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Man my head hurts… some jerk hit me on the back of my head yesterday… some people… accident my a~~nyways, the review. Starting this week we won’t have to worry about double issues for a while, which is always good news. Anyways, might as well get to the review as soon as possible… Thanks go out to Mangastream and Binktopia for their scanlation.

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Saying Ichigo was throwing a fit in the previous chapter wasn’t easy to deny. But really, with everything that’s been going on with him since this arc started, can we blame him?

Two voters were annoyed by this behavior of Ichigo’s. Ichigo should just try to relax a bit.
Three voters think Ichigo should just grow up. Throwing a tantrum just because he’s the weakest of the group for once, because he can’t straight out ask his father or friends what’s going on… Grow up Ichigo!
Ten voters can relate to Ichigo’s current behavior as they feel it’s only natural he reacts this way and it would be surprising if he didn’t. He’s still a teenager, there’s plenty of angst to go round, and plenty of reasons for Ichigo to get caught up in things. Any normal person would protect him/herself emotionally by reacting the way Ichigo’s doing right now.
Most of the votes, 11, were given by people who think Ichigo’s reaction is understandable. Still, he could tone it down a bit…

Left in the dark

Where’s your sense of romance Ichigo? You’re in a video game!

After ‘Invaders must die’ activated, it took in Ichigo to ‘save’ him -get it?, “save him”… I thought it was a good one…- leaving him inside a black space. Sadly, this sudden change of environment has caused Ichigo’s Fullbring to retract again. Last week, it seemed like Ichigo’s Fullbring came closer to the appearance of Ichigo’s Bankai. Whether that was a sign of an increase in the Fullbring’s power, or just Kubo lazily drawing Ichigo as quickly as he could, it’s just too bad we can’t verify that at this time. As Ichigo is screaming out loud, wanting to know where he is and how he can get out, the ‘Invaders must die’ Fullbring’s save bar is filling up nicely.

With Ichigo ‘saved’, Tsukishima turns to Yukio. Tsukishima wants to know why Yukio sealed Ichigo off, rather than Tsukishima. But Yukio isn’t provoked in the slightest, explaining that his battery power isn’t enough to capture Tsukishima. It’s good to see that Yukio’s ability has a more unique requirement which fits in with his item of choice. Going with the way Yukio explains this, it seems like the more Reiatsu a person has, the more battery power is required to save that person. In that sense, it’s only natural that Ichigo is the one to be stored instead of Tsukishima, until he fully recovers his powers that is.

The odd thing, however, is the location where Ichigo’s stored. We know that Tsukishima has the ability to cut through anything with his Fullbring. But for some reason, Yukio saved Ichigo in some sort of black screen, leaving him right next to Tsukishima in the process. You’d think Yukio’s at least move the black screen away if he wants to keep Tsukishima away from him. I suppose the reason Yukio isn’t moving Ichigo right now has to do with the other reason Yukio chose to ‘save’ Ichigo.

With all the explosions and ruckus caused by Tsukishima’s assault, bystanders noticed something was going on and decided to call the authorities. This gives Yukio room to threaten with something different than we’re used in Bleach.


This near panty shot only makes me miss Kon even more

Attention, the last thing you want to draw to yourself when you’re still in the middle of working out your master schemes. At least, that’s what Yukio suggests. This is actually the first time since Don Kanonji’s introduction that we’ve seen the possibility of repercussions in the real world after a supernatural occurrence. Though in this case, the repercussions would be greater than that of a couple of students making a scene in an audience crowd. In spite of this, Tsukishima isn’t all too worried about this. Could it be that he has the means to prevent the media from reporting these occurrences, or is he confident that someone or something else would do it for him (e.g. Soul Society)? But I doubt Tsukishima wants to draw the attention from Soul Society. Still, I’m surprised to see how uncaring he is about this threat. It’s too bad we can’t get his reaction to this threat as Riruka decides to butt in.

