The Underscore’s Bleach review 450

450 Blind Solitude

That’s right, you’re reading a Bleach review that came out on a Thursday! The advantage of Ascension day being a national Holliday. Too bad this week’s chapter is somewhat of a letdown in comparison to the last two chapters… Still, there’s enough to cover, so might as well get to it. Thanks go out to Binktopia and Mangastream for their scanlation, which I’ll be using in this week’s review.

Bleach chapter 449, Not be a Drug, rated by 22 voters, gets an average score of:



Orihime had her power up shown with the new four part shield, so whatever could have happened with Chad’s powers in the 17 month time period? Here’s what you guys thought could/wanted to have happened:

At least two things didn’t happen according to the voters: Nothing and nothing that I didn’t list in the poll. One voter doesn’t care about a new ability for Chad (how cruel ).

Three voters believe that his Brazo Izquierda del Diablo will have changed like the Brazo derecha del Gigante turned into more of a shield.

Four voters think that Chad probably just mastered his (basic) Fullbring to a greater extend, meaning he’ll be faster and whatnot.

Six voters are expecting a full body armor from Chad in the nearby future. That could be cool, though I don’t see Chad running around dressed like a Power Ranger .

But seven voters believe that Chad will do the same as Orihime has done, combining what he already had. In this case, the Giant and the Devil will work together with a whole new attack. All of these possibilities just make me want to see Chad in action…


Kuugo’s all edgy, Ichigo’s all jumpy, KON’s all missingy

With Ichigo back on track thanks to Orihime’s words, Ichigo’s training continues. As usual, Ichigo dives in headfirst to try and win the battle as quickly as possible. The only difference this time is that he’s doing it more literally by hugging even closer to Kuugo than he’s done with other opponents. One reason for this is probably the lack of a Getsuga Tenshou for Ichigo to fire off. It’s something that’s gotten to me a bit. The first skill Ichigo’s Fullbring got was the Getsuga Rasentenshou, which we’ve seen him fire about a dozen times already. But now that his Fullbring has taken the shape of Shinigami robes and something reminiscent of a blade, Ichigo suddenly doesn’t use the attack anymore. I guess one explanation could be that Ichigo is aware that his powers are lacking to such a degree that firing the Getsuga Rasentenshou would be a waste of Reiatsu.

Whatever the reason for not firing the Getsuga, Kuugo feels that Ichigo chose to stick as close as possible to him for the purpose of limiting the Cross of Scaffold’s range. Kuugo then reveals the reason for second grip inside the Fullbring. Nothing too fancy, just a means of moving the blade more easily. Kuugo draws the blade backwards, nicking Ichigo’s right leg in the process. After swirling the ‘Cross of Scaffold’ over his head a bit and pointing out the second grip, Kuugo starts thinking about the current progress Ichigo’s made. Kuugo is feeling proud of himself for thinking of getting Orihime to be in on the training, believing that with one of the people he wants to protect around he’ll progress faster. Though he’s not entirely wrong, I doubt that Ichigo truly is “protecting” Orihime right now, meaning the effect of Orihime’s presence right now isn’t helping as much as Kuugo believes it does. Kuugo seems to be noticing something like that as well.

Bad timing

Hey, I know, let’s talk about something that’s completely unrelated

With Ichigo and Kuugo playing around a bit, Orihime’s sitting and watching in the middle of nowhere. Riruka suddenly shows up with a box in her hand. She asks Orihime what she’s doing crouching on the floor. Orihime points out that there’s nothing in the area, which Riruka mocks by yelling at Yukio demanding a chair and a table. Yukio, looking down on Riruka -literally and figuratively- shows his lazy side again telling her he doesn’t want to do that. Orihime then comes around with her good manners and asks him politely, making Yukio change his mind. Angering Riruka in the process, he eggs her on a bit more by telling her to learn how to ask for favors from Orihime.

