The Underscore’s Bleach review 464

464 Quiet Chamber, Noisy Heart

Sunday morning, time to write a review. Not much to say here this week. Let’s get to the chapter as soon as possible, shall we? Before that, there’s the polls and the credits to Kubo and Mangastream/Binktopia for giving us another dose of Bleach!

Bleach chapter 463, Extreme Divider, rated by 18 voters, gets an average score of:



With plenty of battles to go round, there’s a lot to see. But which battle would you enjoy best? Here’s the results!

No one had a fight they didn’t want to see. I mean, why would you bother reading Bleach if you didn’t want to see any of the fights?

We then have a tie between three fights that could take place. One is a rematch between the Patch-brothers: Kenpachi vs. Giriko. The other is the Furry Friends, Renji vs. Jackie. The third one are the Snow Blowers, Hitsugaya vs. Yukio. Not that these three are popular, with one vote each. But at least there’s some people rooting for those fights .

We go from tie to tie, with the Luck Breakers (Ikkaku vs. Shishigawara) and the Bunny-Lovers (Rukia vs. Riruka) getting three votes each. Honestly, I find that these fights could be amongst the most entertaining ones we can get here. Though this chapter proves me wrong on that account .

The Substitutes (Ichigo vs. Kuugo) is one of the favorites, the third place, with eight votes. Is it that people just want to see the end of this arc, or are they curious to see what Ichigo will do with his renewed powers?

Ten voters didn’t get enough Kenpachi last week. Second place goes to another Kenpachi fight. Not so much against Giriko as much as Kenpachi vs. the world! Kenpachi can destroy us all as far as these ten voters care, so long as they get to watch until the end!

But the culturally inclined (Byakuya vs. Tsukishima) get the highest amount of votes, with twelve in total. It seems like Kubo saw this coming. Just look at this week’s chapter .

Is Kenpachi done already?

The miniature brat has spoken!

Giriko can’t believe he’s been cut in two in a split second. As his life fades away, so does the “chatroom” he and his assassin were in. As the darkness fades away, Kenpachi looks up to find he is the only one who finished in a moment’s notice. The most logical conclusion Kenpachi can come to is simple: Everyone else is just dragging out their fights so they can enjoy them longer. But with his opponent being as boring as he was, Kenpachi couldn’t muster up the will to drag things out like the others. The fact that he just killed a human still doesn’t matter to him (nor will it ever bother him), and quite frankly I can’t blame him.

I remember when Aizen was strolling down the street, killing people just by walking past them. Poor salary man, to think he would die in such a cruel manner… Aizen was a jerk for doing that. Of course, the difference between salary man and Giriko is that salary man was more original and less annoying. Nonetheless, the deaths of humans is far more cruel than Kenpachi slashing up Hollows mercilessly. When a Hollow gets slain by a Zanpakutou, the soul gets rinsed and recycled. But when a human gets killed, his life is taken as well. Shouldn’t that actually be a problem?… Why do I get the feeling I’m talking to a wall of people only thinking of how awesome Kenpachi is right now?

Moving on then, Kenpachi decides he’s bored already -notice how he doesn’t even consider the possibility of having to take over someone else’s fight?- and that he wants to go home. Just as he says that, Yachiru pops out of Kenpachi’s collar (did she shrink?) and tells Kenpachi that he can’t go home right now. Because if Kenpachi were to return home, it would mean he would break his promise to return with everyone else. Not so much a promise to himself as much as a promise to Grampa. We all know you don’t want to get on Grampa’s wrong side… Even Kenpachi realizes that he shouldn’t just break a promise to Genryuusai. He feels it in his conscience… or his ear… same difference .


Ichigo having to fight in Karakura town… original Kuugo

Ichigo is also standing in the darkness of the chatroom as the environment suddenly starts to change. This actually emphasizes how useless Giriko actually was/how awesome Kenpachi is. The Patch-brother fight didn’t even last long enough for the chatroom to fully manifest…

My guess is that these chatrooms are a great way for Kubo to have the captains go all out without compromising the lives of people in and around Karakura town. Kubo at least bothered making areas for people to fight in rather than just having them fight in dark areas where you can’t see anything . It’s more original than making a desert or a plain to fight on.

Ichigo recognizes the Karakura skyline (if you can call it that ) as he is greeted by Kuugo who tells him the field was chosen solely for Ichigo. It’s interesting to see how focused Ichigo is right now. I would have expected Ichigo to lighten up a little bit to act a bit more surprised at the sight of Karakura town. But he doesn’t flinch at all. Kuugo then tells Ichigo that Karakura town is a good place for a one-on-one, the face-off that has been anticipated from the moment Kuugo and Ichigo met. Too bad Ishida doesn’t agree .

Mood killers

That’s what you get for letting Ichigo think instead of getting to thoughtless violence!

