The Underscore’s Bleach review 454

454 Sheathebreaker

Aw man, how come you always need a vacation to recover from a vacation? I’m still exhausted. But seriously… where’d this tattoo come from? I vaguely remember meeting KON-sama and something about a girls locker room? A moment of joy, a moment of disappointment, and a moment of immense terror… Guess the prickly feeling I got was because of the needle used for the tattoo? Still, it looks so familiar…

But enough about my vacation. Thanks to Benelori for covering for me while I was out on vacation, though I’ll have to admit I’m a bit envious because he had such a great chapter to review . I won’t review the chapter directly, though the important parts of that chapter are crucial for this week’s chapter as well. If you somehow missed the review for chapter 453, you can find it here. Luckily Benelori also put up a poll and a chapter rating, so those will be covered here as usual.

All that’s left is to thank Binktopia and Mangastream for this week’s scanlation, and I guess I should thank Kubo out loud once in a while for giving us Bleach in the first place .

Bleach chapter 453, Mute Your Breathe Friendship, rated by 20 voters, gets an average score of:



Benelori just had to ask you after Tsukishima’s great performance what you guys think of him as a villain. What better villain to compare him with than Aizen, right?

No one felt Tsukishima or Aizen are bad villains and that Tsukishima sucks. Though I honestly didn’t feel much for the filler vibe this arc had at the start, Tsukishima really isn’t doing bad at all.

One Aizen fanboy can’t believe this comparison being made. Tsukishima’s far worse than Aizen, period. C’mon Kubo!! I’ll admit that Aizen’s methods are in a way far more superior to what Tsukishima is doing and that he still had much more potential than Kubo managed to draw out in the previous arc.

Four voters feel Tsukishima and Aizen stand on equal grounds when it comes to being cool. Quite frankly I tend to agree with this option. Sure, Tsukishima has a couple of traits that make him look like Aizen a bit too much, but in a way he’s a character on his own. Which would explain the majority of the votes going to the last option of the poll.

Seven voters actually prefer Tsukishima over Aizen! And I think I know why that is. Aizen has always been somewhat elusive. Much like his Zanpakutou, Aizen created illusions of things that weren’t really there. Aizen’s greatest performance -to me, personally- had to be where he looked like one of the most awesome captains around, only to reveal himself to be the biggest jerk in history! Even though Aizen had a hand in most of the things happening to Ichigo -read, everything- he was too distant from it all. Aizen just didn’t feel as hands on as Tsukishima. Just look at what Tsukishima has done since his introduction. He started out attacking Ishida, was around with every attack done by him and Sushigawara, had the balls to strut inside enemy territory, and somehow manipulated everyone in Ichigo’s surroundings into thinking he’s a great pal/family member. Tsukishima is just more direct than Aizen has ever been, and is pulling this off better. I mean, Aizen was fun and all when he became ButterflAizen, but he just went down too easily without ever using his Bankai… or did he?…

The old fogies

Is that a Zanpakutou in your hand, or are you just glad to see RUKIA?

Where Ichigo and Kuugo had been driven into a tight spot by Tsukishima’s antics, we shouldn’t forget that Isshin and Urahara were busy with the mysterious RUKIA. It seems that the sphere where RUKIA inserted the Reiatsu has formed a Zanpakutou made of Reiatsu. With Isshin carrying the Zanpakutou and Urahara leading the way, the men don’t look too happy about the current results. In spite of this, the two move on with determination with the moon watching over their actions.

Judging by the current situation, it is almost too obvious that Tsukishima hasn’t attacked Isshin or Urahara. I doubt Tsukishima would be able to even touch either of these two, and if he did, Urahara would probably be able to see through this eventually. Then again, it depends on whether he would be able to recall Tsukishima slashing him… Anyways, the most important bit has to be the Zanpakutou in Isshin’s hand.

