The Underscore’s Bleach review 466

Bleach 466 Screaming Invader

Did you guys enjoy the Joint review from last week? More importantly, did you manage to guess whom of the five I was? Neither did I! I was so confused, I didn’t have a right leg to stand on (hint, hint)! But enough about last week’s review, let’s immediately jump into this week’s review! Thanks go out to Mangastream and Binktopia for this week’s release.

Picking up girls

This is exactly how my great, great, great, great, great, great, great granddaddy picked up my great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandmamma

After finishing Jackie in a single blow, Renji picks her up to leave her on higher ground. With a bothered look on his face, he looks around the dreary area around him. Even though he managed to beat Jackie with ease, he is still trapped inside the pocket dimension. Just as Renji’s wondering why it is he’s still trapped, Jackie wakes up to tell him it’s because she’s still alive.

Renji commends Jackie for waking up so soon, telling her she’s one tough customer. But even though Jackie’s awake, she still can’t move at all. For whatever pride she held in her “power”, she sure is easily incapacitated. Then again, this is a sign of Renji improving his skills to match those of Byakuya’s a bit more. Where Byakuya can easily subdue weaker opponents with a blow or two, Renji has now learned to do the same. Another thing that has gotten more like Byakuya is method of analysis. Much like Byakuya, Renji doesn’t flinch as he analyzes the situation after hearing from Jackie that he now has a good opportunity to kill her. Rather than waiting for Jackie to tell him that he has to kill her, Renji already knows what she means by telling him to kill her.

Renji tells Jackie to shut up and help him look for another way out. But Jackie tells Renji that there’s probably no other way, because Yukio’s the one whose responsible for the dimension they’re in. In spite of hanging out so much with Yukio (as far as we can tell from this arc, that is), she can’t even grasp what’s going on in that boy’s mind.

Tha Man

Low blow at Aizen here… it’s not cool beating on a man who’s already down Renji. Not cool at all.

The sky’s falling! errm, I mean, THE SKY’S FOLDING! So much for Renji keeping his cool. Then again, most people would lose their cool if the sky suddenly starts folding on them. Save for Byakuya who wouldn’t flinch, Kenpachi who would instantly fight the sky itself, Hitsugaya freezing the sky… Soul Society captains are silly that way .

Jackie then warns Renji that Yukio’s spying on them and that he’s decided everything’s over already so he might as well clean up the pocket dimension. Jackie’s pride doesn’t allow the man who beat her to die in such a pathetic manner and as such demands that Renji kills her. The one thing she does know about Yukio is that he’s a prideful boy who wouldn’t cheat the rules he himself instated that easily. So long as one of their Reiatsu’s disappear, Yukio’s settings should dispel the dimension. Lucky for the two of them, Renji’s moment of distress didn’t last too long. Much like his captain, Renji decided to keep his cool and refuses to kill Jackie.

As Jackie wonders why he wouldn’t kill her to save himself, Renji explains that’s just something he can’t do. Because a man who would raise his hands on a woman is trash, and being trash is the same as being dead -the clip notes version-. Save to say that Byakuya is still having an influence on Renji’s character. Of course, Renji didn’t get into the 11th squad before without a reason, as he decides to get out of the dimension using what the 11th squad knows best: FORCE!… though Byakuya has a tendency of doing the same .

Scarred boots

Don’t you just hate it that when you pick up a girl, she just blows herself up just so she doesn’t have to go out with you?… anyone?

After hearing Renji say he’ll use force to get out of the pocket dimension, she points out how childish that logic actually is. The instant she says so, Renji realizes she’s actually right. Jackie then starts remembering a time in the rain, where she couldn’t stop her tears from falling and blood(?) was dripping on her boots. She then hints at a past where people gave up on her easily, much unlike Renji who is trying his best to keep her alive.

She thought that she was tainted enough to not care for such chivalry, though she’s still a hurt little princess on the inside. It’s rather intriguing to see how her Fullbring isn’t so much related to something like pride or positive affection. Somehow it’s more like there’s a trauma that is the root of her powers. My guess is that after the events in the flashback, she just started running as fast as she could in her dirty boots. Considering her words, I’d say she felt that the more she tainted herself, the stronger she would be. The dirtier she’d get, the more her strength would increase. The dirtier her trusted boots would get, the farther they could get her away from the girl crying in the rain…

Jackie then spends her final moment regretting that “the people who found her” not being as kind as Renji is. Renji then realizes what Jackie’s doing, only for him to get caught up in the explosion of her kamikaze attack.