Ichigo is somewhat surprised at the sight of Ishida and asks him if he isn’t hurt. This is a rather odd question considering Ishida has been cut by Tsukishima. Of course, Ishida hasn’t been cut through his heart and he actually had a physical injury after the attack. Luckily Rukia healed Ishida up while Ichigo was playing around with Xcution. Ishida then can’t help but ask questions at the wrong times -he tends to do this if you ask me… so does Ichigo for that matter .

Ishida starts off by apologizing to Ichigo for keeping quiet about the Substitute Shinigami badge. He knew it was odd for there to be such a badge just to be handed out like that if Ichigo were to be the first one around. That would mean that the ones before him would have served a purpose as well. Ichigo looks rather surprised at the fact that Ishida actually considered something like this, when Ichigo only thought of the badge as a useless slab. Ishida then continues his exhibition of hypotheses.

If there were others before Ichigo, Soul Society should have told him where they were at that time, whether they were dead or alive. But with Ukitake not telling Ichigo anything, Ishida assumed not even Soul Society knew what happened to their substitute agents. But Ishida now feels responsible for letting things get out of hand like this.

Ichigo then reacts like any Kurosaki would, by kicking someone in his rear. Ishida is of course bothered by Ichigo reacting in such a manner. But Ichigo tells Ishida he shouldn’t linger in the past too much. What’s done is done, and even if Ishida told Ichigo two years ago, Ichigo would’ve forgotten in a couple of days. After Ichigo tells Ishida he’s a retard for lingering in the past, and Ishida tells Ichigo the same, things can finally move on. But there’s another option besides the Substitute Shinigami being alive, having died, or being in some unknown location. But what could that third option be? Ishida believes this to be something that’s highly unlikely right now, but still something that’s possible. Whatever this is, this isn’t the time to think about it, nor the time to tell Ichigo. The battle of The Substitute Senpai vs. the sons who are still inferior to their fathers then finally begins!

The Snow-blowers

Does this mean Yukio’s going to call Momo?

Hitsugaya is running around in the chatroom made for Yukio and himself. It looks like something of a hallway with obstacles that are fired at Hitsugaya. Gradius somehow comes to mind, minus the awesome space ship and the power-ups . From the looks of it, Hitsugaya has been running down the hallway, much like the classic 2D games such as Mario played. Hitsugaya is calmly analyzing what’s going on around him, only blocking attacks aimed at him.

Yukio then appears on screen, mocking Hitsugaya for not trying to find the real him. I somehow doubt that Yukio will reveal himself so easily, though he could always be like a final boss of sorts at the end of a stage. With Yukio wanting to play badly, Hitsugaya can’t help but feel he got the most tiresome opponent around. How wrong he is .

One thing to note here is how Hitsugaya isn’t aimlessly freezing everything around him. I like to see this as a sign of growth for Hitsugaya. He probably realizes that Yukio’s area creating ability could fool his senses in a way similar to Kyoka Suigetsu. The difference, of course, is that Kyouka Suigetsu was used by a master-mind (who, quite frankly, could have used that ability a lot better) where Invaders Must Die is used by a cocky brat. Still, Hitsugaya is only using his ability to defend against attacks rather than to freeze everything, thus reducing the chance that his attacks could hurt innocent bystanders, like he did with Momo when fighting Aizen.

Curse you Riruka!

That’s right, Rukia-nee won’t be stopped by things like these!… I think!… I hope… I~~~ give up…

The cruelty! This is just wrong. Curse you Riruka! Curse you~~!! Rukia is trapped in stuffed-toy wonder land surrounded by cutesy things. Rukia-nee’s only weakness! Will Rukia survive this horrendous situation? Why must Riruka torture Rukia-nee to this extend? She should just shoot him to get things over with.

Which makes me wonder, why would Riruka bother fighting Rukia now when she seemed so reluctant before. Of course, she isn’t actually fighting so much as she is just looking at Rukia self-destructing. Let’s just say that Rukia is setting out a trap to catch Riruka off guard… Rukia is a great actress after all… Yes, yes, she is an amazing actress fooling us all! (-> reviewer in complete denial of the situation)

Seeing all these stuffed animals, I can’t help but wonder… Where’s KON-sama!

With that out of the way, we can be relieved by the fact that there’s one person upholding the proud Kuchiki name. The man who Rukia still has much to learn from. The head of the Kuchiki household: Kuchiki Byakuya!

The Culturally inclined

To the untrained eye, this is Senbonzakura. But we all know, this is Byakuya’s pride and awesomeness seeping out

Tsukishima is somewhat insulted by Byakuya looking at the moon rather than focusing on the opponent in front of him. Byakuya then tells Tsukishima -after taking a moment to turn around- that he was only thinking about how lucky it is for him to be Tsukishima’s opponent. When Tsukishima asks Byakuya why he would feel lucky facing him.