Recall how Ichigo obtained his Shinigami powers first time around? Something tells me that Urahara and Isshin are planning on doing the same thing here. This must be Urahara’s answer to what Kuugo has done with Ichigo using Fullbring training. Ichigo’s Fullbring training was done with the purpose of gathering the remnants of Reiatsu and then fortifying them by uniting them in a single point. From this point, the Reiatsu could once more grow to its former glory, even intensifying by the addition of Fullbring. But where Kuugo used Fullbring, Urahara used Shinigami Reiatsu forged into a Zanpakutou. My guess is that Urahara wants to stab Ichigo with this Zanpakutou to recreate the first time Ichigo obtained powers.

The reason why Urahara waited this long to act and the requirements for this to even have a chance are, in my opinion, the following:

For Reiatsu to be stabbed, you need a target that’s big enough to do so. In the 17 month break Ichigo had, the beginning of this new arc suggested that Ichigo’s Reiatsu was feeling a bit off -according to Ishida that is. It is likely that Ichigo’s Reiatsu had formed a basis from which Urahara (and Kuugo) could act. Kuugo learned of this through his information network, where Urahara probably found out through Karin and Isshin. The reason Urahara waited this long was simply because Ichigo wasn’t ready yet.

Then there’s the other requirement. Ichigo’s Reiatsu needs to be jolted into action. Kuugo decided to do this with Ichigo’s own Fullbring powers, taking something of a long route. Urahara, however, chose a shortcut . Knowing that Rukia was the one that jumpstarted Ichigo’s Shinigami powers the first time around , and that Isshin and Ichigo are rather similar to each other -both having a moon themed Zanpakutou and the Getsuga Tenshou- he probably needed the two of them to create the Reiatsu Zanpakutou. The similarities in the Reiatsu’s between father and son, and the compatibility between Rukia and Ichigo’s Reiatsu -which I think Aizen found- are key to making this experiment work.

In theory, this all could work. But there has to be a catch for Isshin and Urahara to have such solemn looks on their faces.

Blame it on the boogie

If you’re feeling guilty and you know it slap your knee. If you’re feeling guilty and you know it, and you really want to show it slap your knee!

Ichigo and Kuugo somehow managed to escape the zombie infested streets as they find refuge in a hidden secret hideout known only to Kuugo. Exhausted from running all this way -whatever happened to that stamina required for Fullbrings? -, Kuugo is the first to catch his breath and tell Ichigo they should be safe for the time being. Ichigo then tries to come to terms with the fact that the only person he can trust right now is the latest person he decided to trust.

Feeling that his trust had been misplaced, considering the fact that all his friends have become Tsukishima zombies, and decides to lash out because of his new found powerlessness. Because let’s face it. First he was bothered because he didn’t have the power to fight off beings threatening his friends and family. But now that he has obtained the power to fight, he is faced with an intangible danger that he just can’t attack. All his efforts to obtain power have been for nothing.

The origin for all this misery is none other than the man standing in front of him. Of course, Ichigo only came to this realization after Kuugo says his name in order to comfort him. Ichigo grabs Kuugo and tells him he’s responsible for all of this. But much to Ichigo’s disappointment, Kuugo doesn’t deny this. In a way Kuugo is similar to Ichigo in taking responsibility on himself.

If I were to throw out another one of my wacky theories, I’d say that Kuugo taking on the leadership role in Xcution and accepting responsibility here now has to do with his feelings of guilt concerning Tsukishima. When Tsukishima first betrayed Xcution, Kuugo probably felt betrayed himself, but also guilty for not picking up on this sooner. In order to prevent this from ever happening again, he probably took on leadership responsibilities for the sake of his friends. This time, Kuugo probably feels the same as he didn’t pick up on Tsukishima’s preparations for this psychological attack.

