmjow allowed Ichigo to fully master his Hollowfication after countless attempts during Hiyori’s training. The battle with Ulquiorra taught Ichigo the importance of controlling his own powers after Shirosaki took over, and in a way was an important stepping stone for Ichigo to achieve the final Getsuga Tenshou. Admittedly, Byakuya and Aizen could’ve been added to this list, however, they were confronted by an Ichigo who already developed himself to achieve or even surpass their levels.

With this out of the way, the chapter resumes to the point where last week’s chapter ended. The only difference is that this time Ichigo sees that the black reiatsu is coming from the badge itself and not from the Swastika.


You can’t handle the truth!

Chad explained what happened to Orihime and how Tsukishima’s ability caused for her to think of Tsukishima as her friend for the briefest of moments. Kuugo can’t believe what he’s hearing, especially after Chad tries to give some of his interpretations of the ability. He seems truly bothered by this news as he usually has an answer at the ready whenever he’s confronted by something. But one of the most interesting things to happen during this part of the chapter has to be what Chad says: There’s no point in keeping secrets at this point. Could it be that Chad is wary of Kuugo (and the others) hiding something(s) from him? This once more raises the question of why Chad joined Xcution in the first place and perhaps even the question of when.


Ichigo’s being attacked by the fans’ critique?!

At the sight of the black reiatsu covering Ichigo’s right arm, Jackie decides to abort the training. Ichigo disagrees, not seeing any problems with the giant glob of reiatsu sticking on his right arm almost devouring him. Jackie tells Ichigo it’s impossible for them to continue as Ichigo’s Fullbring is almost going berserk, attributing it to Ichigo’s training going too fast. Apparently it’s not something unseen, for a Fullbring to go berserk. Perhaps it was Giriko who experienced a Fullbring who went berserk, with his eye and all. What’s more, the thought of Ichigo’s Fullbring going berserk is enough to rattle Jackie up a bit. Jackie then calls out for Kuugo or Giriko to get Riruka to end the Dollhouse. But Ichigo disagrees.

Ichigo uses the black reiatsu as an extension of his arm to hold Jackie down to the ground. He tells Jackie they have to keep going as this current development isn’t new to him. Heck, counting all the times Ichigo’s almost been devoured by an evil force coming from within him, this can be considered to be a casual Thursday for Ichigo. But this time, it’s a good bad thing, meaning that the badge has grown just as impatient as Ichigo and it wants Ichigo to regain his powers as soon as possible. At least, that’s what Ichigo makes of this situation. It’s funny to see how everything Ichigo’s gone through in the arcs preceding this one (when it comes to his battle experience) is coming by at a neck breaking pace again. From Ichigo showing talent for battles, to Ichigo showing more pride/determination in everything he’s done and has leading to more power. More intriguing would have to be the way the badge is almost becoming symbiotic to his own right arm, similar to Tensa Zangetsu’s final form. Yet the most noteworthy part here has to be the willingness for Ichigo to fight. It’s like Ichigo’s inner Kenpachi was right all along and that Ichigo’s powerlessness only reinforced his will to get the power to face things head on. In a way, I almost would have to agree with Riruka that Ichigo, as he is right now, isn’t quite as he’s supposed to be.

Jackie doesn’t really care about what’s going on inside of Ichigo as much as she wants to stop his training for now. The fear of a Fullbring going berserk is enough for her to grow so desperate to resort to force. Thus she decides to take Ichigo out to cancel his Fullbring.

On the other side of the fishbowl

To the best of my knowledge, Orihime’s confusion is her normal state of mind…

Kuugo tells Chad that he never kept anything hidden from him at all. In fact, the news of an ability like the one Chad described only worries him as such an ability would be far too dangerous to be unaware of. Chad seems a bit mistrusting, but Kuugo then explains that ‘Book of the end’ is an ability that allows Tsukishima to cut through anything at all and nothing else -yeah, cutting through anything at all isn’t something you warn people about -.

