The Underscore’s Bleach review 459

459 Death & Strawberry 2

Knowing Bleach would come out today, I decided to check Mangastream while at work. Big mistake that was . Reading the chapter I got so happy I couldn’t focus on my work anymore . But that’s okay, I only wasted half a day with a stupid grin on my face . So thanks to Mangastream and Binktopia for getting the chapter out so soon that it made it impossible to do my work properly! Here’s another Wednesday release review in return!

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In last week’s chapter, Kuugo assimilated the Shinigami representative badge he had with his ‘Cross of Scaffold’. This would suggest that he has a “bond” with the badge, as he wouldn’t be able to use the badge in a Fullbring otherwise. But does this mean he’s the substitute Shinigami that Tsukishima supposedly killed? Here’s what you guys thought:

Three voters thought it to be possible, but weren’t sure about it.
Eight voters, however, think Kuugo’s definitely the Substitute Shinigami Kuugo spoke of. But do they also believe him to know Aizen as well, I wonder?
Nine voters just don’t know. They decided to wait and see until Kubo reveals it all.
But most of the votes, 16 of them, went to the final option. These sixteen voters believe that Kuugo isn’t the substitute Shinigami, but the one who killed him! Kuugo did confess to being evil, so he could’ve gone the whole nine yards, right?

Difficulty level

I see Kuugo has yet another Fullbring: “Dig your own grave”

With Ichigo pierced by ‘Cross of Scaffold+’ -tentative title-, Ishida remembers when he last came in touch with ‘Cross of Scaffold’. Ishida remembers chasing Tsukishima and the moment where he suddenly turned around to attack him, exactly as we saw it happen during chapter 429. But this time, we see what happened when chapter 429 cut off. When Tsukishima rushed past Ishida, Ishida was more than aware of what he was doing. However, he didn’t expect another opponent to get in his way like that. Kuugo attacks Ishida from behind, giving him the injury he had from chapter 429 onwards.

Admittedly, I’m a bit disappointed by the fact that Ishida wasn’t immune to Tsukishima’s Fullbring. Still, I’m comforted a bit by the fact that it required two people in a surprise attack to take Ishida out.

We learn that Tsukishima actually wanted to use ‘Book of the End’ on Ishida in the first place. Kuugo, however, didn’t want to hear it. Kuugo decided to have Ishida remain unaffected in order to give Ichigo a clue to what would happen soon after this attack. He intended to make sure that everyone that would be attacked by Tsukishima would have different injuries than Ishida. This way, Ichigo would know how to discern the Tsukishima victims from others and find an ally in Ishida. The reason he wanted this? Because a game you can’t lose is boring! It reminds me of the excuse I keep using for Keigo and KON-sama to stay out of fights .

In a way, this makes Kuugo different from Aizen, yet similar. Kuugo apparently predicted the confrontation Ishida and Ichigo had last week, much like Aizen would be able to. The difference between the two is that Kuugo allowed this to happen as a test for Ichigo and a means to give Ichigo a way to escape his plans. Aizen, however, wouldn’t allow Ichigo to stray from his plans if he could help it. The similarity, however, lies in the fact that both of them want some form of challenge. Aizen sought this in Urahara on some level, where Kuugo sought this in Ichigo.

Even though Tsukishima would probably want to talk back, Kuugo quickly moves on to the next step of his plans. He turns to Tsukishima and invites him to cut him. His goal is to make sure he truly sees Tsukishima as his enemy, so he can genuinely help Ichigo in his quest for revenge on Tsukishima. With this, Kubo confirms my suspicions about the moment where Kuugo got cut. The only thing this flashback doesn’t confirm, however, is whether the other Xcution members got cut down as well. The only clue we have for this, is what Yukio said a couple of chapters back.

End of the Book

That’s right Ichigo, you were right about Kuugo when you first met him!

It turns out that Ishida’s flashback was quickly followed by Kuugo’s explanation on what just happened. Tsukishima gives a more detailed explanation on his ability. Much like others, like Tsukisama, hypothesized about the ability last week, ‘Book of the End’ works by implanting Tsukishima as an entity with the first slash, and erasing the effects with the second one. I wonder whether it matters how Tsukishima cuts. One consistent thing that has been pointed out by several of readers like yourselves, is that the heart needs to be slashed for the ability to work. But does every cut to the heart automatically activate/deactivate the ability, or is it an ability that needs to be consciously controlled? Personally, I’m hoping any cut to the heart can undo the effects, as it would make things a bit easier to solve.

