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Days off are the best . I finally get to write my review sooner and find the time to reread some chapters afterwards . So, on to this week’s review! Thanks to Binktopia and Mangastream for their Scanlation!

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We’re getting ready for some Xcution vs. Soul Society! Are you guys excited? Well?!… Here’s the results of the poll

Two voters don’t care about these fights. There’s no specific reason for this either .

Three voters feel these fights are just a waste of time and space as this is just a stepping stone for Ichigo to get to the new arc after this one.

Twelve voters think this should be entertaining enough, though it will only be a showcase of Ichigo’s renewed powers.

But 15 voters can feel the excitement in the air. After 17 months, everyone should have some new tricks up their sleeves to show off. Let’s hope this will be true

Rise of the Mechanized

I’d be embarrassed too if my ultimate power gave me bunny-ears

The chapter starts with the reintroduction of the Xcution power-ups. Giriko can’t help but feel ecstatic about the power welling up inside of him as he narrates the awesomeness of Ichigo’s Fullbring. With Giriko reaching nirvana, Yukio looks like a kid who gets his Christmas present early. Jackie, on the other hand looks a bit skeptical about the new power, while Riruka tries to resist it. Moments later, the renewed Xcution comes to life.

Giriko now has the pocket watch theme wrapped all around him. With presumably 12 smaller clocks hovering around him. Personally, I’m not too impressed with his renewed look.

Yukio seems to have gotten some PFP-accessories on him. Rather straightforward and easy for kids to mimic. Guess Kubo’s looking out for the little guys so they can cosplay a bit . Nonetheless, not really impressed.

Riruka, who seems to be disgusted by the thought of having received Ichigo’s powers, now looks like an armored bunny. Guess that’s part of the ‘Dollhouse’ Fullbring deal. Still, it’s odd that her Fullbring activated even though she didn’t have her dollhouse on her. Perhaps this is the ‘Love Gun’ activating involuntarily? Still, it’s odd to see Riruka transforming when she showed no signs of wanting to. Whatever the case, plenty of fanboys could enjoy this look of Riruka’s… same as Rukia when she sees the bunny ears (as pointed out by MAX_COLA_POWER in last week’s replies). Still, last week it only looked like the flaps on Riruka’s hat were blown away by the force. But now she has armor on her arms, a chest plate, and… bunny-ears.
Jackie really hasn’t changed much, appearance wise. Well, there’s one thing that really changed… the bazooka on her shoulder . Not much to say about her Fullbring besides that.

Giriko then continues his ranting about the awesomeness of the power as he feels young again and whatnot. Yukio puts Giriko in his place by telling him he sounds like an old geezer when he says that. On that note, Giriko’s really annoying right now. I preferred him when he was the quiet type… But with the five original Xcution members powered up right now, this leaves us with two spares.

Best Friend Ever

Tsukishima’s right, you shouldn’t leave friends out… or break them mentally

Tsukishima arrives at the scene and asks Kuugo whether he’s going to share Ichigo’s power with Shishigawara. Oddly, he doesn’t care for the powers for himself. What’s stranger -if you were to ask me- is Kuugo’s reaction to Tsukishima’s question. Kuugo tells Tsukishima that Shishigawara’s powers would mean trouble for them if they were powered up. Not only that, he tells Tsukishima to kill Shishigawara once this is over.

Last week, Kuugo looked and acted like he would be bothered by Chad and Orihime breaking down mentally. But now, he coldheartedly tells Tsukishima to off poor Sushi-breath. Tsukishima doesn’t really look all too bothered by this command, only saying he felt that Shishigawara’s ability was interesting. The fact that Shishigawara’s Fullbring manipulates luck and probability still makes me think that it works two ways. Perhaps Kuugo’s scared that Shishigawara’s enhanced power would affect his own luck as well. Guess time will tell. Speaking of time that tells things, Giriko just doesn’t know when to stop.

