The Underscore’s Bleach review 448

448 Loading to Lie

Won’t waste too much time here, got too much to rant about in the review itself!
Before that, however, many thanks to Binktopia and Mangastream for this week’s scanlation of Bleach!

Bleach chapter 447, Load, rated by 20 voters, gets an average score of:



At the end of last week’s chapter, Ishida was acting a bit strangely. I was curious to know what you guys thought it could be. Here’s the results:

Three voters don’t know what’s up with Ishida. Three other voters believe that Ishida’s just concerned about his attacker. Both options make sense, don’t they?

Four voters believe that Ishida’s decided to turn to the dark side and help out Tsukishima. It’s possible considering what has happened with Orihime. Perhaps it takes time to manifest to the point of betrayal.

But there were four other voters who feel that Ishida’s just grumpy from being hospitalized all this time. Wouldn’t that make you grumpy as well?

But eleven of you knew what it really is. Either you’re going through it yourselves, you’ve been through it, or you’ve seen it happening to someone close to you: Puberty.

Invaders Must Die

Good thing the PSN is back online…

This week’s chapter starts with the push of a button. The start button, that is. With his console hooked up to the wall, Yukio activates ‘Invaders must die’ to engulf Ichigo in the blackened area once more. This time Ichigo sees where the space comes from as he quickly realizes Yukio was responsible for what happened during the fight with Tsukishima. Kuugo confirms Ichigo’s suspicions as he explains how the Fullbring works.

‘Invaders must die’ is (much like we all expected) a subspace within Yukio’s console where he can manipulate anyone who inhabits the space. Just when I thought ‘Time tells no lies’ was overpowered… I’m honestly quite baffled at the immense power behind all of the Fullbrings. These abilities make Chad’s powers look rather boorish. Then again, Chad is similar to Ichigo in this respect. Chad (as a Fullbringer) and Ichigo (as a Shinigami) both channel reiatsu through their medium (Arm of the Giant and Zangetsu respectively) in a concentrated blast of destructive energy. Other Fullbringers and Shinigami, however, have more unique abilities. Or at least, most of them do.

Nonetheless, how can Fullbringers such as Yukio and Giriko go unchecked like this? What’s Soul Society doing that they can oversee these types of powers? Then again, they missed the girl who can manipulate time and space until she was at their doorstep, so it’s not too strange for them to overlook the Fullbringers.

Kuugo then asks Ichigo if he’s ever wanted to be inside a video game. Ichigo’s a bit annoyed by the random question. Kuugo spurs him on by telling him it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Ichigo then acknowledges that he wouldn’t not acknowledge that he thought about it. Kuugo then tells Ichigo that he himself never thought about it before. What’s more, Kuugo admits that this question of his doesn’t matter at all. The only point he wanted to make was that life inside of a video game isn’t as glamorous as one would imagine. Maybe if they went past the menu things would be more interesting…

Cross of Scaffold

Awesome game this will be: Beat up the strawberry

Kuugo activates his Fullbring, revealing its name to be ‘Cross of Scaffold’. It’s interesting to see how the activation of the ‘Cross of Scaffold’ tends to shatter the ground on which it materializes, even the ‘Invaders must Die’ space breaks down partially. Could it be that ‘Cross of Scaffold’ has the ability to undo other Fullbrings or something? During his fight with Tsukishima it didn’t look like that, I admit. Perhaps ‘Cross of Scaffold’ has the ability to shake down foundations.

Either way, Kuugo doesn’t reveal anything about his Fullbring as he wants to move on with the training session. Kuugo asks Yukio to put up hit points for him and Ichigo. Rather than going by the real life standard of HP, the two of them get 6 points each. I wonder who Kuugo is looking out for in this case. It could be that he feels his own life energy would overwhelm Ichigo, though I’d say Ichigo would be too tough for Kuugo to handle when it comes to life energy.

Either way, Ichigo notices the twelve crosses and the counter in the sky. Ichigo immediately gets it -he’s a 17 year old boy, why wouldn’t he know how fighting games work?- and doesn’t mind this system. Kuugo doesn’t need to explain anything, but Yukio can’t help but make a joke on what will happen when Ichigo loses the game. This fires Ichigo up a bit as the fight gets started.

Before going on with the chapter, I have to point out how incredibly foolish Ichigo is being here. Admittedly, he isn’t as wary of people’s abilities as he should be, but still. Yukio gave both Ichigo and Kuugo 6 HP. Why doesn’t he think this to be cause for concern?… I can’t help but wonder how many of you didn’t think anything about this… Let me explain. In six hits, it’s game over, and Yukio will make the game say “You’re dead”. This could mean that a single hit would be damaging enough to kill Ichigo for 1/6th. Ichigo can usually take a beating -just look at about every fight he’s ever had-, but won’t ‘Invaders must die’ affect this? Maybe I’m just over thinking things here, but there’s obviously a reason for Chad to call for Orihime. Speaking of her.