Honestly, even if this was all fun and laughs, I’m a bit disappointed with this happening. At the end of the previous chapter, Yukio pressed the fast forward button after seeing that it was almost midnight. But judging by this interaction, time is moving normally again inside the Fullbring. Here I was hoping there’d be a meaning to the last frame of the chapter, yet now it turns out it meant nothing? And all of this just because Riruka wants to eat some donuts inside of ‘Invaders must die’? On that note, isn’t Riruka invading here a bit…

If I were to guess, Riruka probably wanted to eat inside the Fullbring for at least two reasons. One, she probably is curious to see what happened with Ichigo after meeting up with Tsukishima and Orihime. Secondly, she probably wants to get Kuugo to take a break in the training for Ichigo to rest up a bit by bringing donuts (food>hungry>break>Ichigo sitting with her at the same table). Of course, I could be looking too much into this and she just doesn’t have anything better to do than annoy people… Whatever the case, she got her table and chair and starts eating her donut, which doesn’t go unnoticed by a nearby predator.

Killer intent

Why does Orihime look more determined here than she did last week?

Orihime stares down her prey, much to Riruka’s annoyance. Riruka tells Orihime she won’t be getting any of her snacks no matter how much she stares. Moments later, Orihime is enjoying her donut. The fact that Orihime is enjoying it to this extend makes me think something must be wrong with the donut… just look at all the food combinations she’s made in the past. Donuts aside -hmm, donuts >drool<-, Riruka tells Orihime to enjoy it by eating slowly. With Orihime using her childish behavior to get more donuts, Riruka can’t help but wonder how Orihime’s parents can stand her. Out of nowhere, we suddenly get into Orihime’s past.

We once more hear about Orihime’s abusive parents and how she was saved by her brother. Hearing this, Riruka would love to see the face of Orihime’s brother, but with him being dead and all it doesn’t really pan out all that well. For a moment there, Riruka seems to be relating to Orihime a bit. I suppose she has been abandoned by her parents or something along those lines -I wouldn’t be surprised if we learn about what happened sooner or later. Before Riruka even gets the chance of asking for other family, Orihime already explains that her living expenses are paid by a distant aunt who will give her less money if her grades are to drop… In this respect, Orihime is a lot stronger than Ichigo, and Ishida (and just a bit stronger than Chad).

Feeling somewhat awkward after hearing all of this, Riruka decides to leave again. She tries to save face by acting all cocky, but it’s obvious that Orihime made her think of her own past. As she leaves, she can’t help but wonder how Orihime can talk about such painful things so easily as she has so much trouble talking about her own past. Orihime then explains that she isn’t concerned about all of that because she’s already been saved by Ichigo. Her crazy one sided love and the fact that Ichigo never abandoned her when she was taken by Aizen is enough to feel loved, in spite of her living relatives being so cold towards her.

Riruka then does her usual thing, snapping a bit and putting the blame on others as she leaves. She even declines the remaining two donuts offered by Orihime, saying Orihime can have them. Realizing Orihime probably can use the sugar to feel a bit better -you can say what you want, but thinking about something so depressing has to affect her a bit- and not wanting to reveal anything about herself, she then leaves -I wonder whether Yukio will be so cooperative. Orihime then thanks Riruka and tells he she’s nice. For some reason, hearing that she is nice affects her almost as much as the rest of the conversation. Could it be that Riruka might be feeling a bit bad about something?


Maybe you’ll feel more once you cut him up a bit?

Kubo decides to bring back the transition of feelings through the blade concept. Ichigo notices that he isn’t getting anything through from Kuugo’s blade. Not like what happened with Gin, because it turns out that Gin never truly looked at Ichigo explaining why Ichigo never felt anything in the first place. Kuugo, however, facing Ichigo directly and purposefully doesn’t let anything through at all. Ichigo tries to explain this lack of sensation, but finds this to be difficult. No matter how Ichigo looks at it, even Tsukishima gave off some feel of intentions, yet Kuugo doesn’t at all. Ichigo believes that it can be one of two things, either it is due to his Fullbring not being like a Zanpakutou, or because he doesn’t trust Kuugo completely.