Something that had been especially obvious since last week was that Tsukishima can determine whether someone sees him as a friend or a foe. Kuugo then explains he had Tsukishima implanted as an enemy of his, so he could earn Ichigo’s trust. Much like I had already predicted . Funny how predictable these events have been up to this point after last week’s chapter . In fact, I even hypothesized ‘Book of the End’ was used because Kuugo wouldn’t be able to act as Ichigo’s ally otherwise, which gets confirmed by Tsukishima here . Kuugo tries to deny it, but it seems a small detail was missed, when Kuugo stopped calling Ichigo ‘Ichigo’, and started calling him ‘Kurosaki’ again.

A crossed Kuugo -get it, ‘crossed’?… Cross of Scaffold… I know – then continues the next step of his plan. ‘Cross of Scaffold’ suddenly starts drawing out Ichigo’s Fullbring, probably using the Shinigami Badge’s ability to draw out spiritual powers.

End of the unnamed Fullbring

Look on the bright side, at least you don’t have to wear the weird armor anymore

As Ichigo feels his recently obtained powers slipping away, with Kuugo smirking about draining all of it, Ichigo thinks about what he’s truly lost here. It was obvious for this entire arc that Ichigo only wanted to obtain powers again to protect his friends. But rather than this being something recent, it seems that Ichigo yearned for powers for the entire 17 months that he was powerless.

With the promise of a Fullbring, Ichigo was lured in by Kuugo’s sugar coated words. He would obtain power one way or another, solely to be able to protect others again. But the irony of it all is that his powers never were capable of doing that. Impressive though they may have been, Ichigo’s Fullbring powers never managed to protect any of his friends. What’s worse, they were actually used against his friends, be it unwillingly. Even though Ichigo wanted to right this wrong, his powers were taken from him before he could do this. For someone like Ichigo, who lives to protect others, this must come as quite a blow.

Ichigo can’t help but cry in despair as his friends are cursed to seeing Tsukishima as their ally for eternity as he can’t stop him or Kuugo. Even the skies start crying along with Ichigo, and even Ishida can’t help but recognize his old powerless self in Ichigo.

Tsukishima notices the crying Ichigo, almost feeling sorry for him. But Kuugo ignores Ichigo as he intends to never see him again. Ichigo pleads for his powers back, but Kuugo bluntly tells him off. He goes as far as to say that because he gave Ichigo those powers, they belong to him. Ichigo just has to be happy that he’s still alive after all. Then again, Ichigo is only left with his ‘life’. His friends and family are no longer his. Save for Ishida that is. This could be a good thing, considering how Ishida also had to go powerless for some time. The difference, however, is that Ishida got his powers back thanks to his father… a difference that won’t last for too long that is .

A father’s love lost?

How could you, DADDY~~?!

As Kuugo walks away with Ichigo’s powers, Ichigo desperately wants to get them back. But just as he wants to run after Kuugo, he’s suddenly stabbed by a shining blade! Ichigo turns his head to see Isshin and Urahara appearing from under an invisibility cloak -Kubo must have seen the last Harry Potter movie recently – crushing the smallest speck of hope in Ichigo.

A part of Ichigo was probably hoping that his father and Urahara would still be alright. That Kuugo had been talking smack about them because they were unaffected by Tsukishima’s ability. But with Isshin and Urahara standing right behind him moments after he is stabbed by a katana, there’s little else Ichigo can conclude. The last man he would go to, yet the person he could always trust, was easily influenced by the ‘Book of the End’ and now takes Ichigo’s life after all these years of taking care of him. The sadness shown in Ichigo’s eyes as he comes to this conclusion is almost tear jerking. Too bad for Ichigo he’s facing two goofballs who don’t do tears .

Isshin calls Ichigo an idiot and points out that he isn’t even holding a katana. But it makes sense for Ichigo to think it’s Isshin who stabbed him, as Ichigo couldn’t possibly see the real culprit. For now that is

Is that a zanpakutou in your chest, or are you just happy to see her?

To speak in the words of the great KON!: NEE~~~SAMAA~~~!

This picture made my week . FINALLY Rukia’s back. Bleach can go back to being Bleach again. Whereas Kubo changed characters’ appearances by giving them longer hair, he decided to do the opposite with Rukia. Of course, the change of hairstyle isn’t the only thing that’s different, nor the most notable at that. It seems that Rukia has finally obtained her well deserved position as Vice-Captain, getting a slight change of wardrobe in the process. The Vice-captain badge is clearly shown with the 13th squad’s flower on it. The fingerless gloves -don’t know what else to call them – look similar to the one Kiyone had been wearing in the past. Or maybe they look a bit more like what Byakuya wears… Who cares, Rukia is back! And she comes bearing presents!