Pointing her “Love gun” at Tsukishima from point blank range, it would seem like it’s checkmate. Tsukishima recognizes the weapon Riruka’s using, which isn’t too strange considering he’s the one who made it. Somehow it’s effects are great enough for Riruka to feel certain that it’s enough to threaten Tsukishima with it. Somehow I get the feeling that the Love gun isn’t so much about love as much as it is about hate. Perhaps the Love gun’s power is determined by how much Riruka loved something before she started hating it. But I’m digressing a bit.

Yukio decides that this confrontation between Xcution and its former leader is over and that the price strawberry is for Xcution. Though Tsukishima doesn’t really look like he likes this conclusion, both parties retreat from the media.

The answer

Orihime wasn’t being useless at all!

With the events of the afternoon coming to an end, the crescent moon shines on Karakura hospital. In one of its rooms, we find Ishida reading a book in his hospital bed. Orihime then shows up at his room after she was called on by Ishida. We learn that Orihime already offered to heal Ishida’s wounds from the get go, but that Ishida’s pride kept him from accepting her help. He just wanted to make sure he wouldn’t drag in anyone else if he was the target, because if Orihime healed him she’d become a target as well. But with Tsukishima confronting Ichigo, the situation has changed and Ishida needs to be ready to get into action as soon as possible.

Orihime and Ishida also discuss the change in Ichigo’s reiatsu. It’s interesting that Ishida speaks of this change in Ichigo’s reiatsu as something disturbing, while Orihime doesn’t care as long as Ichigo doesn’t mention it to her. Just when I was hoping Orihime grew something of a backbone… Anyways, this part of the chapter is enough to answer a couple of questions surrounding Orihime’s lack of action in this arc. The real kicker for this part, however, is that Ishida noticed that Ichigo was attacked by Tsukishima, yet he completely failed to notice that Tsukishima attacked Orihime before that.

Return to reality

That’s what most gamers feel when they decide to stop for the day

Yukio loads Ichigo’s save data, finding himself in the Xction backup HQ. Kuugo starts off by complaining about the state of the backup HQ, giving Yukio reason to talk back. Yukio then starts a small rant on how it’s his money that pays for everything and how all the commotion caused by the events in the afternoon will cause him more trouble and so on. I’m almost starting to appreciate Yukio as a character -please don’t let him have white hair, please don’t have him white hair- with the way he’s acting during this and the previous chapter.

As Ichigo notices that the situation isn’t dire, his Fullbring starts retracting. Meanwhile, he asks what happened with Tsukishima. Kuugo reveals that Tsukishima retreated, though he doesn’t look too happy about that. Ichigo asks him what’s wrong, giving Kuugo the opportunity to explain just what it is that doesn’t make sense.

Kuugo explains that Tsukishima’s powers are great enough to face both Riruka and Yukio at the same time to make sure the both of them wouldn’t come out unharmed. Even though Riruka had Tsukishima at point blank range, Kuugo still believed this to be advantageous for Tsukishima. Nonetheless, Tsukishima only had Ichigo as his target. This makes Kuugo think that Tsukishima had a goal different from damaging Xcution.

Perhaps Tsukishima only wanted to test Ichigo. Or maybe he just wanted to cause a great feeling of hatred in Ichigo’s soul while he was still developing his Fullbring in order to taint him. Perhaps he wanted to influence Xcutions plans by attacking Ichigo, forcing their hand into doing something he predicted. All we know is that Yukio thinks Kuugo’s over thinking things.

Reality bites

I’d rather just play video games as well…

Yukio believes that Tsukishima retreated because he wouldn’t dare attacking him while he was holding his PSP -or should I call it a PFP?… I wonder how many of you know what I’m talking about – and he only had eyes for Ichigo who was already saved in the game. For some reason Kuugo feels the explanation is good enough. I’m curious why he’d settle with an answer like this, but I suppose that has to do with his plans for Yukio.