But Ichigo realizes that Tsukishima would have targeted Ichigo sooner or later, whether Kuugo were there or not. Ichigo should have been there to protect his family and friends rather than selfishly seek the power to fight. Kuugo tells Ichigo that neither of them is to be blamed in an attempt to make both Ichigo and himself feel better. But it seems both of them realize it’s no use to say that. Rather than feeling bad for themselves, Kuugo decides to work on a solution.

Mindtrick 2.0

Everybody loves Ray~ ehr~~ Tsukishima

Kuugo tells Ichigo that before he was attacked by the other Xcution members, Yukio said something to him about them having to remember. Ichigo is intrigued by the notion of having to remember, which Kuugo decides to explain.

Kuugo first thought that ‘Book of the End’ would at most have become a memory scrambler in the off shot chance its abilities did change from being able to cut anything that he desires. But rather than changing memories, the bookmark that is at the base of ‘Book of the End’ inserts itself in the target’s “story” to find where Tsukishima is in the “story”. I couldn’t help but agree with Ichigo’s shock to hearing the past being manipulated rather than memories. Changing memories is one thing, but cutting your target to insert your own presence and having the target create his/her own memories around this is just too freaky. Ichigo can’t help but wonder if that’s even possible, but judging from what happened in the previous chapter it is the most sensible explanation.

Kuugo explains a bit further by giving the example of Tsukishima inserting himself in people’s personal lives and turning himself into family, a friend, or a lover -I LOL-ed when I saw Riruka there – and causing himself to be entrenched in their past like this.

Unlike memory manipulation, where you could try to pull out the real memories, Tsukishima’s ability makes it impossible to do so. Where memory manipulation inputs the suggestion that something happened next to the real memories, Tsukishima’s ability completely rewrites these memories.

But the scariest thing of the ability has to be the fact that because Ichigo and Kuugo haven’t been affected by this ability, they are the ones at fault. They appear to have gone crazy for forgetting such a wonderful guy like Tsukishima. In a way Tsukishima is using the good old premise of “if everyone says it’s true, it must be true” combined with “those who don’t conform to the majority are considered to be insane”. In a way it’s the same as in the good old days where the few people who claimed the earth is round were considered to be insane. It turned out they were right, but people couldn’t care less at the time .

When in doubt, resort to violence

Zaraki would be so proud of you right now

With all this information sinking in, knowing that his friends are being toyed with in this manner, Ichigo can only come to one conclusion for what is best for his friends. Kill Tsukishima. Where Ichigo has always refrained from killing his opponents, he did so because he could always ward them off. But this time, the intangible assault can’t be blown away with a well placed Getsuga Tenshou. ‘Book of the End’ does something similar to what made Kyouka Suigetsu so dangerous. The difference at this time, however, is that people aren’t aware of ‘Book of the End’s’ effect unlike with Kyouka Suigetsu. Knowing nothing can be done, the only quick solution Ichigo can come up with is killing Tsukishima.

Kuugo is somewhat surprised at hearing Ichigo’s suggestion, only to realize how desperate Ichigo really is. But Kuugo then explains that killing Tsukishima wouldn’t guarantee the end of ‘Book of the End’s’ effect. This had already been covered in one of the earlier chapters of this arc, where we heard that some Fullbrings just can’t be undone by normal means. This is hard for Ichigo to accept, knowing that something so desperate wouldn’t be enough to solve matters. Killing Tsukishima could end the Fullbring. But if it wouldn’t, it would result in Ichigo and Kuugo becoming murderers or at least considered to be insane to the point where their friends and family would be forced to lock them away forever and most likely never speaking to them again.

Even with this risk involved, Kuugo points out that there’s just no other way around this. In order to make sure everyone is save from Tsukishima’s madness, they will have to kill him. Without any proof around, could Ichigo kill Tsukishima in cold blood?

With everything that’s happened to Ichigo in the last couple of days, and this situation added. Ichigo looks to himself to find the answer. But just as he wants to give this answer, he is interrupted by an unexpected visitor.

