The Underscore’s Bleach review 457

457 End of Bond 3

Geez, around this time last year I actually had vacation. Free time, sunny skies and whatnot. Right now I’m still busy with work and it’s raining the entire day… Time for some Bleach to cleanse my soul . Thanks to Mangastream and Binktopia for giving the scanlation! On to the review a.s.a.p.!

Bleach chapter 456, End of Bond 2, rated by 13 voters, gets an average score of:



Last week it was obvious Kuugo would have to face Xcution on his own. But is this something people want to see?

One voter wasn’t interested at all. With plenty of other things to see, Kuugo isn’t exactly the most interesting to see now is he?

Seven voters don’t really want to see Kuugo fighting Xcution, but they wouldn’t mind if it were to happen. It is better to see how the fight goes rather than someone, say Wonderweiss, suddenly shows up at a different fight even though he was facing other opponents, say Kensei .

Eight voters would like to see Kuugo fighting, but not right now. With everything going on right now, Kuugo’s fight can be shown at a later moment. Where’s Isshin, Urahara, and Ishida? Right? More importantly, where’s Rukia and KON?!

But the majority of the voters just want to see blood. Nine voters want to see Kuugo fighting Xcution, and they want to see it now! Lucky for them, Kubo delivers.

Living the Xcution

Kuugo’s more interested in Ichigo’s fight than his own… did he vote in the poll?

With Ichigo going into a rage at the end of last week’s chapter, his despair reaches Kuugo’s ears. As Kuugo’s distracted by Ichigo, Jackie takes this opportunity to activate her ‘Dirty Boots’. Quite frankly, I’m surprised she’s waited this long to activate her Fullbring. Perhaps there’s more to her Fullbring than just bringing it out. Maybe she had to wait for her boots to get dirty in the first place. Whatever the case, Jackie initiates the series of attacks aimed at Kuugo by trying to catch him off guard.

Kuugo quickly ducks out of the way so he can keep his head on his neck. In this moment, Giriko activates his ‘Time tells no lies’. We see that his Fullbring flings the pocket watch’s numbers at the target. Still, there’s no clue as to what preparations are required or how the conditions are set. My guess is that one of the requirements is for the numbers to attach or enter the target. Or at least a part of the numbers has to as some of them appear to be broken. My guess is that Time tells no lies covers its target like a powder of sorts to manipulate it. Whatever the case, Kuugo just backs off as quickly as he can to ensure he isn’t hit.

But as he leaps into the air, Riruka activates her ‘Dollhouse’ while using her Love Gun. This confused me a bit at first, but then it got me thinking that Riruka’s ‘Dollhouse’ couldn’t just be about shrinking and storing things. My guess would be that her Fullbring works on toys in general, rather than just her ‘Dollhouse’. The toy’s properties just get magnified, much like other item’s properties are increased with the use of Fullbring. This could explain how Mr. Pork could be infused with the Yakuza and why the Love Gun could be used as a weapon. Same as how a child can imagine his/her toy to do extraordinary things by using some imagination, Riruka is possibly manifesting those fantasies using the ‘Dollhouse’ ability. If I’m right about this, Riruka’s Fullbring is a lot more dangerous than I thought it to be at first.

Whatever the case, Riruka’s Love Gun appears to be useless against Kuugo as he easily deflects the attack. But Kuugo isn’t just facing Xcution, as he is reminded of by the flying sushi.

Hitting the jackpot

Does this work on lottery tickets as well?

Shishigawara joins the party as he follows up on Riruka’s attack. Now, this is something I failed to mention in last week’s review, and quite frankly I’m not sure whether this has been discussed anywhere yet -my guess is that it has been-, but how come no one from Xcution is bothered by him appearing during this fight and somewhat taking the lead? What’s more, why doesn’t Shishigawara have any problems with what’s happening here right now?