Giriko now turns to Ichigo and tells him that he’ll show Ichigo the true nature of Ichigo’s Fullbring. While Giriko’s more than confident, Ichigo really doesn’t care at all . It’s funny to see how comfortable Ichigo feels now that he has his trusted Shinigami powers back. Ten minutes ago, Ichigo would probably go into another panic attack. Right now, not so much. Ikkaku points out how cocky Giriko’s being right now as he implies that he’ll take care of things. Ikkaku wanting to fight, who’d have guessed?

Ichigo then tells Ikkaku to stand back as he’ll handle it. It’s Ichigo’s responsibility considering how it’s his powers that have increased the opponents’ abilities. Making two new enemies in the 11th squad, Ichigo gets down. Both literally and figuratively.


Kenpachi would almost be proud of you, Ichigo.

Ichigo lands in front of Giriko who can’t believe that Ichigo would face all of Xcution on his own. No sooner does he (finally) stop talking, or Ichigo slashes through all of the Xcution members at once. With all of them falling down, Ichigo says he held back so the Xcution members should be able to survive.

All of a sudden, a voice fills the area telling Ichigo he’s being too cocky. Yukio tells Ichigo that he hasn’t hit a single one of Xcution, but that they all evaded the attack. Ichigo then notices what’s going on, recognizing ‘Invaders must Die’s effect. Yukio shows off his ‘Digital Radial Invaders’, which allows Yukio to bring the game outside of his PFP, rather than needing to bring people in. I suppose this is why he was so excited as he can finally be part of the game as well. The one weakness ‘Invaders must die’ had was that Yukio couldn’t enter into the game. If he did, he’d let go of his PFP, thus not be able to use it. Lucky for him, Ichigo’s Fullbring changed all that.

Yukio reveals that Ichigo’s Fullbring had the ability to “wear one’s powers and expel them”. In Ichigo’s case, this was the ability to wear Reiatsu and to expel it (in the form of a Getsuga Tenshou). In Yukio’s case, he can now channel ‘Invaders must Die’ into the outside world.

Bleach, the arcade fighter

The character I’d choose right now would be…

Yukio is suddenly stabbed from behind, by none other than Ikkaku. To think Ikkaku would so mercilessly kill a brat like that. But Ikkaku tells Ichigo he can’t hold back like he just did. As the one who started everything, Ichigo has the responsibility to finish things properly. No sooner does he say this, or Yukio counters again by making use of Ikkaku’s moment of carelessness. Lucky for him, Hitsugaya prevents the attack from connecting. After telling Ikkaku to keep his guard up, Hitsugaya is faced with Yukio. Yukio asks Hitsugaya whether he wants bonus points for what he just did, but Hitsugaya doesn’t care much for video-games.

Shishigawara then decides to join the fray as he tries hitting Ikkaku from behind. But Ikkaku easily manages to evade the attack by using his Houzukimaru. Xcution then surrounds the rest of the Shinigami and Yukio decides that everyone’s spread around nicely. He then decides to put everyone in their respective “chat-rooms”. The match-ups I can make up based from what we see here are:

The luck breakers: Ikkaku vs. Shishigawara
The snow blowers: Hitsugaya vs. Yukio
The furry friends: Renji vs. Jackie
The bunny-lovers: Rukia vs. Riruka(?)
The culturally inclined: Byakuya vs. Tsukishima
The patch brothers (a.k.a. the match that was decided before it started): Kenpachi vs. Giriko
The substitutes: Ichigo vs. Kuugo

Kenpachi wants to trade places with Byakuya as he feels that Tsukishima’s stronger than Giriko. The part I find amusing here is the fact that Kenpachi actually expects Byakuya to want to trade places. In a way, Kenpachi and Byakuya really are like best friends, aren’t they? They both hold pride in what they are, yet they help each other to reach new levels of power. They can tell each other what they’re really thinking, though that usually involves their disgust to each other. Ah~~ Bromance, what a beautiful thing .


This is how you do it, Ichigo

Well then, guess that’s the end of the review. Might as well pack up and go… oh, wait… Giriko’s life coming to an end should be covered in this review, right? What else can I say besides seeing this result coming from the moment Kenpachi laid his eye on Giriko. Let’s go back 15 seconds before the picture you see above this paragraph.