As Yukio tries to go off to help Giriko with the fight’s aftermath, Kuugo tells him he has to stay to help with Ichigo’s training. Yukio tries to get out of the responsibility, eventually revealing he’s just tired and doesn’t want to do anything. This is probably why he wanted to “help” Giriko, just so he can sit down, play games, and be served some drinks. At least Kuugo saw through this. Kuugo then explains that they need ‘Invaders must die’ in order to erase Ichigo’s reiatsu from Tsukishima, assuming that Tsukishima found their base by following reiatsu in the first place.

This makes me wonder why Kuugo is so trusting of the other Xcution members. Chad told him about Tsukishima’s aftereffects only a couple of hours ago, which is something to be weary of in itself. But Tsukishima was thought to be trusted as well, being the leader and all, yet he betrayed Kuugo and the others as well. So why would he trust that no one betrayed him this time?

Either way, Kuugo’s reasoning is enough to have Yukio help in the training. Ichigo then asks whether there’s going to be live battle -when’s Ichigo going to get a written exam to increase his powers? – and wants to know what he’s supposed to do since he already beat Jackie. Kuugo gladly volunteers to beat up Ichigo, giving the excuse of live battle being the best teacher for Ichigo.

Same difference

That means… the butler did it! Damn you Giriko…

Orihime finished healing Ishida and is now walking back home while feeling something’s wrong. She thinks back to what happened with Ishida at the hospital. Orihime explains that if they were attacked by the same person, the difference in their injuries is just too peculiar. Ishida, however, decides that the abilities of their assailants just differ too greatly. Orihime tries to explain it by mentioning that Tsukishima used a Zanpakutou like ability called a Fullbring. With Zanpakutou being able to use a great variety of abilities during differing stages (Sealed, Shikai, and Bankai) it wouldn’t be strange if that was the cause of the difference in injuries. Ishida understands that this could be the case, but he never had the chance to speak to Tsukishima about his powers so he hadn’t heard of Fullbring until Orihime mentioned it… or did he?

I guess some of you were wondering the same as I was when we saw Orihime walking home alone, in the dark, only hours after being attacked. Who would be so dense? And there you had it, suddenly someone pops up in front of her. Luckily for her, it’s Chad.

Chad is rather surprised to see Orihime coming from the hospital like this. When he hears that she healed Ishida’s injuries and that he’s still resting up a bit, he tells Orihime to give him more details as they walk. Orihime’s a bit confused about their destination, as she has no idea where they would be going at this time at night. Chad then explains that Orihime’s powers will be needed for the next stage in Ichigo’s training…

Meanwhile, Ishida’s looking out the window with a cold shadow in his eyes… Let’s see, Ishida’s reading a book after being attacked -which wouldn’t be too strange considering his personality-, suddenly wants to be healed after sensing Tsukishima confronting Ichigo -Ishida explained why he would want that-, yet is reluctant to go into Tsukishima’s ability. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tsukishima’s rewritten Ishida’s heart. My guess is that the book that Ishida’s reading is the same as Tsukishima was reading at the time Ishida noticed him. The reason he refused to be healed and had little to say at first probably had to do with his mistrust for his friends caused by Tsukishima. But with Ichigo regaining his powers and Tsukishima attacking Ichigo, Ishida could no longer stand by and watch his friend fight on his own… though the question right now is, who is Ishida’s friend?

Pretty good chapter for the plot. We finally got some answers while things kept moving along at a decent pace. Tsukishima retreating the way he did was a pretty good middle ground considering the situation. It would be a bit weird for Tsukishima to retreat just because he was surrounded by multiple opponents, as if he didn’t know that the moment he decided to barge in. With the possibility of “normal people” finding out about the supernatural and about Tsukishima and Xcution, we also got a new aspect to Bleach. At first, Ichigo only had to be careful of not leaving his dead body behind whenever he went Shinigami, for which he had Kon and Rukia to help him out. But with him no longer turning into an invisible spirit, the odds of being found out will only increase. If only Ichigo would get a mask of some sorts to hide his identity while using his Fullbring…

The conversation between Ishida and Orihime was rather straightforward, yet had some interesting things which I think will come back later in this arc. One of the most notable things would have to be the way Ichigo’s reiatsu was being described. Something else I found to be interesting is that even Ishida is saying that Tsukishima doesn’t have the ability to rewrite people’s hearts. I already mentioned that it probably has to do with him now believing he’s befriended with Tsukishima and he’s just looking out for him… well, not so much mentioned as hinted at it .
Could it be that Tsukishima has an evil twin with that ability?