Yukio Maps

With Kuugo’s look right now, it’s no wonder he is considered to be screwed up…

Yukio comments on how disturbing the conversation we just heard really is. I mean, really. “Everyone is insane except for the two of us”? “We should kill Tsukishima to for everyone’s sake”? Ichigo and Kuugo must have been eating the wrong soul candy, if you catch my drift.

Kuugo is shocked to see Yukio in his most secret hideout. But Yukio explains that he just did ‘what they always do’. A small pixilated plane appears from Kuugo’s jacket and returns to Yukio’s PFP. This plane is the tracking device that Xcution uses to find each other… at least, that’s what Yukio claims. Kuugo’s expression, however, suggests one of two things. One, he just forgot that they did this, or two, this is the first he ever heard of this. Personally, I’m hoping for option two. This would suggest that Tsukishima used his ability to teach Yukio a new skill that he supposedly has been using for ages.

With his PFP in hand, Yukio feels confident enough to tell Kuugo and Ichigo to just come along with him. He tries to comfort the clinically insane by reassuring them no one is angry at them. They’re just concerned with Ichigo and Kuugo’s well being, ‘s all. Everyone at Xcution is going to make sure the two of them will be back to normal in no time…

The irony of this all. If the situation were reversed, Ichigo and Kuugo would be the first ones to do exactly what Yukio is doing now. Tell their friends who’ve lost all sanity to just follow them quietly to fix things. But in spite of Yukio’s good intentions, they are only getting into more trouble, and they can’t do anything about it.

The Quincy archer awakens

Did Ishida “open his eyes”?

As Yukio takes Ichigo and Kuugo with him, the scene briefly changes to Karakura General Hospital. Here we see Ishida getting out of bed and getting dressed. Where I first thought Ishida was the only one to have been affected by Tsukishima’s ‘Book of the End’, this small scene makes me think otherwise. What if Ishida is the only one unaffected by ‘Book of the End’? Ryuuken did mention that Fullbring is a force different from that of a Quincy or Shinigami, so who’s to say that the Quincy ability can’t negate ‘Book of the End’?

Just think about it. Quincy fight by gathering the Reiryoku from their surroundings, whereas Fullbring users input Reiryoku into surroundings. In that respect, Ishida should be able to suck out the Reiatsu inserted into a Fullbring item, thus negating its effects. I’m actually hoping for something like this to happen. That way Ishida can once more go back to the level he was when he was first introduced -in terms of ability.

But what could be going through Ishida’s mind right now? Which “friend” is he going to trust? Better yet, how many “friends” does he have right now?

House party

Oddly, I was expecting something bigger?

Guided through the forest by Yukio, Ichigo and Kuugo arrive at a small mansion. Obviously, this mansion should belong to Yukio. However, who is to say this isn’t the base from which we’ve seen Tsukishima operating the entire time? All we know is that Tsukishima should be waiting inside the mansion. Whether Ichigo wants to kill Tsukishima, or do something else, this is the place where Ichigo will give his answer.

Where the previous chapter was plain freaky, this chapter revolved around solving the issues of that chapter. But Kubo didn’t just show us how Ichigo and Kuugo came to terms with the current situation. By throwing in Isshin and Urahara, and Ishida, he is making sure he still has plenty of ways to surprise us. There’s plenty of intriguing things that were covered here as well. The most likely explanation for Tsukishima’s ability being one of them. But the way Ichigo was confronted with being powerless again, so shortly after obtaining power was intriguing to see as well. His suggestion of killing Tsukishima was somewhat out of character if you think about it. What’s also fun to note about the last two chapters is that Tsukishima’s attack on Ichigo has actually worked out. Remember when Tsukishima was thinking of who he would attack next, only for him to appear during Ichigo’s training the very next moment? Something else that you guys could check out is this. It’s almost as if Kubo was working towards this, isn’t it? With everyone turning their backs to Ichigo.

