The Underscore’s Bleach review 452

452 erosion/implosion

There’s some good news and some bad news. The good news is that there’s plenty of pictures in this week’s review!… the bad news is that there won’t be a review next week. I’ll be on holiday next week with some friends, so I won’t have the time to write up a review in the weekend. Guess better news than plenty of pictures in the review would have to be that there’s going to be a two chapter review next time!
Anyways, let’s get to this week’s review shall we? First off, thanks go out to Mangastream and Binktopia for their scanlation. Before getting to the chapter, there’s the matter of last week’s polls.

Bleach chapter 451, Welcome to our Execution 4, rated by 22 voters, gets an average score of:



As per request, I put up a poll asking who you guys thought RUKIA (the mystery Shinigami) could be. Here’s the results:

It’s not one of the Visored, it’s not one of the Vice-captains, it isn’t Renji, and no one has another option (according to the poll).

One voter believes it could be one of the Soul Society captains, though I’d have to disagree considering the lack of a white robe and all. But who knows, there’s always a chance it has been taken off for the Urahara experiment.

Two voters, however, know for sure it’s none other than Zannosuke Kurumadani, aka Af-san! If there’s any way to restore Ichigo’s Shinigami powers, it has to be through the power of the ‘fro!

Tied with three votes each, there’s people saying they don’t know and people saying they don’t care. Not knowing is one thing, but not caring? Though, I guess there’s plenty of other things to look out for in Bleach now .

Five voters are expecting to see a new character to be the Shinigami. Is it possible that Soul Society sent out someone new to work something out with Urahara and Isshin? If so, who could it be?

Here’s where things get tricky. Karin being the mystery Shinigami got 8 votes. People being absolutely convinced that Rukia is the RUKIA only count 6. But there are also 6 voters who feel it’s a long shot, but would say that RUKIA is Rukia…

It’s a long shot, but I’d say Rukia? 6 votes
Rukia, definitely Rukia 6 votes
Karin 8 votes

I won’t be the one to settle this matter… I’m leaving this in Kubo’s hands .

Waking up in the Mushroom Kingdom

Orihime’s almost too similar to princess Peach isn’t she? Needing to be saved all the time…

The chapter starts off with Orihime waking up in mushroom covered pajamas. Lifting her head from her pixilated pillow, it becomes obvious that she isn’t in Kansasrakura town anymore. Nonetheless, Orihime isn’t all too concerned about her surroundings, getting up and going to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

Even though Ichigo’s Fullbring has already been completed, Orihime still finds herself in ‘Invaders must Die’, meaning that there’s still a reason for her to be there. Either that, or it had gotten so late that she decided to get to sleep. Something tells me that Yukio pulled out all the stops for Orihime, giving her a small house with a bed, bathroom, pajamas -love the Mario reference given here by Kubo-, and a toothbrush and toothpaste even.

As Orihime’s brushing her teeth, she hears sounds coming from outside. With a moan and a groan, Ichigo reaches 100!… What?


Ichigo’s got it tough with his name… poor strawberry…

After 100 pushups, Ichigo decides to call it quits. I’d call it quits after 100 pushups as well, but Kuugo can’t believe Ichigo would stop already. Ichigo then tells Kuugo he’s tired for a reason, as this has been the umpteenth set of 100 pushups he’s done. Kuugo’s still not impressed as Ichigo’s only done 14 sets of 100. Ichigo rightfully asks if Kuugo wants him to become a wrestler or something. But with only fourteen sets done, it’s obvious that Ichigo (15) should do one more set. Ichigo then gets crossed about the fact that Kuugo’s pulling some name crap. But Kuugo already points out that Ichigo has plenty of clothes and possessions with a 15 pattern on it. Caught red-handed, Ichigo can’t help but wonder how Kuugo’s stalker network knew that about Ichigo.

This part of the chapter clearly shows that Ichigo and Kuugo have gotten to better terms with each other. The fact that Ichigo actually agreed to doing 1400 pushups for Kuugo should already be enough, but the way Ichigo and Kuugo react to each other’s remarks is also a pretty clear sign of this. The reason for Ichigo doing the pushups isn’t exactly hard to figure out, but with it covered in a later part of this chapter I might as well skip it for now.

More important than the power training has to be Kuugo’s ‘information network’. The fact that Ichigo calls it an ‘information network’ suggests that Kuugo elaborated on it at one point or another between this and the previous chapter. You can say what you want, but Kuugo still knows too much about both Ichigo and his family. I don’t know how Kuugo managed to get the picture of Isshin he showed Ichigo, or even why he would know so much about the Kurosaki household. Whatever the case, this is a matter that needs answering.