Byakuya then explains how awesome he truly is, by explaining why other people would be bad opponents for Tsukishima. Ichigo would be a bad opponent, because he never really would be prepared to kill Tsukishima. Sure, he’d cut off a limb or two, but he would do that knowing Orihime would be able to regenerate those limbs. Kenpachi would be even more useless as he would allow himself to be struck just to prove he is practically immortal. But with Tsukishima’s ability, he would win after striking anyone just once. In that respect, both Ichigo and Kenpachi are more than useless. Tsukishima then feels even more insulted by the insinuation that he can’t touch Byakuya at all.

As Book of the End is swung towards Byakuya, it is easily stopped in its tracks. So much for winning in one strike, huh Tsukishima?

Vow of Death

Why is it that Byakuya can put the lameness of Tsukishima’s ability into words much better than I can?

With Senbonzakura scattering around, Byakuya explains just how shameless Tsukishima truly is. For all the dangers that Book of the End brings, it really is a lame ability the way Byakuya puts it. Tsukishima’s fighting style is despicable. He never does anything himself, he only takes away bonds of camaraderie that people worked years on to forge, and then lets friends fight it out amongst themselves without ever doing anything. Damn, that’s really lame! Tsukishima should die for such shamelessness -according to Byakuya standards.

Tsukishima actually looks pissed after hearing this, which I find especially entertaining after all the times he acted like he didn’t have a care in the world. He even goes as far as to tell Byakuya to strike him if he can. Let’s see, one of (if not THE) fastest Shinigami in Soul Society who has a thousand blades at his disposal has to face a coward who hardly ever fights himself… Somehow I can’t help but thinking about pumpkins when looking at this set-up… The only thing that can ruin this fight for me would be for Byakuya to use his Bankai against someone the likes of Tsukishima. We’ll see what happens in the next chapter!

A really decent chapter if you ask me. Kenpachi finishes up things with Giriko and we get to see Yachiru again (when is she going to fight? ). Ichigo and Ishida have a moment where we are actually confronted with the questions we had from the moment it was revealed that Ichigo wasn’t the first Substitute Shinigami. Kuugo decides to take on Ichigo and Ishida at once, which would mean that he is more than confident in his Fullbring’s ability. Hitsugaya is still preparing for his fight, which means we won’t be seeing from him a little while. Rukia… she’s.. she’s… that’s right, fooling us all so she can catch Riruka off guard! That’s right!~ (reviewer still in denial)

The best part is of course with Byakuya putting Tsukishima in his place. The way Byakuya looked at the moon somehow could be a sign of him thinking about Ichigo -reread/rewatch the fights between Ichigo and Byakuya if you don’t know what I mean by this . The fact that he still has one of his hairclips on is a good thing to see. I still miss the scarf and the other clips a bit though… Still Byakuya really is the only one qualified to fight Tsukishima, no matter how just it would be for Ichigo, Ishida, or even Chad to finish him off.

Plenty of things happening in this chapter. The artwork over all was good -some slight details were off here and there, but still the best artwork in Jump if you were to ask me – and things are still moving in the right direction. Here’s hoping for a good chapter 465!

Ishida revealed that he had been thinking about the Shinigami badge from the moment he noticed it. But with his powers gone and other pressing matters, Ishida neglected to discuss this with Ichigo. Ishida knows that someone like Ukitake wouldn’t just neglect telling Ichigo about his predecessors, meaning that there’s something up with that. It is possible that Soul Society didn’t know of Kuugo’s whereabouts, but wouldn’t they at least know that he were dead or alive? Ishida then implies that there’s another possible explanation for all of this. So here’s what I want to hear from you:

What do you think is the reason for Soul Society to neglect telling Ichigo about the other Substitute Shinigami before him?

Next week will be Byakuya vs. Tsukishima. Tsukishima will prove himself to be more of a challenge than you’d expect from someone who hasn’t been upgraded with Ichigo’s Fullbring. After Byakuya finishes the fight with Tsukishima, we’ll see the status of Renji, Jackie, Ikkaku, and Shishigawara (seeming as how they haven’t been shown in this week’s chapter). The battle after Byakuya and Tsukishima will probably be the Furry Friends: Renji vs. Jackie.

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week!

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~ by The Underscore on September 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 464”

  1. Back on Sundays? Nice review though!

    About Ishida’s hidden thoughts about the badge, I’m sure its the last option! You wouldn’t talk about a gun if you don’t shoot it.

    I’m sure it is something Ginjou messed up so SS didn’t -bothered- to tell him. From the looks of it Ginjou is quite into befriending sub-shinigami…

    Only downside of this chapter is that has no Lucky Lucky Dance challenge between Sushi Prodigy and Bald Pride D:

  2. Great review! Loved how only Byakuya could enrage Tsukishima! These are well planned matches indeed! T u T AND FINALLY ISHIDA GETS INTO SOME ACTION, JUST AS I PLANNED

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