Quite frankly, I can’t believe how big of an idiot Kuugo is being right here. He already explained that Fullbring is something that charges the innate abilities of items to draw out their functionality to preposterous levels based on the way a user feels about the object that is used. But in what kind of a world can a bookmark cut through anything? Admittedly, it allows you to cut through the pages you’ve already read to end up at the page you were reading last and Tsukishima could consider this to be the same as cutting through an entire story, but still…

Chad then offers another explanation of what might be going on: Tsukishima’s ability has evolved. Kuugo shoots down this theory with ease, claiming that Fullbring abilities don’t change with the person. Chad tries to prove Kuugo wrong by pointing out his abilities have changed countless times (I believe it was four times ). Kuugo then explains that it was nothing more but Chad didn’t gain new abilities as much as he was able to draw out more of his powers -I have to agree with Kuugo on this one. Funny thing here is that Kuugo tells Chad that all the other Fullbring users have already gone through similar changes in their lifetimes and that what Chad has achieved is something that’s not special at all. It’s almost like he’s implying that Chad’s weaker than most of the other Fullbring users…

For now, Chad accepts Kuugo’s explanation as he decides that Orihime’s situation is more pressing than this argument. Kuugo tells Chad that he’s worried because he doesn’t know what could’ve caused for Orihime to think of Tsukishima as her friend. Tsukishima doesn’t have the power to do something like that as far as Kuugo knows, so they should check up on the other victim of Tsukishima’s attack: Ishida. Kuugo’s on something of a roll here as he actually makes a good point. Chad, however, tells Kuugo they already checked with Ishida to see whether his mind has been manipulated as well. According to Orihime, Ishida denied any relation to Tsukishima. Kuugo then tells Chad that they should check again to be safe, which makes sense as Ishida would easily bend the truth to look out for his “friend”. But if Ishida truly doesn’t have any problems with his mind, it would mean someone else would be helping Tsukishima… But Tsukishima disagrees .


Charging into enemy headquarters while being outnumbered 4 to 1 = +1 respect

It has been quite some time since I last saw the bad guy charging into enemy headquarters like this. Cutting through a door and a conversation like this certainly is a nice touch. Usually it’s the good guy to charge in like this, but Tsukishima turning the tables like this even though he almost made it seem he’d target Chad at a different time was a nice surprise. Everyone in the Xcution headquarters is rather surprised to see Tsukishima here. Kuugo looks especially startled. Chad is on guard both because he finally sees Tsukishima and he’s probably wondering what would make him show up out of the blue like this.

Tsukishima isn’t bothered by the mood in the room as he just walks past Giriko and Yukio while making some snide remarks. Telling Giriko not to drink too much -which is interesting as Kuugo’s the only one we’ve seen drinking of all the Xcution members- and Yukio that he should cut back on the videogames and should read more, it’s obvious they share some past. Not that it was kept a secret, but as far as we know Yukio joined after Tsukishima left or something. I would actually like to know how Giriko drinking less and the obvious discomfort Yukio has towards Tsukishima came to be. But answers to that are saved for a different chapter as Tsukishima walks around the Xcution headquarters.

Kuugo demands to know what Tsukishima is doing at Xcution right now, though Tsukishima is more curious as to where Riruka and Jackie are. Either he’s taunting Kuugo and the others a bit, or Fullbringers aren’t (usually) capable of sensing people’s reiatsu. Tsukishima then notices the aquarium and concludes that Jackie and Riruka are probably hidden in there. He then cuts through the aquarium, much to Kuugo’s despair.

The rising

Insert song: AC/DC Back in black

As the aquarium falls apart, a black reiatsu is emitted from the remains. Kuugo and Chad are amazed at the sight of what’s in front of them, whilst Tsukishima just claims this to be interesting. Interesting certainly is one way to put it, seeing as how Ichigo is wearing his Shinigami outfit (or most of it) while his right arm is covered by a black reiatsu and holding something that almost resembles a blade.