Face off

In this week’s poll: Whose more annoying?

Bummed out a bit about Ichigo’s change of demeanor and the confrontation with Tsukishima earlier that day, Riruka’s contemplating a bit. She’s awoken from her pensive state by the arrival of Chad and Orihime. She immediately asks Chad who he brought with him as she uses her Fullbring to leap off the building. Chad reveals Orihime to be, well, Orihime.

Riruka immediately gets into Orihime’s face, most likely to vent her frustrations through someone else. She confirms that Orihime has healing abilities and wants to know whether Orihime’s there for Ichigo’s training. Chad senses things might get a bit hairy, but Orihime just confirms what Riruka wanted to know. Riruka then asks a rather simple question: Why would Orihime agree to keep healing Ichigo over and over again if it means he’s going to get hurt over and over again as well? Orihime sees through Riruka’s pretence and notices that she’s worried about Ichigo as well.

Orihime then finally shows us her determination. She knows that Ichigo will get hurt more often if he keeps being healed all the time. However, she knows full well that Ichigo would still keep fighting even if he were beaten to an inch of his life. She decided to ensure Ichigo will be able to what he wants so long as he is determined. She chose to make Ichigo’s determination her own. Riruka then points out something that she should keep in mind: what if her powers can’t fix Ichigo? Thinking back to what happened in Hueco Mundo during the Ulquiorra fight, Orihime tells Riruka that she will never allow Ichigo to get to the point where she can’t heal him. No matter what, she will make sure that Ichigo will be put back together as he was.

Orihime then proceeds to the room where Yukio as she is sent into the game as well. Yukio tells Kuugo that Orihime’s arriving. Oddly, he doesn’t look hurt at all and we can’t even see Ichigo. As Orihime’s confused to where she ended up, Kuugo can’t help but smile at the arrival of the ‘Healing item’. At least we know that there’s some limitation to ‘Invaders must die’ if it requires a healer to come in for possible injuries. Sadly, we won’t learn anymore about this. As Orihime has entered ‘Invaders must die’, Riruka has decided to wait inside the hideout with Yukio, contemplating on Orihime’s devotion to Ichigo. Could it be that she’s doubting herself and her “love”? Couldn’t care less right now, considering the last pages of this week’s chapter.

The plot thickens… again!

Kubo has not forgotten them!

While Ichigo’s Fullbring training continues, the scene changes to the Urahara store. Urahara tells Isshin that “the last one” is ready and then asks him if he’s sure. Isshin tells Urahara to stop asking him that, implying it’s been asked plenty of times before. Urahara then reveals why he’s so concerned about Isshin’s determination: Isshin is planning to take away his son’s future! Could it be that Ichigo’s mistrust in Urahara and his father aren’t misplaced? How can Urahara and Isshin take away Ichigo’s future? What kind of future are they talking about? His entire future, or just that of a normal teenager that can’t see spirits? Why is Isshin so concerned by this? With plenty of questions popping up within a single page, Kubo adds more fuel to the fire by revealing a third member to this dastardly scheme: a Shinigami!
Urahara announces the finalization of the proceedings as the Shinigami tells him to do it immediately.

Well then, to wrap up this week’s chapter, let’s take a quick look at these last two pages of the chapter. A Shinigami is working with Urahara and Isshin on something concerning Ichigo’s future… Let’s see, how many Shinigami do we know that could be concerned with Ichigo, don’t wear Captain haori, and would contact Urahara? That’s right, two: Renji and Rukia. But why would either of them do something to ruin Ichigo’s future? Most importantly, what in heaven’s name would they be doing to Ichigo that they don’t feel like telling Ichigo about? Does it even work without Ichigo in the nearby area? So many questions, so little answers… great job Kubo

Awesome chapter. The best one in ages. The plot moved on amazingly, there was a bit of humor -not funny haha, but still-, a confrontation between two girls with a love interest for Ichigo, training taking place without taking up to much space, and a cliffhanger that has bothered me for days and will continue to do so until I finally get my answers. Besides this, the art was awesome as well. Could you ask for anything other than this? Exactly, the next chapter!

In a way, the chapter could be split in three parts -though in this review I did it in four . First there’s the start of the next stage in Ichigo’s training inside Yukio’s Fullbring. Though I’d tend to say this part was a bit dragged on because of Kuugo, this part really explained some important things in regards to what will presumably be the final stage in Ichigo’s training. Not only that, Kuugo managed to have Ichigo lower his guard a bit, which will be crucial in the reason for Orihime to be present.