That’s just gross Orihime… eating breakfast right after brushing your teeth…

As Ichigo’s outside bickering with Kuugo, Orihime can’t help but be impressed with Ichigo’s workout. With a knock on the door, Riruka suddenly barges into Orihime’s room with some breakfast. Orihime then childishly points out how rude it is of Riruka to just barge into someone’s room like that, but Riruka rejects this objection. Orihime just drops the matter and asks Riruka to sit down and eat with her for once.

The way these two are interacting and the conversation’s content suggests that this isn’t the first night that Orihime’s spent inside ‘Invaders must die’. Nonetheless, Riruka still can’t sit down and eat with Orihime. As an excuse, Riruka tells Orihime that she’s already eaten some donuts.

Even though it’s somewhat obvious that Riruka’s trying to stay away from Orihime before she gets caught up in her rhythm, Orihime’s only surprised at the amount of donuts Riruka eats… before eating a hotdog for breakfast…

Death of a strawberry

So that’s how you regain Shinigami powers. Killing Ichigo with pushups!

Kuugo tells Ichigo that he’s done now, releasing Ichigo from his anguish. With Ichigo dying from the latest set of pushups he’s done, Kuugo is somewhat disappointed by the fact that Ichigo isn’t complaining. He tries to jumpstart Ichigo by threatening with another set of pushups, but Ichigo just doesn’t have the energy to argue. Kuugo then tells Ichigo that he’s just joking because he knows full well that Ichigo’s stamina has hit rock bottom. With Ichigo only capable of repeating the word stamina, Kuugo once more explains that it is a requirement for the proper use of Fullbring. With the Fullbring used by using a physical body, it requires physical strength to wield it.

As Ichigo listens to this explanation, he can finally sit up straight and conclude that the ridiculous training he’s doing right now -how can he call this ridiculous after the Hiyori walker incident? – is for the purpose of getting more stamina. Kuugo is somewhat impressed by Ichigo recovering so quickly, but is glad to see that it is working so well.

Kuugo then moves on to what happened to Ichigo in the previous chapter, the seeing of Reiatsu. Kuugo explains that it wasn’t so much the seeing of the Reiatsu that triggered the completion of the Fullbring, as it was the other way around. The fact that Ichigo saw Kuugo covered in Reiatsu with his mangled eyes -as Kuugo puts it- was a sign of Ichigo’s Shinigami powers returning! Which was incidentally the reason for Kuugo to cut Ichigo’s eyes in the first place. Even though he said it was to draw out Ichigo’s sense for battle only two chapters ago…

Transcending Shinigami (again)

The Karakura Riser returns!

Kuugo tells Ichigo that when he lost his reiatsu, he didn’t lose everything -as that would mean that he’d die. The miniscule parts of Reiatsu left behind by the Mugetsu started to gather inside Ichigo’s body over the 17 months after the battle with Aizen. By using a Fullbring channeled through the Shinigami representative badge, that little bit of Reiatsu would be triggered into growing back to its previous form. Kuugo then explains that by having Ichigo’s body gain strength and in turn powering up his Fullbring, it would result in Ichigo’s Fullbring supplementing the lost power from the Mugetsu and fusing with the previous Shinigami powers. Once Ichigo’s Fullbring fuses with his Shinigami powers, Ichigo will gain powers transcending Shinigami!!!11!1!… Where’d we hear that again? More on this in this week’s headspinner, but for now let’s move on with this week’s chapter.

Kuugo throws Ichigo his representative badge (Ichigo’s, not Kuugo’s) and tells him to activate his Fullbring as it should now truly have been completed. Ichigo then holds the badge and then his right arm, reminiscent of how he activated his Bankai in the past. The badge then reacts by covering Ichigo in a full body armor, which reminds me exactly why I have always had my qualms about Chad getting a full body armor. Can you imagine Chad running around in an armor like this?

Anyways, Ichigo’s Fullbring has covered his entire body and shows practically no sign of Shinigami traits. As Ichigo looks at his new body suit, he then focuses on the badge that’s still in his hand. The badge then turns into something of a wakizashi, which is neatly placed in a sheath on Ichigo’s back -oh the good old days before Ichigo learned Zangetsu’s name. With Karakura riser’s transformation complete, Kuugo can hardly believe he’s looking at Ichigo right now. He then tells Ichigo that his Fullbring needs a name.