This chapter also showed us that Ichigo’s training will be going to the next stage. This time, Yukio, Kuugo, and Orihime will be involved with the training. This should be enough to wrap up Ichigo’s Fullbring training, though I wouldn’t mind seeing Chad as the final opponent in Ichigo’s training .

All in all, an eventful chapter. I’m curious what Kubo will decide to do with everything he did here and he still has cooking in the kitchen (e.g. Karin, Urahara and Isshin).

Yukio suggested that his Fullbring would be enough to take on Tsukishima. But the only thing we saw in this chapter was that his Fullbring stored Ichigo in a separate space. But with a name like ‘Invaders must die’, you’d expect more, wouldn’t you? This leaves me with a simple question: Does Yukio’s power change along with the cartridges/MD’s he uses?

Next week’s chapter will be a bit slower than this week’s. We’ll have to cover Orihime’s meeting with Xcution and an explanation on what kind of a role she’ll be playing in the training. That and Ichigo trying to think of a way to explain as little to Orihime as possible on why he didn’t tell her anything. Perhaps Chad and Yukio will explain things while Kuugo and Ichigo are in the ‘Invaders must die’. The moment Orihime joins that space, however, she’ll notice that she doesn’t feel the same towards Ichigo as before…

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week!

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4 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 447”

  1. Goo review for a jumpy chapter. Lots of things explained(!) in Kubo’s style 😛

    ‘Love Gun’ another song reference; sounds deadly and cute. (Also Tsukishima’s fullbring named according to Michael W.Smith’s song, you might want to check its lyrics, it quite fits.)

    Ishida gets suspicous on Orihime after he heard she got attacked by Tsukishima. It looks like Ginjou is right and the one who attacked is not Tsukishima at all… how come?

    I think unlike Riruka’s, saved contents became lost if something happens to Yukio or his console (PFP? I don’t think Yukio is playing that kind of games with it ;D)

    Guess that means Tsukishima needs Ichigo’s body.

  2. Another excellent review, my friend. I always read your reviews first each week. (PS) Hope your head feels better.

  3. @FirstReplierWannabe:
    This chapter gave some answers to questions that needed answering. In that sense it certainly was a good chapter. I forgot to check out if Love Gun was a song reference :(…

    But I wonder why everyone is led to believe that Tsukishima isn’t the perpetrator. Is Kubo really going for the evil twin plot?

    It would make sense that the saved data would be deleted along with Yukio if something were to happen to him. Then again, it would be more likely that the saved data would be trapped in the console forever because only Yukio would be able to ‘load’ the data. (Are you sure that Yukio isn’t playing those games? He was rather eager to just leave reality behind ;))
    I wonder whether Tsukishima needs Ichigo’s body or not. We know that there’s going to be more behind all of this, but I can’t say for sure what it could be :).

    @Nagareru Kaze:
    Thanks. Glad to hear there’s more loyal readers around on the internetz ;). Just so you know, my head is feeling better now. Good thing I’m so hardheaded :p.

  4. -> Underscore
    There lots of things about Tsukishima; some people say his fullbring cuts through anything even the time itself, he collected other fullbringers powers as well as sub-shinigami, he is Seinosuke Yamada, he is Aizen’s zanpaktou spirit(I actually someone draw Kyoka Suigetsu exactly as Tsukishima on Deviantart with books and all, way before this arc :S) etc. etc.

    Now I wondering what Yukio is actually play all the time with his ps–pfp. It does catch things but he isn’t a god you know 😛

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