I’m really curious as to what could happen in the next couple of chapters. I’m just hoping that Kubo doesn’t rush the ending of this arc too much. Sure, the battles should be swift, but with everything surrounding Urahara and RUKIA, he still has plenty of things he can do. Perhaps Tsukishima is just the first opponent leading into a next arc?

In this week’s chapter, we heard Yukio saying that it was about time for them to “remember”. This almost suggests that Yukio knew that he had forgotten something. With everyone in Xcution, save Ichigo and Kuugo, “remembering” it wouldn’t be strange for them to have been attacked by Tsukishima’s ability long before this arc started. So what if Tsukishima’s ability hasn’t been awoken inside of Kuugo yet?

Predictions, predictions… My guess is that Tsukishima will taunt Kuugo and Ichigo into attacking him, forcing the other Xcution members to interfere. Orihime and Chad will be present there as well, with Chad being concerned with Ichigo acting this way and Orihime frantically crying that her beloved one has gone insane. Riruka will probably be clinging to Tsukishima as his “lover” .

Ichigo and Kuugo will fight off the other Xcution members as Tsukishima, Chad, and Orihime sit by and watch. Ichigo will try to explain things to the other Xcution members to get them to stop. Orihime will probably help Ichigo out eventually because of her extreme faith in Ichigo. Chad will probably help Ichigo out as well because of the promise he made and his trust in Ichigo. Either that, or Ishida will come flying in to free Chad and Orihime from their delusional state.

Ichigo will be the one to fight Tsukishima and he will be badly beaten. Ichigo will be down on the ground only for Isshin and Urahara to appear. Ichigo will be able to obtain his old powers, which would be more than enough to deal with Tsukishima. All he would have to do is risk his life, and stab himself with a Zanpakutou…

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week!



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~ by The Underscore on July 3, 2011.

6 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 454”

  1. Hey how’s up. Remember me ? Yeah, the guy who used to reply to your head-spinners 😉 Been ages since I posted, but I was following Bleach regularly all those weeks. Glad to see you are continuing your reviews. You are my second favorite reviewer out there (second only to One And Only Underscore Mask :P)

    The first thing I’d like to comment about is what you said about Ishida. I also believe that he was the only one not affected by Tsukishima’s ability. It’s not only that you gave a great and fully rational explanation about how the Quincy power can nullify Fullbring, but the mere fact that he was the only one who was wounded physically rather than mentally, points to the latest conclusion. Tsukishima’s sword functioned like a regular sword injuring Ishida as it should be and nothing more. So, like you, I hope that the 4-eyed quincy will play a major role in the upcoming “final battle”.

    Anyways, let’s get to the head-spinner:

    –So what if Tsukishima’s ability hasn’t been awoken inside of Kuugo yet?–

    Let me reverse your question: So what if, among the fullbringers, Kuugo is the only one who’s still under Tsukishima’s ability ? What if “Book of End” can insert you in somebody’s memory not only as a family, friend or lover (lol indeed :p) but as a foe as well ?

    Yeah, my point is that I would like to know your opinion about the possibility that Ginjou and Tsukishima are cooperating with the first deliberately forgetting about that fact, only be more convincing and lure Ichigo more effectively. Check some simple facts like Yukio’s phrase “about time we remember or the fact that Ginjou “forgot” that tracking device they all had ? Or the fact that Ichigo couldn’t read Ginjou’s intentions ? What’s your say about that theory ?

  2. Missed you much with the previous chapter’s review, that one chapter was a golden.

    What if Tsukishima needs to finish his ‘books’ to be able to remove his marks?

    Think if he gives real nasty options to make Ichigo finish his book, and he will have no choice but to follow.