I’m glad we finally get confirmation that Ichigo still doesn’t trust Kuugo. It almost seemed like Ichigo ignored everything that happened during their meeting after he finally activated his Fullbring. What’s odd, however, is the fact that Ichigo claims that he has to be able to trust someone in order to sense their feelings through their blades. It almost suggests that he trusts people who are set to kill him more than he trusts Kuugo. Perhaps he trusts that his opponents usually put their conviction on the line, where Kuugo doesn’t seem to do so. But more on this in this week’s headspinner.

Blind Solitude

I was wondering what the title was all about…

Kuugo misinterprets Ichigo’s pensive state as not being into the battle. Or rather, he feels that Ichigo’s over thinking things. The best way to solve this according to Kuugo’s book, is by using violence (of course). He threatens to drag Ichigo back, only a moment before he slashes at Ichigo with his blade. Cutting Ichigo from a great distance, he manages to cut only Ichigo’s eyes. As Ichigo screams out in pain, Orihime rushes to heal him up again. But this time, Kuugo intervenes by almost lopping off the top of Orihime’s head. He tells Orihime she can’t heal him just yet as blinding Ichigo is all in order for Ichigo to regain something he lost: his resolve.

I’m not sure what Kuugo is trying to accomplish here by blinding Ichigo. How does blinding Ichigo help him regain his resolve? Sure, I get Ichigo wanting to kill Kuugo for cutting his eyeballs, but still. Guess we’ll find out next week.

Admittedly, this wasn’t what I was hoping to see from this week’s chapter. The start of the chapter was nice, I was almost expecting that to happen. Not too happy about Kuugo feeling so good about his “brilliant plan”.

The part with Orihime, Riruka, and Yukio was something I didn’t want to see. This has to do with last week’s chapter where midnight almost seemed to be important… But instead we get some more insight into Riruka (and to some extend Orihime). My guess is (/I hope) that this will play a bigger part later on, but for now it only feels out of place a bit. Yet on some level, this made me understand Riruka a bit… Not too happy about that either .

Ichigo then going into the whole ‘I can’t feel Kuugo through his blade’ had more significance in the sense that it reiterates the fact that Xcution is still suspicious. It was also an opportunity for Kubo to show Gin again -which fans will probably have enjoyed.

Kuugo cutting Ichigo’s eyes at the end of the chapter was pretty brutal. The fact that he was cut from such a distance is already rather intriguing, but I still don’t really get the motive even though Kuugo claims it is to strengthen Ichigo’s ‘resolve’.

I guess that in the end, this wasn’t really a good or a bad chapter to me. Just disappointing in comparison the previous two chapters.

Riruka was uncomfortable after being called ‘kind’ by Orihime and Kuugo is hiding his true self from Ichigo. The timing of Xcution’s appearance in Ichigo’s life is rather suspicious as well (Urahara and Isshin just happen to be scheming something around Ichigo when Xcution came around and they happen to know more about Isshin? Please.) and I still have my doubts that things are as clear cut as Kuugo claimed it to be. So here’s what I’m curious about: What could Xcution be up to that would make Riruka feel this uncomfortable after getting to know more about Ichigo and his friends?

Next week’s chapter could be key to Ichigo regaining his Shinigami powers, or more specifically, to awaken Zangetsu. Blinded, Ichigo will need to find a way to still fight Kuugo. He’ll first try to fight using his other senses, only to be played around with by Kuugo. Ichigo then realizes that he needs to find another way by looking inwards. Zangetsu may then awaken (partially), to guide a Getsuga Tenshou in Kuugo’s face and completing the Fullbring training. Either that, or Urahara’s experiment will start to work during Ichigo’s Fullbring training, resulting in Zangetsu awakening.

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed the early review. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’d advice you guys to check out the ‘Posts that were lost, but not forgotten’ section as I remembered another clue to the mystery of who RUKIA might be (see last week’s review on what RUKIA stands for). I’ll see you guys again next week!