Giriko is insulted by the fact that Kenpachi calls him weaker than Tsukishima. Tsukishima didn’t even receive Ichigo’s powers, while he did. As such, his powers should already be greater.

Meanwhile, Kenpachi doesn’t give a hoot -nor do I for that matter.

Giriko then tells Kenpachi that he is a man with brawn for brains and that the only solution for this is to destroy Kenpachi with brute force. He turns a knob on his chest (talk about your nipple twister) turning him into a Hulk-wannabe. Giriko explains that the simpler the conditions for the “contract” he makes, the greater the effect is (and most likely, the lesser the risks become). In this case, he just made a contract for “power” making him the most power~~blah, blah.

Kenpachi still doesn’t give a hoot, nor do I.

We can all agree Giriko has to shut up. Luckily, Kenpachi delivers on that front as he cuts Giriko in two with a single strike. On some level it’s rather cruel of Kenpachi to kill a human being, but I somehow find myself not caring right now . I’m more intrigued by Kenpachi’s new eye patch than I am with Giriko’s death. Perhaps it’s because I doubt that Giriko would die so easily while he’s in Yukio’s ‘Invaders must Die’.

As for Kenpachi’s eye patch. I guess it’s been improved even further when it comes to Reiatsu absorption. Maybe Kenpachi wanted a greater challenge after the boring battle with Yammy. In that respect, Giriko was a combination of Barragan and Yammy. Could have been interesting, but was solved rather easily…

Conclusion: Kenpachi rules!

Another set-up chapter. We got a bit more information on Ichigo’s Fullbring, explaining how the Xcution power-ups work. A little taunting here and there made for the set up for almost too obvious match-ups. Of course, I can’t say for sure whether Renji will be facing Jackie and Rukia facing Riruka, but I don’t really see what else it could be. The only reason I’m doubting the Rukia vs. Riruka set-up is because I didn’t see white boots on Riruka. Could it be that Kuugo wants to fight Rukia instead of Ichigo?

However, in order to make sure this chapter wouldn’t just be a set-up chapter, Kubo decided to add a little action to the mix. Emphasis on the “little”. Kenpachi vs. Giriko was there to make sure we’d have something to talk about for the coming week. In this case, I’d say it’s fun to speculate on how Kenpachi could have improved over the past 17 months. Did he learn his Zanpakutou’s name by now?

All in all, it was an entertaining chapter. By set-up chapter standards it was actually a good one. Giriko was annoying as can be, but luckily Kenpachi solved that for us.

With Ichigo’s Fullbring powers revealed, it turns out that it really isn’t any different from Zangetsu’s ability. Xcution set out to obtain Ichigo’s powers in order to strengthen their own, judging from what we’ve heard in the past couple of chapters. This would suggest that Xcution knew Ichigo’s Fullbring would turn out like this from the beginning. But how would they know this? The only other example they have of a Substitute Shinigami obtaining Fullbring powers is… Kuugo. Does this mean that Kuugo’s Fullbring ability is the same as his Zanpakutou’s ability?

Next week, Giriko will come back to life because he’s inside Invaders must Die. Kenpachi will be annoyed by Giriko and keep cutting him up until Giriko finally reaches a greater power (hope I’m wrong about this one). We’ll see bits of every match up again, perhaps getting some information about Xcutions plans. I’m actually hoping to see Rukia vs. Riruka first as I doubt Riruka will actually fight. Riruka can at least give some information on Xcution’s goals and perhaps give some information on how to get Tsukishima to undo his ‘Book of the End’s effect.

Then we’ll get to see the fights in the following order:
Renji vs. Jackie
Ikkaku vs. Shishigawara
Hitsugaya vs. Yukio
Byakuya vs. Tsukishima
Ichigo vs. Kuugo

Of course, Kubo will throw in a twist or two as I doubt he’ll make things go this easily.

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter!  I’ll see you guys again next week!

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  1. Great chapter, great review! I missed Kenpachi, he always got the job done right! Byakuya vs Tsukishima…I admit, I didn’t see it coming but it makes SO MUCH sense in terms of attitude. I hope Byakuya teaches how about pride. Otherwise, I love the chat-room names you made lol.

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