The second Ichigo notices he’s looking at Rukia, an explosion occurs much like the one we saw when Ichigo’s Fullbring was completed. The blast makes its way towards Kuugo and Tsukishima, who are shocked by this development to say the least. Where there’s supposed to be a powerless boy crying, they are suddenly faced with a deadly strawberry.

The Cutting Moon rises again

BLEACH-fans, behold your new sig!

That about concludes what I have to say about this final part of the chapter, good night.

Yeah, I know, I know, there’s just too much to rant about right now . I don’t know what’s more priceless. The look on Kuugo’s face when he’s suddenly faced with Ichigo’s new appearance, or Ichigo’s new appearance… I’d say Ichigo’s new appearance . I did expect Ichigo’s Shikai to have some changes after the whole Mugetsu development. But Kubo decided to add a bit of the unnamed Fullbring rather than go with something entirely new. Let’s see, where to start… Let’s work from bottom to top, shall we?

First off, there’s the good old Shinigami robes. I know that there’s plenty of Shinigami with the Shinigami robes, but Ichigo just looks great in them . Probably because Kubo designed Ichigo with the intention of having him wear the robes in the first place . Then we see the red strap that goes over Ichigo’s right shoulder, which is used to hold Zangetsu. Where the previous design had a bit more of open spaces between the triangle/fang like parts, they are closer together right now. More notable than that, however, are the straps on his wrists and the shirt under Ichigo’s Shinigami robes. The straps on his wrists could be a sign of Ichigo’s Zanpakutou still being one with him, like it was after his training in the Dangai. The part around Ichigo’s neck, however, reminds me a bit of what Ichigo had on his Fullbring. Whatever it is, I think it looks cool .

But the most important thing of this ensemble has to be Zangetsu, of course. Zangetsu’s shape has been slightly altered, possibly because of the Fullbring as well. Besides the small changes in the blade’s design, the most notable thing is the handle. Zangetsu actually has one now! Before, it was just the blade with the end of it wrapped in a cloth. But now, there’s an actual handle! I am a bit sad to see the cloth disappear if I’m honest, but I don’t mind seeing the change here. What strikes me odd, however, is the chain at the end of the handle. What’s that doing here already? This isn’t Tensa Zangetsu, now is it? This covers Ichigo’s Shinigami appearance from bottom to top, but there’s something else a bit higher up that’s worth mentioning.

That’s right, Ichigo’s face . This is the look of confidence we’ve seen a couple of times before, one that’s like a promise of something good to happen in the next chapter. Let’s hope that Kubo will keep his promise…. NO! We’ve got to wait a whole week now!

Chapter 459 couldn’t have been any better than this if you ask me. Well… there’s one thing that could have made this better, but then my head would’ve exploded from pure joy . Though Kuugo’s motives for taking Ichigo’s powers haven’t been revealed, we still got more than enough from this chapter. We learn how Kuugo had set up Ichigo by using Ishida. Not that interesting as I already predicted that things happened like this after Kuugo revealed his true nature. Still, confirmed ‘Book of the End’s workings in the process.

Kuugo taking away Ichigo’s Fullbring this soon was a bit unexpected, though I expected this to happen as well. The only thing I miss about the Fullbring is that we never learned its name… But that didn’t matter after Ichigo got brutally stabbed by none other than Rukia. It’s quite funny if you think about it. Ichigo was acting like a cry baby and Rukia decided to snap him out of it by stabbing him with a katana . The fact that Ichigo thought for a moment that his father was under Tsukishima’s control was quite interesting to say the least. Ichigo being in total despair until the moment where he saw Rukia and all.

The blast resulting in Ichigo regaining his Shinigami powers looked great. The new look really has me excited as well. I’m not sure what Kubo has in store with a Shinigami Ichigo in the future, but I’m enjoying this visage a lot .

Like I said, this was a great chapter that couldn’t have been any better… save for KON-sama appearing as well . Though I admit that it would ruin the mood of this chapter… that’s why he just has to show up at the start of next week’s chapter . More on that in the predictions. First, there’s this week’s headspinner!

It’s obvious that Urahara, Isshin, and Rukia had their reasons to give Ichigo his Shinigami powers. But let’s look back at the chapter where Ichigo deactivated his Fullbring when he first used it. Rukia spoke of something that Ichigo would never do. Even before that, there was Ichigo’s dream about hearing some Shinigami telling him to wake up. So here’s a straight forward question: What does Soul Society want from Ichigo?