Tsukishima’s Fullbring allows him to insert his own existence into a person’s life. How come the Xcution members aren’t curious about Shishigawara then? Does this mean that Tsukishima’s Fullbring can insert other people’s existence besides his own? Then again, it seems that ‘Book of the End’ is more of a brainwashing device than a manipulator of memories if you look at the way the Xcution members are behaving right now. They aren’t talking at all, just calling out their Fullbrings. Why wouldn’t they say something to Kuugo? They even spoke to Tsukishima even though he had betrayed them, so why not Kuugo? As to why Shishigawara not having any problems with what is happening right now, I suppose it’s the same as with the Xcution members. The reason I feel he should have problems with what’s happening has to do with the fact that he should have a clearer view of what Tsukishima’s ability does to people. Why doesn’t he find it strange that he adores Tsukishima this much while knowing about this ability? Or did Tsukishima manipulate Shishigawara the same way he did the other Xcution members? Tricking him into thinking he always knew the other members?

Speaking of Fullbrings that don’t make a lot of sense even though we have been told what they’re supposed to do, there’s the matter of Shishigawara’s Fullbring. As Shishigawara punches Kuugo’s Fullbring, a part of Kuugo’s ‘Cross of Scaffold’ breaks off in spite of his attack not impressing Kuugo. Shishigawara starts gloating about how great his punch was and how lucky Kuugo was for not getting hit by that roll. Shishigawara then explains how his Fullbring manipulates probability, which causes things to “just happen” in the user’s favor. It just happened to break off part of the ‘Cross of Scaffold’ as well as it caused for a coin to coincidentally cause a screw to go loose. Most likely, this probability manipulation is focused around destruction, with the Fullbring being on his fists and all. This is probably why Shishigawara was so sure about himself while facing Orihime. Whatever the case, Shishigawara’s Fullbring will be more than annoying to face.

Getsuga Tenshou reincarnated

I think I liked the Getsuga Rasentenshou better…

With last week’s rage still continuing, Ichigo charges at Tsukishima. Tsukishima mocks Ichigo for being so enraged that he can’t even speak. But as he tries to reach the bluffing heights of characters like Aizen and Gin, he forgets to keep his guard up. Ichigo decides to finally incorporate some of his unarmed fighting into his battles after a long, long time by kicking Tsukishima. Ever since Ichigo started using his Bankai in his fight with Byakuya, he had solely focused on using Zangetsu’s blade and the Tensa Zangetsu. Only when he was overtaken by his Hollow side did he do something to deviate from this. It is only now, while using this still unnamed Fullbring that he is forced to try something new.

Of course, this is still Ichigo we’re talking about, as such he takes the opportunity of Tsukishima crashing into the mansion to fire off a Getsuga Tenshou. Here’s where I got a bit annoyed by Ichigo’s Fullbring as it got me thinking about what’s wrong with it. Remember when Ichigo first brought out his Fullbring? That’s right, the Swastika that appeared. Where is it right now? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind Kubo deviating from Ichigo’s basic Shinigami appearance with this Fullbring, but why use the Swastika like that and not have it appear in the design anymore? Why not create a guard like that again, be it smaller or whatever? Of course, that isn’t my biggest issue here. The thing I’m bothered with is the way Ichigo fired the Getsuga Tenshou here. Sure, the fact that it looks a lot faster than the old Getsuga’s is interesting, though I get the idea it affects the power as well. But why can he now fire it with one hand on the blade? When Ichigo used the Getsuga Rasentenshou, it could only be fired with two hands on the guard. Now, he fires it with a single hand on the blade. Maybe it has to do with the armor Ichigo is wearing right now, but it just bothered me a bit. That and the fact that Kubo spent time on explaining how the Rasentenshou’s spin was key to its power. Maybe the Rasentenshou will be a new finishing move or something, but I’m just disappointed by Kubo just dropping it like this.

Luckily I’m easily distracted from these things by pretty pictures and explosions, which Kubo gave us in this part of the chapter as well. Tsukishima diverts the Getsuga Tenshou after being surprised by its speed. In spite of being so surprised, he manages to throw it out of his way, letting it land in the forest. With all of this happening, I can’t help but wonder why Ichigo’s friends aren’t coming out to see what’s happening. Let’s face it, they’ve done it before with Aizen of all people running around. Could it be that they’ve wizened up a bit in the 17 months since? Then again, it’s probably a good thing they aren’t coming out. I doubt Ichigo could win against Keigo if he were to meddle .

Chapter’s end?