  3. Well. I just gotta say that I miss these reviews, lol! I stopped reading Bleach for a while because it grew so BORING, but I regained my faith like Ichigo regaining his fighting spirit around the time I heard about Ichigo getting his Fullbring. So, being back in full circle I just have to comment: Comparing Tsukishima and Aizen isn’t impossible, but their powers are so similar yet different to the point where doing so seems useless. I’ll explain:

    Aizen is a genius: He planned so much drama from the beginning and his provocativity always fools everyone…in SOUL SOCIETY. Aizen was the main bad guy, but when you think about it he was actually Soul society’s bad guy. Originally, Ichigo had no true qualms with Aizen until he kidnapped Orihime and even then Aizen proved to us that Ichigo still had no legitimate issue against him until Isshin, and the others convinced Ichigo that Aizen had to be beat. Aizen wanted to be God, but he never truly hurt any humans before entering the world of the living. He always used his power to influence SHINIGAMI AND HOLLOWS. Period. It couldn’t effect humans. Why? Remember the first rule we learned in the first issue of Bleach: If a shinigami uses it’s zanpaktou on a human, said Shinigami loses their powers. Ergo, Aizen can’t use his powers on humans. And what about Ichigo? He’s part shinigami/human/hollow/whatever else Kubo labels him as. Now the fact that Post-hougyoku Aizen killed some humans wasn’t his fault because his spiritual power was too much for the human soul to bare. furthermore, Aizen’s interactions with those unfortunate souls took place in the Karakura town that was relocated to…Soul Society. In that sense, Aizen still could have been screwed by attacking humans if they were in the world of the living. Thus, considering that Aizen’s power could only effect Shinigami and hollows, I believe that Aizen’s (Both the old and Butterflizen’s) worth was only in Soul Society. In terms of overall power, badassery and villain-awesomeness, Aizen is the master/villain of Soul Society. Suck that, Soul King.

    Now…This Shukuro Tsukishima guy. My feelings towards him are bittersweet, but I’m speaking from rationale, not feelings here. Tsukishima is a human, he’s no shinigami, he’s no hollow, he’s a human with fullbring…from what Kubo’s told us. His powers are…hell, he’s practically unstoppable. He manipulates the minds of people to believe he is on their side. For all we know, he can probably manipulate how people may feel about other people as well! But we don’t know that, all we know is that he can insert his life into their past and make them love him. If used well, that ability alone could probably end a lot of arguments, wars, etc. And as The Underscore Mas- err, Underscore pointed out, he’s smart enough to use this ability to target Ichigo’s closest friends. That’s the thing that makes him a big threat to Ichigo; this time, the enemy is striking Ichigo directly, so to speak. He’s not fighting SS, he wants Ichigo and he can manipulate actual humans to get his way. Ichigo realizes this and is so pissed that he is actually considering killing someone for real now. And we can’t say he’s killed someone before, because hollows…arrancars….shinigami..they were dead to begin with (That’s right, the whole IchigoxRukia thing..? Possibly reveals some necrophilia-like fetishes from Ichigo..anyway.) This guy is human, so Ichigo is facing something new on both a physical and mental level. If Ichigo dies, that may truly be it for him. (ehhh, he’ll probably become an official shinigami then…or maybe a hollow?) But at the same time, killing Tsukishima will make him a killer. We haven’t seen Tsukishima fight a shinigami yet so we don’t know if his powers could effect them, nor do we know if a shinigami can fight Tsukishima since he’s human. In fact, I don’t think SS is going to interfere this time because Tsukishima hasn’t shown any signs of fighting SS. And now that Ichigo is human, I bet they don’t care about him anymore (Because the shinigami in SS are pricks…I said it.) So considering Tsukishima’s powers, scarface here is practically the master/villain of the world of the living.

    The winner? I don’t know, but it seems unlikely that they would fight. Aizen would probably try to manipulate Tsukishima, OR perhaps Tsukishima may manipulate Aizen (considering that Aizen IS a soul and Tsukishima might rape his memories.) So it’s hard to say. Aizen can and has mindraped SS and Tsukishima has the means to mindrape the world of the living but doesn’t do so yet. Also, Aizen never made it his final goal to kill Ichigo, whereas it seems like Tsukishima’s only goal right now is to screw over Ichigo. So they have their pros and cons, but both are pretty good villains…Seems like there’s never a good villain that’s more brawn than brains, but I’m not complaining. Anyway, I love the idea of Ishida being useful again!!!