Next week’s chapter will start with Ichigo greeting Rukia properly. Urahara and Isshin will mention how much work it has been, but that they’ll explain later. Before Ichigo can turn around to face Kuugo and Tsukishima, however, Ichigo’s corpse suddenly starts moving on its own! KON reveals that he’s reentered Ichigo’s body after 17 months and immediately starts complaining about the injuries Ichigo has and how troublesome it was for him to be inside that spirit Zanpakutou created to eject Ichigo’s soul in a Shinigami state by putting KON inside of it. KON then turns out to play a major part in the recuperation of Ichigo’s powers as well, same as Rukia and Isshin’s reiatsu were required as well.

Ichigo will ignore KON like he always does and tells him to shut up and hide while Ichigo deals with things. Ichigo then turns to Kuugo and Tsukishima. Kuugo will try to act all high and mighty about the situation, claiming he can handle it now especially as he’s got Ichigo’s Fullbring now as well. He’ll explain how the draining of the Fullbring worked before activating his renewed ‘Cross of Scaffold’. By this time, Orihime and Chad will finally arrive, witnessing this bizarre situation…

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week!

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~ by The Underscore on August 3, 2011.

11 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 459”

  1. I ordered a Rukia with short hair, and Kubo delivered it with a vc badge!! Now it only needs to put a strawberry on top of… uh, nevermind

    Those gloves are long version of what Byakuya wears. Being a vc and those, it means she proved herself to her not-so-aloof nii-sama?

    Ooo, great reviewer from unknown to human minds (I guess?) do you think Ichigo is borrowing someone else’s power right now? Like Engetsu or that R.U.K.I.A?

    Speaking of R.U.K.I.A. it is Rukia after all? I think they just made Rukia stab him because Ichigo would only accept her blade (Yes, sounds cheesy). Something tells me we yet to see that mystery shinigami who contribute some reiatsu.

    Now, could I get some Kon too?

  2. I can skip the intro for today and say wow just wow. Rukia new appearance makes her seem more mature, congrats to her for making to vice captain. 17 months, she has gotten taller and looks like she coming into her family traditions. (she may even know bankai) seeming she had shikai for quite sometime. Her 17 months away from ichigo may have change her personality (making her as cold as Byakuya), we know how Ichigo able to influence people.

    Appearance scale: Ichigo old appearance ….. a 6 ichigo new appearance dare I say it a rating of MARS which is awesomeness. I wonder about his sword, don’t get me wrong it’s wicked indeed. I guess his shikai now has the strength of his old bankai and we have no Idea what his bankai weapon would look like. I know I thinking to far a head what if his new bankai weapon is what death actually holds?

    Great review underscore: about that head spin I was wondering what if they wanted him to become a full fledged SS Captain. Could you imagine that and Rukia as his vice captain it would be to funny. Another note we notice Rukia 17 months have change her appearance, I wonder how others will be changed within the next arc.

    And So The Blade Shall Fall

  3. At the last page Ichigo should’ve said to Ginjou and Tsukishima “You just fucked up.”

  4. I’m sorry for this stupid, stupid long reply. Underscore, you are brilliant. Moments after reading the chapter, I was thinking “Aw sh*t, I can only imagine what the US is going to say!” And you didn’t disappoint. “How could you, Daddy~~?!” Made me laugh really hard and the Nee-Sama line did as well. Let’s see…

    I LOVE KUUGO!! Evil Kuugo is the sh*t because he loves a challenge, and unlike Aizen, whom seemed to act like he was a God and crap, Kuugo just seems…”Down to Earth” what with his “F*ck you!” and because with his relationship with Tsukishima. I didn’t like Tsukishima at first, but this chapter seemed to reveal how Tsukishima is probably the “compassionate, second-in-command” leader to Kuugo’s “f*ck it, let’s have fun and screw with Ichigo’s mind” attitude. I’m definitely itching to see a Ichigo and Ishida vs. Kuugo and Tsukishima match. Kuu/Tsu atteneded themselves that those two are very close and as you mentioned, both of them have went through similar heartaches. Perhaps in one of Kubo’s later chapters Ishida and Ichigo will comment on their loss of power, but probably not..

    POOR ICHIGO!! Almost every panel where Ichigo was speechless I felt his pain. And when he cried it only made me feel for him more, not to mention Ishida’s look made it all the more depressing. And then “daddy” stabs him?