Come on Tsukishima, don’t give up now! Let Ichigo beat you around a bit more

Catching his breath after deflecting the Getsuga Tenshou, Tsukishima is amazed at Ichigo’s development. He didn’t expect Ichigo to be able to fire off a Getsuga Tenshou nor did he expect him to be so fast. Again, Tsukishima shows to know more about Ichigo’s abilities than he should. I wonder whether this will have to do with his Fullbring or there being more behind it. I’m hoping for the latter as it could be a leeway into the next arc.

But what’s more interesting than this is the fact that Tsukishima believes Ichigo has managed to combine his Shinigami powers with his Fullbring abilities. Has it really already happened? The way Kuugo brought it, it seemed as if this current Fullbring state was just a stepping stone to completely recovering Ichigo’s Shinigami powers. Tsukishima, however, makes it seem like this is a final state in Ichigo’s current power development. The reason he believes this is unclear, but he certainly thinks to know how it came to be like this. The reason Tsukishima showed Ichigo despair was solely to have him complete his powers. Not that it’s a big surprise to hear this, but at least we got confirmation of this being Tsukishima’s end goal when he first confronted Ichigo.

With Ichigo having completed his Fullbring, even though we still don’t know its name, Tsukishima decides to wrap things up. Things aren’t looking too good for Ichigo and Kuugo.

When friends become foes

Chad’s probably jealous that Ichigo got a full body armor before him…

As Tsukishima decides that things can come to an end, things are looking rather glum for Ichigo and Kuugo as they are facing overwhelming odds. Kuugo is facing four opponents at once. Though he’s doing good considering he’s only thrown out of a window, but he still has trouble with the effects of his opponents’ Fullbrings, especially with Shishigawara’s rather broken ability -get it, broken?… you know, as it breaks things with ease yet for something that’s supposed to work by the throw of a dice it somehow manages to work most of the times?-. Funny how he isn’t that bothered about having to face his friends though . Perhaps it’s because he knows that right now, they aren’t his friends. The only one he has as an ally right now is Ichigo. It is as he is analyzing his situation that he starts to wondering about how Ichigo’s doing. He then sees what’s happening at that time.

Ichigo charges at Tsukishima again, probably realizing that the Getsuga Tenshou won’t work anyways. It is then that Chad and Inoue get in the way again. I’ll admit that I’m not too surprised by Chad interfering this much. He’s always been someone to throw his body in the way to protect others. Right now he isn’t protecting Tsukishima as much as it seems though. Chad is more focused on protecting Ichigo from making a mistake he’ll regret later if you were to ask me. Orihime is doing the same thing, which explains why she’s so actively getting in the way. She’s probably hoping that if she stands in Ichigo’s way he’ll snap back to his senses as he’s out of his senses looking at it from her (current) point of view.

With his friends standing in his way again, Ichigo once more pleads for them to move out of the way. With Chad right in front of him, Ichigo tries to reason with him first. But Ichigo gets the same words sent right back at him. Seeing the disappointment in Chad’s eyes once more causes Ichigo to change strategies. Rather than chasing after Tsukishima, he demands that Tsukishima comes to him. Tsukishima then gladly accepts the invitation.


Dramatic? Yes. Best move at this time? Most certainly not

Tsukishima quickly moves to Ichigo’s back to strike him with his ‘Book of the End’. Ichigo tries to block the attack best he can, only for Kuugo to suddenly pop up. Odd thing here is that Tsukishima uses a diagonal slash when he initiates his attack, yet the cut comes from a different angle in the picture above. But that’s not what bothered me most. Why would Kuugo allow himself to get hit like this? If he has the time to get in the middle of the attack, why wouldn’t he have the time to put his ‘Cross of Scaffold’ in the way? I get that it’s in the heat of the moment and all, but Kuugo didn’t strike me as that sort of a character.

It is at this moment that Ichigo and Kuugo both realize they’re in trouble. Sure, Kuugo won’t know a thing, but at this time he realizes that his mind will be swiped of almost everything that happened and he’ll join Tsukishima soon. Ichigo realizes that he’ll be completely on his own now, a situation that’s still new for him. Things are looking really bad for Ichigo.