It’s actually quite funny how Kubo is putting Ichigo through a transformation that is reminiscent to the stages he’s gone through as a Shinigami, just in an opposite way -these powers being Hollow based and all. I’m not really used to seeing Ichigo in this form yet, however, and I’m not sure I want to get used to it. Personally, I think Ichigo looks better in black than he does in white. That probably has something to do with the fact that Kubo designed Ichigo to look good in Shinigami robes…

Time flies when you’re having fun

Did Chad just realize that he hasn’t called the school for over a week already?

Without revealing the Fullbring’s name, the scene changes to Chad, Ichigo, and Orihime getting out of ‘Invaders must die’. I wonder if Ichigo and Orihime have been waiting for Chad to finish his training, or whether Chad had to stop after Ichigo finished. Whatever the case, everyone is out of Yukio’s Fullbring now. Ichigo thanks Yukio for his help with the training, as Yukio complains that Ichigo and the others have been taking too long to finish things up. Yukio almost looks surprised to hear someone thanking him for his help as he suddenly tells Ichigo that he should hurry and go home to his sisters.

Ichigo then once more shows how lousy a brother he can be at times, remembering he forgot to call his family . Ichigo then can’t help but wonder how long he’s been inside the Fullbring, only for Yukio to reveal that Ichigo’s been in there for a mere 90 minutes. The Fast Forward option Yukio used did exactly what we expected it to do, be it for a completely different reason. I suppose that the moments where Yukio spoke with Riruka and Orihime he just stopped the fast forward for a moment before holding the button again. Yukio tells Ichigo that he should be thankful for the effort put into Ichigo’s training, but this time he doesn’t get a word of thanks -is it me, or does he look a bit disappointed by this fact?

Yukio then tells Ichigo to get back home as he’s already late. Ichigo then gets back to the Kurosaki clinic where he’s greeted by an overly excited Yuzu.

We are family

The brother from another mother… whose probably related to your mother

As Ichigo tries to apologize for coming back so late, Yuzu doesn’t seem to care at all as there’s a blast from the past sitting in the living room. As Ichigo tries to think of who this guest could be, Yuzu only reveals him to be a cousin of theirs after Ichigo asked for a hint. As Yuzu tells the guest that Ichigo’s finally returned, Ichigo is quite shocked to see whose sitting in his living room: SHUU-CHAN! Though we know him better as Tsukishima…

Yuzu tells Ichigo that they haven’t seen “Shuu-chan” since their grandfather’s funeral. Considering Isshin’s background, it is obvious that this grandfather is should be Ichigo’s mother’s father. As Yuzu thinks back to the good times she’s had with her cousin, Tsukishima greets Ichigo with a cold stare in his eyes. Ichigo can’t help but feel panic coming over him, with the guy who attacked his friends sitting in his living room with his little sister pretending(?) to be his cousin. Nice one Kubo !

I have to say I’m really surprised by Kubo pulling this stunt with Tsukishima. Through the whole of Bleach, the Kurosaki household has always been relatively save during the canon. With a total of only two Hollow attacks taking place in and around the household before this arc started, it has always been a relative safe haven. Even Aizen didn’t bother getting this close to the Kurosaki house when he tried to take Karakura town for the creation of the Ouken.

Not only is Tsukishima now sitting in Ichigo’s house, he’s sitting there as a relative of Ichigo’s raising the question whether it’s the truth, or the effect of his Fullbring. Personally, I’m hoping for him telling the truth for two reasons. First, it would be a great way to get more information on Ichigo’s mother and to lead to Isshin meeting her -if Tsukishima has a Fullbring, his mother or father should have been attacked by a Hollow, perhaps with Ichigo’s mom around leading to Isshin interfering. It would even explain how Kuugo knows so much about Ichigo, if he heard it from Ichigo’s cousin and all… Second, Yuzu shouldn’t have been cut down by that Tsukishima bastard . If we learn he did do something to Yuzu, I want to see his head on a silver platter .

This was an excellent chapter. It finally wrapped up Ichigo’s Fullbring training, leaving only the basic improving from this point onward. The interactions between the main characters and the Xcution members felt rather natural now, less forced than before. Ichigo’s Fullbring still isn’t working for me, but I’m sure it will change once I see it in action. My absolute favorite part, however, was the part at the end of the chapter with Tsukishima waiting in Ichigo’s living room. I’m somewhat impressed by Tsukishima’s tactics. In a way, Tsukishima revealing himself to be Ichigo’s cousin can work in so many ways. It wouldn’t be strange for Ichigo to forget a family member -he’s bad with remembering faces and all. There’s just so many possibilities with this twist. I’m really curious about next week’s chapter… too bad I can’t review it next weekend .