This brings us to the arrival of Orihime at the Xcution training site. Riruka was showing a more softer (and even more predictable) side of herself before Orihime and Chad showed up. Riruka finally confronted Orihime with her lack of backbone, revealing that she actually has more backbone than you’d expect. Even though she doesn’t take up a sword herself, she ensures that Ichigo is able to do so. Though this sounds a bit strange, we shouldn’t forget that Orihime is obsessed with Ichigo and she’s a bit loony on the side. She probably realizes that she can’t prevent Ichigo from fighting. What’s more, she knows full well that Ichigo wants to take on every opponent himself in order to make sure his friends won’t have to (to a flaw even). Realizing that Ichigo can only be happy while fighting (look at his inner Hollow and the Kenpachi shadow in Ichigo’s soul), she has decided to let him do just that. She then enters ‘Invaders must die’ to help out in Ichigo’s training. Too bad we couldn’t see Ichigo here as I’m convinced that his Fullbring should look like his Bankai ever since he confronted Tsukishima the final time before being snatched away.

But my favorite part has to be the scene in the Urahara store. This has to be the most interesting development of this entire arc. Could this be the ‘Lie’ that the chapter’s title is referring to? Honestly, I can only give you questions, which I already did. So all we can do now is to wait until the next chapter.

Urahara, Isshin, and the mystery Shinigami seem to have some plans in mind for Ichigo. This coincidentally takes place during Ichigo’s training with Kuugo.
Could it be that they are restoring Ichigo’s powers, or that they are planning on sealing away all his powers and memories instead?

Next week will start off with Ichigo’s training. We’ll see what Ichigo’s Fullbring looks like right now and why Orihime is needed there at the same time. Ichigo will probably reveal what Kuugo’s Fullbring does as well with an inner monologue while he is being healed by Orihime. Orihime will probably ask him why he wouldn’t go to Urahara, Yoruichi, or his father for help. Ichigo will then confidently tell Orihime that it’s fine and he wants to do it on his own, only for one of two things to happen:

Option 1: Ichigo collapses due to whatever Urahara and Isshin are doing, ending the chapter.
Option 2: The mystery Shinigami will arrive at the Xcution hideout, walk in, undo ‘Invaders must die’ and tell Ichigo to come with her. (That’s right, HER )

That’s it for this week’s review. Somehow my ranting was over more quickly than I anticipated… I hope you guys enjoyed it anyway . Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week!

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~ by The Underscore on May 22, 2011.

8 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 448”

  1. You finally got your shinigami! I guess that only leaves SS to intervene =P

    I think mystery trio is going to seal Ichigo’s powers, I don’t think Ichigo will disagree with the opposite. They would simply have ‘I can handle this by myself’ attitude even the powers were a bother.

    I bet this has to do with the reiatsu that Ishida keeps noticing.

  2. sigh…

    whatta ya know, Orihime is spouting pretty words again! saying things like “you’ll never let him get hurt that bad” because you can totally stop that right orihime? just like you totally did
    note the yelling of the word “stop”. This is considered action in Orihime land.

    anyway. all kidding aside, I’m not impressed Kubo. Orihime has said things like this before. She has spouted off lots of crap like this and never lived up to it except with tatsuki at the start of the story (10 frigging years ago!). Every single time this sort of thing has happened;

    things like this were the result:

    hell, Orihime even admits that she can’t live up to her pretty words!

    Sorry for the spam of links, but i am really, REALLY not impressed yet. i don’t think this is Orihime showing us her “determination” this is just another case of pretty words. Kubo needs to make her fucking ACT on her words, because after failing to live up to them for so long, (though i give her credit for the thing with Yammi, at least she tried) this latest speech just looks like more bullshit. Until Orihime grows a spine and actually wins a fight again (because seriously kubo, throw her a bone already, she has only won ONE fight in the history of Bleach cannon for gods sake!!!) i just can’t take her seriously. nothing else to say, though i am very interested in the shinigami appearance. Here’s hoping its Rukia.

    P.S underscore, im pretty sure that Urahara meant Ichigo’s future as a normal human. Isshin was probably hoping that ichigo would get used to normal life without powers over time, like he did. Unfortunately, thats obviously not worked, so urahara and him are probably planning something that will get him his powers back but prevent him from having a normal future. but then again who knows?