But in Karakura town we find one friend of Ichigo’s that could be a beacon of crispy white light. The one ally that hasn’t shown himself ever since the zombie madness started is now moving about. Is he heading to where Ichigo is, or somewhere else? Time will tell…

An entertaining chapter for sure. Plenty of action between both Ichigo and Kuugo’s fights. The revelation of Shishigawara’s Fullbring was covered quickly during battle without taking the pace out of it, which I appreciated. If only the ability would make a bit more sense than it does right now . Ichigo showing off the completion of his Fullbring confirms that this arc is probably coming to a close within 10 chapters, give or take. But I’m not going to put any money on that as I’m bad at predictions as it is. Besides, remember what happened with the Deicide chapters when I predicted their end?…

Tsukishima’s final attack at Ichigo being thwarted by Kuugo was interesting, but a bit boring as well. It’s all going too smoothly for Tsukishima like this. Then again, it’s possible that Tsukishima’s attack won’t work on Kuugo. He did aim for Ichigo, so he wanted to insert his existence into Ichigo’s story, rather than Kuugo’s. So who knows?

Anyways, in spite of some minor details, this has been a great chapter. Art was good, pacing was right, and a great set up for next week’s chapter with Ishida running around again.

Tsukishima suddenly wants to wrap things up quickly with Ichigo by cutting him with the ‘Book of the End’. This all happened after Tsukishima concluded that Ichigo had fully developed his Fullbring ability and managed to meld it with his Shinigami powers. A couple of you already theorized this, so I can’t take credit for this week’s headspinner: Does Tsukishima want to obtain Ichigo’s Shinigami powers by taking Ichigo’s Fullbring powers?

Just to elaborate on this a bit. What if Tsukishima killed the first Shinigami substitute to achieve just this, but failed because that Shinigami substitute didn’t have the Fullbring powers integrated with his Shinigami powers yet. The reason he then let Ichigo develop his Fullbring powers before seriously going after him was to make sure Ichigo was the right material to take in.

Here’s what I think will happen in the upcoming chapters. For a moment, everyone will be surprised to see Kuugo had been slashed down. But then ‘Book of the End’s effect starts erasing that event from existence. With Kuugo joining the Tsukishima cronies he’ll go further into what Yukio said about finally remembering. Xcution and Orihime (remember, besides Orihime, everyone who’s fighting is in Xcution) will then try to calm Ichigo down. Ichigo, however, will still face off against Tsukishima.

Meanwhile, Ishida will encounter Urahara and Isshin and explain what is going on based on what he’s experienced. The scene will then go back to Ichigo and Tsukishima.

Ichigo will be beaten up badly as he’s facing really bad odds, Ishida then enters with the spirit Zanpakutou Isshin had. Tsukishima will think that Ishida is there to help him as Ishida fires the spirit Zanpakutou with his bow. The sword will land in Ichigo, causing its effect to take place…

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week!

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~ by The Underscore on July 24, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 457”

  1. Nice review, I thought vacations was just a myth!!

    Sushi Boy’s ‘Shit Happens’ fullbring is awesome! If it is a jackpot, what are the odds though? Like he hits Ginjou’s CoS then he rolls a zero match, bones in his hand ‘just happens’ to get fractured? Sounds nasty…

    Ginjou will join Tsukishima’s zombie fanclub army?? Ichigo is now alone, frightened, furious…. list goes on. Tsukishima will just say ‘oops’ to this matter?

    And Ishida in quincy clothes! I got a feeling that he will do something totally unexpected, but let’s see…

  2. Thanks. I too am thinking that this VA CA TION is something mythical… a dream perhaps :o… what a nice dream it was…

    I was actually thinking along the same lines when it comes to Sushigawara’s Fullbring. It would be interesting to see that happening.

    I’m curious how Tsukishima will react now that you mention it… Maybe he’ll just say that which you said 🙂

    As for Ishida… the Quincy whiteness should be a good sign 😀

  3. hey Underscore, I knew Ishida would become useful!!! Sad that Kuugo’s been hit, but I’m excited to see Chad and Ichigo fight. I don’t think Isshin and Urahara will see Ichigo yet, nor do I think Ishida will meet them yet. With a day or two left, I don’t know what’s gonna happen!!!

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