    Honestly, as soon as I saw that blade go through him I was thinking “Damn…US called it again!” Even I knew that they were there to help, but Ichigo’s first assumption just reveals how hopeless he feels. Damn…Can anyone get a count of how many times this kid’s been impaled through the chest? He must be immune to that sh*t by now! Seriously…And now…The Return.

    While I did rant about never wanting to see them again, Kubo really shut me up and made me happy to see her. Why? Because Miss Kuchiki has upgraded!!! New outfit, new hair, she’s a GODDAMN VICECAPTAIN!!! YES! Eat it, Byakuya!!! Your sister is a boss now! She’s deserved it for like what, years!?!?!? And for the record everyone, Rukia stabbed Ichigo with a glowing blade that wasn’t her own!!! I don’t know what that blade was or where it came from, but I’m guessing it involves Zangetsu and Isshin. The fact that Isshin and Ichigo have similar powers leaves me to believe that…Isshin gave his powers away to Ichigo. It makes me sad, but it makes a lot of sense. Although they never explained how Isshin got his powers back or how he originally loss them!!! I hope Kubo will fill us in down the road. Anyway, I hate to say it, but forget ichigo, I wanna see Rukia fight!!….On second thought, have them both fight Kubo!!! Kubo’s either been listening to fan’s demands or he’s been hit with a great idea!!!

    And then…Ichigo. Ichigo. Strawberry is back. Zangetsu (If that’s even what he’s holding!!!..I know it is, though.) caught my attention first. Great new look, and Underscore I think the handle rocks!!! As you said, I think this form has something to do with the Dangai training considering Ichigo faced Aizen in Bankai. Then again, I’m hoping this form and his Bankai are different, but I’m not holding my breath. I don’t know how this form could have traces of the Fullbring powers considering Kuugo just took them, in fact I don’t even know if Ichigo will take those powers back. If he does, that would mean he’d receive an even higher boost, or…THAT would invoke his new bankai!!! Anyway, I don’t know if all the extra stuff has a purpose or if it’s just a new design for Ichigo. I remember when Ichigo used to have bandages and stuff when he saved Rukia and fought Byakuya.

    Wow. Kubo has redeemed my faith in Bleach tenfold. New, badass villains, Ishida (Quincy for life), a new look for Rukia which I assume the others will have as well (But I’m not holding my breath…Although, Captain Renji and Captain Ikkaku have a nice ring to it) and of course…My man, Ichigo Kurosaki with a undeniably new look and I’m sure he’s stronger than before. It doesn’t get better than this chapter or this review man.

    P.S. I don’t where Kon is, lol!!! He’s very active in the filler though, just so you know :P. When Kon returns, I bet he’ll have his own body!!!!….Probably not.

  5. Is it alright to say another gin and aizen combo, another note it would suck so bad if this happened
    smh please kubo don’t let it happen again.

  6. It seems there no new chapters next week =/

  7. Well from what I infer through the previous chapters, I think that Isshin lost his powers like Ichigo as both of their zanpakutos are similar in nature. However who or what he used it on is still very much unclear. All speculations here but here my take on how Isshin got back his powers :

    Firstly,through the years gone by he slowly recover his spiritual power bit by bit until he finally regains his shinigami powers. The second has probably something to do with Urahara helping him in some way. I would agree that most likely Isshin gave his powers away to Ichigo since in a few chapters back Urahara ask Isshin whether if he sure that he wanted to do it (referring to the transfer of powers to Ichigo?) and from the picture above of Rukia stabbing Ichigo, she looks to be holding a zanpakuto formed using spiritual power with couple strands of spiritual power linking to somewhere (Isshin?)

    Awesome chapter this is. Can’t wait for the next one to come out! Plus i really like how Kubo named the chapter Death & Strawberry 2 to imply that this is a start of a whole new Bleach ( You might recalled that Vol 1 Chapter 1 of Bleach is titled Death & Strawberry!) and Ichigo received shinigami powers in both chapters too. On a whole this chapter is a 10/10 for me.

  8. Geez, what a busy week all of a sudden. It’s like the latest chapter has rekindled people’s enthusiasm for Bleach :). Best get to replying then.