Kuugo explained that Ichigo’s Fullbring will fuse with his Shinigami powers in order to create a power to transcend those of a Shinigami. In a way, it’s exactly what Aizen has been doing before. Where Aizen tried to transcend by breaking the barrier between Hollow and Shinigami, two opposites of the same coin, he had to resort to the use of the Hougyoku. Ichigo nicely fit in this plan as he was already a hybrid from birth. Whatever the case, the combination of Shinigami and Hollow powers is something that is just impossible without the Hougyoku.

Now we have Fullbring, a power given to humans based on Hollow energy. Kuugo wants to fuse that energy with Ichigo’s Shinigami reiatsu to return him to his previous glory and more. Not only would this mean that Shirosaki would be the dominant figure rather than Old-man Zangetsu -with the scale tipped and all after the perfect balance created through obtaining the Mugetsu-, it would mean that something that requires to Hougyoku is achieved not in a spiritual body, but a living human body! Where’s the Hougyoku in all of this? I’ve theorized in the past that Ichigo’s past power ups were achieved because remnants of the Hougyoku’s powers remained in Ichigo’s soul, but I would expect that to disappear along with Ichigo’s reiatsu.

As if this isn’t enough to think about, what of Kuugo’s information on Ichigo? The only person I can think of who knows absolutely everything about Ichigo, has the knowledge to give a foreign power and to fuse it with an opposing power with the goal to transcend things is Aizen. What’s more, is Kuugo actually going a step further than Aizen did in transcending things? Where Aizen fused Shinigami and Hollow, Kuugo is adding a living human body into the mix. He’s almost suggesting that Ichigo will be using his Shinigami powers in his human body along with his Fullbring from now on. Anyways, this ranting aside, one of the questions that comes from this rant is the following:

How does Kuugo know that Fullbring can rekindle the Shinigami powers in a hybrid and turn it into something new?

The chapter will continue from the last page of this week’s chapter. Yuzu will suggest that Tsukishima sleeps in Ichigo’s room after a flashback to grandpa Rin’s funeral. An awkward mood will be set in the room as Ichigo can’t move with his sister around and Tsukishima enjoying that tension. Tsukishima will reveal something more about his motives and whether he truly is Ichigo’s cousin and how they are truly related. Ichigo will have a couple of moments where he tries to yell at Tsukishima, only for Yuzu to tell him to be quiet as it’s a school night. Without being able to sleep at all during the night, Tsukishima will tell Ichigo and his sister(s) that he’ll be going back home again and he’ll come visit more often. Karin will probably have some suspicions, but lets it slide as Yuzu is so happy about seeing her cousin again.

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it as it will have to last you for a while. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again in two weeks!

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3 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 452”

    Jesus, creepy new chapter is creeeeeeeeepppyy.

    i mean holy shit, its like something out of a horror movie. that was just… gaw! get away you creepy stalker man! Seriously, this is some Paranoia fuel shit right here. He’s messed with everyone now. everyone. just… holy shit.

  2. I’m pretty sure we all knew ichigo was going to jack him up, but the title suggest that his friends would change in his eyes: Mute Your Breathe Friendship: after seeing a preview of him in his house last week we kinda of knew what would happen seeing Tsukishima did attack ohimine and she called him a friend (I don’t remember the chapter that was on.)

    @takashid: creepy/stalker/paranoia/ pretty good words to use, to think that guy just mess with almost everyone ichigo knows.

    not that good but I tried : Things to make your head spin:
    So in the chapter Mute Your Breathe Friendship: Tsukishima attack everyone ichigo and ganjo know, why do you think he didn’t attack them as well? (That’s decent not underscore worthy thought) I suck at typing so i’m not going to put up a small rant.

    So now he will go to urharah for help and he will see his father and the mysterious soul reaper (he may not see who it is because of his spiritual pressure hasn’t returned full yet) well we know it’s not Karin or Yuzu, doubt it’s the afro guy, pretty sure it’s not a captain, renji to busy being a lieutenant. If I’m not mistaken only one left is rukia well who could of predict this.

  3. oh forgot the poll: what will ichigo and ganjo do now that everyone has turn on them?

    A) go to urahara for help
    B)run like cowards
    C)keep building up ichigo powers/help him understand his fulbring
    D)I love bacon
    E)I love bacon and eggs
    F)I love sam_I_am:)24

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