    Seriously, Kubo! I think Kubo could really make Ishida a good character here! For one, Ishida was the only one that was physically harmed by Tsukishima and his memories seem intact. Perhaps Quincy cannot be affected by Tsukishima’s powers which is why he tried to kill Ishida. That being said, Ishida could be useful again!! *Screams* About time. I bet kubo screws it up though. And please, someone figure out if Orihime is a fullrbing user or not? It would make SO much sense. I’m sure she’s not though and I bet the next arc after Tsukishima dies will reveal Orihime’s powers and how she’s the daughter of the soul king and shit…Anywho, sorry for the long comment. That’s my say for now.


  4. And Kuroi is on to something :O

  5. Nice review as always Underscore. I still think Ginjou is fishy honestly. Suddenly ichigo and Ginjou are ALONE AGAINST THE WORLD, and Ginjou is the ONLY person Ichigo can rely on. Then Ichigo actually considers killing the enemy, something that he has never considered before (he spared Grimmjow, and nearly drowned in guilt after killing Ulquiorra!) and is far darker then we have ever seen him before? yeah how convenient. I recomend you take a look at this analysis Underscore, it points out how suspicious Ginjou is and how he could very easily be working with Tsukishima

  6. @Kuroi
    I think I know you… weren’t you the guy who tried to steal my donut?! Oh, wait, you’re the guy who keeps comparing me to the awesomeness that is The Underscore Mask… How could I ever beat someone with a mask?
    With the focus given to Ishida in the past couple of chapters, it looked like he would be the only one affected as well. But with the way things look right now, the reverse being possible is more likely.
    Kuugo actually working with Tsukishima and having a different memory inserted is possible. Then again, it’s just as likely that Ichigo couldn’t read Kuugo for the same reason Kuugo isn’t affected by Tsukishima’s Fullbring… Still, I wouldn’t mind that happening :).

    I’ll admit that the previous chapter was great. Too bad this chapter explained everything already, making it a bit pointless to try and explain what happened during that chapter…
    I like the idea of having to finish a ‘book’ before the Fullbring ends. Maybe Ichigo’s Fullbring could help with that as the badge usually “kills” Ichigo for his Shinigami form to come out…

    Luckily this arc has picked up things. I have to say I’m liking this arc more and more in spite of my skepticism at the start of it.
    The comparison you made between Aizen and Tsukishima makes sense on some level. In a way Aizen hardly had eyes for the realm of the Living, save for Karakura town’s special properties. But I wonder how far Tsukishima’s ability can go. For all we know there’s a limit to how far the memory manipulation can go, be it in terms of time or quantity. We know that Tsukishima’s ability is great, but it has to have a weakness. Much like Aizen’s Kyouka Suigetsu and such. But Ishida being useful would be great, right? 😀
    But I wonder what Kubo will do with Ishida (and Orihime for that matter). We’ll just have to wait a bit.
    Thanks, glad you enjoyed the read.
    I’ll admit that it’s a bit too suspicious. Still, I wouldn’t be too surprised about Kuugo not working with Tsukishima either. I read the analysis and I agree that what was posted there is what I’ve been saying spread over the several chapter reviews since the arc started. I did have a whole rant ready about how suspicious Kuugo is being right now and how it couldn’t be true. But having to write it all down and mulling it over, it just didn’t seem worth it at the time as it would only be baseless ranting of a hypothesis based on a hypothesis :).
    One thing to take into account as well is the fact that Kuugo cut Ichigo’s eyes. Besides just being freaky, it’s possible that Kuugo’s Fullbring had a certain effect on Ichigo because of it as well. But for now, we just have to wait and see…

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