    To think Kubo would give you so much fan service in a single picture. In a way the gloves could be a sign of being accepted into the Kuchiki household. But as I pointed out in the review, Kiyone had similar gloves as well, so it could be related to the 13th squad as well…
    As for Ichigo borrowing someone else’s powers, I would say no. Reason for this is simply because of the time between the loss and the recuperation of the powers. I don’t think a Full 17 months is required to transfer someone’s powers. Just look at chapter 1 where Rukia explained that in an emergency a Shinigami can give (part of) his power to a human. If I had to pick someone’s power, I’d say it was Isshin’s. But with Isshin telling Ichigo to look out for Spirits, I doubt he lost his powers.
    R.U.K.I.A. just has to be Rukia in my opinion. It would be rather pointless to only show one Shinigami if Rukia was going to be involved as a second Shinigami.
    A serving of KON should be good :D.

    Glad you enjoyed the read .
    I wonder how much Rukia has changed in 17 months. Her achieving Bankai should be in the realm of possibilities considering Renji’s situation. Renji and Rukia have both been Shinigami for the same amount of time. I know Renji was considered to be more elite than Rukia in their school days, but with everything that’s happened since she got to know Ichigo a Bankai is almost more than likely. Then again… who knows.
    I really do like his new appearance as well. I’m just a bit troubled by the chain. I actually preferred the cloth for his Shikai as it looked awesome whenever Ichigo initiated his Bankai :). But Ichigo’s Shikai being as strong as his old Bankai isn’t too strange. Remember, Ichigo’s Bankai never really increased his power too much. It was more an increase in Getsuga Tenshou and speed.
    @ E B:
    I would prefer to have Zangetsu do the talking, if you know what I mean ;).

    Glad I lived up to your expectations.
    Kuugo and Tsukishima certainly are filling in Aizen’s shoes in a good way. Their more hands on approach just makes it easier to relate to them as villains. Aizen was just too abstract as a villain in comparison.
    Ichigo reaching rock bottom really has been pointed out nicely in the chapter. Him being so depressed that he couldn’t even analyze the situation properly really made it clear how desperate he really was at the time. Rukia probably couldn’t wait to stab Ichigo after seeing him so depressed -I believe I said this in the review as well, didn’t I?…- which explains the sudden stabbing to have him see her again as soon as possible.
    If there’s one Shinigami that just HAS to be in Bleach, it’s Rukia. Her showing up better than ever was just a nice extra. It would be good to see her in action immediately, I agree. But part of me thinks Ishida deserves to fight as well… As for where Ichigo’s powers came from exactly: I think it was a joint effort that didn’t require anyone to sacrifice their powers. Like I pointed out to sam_i_am.
    Zangetsu looks awesome, indeed. The reason I think the Shikai has traces of the Fullbring is because I think the Fullbring affected Ichigo’s soul, and the soul is represented through the Zanpakutou. But I think the main reason for the Shikai to look like that is the Dangai training that fused Tensa Zangetsu with Ichigo’s arm.
    Kubo really managed to bring back the love for Bleach. I know I’ve been a lot more excited about Bleach than I’ve been in weeks. All that’s left is to wait for KON-sama’s return…

    In a way it’s another Aizen and Gin combo, though there’s some differences. I’d almost say it’s closer to Ikkaku and Yumichika. Ichigo beating a couple of vice captains with his bare hands could be fun… I’d love to see him punching Giriko like that :p

    NOOOOOOOO~! I want my new Bleach soon~!

    I guess it’s possible that Isshin lost his powers the moment Rukia transferred the energy from the spirit Zanpakutou into Ichigo. But I’m still going for Isshin still having his powers. Perhaps this process has been developed based on how Isshin regained his powers?
    As for this chapter’s title. I do know that the first chapter’s name is Death & Strawberry ;). I just forgot to mention it during the review, so it’s a good thing you pointed it out again. If I recall, (one of) the first chapter(s) has a title that’s reminiscent to one of the earlier chapters as well. On a whole, this chapter certainly is a 10/10. If there had been a sign of KON, it would be a 100/10 for me though :).

  9. I just notice something before Ichigo achieved bankai he seem more immature and after he obtain bankai he seemed more of someone to fear
    I guest the same could be said of Rukia she doesn’t look like a little kid anymore she looks way more maturer than she ever did, so bankai for her seems like a 75%. (I guess it’s like having sex for the first time) immature first and maturer afterwards.

    side note: I bet the captain of squad 10 grew taller and has more flowers.

  10. Forgot to put Renji in that category as well see how he changed

  11. @sam_i_am:
    In a way, obtaining Bankai means learning more about yourself. So in that respect it also means maturing your spirit I guess.

    Hitsugaya growing taller would be a bit strange if you ask me. Up till now, he hasn’t really grown that much from the moment he obtained Hyourinmaru.

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