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Quote Originally Posted by benelori View Post
I salute thee!
First of all, RUKIA could be Karin, but I think it’s Rukia…even though the reiatsu compatibility you mentioned probably applies for both of them, I still think that…ooohh…I dunno…developing Karin would be good, and would keep the story compact and around Kurosaki family, but introducing Rukia would mean, introducing shinigami and starting to introduce SS again, which would widen up the story, but frankly Kubo is no good with complicated, huuge arcs(Arrancar arc)…so who would you like it to be from just story telling POV?I was thinking about Invaders must die…does it really work like Toriyama’s time chamber or like the Dangai? Of course the answer is that it could be…but the first time I saw FF I was thinking that maybe it’s just a way to finish the training sooner and not prolonging the training inside the console…

Orihime’s powerup…it seems that Kubo really likes this dimension thingy…similar to what he did with Aizen, when he put him in a dimension where others couldn’t even perceive him, and then doing the same with Ichigo…he did the same with Orihime…Santen Kesshun was a triangle, which means 2D and this new one is a pyramid which is 3D…I wonder if this dimension change will be applied to the healing part, or the attack part…how would you imagine a Tsubaki with a 3 dimensional attack, not just cutting, but with blunt damage as well…(I know UR fangasming to the thought)

Anyways…nice touch with observing the midnight thingy…let’s hope something does happen then…but until then, thanks for the review, of course it was a good read as it will ever be…Cheers!

PS: poll…I voted before I read the review…and after reading I thought maybe Chad wants more defensive power in front of Tsukishima…but Chad was never the defensive type…even when he got a defensive arm, he still used it to attack with it, so no wonder he always gets cut down like you said…I believe in him and his character so I voted a new attack by combining his arms and stand by this decision even after reading the review…

PS 2.0: the title…Drug means addiction, or in other words depending on just one thing, but which inevitably will cause harm…in this case the drug and the addict can be both Ichigo and Orihime/Chad group…if ichigo is the drug, then it means that Chad and Orihime stopped depending on him, to improve themselves for his sake, but without him…same for when Chad/Orihime is the drug…Ichigo cannot rely on them this time, and it’s the reason why he wants his powers back…so basically the title means stop depending on something/someone and start working yourself…pretty nice title actually…long time since we had something as good as this one

Just from a story point of view, I guess that Karin would be fun. Then again, we did hear Rukia through the badge after Ichigo first activated his Fullbring. There she did say something along the lines of ‘Ichigo would never…’. Combine this with what Urahara and Isshin said and there’s just no reason for RUKIA not to be Rukia.

As to how ‘Invaders must die’ and the fast forwarding. I guess it’s possible that it only increases the rate at which Ichigo “gains experience”. But that would be a really vague ability to explain.

Orihime’s new ability being similar to gaining a new dimension is an interesting theory. I especially love the idea of Tsubaki becoming more useful .

I took the defensive concept for Chad’s possible new ability by adding the full body option in the poll. But you’re right in pointing out that Chad lives by the credo of the best defense being a good offense .

As for ‘Drug’ being a synonym for addiction in the title… I can see that, considering your explanation.

Quote Originally Posted by toni783 View Post
jajaj great review as always , i like a lot this chapter . for once we can see more than pretty words from orihime, and kicking kuugo ass was really cool.abot the the “invaders must die” fullbring, i think its a really interesting ability, create anything you want and trap people in your own separated world its a powerfull threat. i just wonder what happen in this world when the psp runs out of energy , the people inside have a “game over” or they just return to the outside world!?

and what can i say about chad , whit a trainig in extra G and extreme wheater conditions he should power up fast

closing comment: i bileve that the mysterious shinigami is

Zennosuke Kurumadani

,you know you want him to be the mysterious figure

Thanks. Not be a drug was a really good chapter, like you said.

I wonder what happens with ‘Invaders must die’ once the power goes out. My guess would be that the Fullbring is ended, though I can’t say for sure. The reason I think the Fullbring would end is because with no power, there’s no means to continue the game, thus the Fullbring can’t continue either.