You can say what you want, but it’s obvious Kubo drew Ichigo to look good in black. In my excitement I almost confused the blood dripping down from Ichigo’s face to be part of the black reiatsu on his arm, believing it to be forming his Hollow mask at the same time. But rather than that, it’s obvious that this is a rather unstable Fullbring of Ichigo’s. No matter how you cut it -pun aimed at Tsukishima… too soon, I know – Ichigo’s Fullbring focuses on bringing out Shinigami powers. What better proof is there for Shinigami powers being present than having Ichigo in his Shinigami robes? The way he looks here and especially the glare he gives at the end of this chapter really made my day. I can’t wait to read next week’s chapter .

But before looking forward to the next chapter, there’s the matter of Ichigo’s current form. The way the clothes still look incomplete remind me a bit of what Isshin looked like when he first showed off his Shinigami form. With the tattered white cloth on his shoulder. Coincidence? Who knows . The way the black reiatsu is covering Ichigo’s right arm is still something I’m curious about. I suppose the badge is trying to channel Zangetsu, but has some trouble stabilizing due to the after effects of Mugetsu. Besides that, it’s still possible that it has to find a new shape for Ichigo’s Shikai, due to the changes that were made in Zangetsu during the training in the Dangai. I’m just hoping that the new Fullbring outfit allows Ichigo to at least use the basics of his Shinigami abilities. We’ll find out next week!

When I first read the chapter last Wednesday, I really enjoyed the read. In fact, it hasn’t really changed much from that time. Plenty of things happening, a great surprise in the middle and the end of the chapter. It’s all you’d want from a chapter, isn’t it? Of course not, that’s because we always want more Bleach! In any case, Ichigo desperately trying to regain his powers was the most important thing of this chapter. Him recalling his past battles made him remember what he’s lost (probably) which reacted to the Badge. This in turn caused Ichigo to believe that he and the Badge desired the same thing, which would explain the sudden transformation at the end.

Chad’s conversation with Kuugo was a bit confusing. It somewhat contradicts what Kuugo explained about Fullbring before, though it also doesn’t. More on that in this week’s headspinner. The conversation didn’t really add too much other than the suggestion that the Fullbringers are in league with Chad in terms of spiritual powers.

Tsukishima showing up in the middle of the chapter was a nice touch. I wonder how many of you actually saw that coming… I did expect him to come soon after Ichigo reached a new stage in his Fullbring, but not this soon .

As usual, the art looked great for most parts of the chapter, safe for some small details. The way the title was saved for the end of the chapter was another nice touch, which Kubo likes (and knows how) to use.

During this chapter, Kuugo implied that it’s impossible for a Fullbringer’s ability to change. Because of this, Kuugo feels that it’s impossible for Tsukishima to rewrite memories with his Fullbring, as its ability is to cut through anything. But Fullbring is the ability to awaken the attributes of the object used, so why wouldn’t Tsukishima be able to use a second item to create the effects of rewriting memories?

Is it possible that Fullbring is a set ability that needs an item that’s compatible with it in order to work, in fact meaning only a single unique ability is present for any and every Fullbringer?

Next week, Tsukishima will just turn around and walk away. He’ll claim that Ichigo isn’t ready just yet, though Ichigo will still charge at Tsukishima. A small confrontation will show that Ichigo isn’t ready just yet and that he’ll need Tensa Zangetsu to pull this off. As Tsukishima then goes off, Ichigo will still want to fight him. As Tsukishima disappears using his ‘Bringer Light’, Ichigo will suddenly be surrounded by Shinigami who demand he comes in for questioning…

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week!

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  1. Awesome review, it seems Tsukishima is not the only one who doing snide remarks for this chapter 😛

    Expected that much after this epic chapter! I loved how Chad is theorizing abilities just like us to Tsukishima’s western style barging in to sudden return of shinigami robes…

    I can’t think what will happen at next chapter, my brain should’ve locked from excitement. Your headspinner also got me. How about if Tsukishima rewrote Ginjou’s memories too? (Or there are really an impostor, like a fullbringer who has memory abilities and using Tsukishima as puppet?)

    It seems Tsukishima has meet them even after he killed ex ones, I wonder why he left them alive if he was on rampage?

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