  3. @FirstReplierWannabe:
    Only for that Shinigami to be Rukia and Kon following suit :).
    It can still go either way with the mystery trio. Sealing Ichigo’s powers for life could be one way of ruining his future, however, trapping him in a life of Shinigami duties can be considered the same way (as pointed out by takashid). It doesn’t sound too farfetched for the reiatsu that Ishida senses to be related to what the mystery trio are doing. Perhaps Xcution saw the actions of the mystery trio to be the signal for them to move in?

    To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t especially impressed by Orihime’s words either. In a way she’s just saying that she should keep playing the damsel in distress/nurse routine for the rest of Ichigo’s life. At least she admits that she won’t do anything other than what she’s done so far.

    I’m also waiting for Tsubaki to finally show up again. You can say what you want about Orihime, but Tsubaki’s the living proof that 1/6th of her has a more aggressive side to her. In fact, I’m a bit disappointed that we never got to see more from the Shun Shun Rikka. Two out of six of those characters were interesting, yet Kubo never did anything with them since Tsubaki recovered… Maybe someday in the future…

    As for the future bit, have you considered the possibility of Urahara and Isshin wanting to kill Ichigo permanently for him to join the Gotei 13? 😮

  4. Underscore: …well no, i hadnt considered that possibility. I somehow assumed that a father character with a defining trait of loving his family wouldn’t want his son to be harmed. how did i not see it?

    i was also annoyed that we didnt see the fairies as people very much. they had interesting designs, and i liked the way tsubaki and that one chick interacted when they were first introduced. As for Orihime, if theres one thing i was really disapointed in kubo for, it was never following up on this:

    not only did that scene really make me start liking Hachi, but it was very clear foreshadowing for a later power up/moment of resolve for Orihime. And yet that never happened. i can only ask, WHY!? it makes no sense to drop that foreshadowing for a step in the right direction and then never referance it or mention it ever again. Even more, why didnt Hachi train Orihime!? his powers are similar to hers, he has real battle experience, and even in this one scene with her he really comes off as a mentor! Orihime could have learned new barriers or something instead of pointless sparring with Rukia. I get that the plot required her to get kidnapped, but it still would have been cool.

  5. Maybe this time Kubo is going to make Orihime suprise us for real. He showed that Chad is a good buddy, so I got some hope. Also why no one confirmed she is a fullbringer?

    Also I thought that lead ‘chick’ of Shun Shun Rikka was a male.

  6. @takashid:
    It’s a good thing you didn’t consider that possibility. That’d be rather morbid of you (says the guy who mentioned it :p). It’s odd that there’s so much potential surrounding Orihime while Kubo keeps ignoring that. I suppose that if Kubo’s planning on another 9+ years of Bleach, that he’ll get to that sooner or later.

    I wonder whether Orihime’s powers fall under the Fullbring category. In a way, the same could be said about the Quincy (look at Ishida’s bow, it’s created by channeling Reiatsu through an object), but we don’t know whether the Shun Shun Rikka is Hollow based or not. Judging by the faeries, it isn’t, though. As for the lead chick of the Shun Shun, from what I got out of the anime it’s a she, but judging by the appearance it’s a he… >checks out internet sites< He's named Shun'ō :).

  7. …seriously? …thats a dude? wow, i started with the mange, and even then i assumed he was a chick.

    besides, as we have just seen recently, Ichigo’s sisters really love and adore him. When he was gone for a few days they were staying up late waiting for him and all smiles once he got back. If Ichigo DIED, i imagine Karin would never smile again and poor little Yuzu would be heartbroken. anyway, heres hoping Orihimes “potential” is brought up soon, hopefully by living up to her fancy words this time? that would be new.

    First replier: honestly, this whole “Fullbring” thing feels so tacked on. The whole concept and powers are really confusing and hard to make sense of. Id rather Orihimes powers not be dragged into this as well. Besides, 😛 im starting to like this “Hachi becomes Orihimes sensei” idea. It would be cool, and like i said, even in that one scen with them, Hachi really seems like a mentor, giving advice and support after Urahara shut her down.

    seriously, holey shit. for the first time since she got her powers, Orihime actually acted badass. i am still in happy, happy shock.

    very, very happy about the new chapter. cant wait for you to review it.

    P.S Underscore did you hear about the new book “Unmasked”? its going to have Ulquiorra’s backstory in it!!! FUCK YES, FINALLY MY FAVORITE CHARACTER GETS HIS BACKSTORY!!! So many good Bleach things all of a sudden has caught me off guard! can’t wait to see Ulquiorra backstory and how he became so Nihilistic, hopefully it will also have info on how Vasto lorde lived in HM, just like Grimm’s backstory told us about menos and adjuchas.

    seriously holy shit, my love for Bleach is being reignited. now just keep the flame alive this time and dont pour gallons of water on it kubo 😛

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