Chad going DBZ on us should have a pretty decent effect. I’m curious whether Yukio is keeping an eye on Chad under such conditions. Maybe he’s the one he used the fast forward on?

As for RUKIA’s true identity being the person you suggested… How could I have forgotten that person? It’s so obvious that it just has to be true!


~ by The Underscore on June 2, 2011.

7 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 450”

  1. Quite fast you did the summery this time

    regarding the pool I think rather than trust it might be Ichigo not reading/understanding their motives/emotions

    Personally i don’t mind learning a bit more about Riruka, though last week i was disappointed to see her maid outfit in typical Black/White.

    hopefully we’ll get some more info later on ragarding fast forward or if he’ll have a rew… button

    Hopefully it’ll be interesting to see ichigo training as a blind man

  2. Yesterday was a great opportunity for me to get the review out sooner. It’s been quite some time since I last got out a review this quick.

    If you look at the chapter, Ichigo claims that he can’t read Kuugo’s motives/emotions because he can’t trust him. Or do you mean that Ichigo can’t trust him because he can’t read his motives/emotions?

    There’s plenty for Kubo to cover in the upcoming chapters. The only question is when he’s going to cover all of the things he’s raised in the last two chapters and the chapters before that.

    I wonder how Ichigo fighting blind will work out as well. It could be interesting, then again it could be really boring as well…

  3. i think trust is odd in this situation and think that it might be being unable of reading his emotions/motives

    would make more sense to me(well will wait till i’ve read more scanlations to go on with this)

  4. Thursday!!?

    The donut talk gave me impression that Ginjou’s ends will not justify his means…

    I did saw Ichigo getting innards blown out, slashed countless times and had a giant hole him in but that cutting the eyes is the one what creeped me out, that was nasty.

    Ginjou definetly wants him to give up his fight based on ‘Gauge your enemies, seek a good reason etc.etc’ to his instincts (and his cocky style? =P) that he was using in the first arc and SS.

    Why these Fullbringers are that much ‘fight to survive’ people? I thought they were cool townspeople who happens to have powers.

  5. why is Orihime acting like a kid again? gah, kubo you were doing so well too! but whatever, guess he needed some filler for this chap. Pacing still sucks, but im glad to see our old suspicions of Ginjou being brought up again. Honestly i was hoping he wouldnt be Shinji 2.0, and i like the idea of an evil Ginjou.

    btw Underscore, check it out! the ulquiorra comic from Unmasked is out, and it is really cool:

    …and surprisingly Ulquihime? didnt expect that, but i like that pair, so that made this comic an even nicer treat.

  6. No there no green eggs and ham but there is Sam I am.

    Nice review as always underscore. It’s been a minute, thank god school is over, can we agree on that people

    On Topic Bleach
    This chapter was lacking somethings but it was okay, “Zzz
    I more interested in the mysterious soul reaper but I’ll get that last.

    1) It is possible that someone has volunteer to give there powers to ichigo but he must take there place and remain in the 13 court guard squad. They could mean this by taking away his future.

    2) They told ichigo before he started training ganjo said he would have new powers once he finished (I think I read this when ganjo and him finally talked about him getting back his powers) he may gain some new power to battle inside there head think of how his inner world is built. in the zanpakotu tales we saw koga’s inner world. (just a though)

    3) Sado and Inoue I’m pretty sure they have new powers i wouldn’t be surprise that if ichigo got his powers back he would only be on equal grounds with them or just be a step or 3 ahead. the continue to fought hollows even without ichigo so who knows how strong they have gotten.

    4) mysterious reaper: I guess ………….. Rikuia or his sister who can see spirits became one and tells her father ichigo doesn’t have to fight anymore and he needs a break, thus isshin agress and goes to urahara warns them and here we are.

    predictions: well before zangetsu talks to him he will have to talk to the hollow inside because that is his instinct and zangetsu is his power.

  7. ops sorry about this ah glad to be back and
    again nice review underscore, you put up a poll
    and see who everyone thinks is the mysterious
    soul reaper. SAM I AM OUT

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