The princess is in another castle?! We should’ve sent a plumber instead…

Yukio went from sitting with a PFP in his hand to sitting behind a retro computer with a dash of PFP in the main console. From behind this console, he watches over all the other fights taking place while playing with all the people trapped inside. Even the deaths of Giriko and Jackie don’t phase Yukio as it is all part of some game to him. He comments on Jackie’s self sacrifice being “cool” and assumes that Renji probably died because of that explosion. But if Renji died because of that explosion… How is it then supposed to be giving up your own life to save the other one? But Yukio doesn’t have the time to think about the foolishness he just said as he feels a chill in the back of his neck.

With Hitsugaya clearing the stage set by Yukio, the boss battle can finally begin. Yukio taunts Hitsugaya a bit by saying how he took so long to find him and whatnot, but Hitsugaya doesn’t feel like playing. Yukio actually assumed that Hitsugaya would be tired out a bit before he would find him, judging from his comment on Hitsugaya not being out of breath. Hitsugaya responds in the only manner suited for a boy as ignorant and powerful as Yukio is, by using sheer FORCE! A common theme in the 13 squads . Firing a blast of ice (sounds a bit contradictory, I know) Hitsugaya tries finishing things quickly. Yukio manages to hide behind a barrier, preventing the ice blast from freezing him. But the wall behind Yukio is still blown away.

Yukio then asks whether Hitsugaya is aware that traps could be triggered due to his attacks. But Hitsugaya knows that Hyourinmaru can easily freeze any explosion the youngest Fullbringer can throw at him. With Yukio wanting to drag things out further, Hitsugaya tells him to shut up as he isn’t there to chat. But Yukio claims he isn’t there to chat either. To prove this, he decides to restore the wall behind him to its previous glory. That’ll show Hitsugaya … Nonetheless, Hitsugaya is somewhat impressed by the ease at which the wall is restored by Yukio (not really, but let’s cut Yukio some slack here).

With Yukio incapable of seeing through the sarcasm used by Hitsugaya, he explains to Hitsugaya that inside ‘Invaders Must Die’, he is God. I shared the look on Hitsugaya’s face the moment I read this .


Hitsugaya’s thoughts at this moment: Did I lock the windows?

Yukio tries illustrating what it means for Yukio to be a God inside the dimension. He does so by creating a being that looks an awful lot like that Arrancar Chad beat up when he first entered Hueco Mundo. The one with the worm tongue. Expecting Hitsugaya to be struck with terror at the sight of Yukio creating a monster out of thin air, Yukio is disappointed to only get a snide remark. He then orders his monster to attack Hitsugaya, who easily dodges the attack. While dodging, Hitsugaya makes a track of ice using his Zanpakutou.

Yukio then tries to taunt Hitsugaya again into taking an attack by the monster. But the taunt fails as Hitsugaya asks Yukio to do better than he did just now. Yukio then summons more creatures from the walls. Somewhat surprised at this tactic, Hitsugaya keeps dodging the attacks in spite of Yukio’s programming to chase them wherever he goes. As Hitsugaya keeps dodging the attacks, Yukio can’t help his bloodlust from oozing out. He is set on killing the Soul Society captain who must have led the perfect life sheltered by loving parents. Because someone who led such a comfortable life could never beat him.

Hitsugaya, somewhat curious who Yukio’s talking about as he’s had anything but such a life, then concludes the obvious: Yukio’s parents abandoned him.


No use denying the truth… Crybaby

Hearing Hitsugaya’s words is enough to get Yukio into a tantrum. He explains how he wasn’t abandoned by his parents, but that he abandoned his parents. He was the one who was in control at the time where he left his parents. Someone with a comfy family life would never understand what he went through. Using his knowledge, Yukio managed to rob his father of all his money, his company, and indirectly his life. All because his parents didn’t give him a hug before bedtime, Yukio grew up with the intent to ruin his parents through their work. Or at least his father…

Judging by the flashback, Yukio’s father did something with computer programming, or it was a key part of the company. Yukio learned to manipulate the programming, giving him power over the company and his father’s money. Through the power of the computer, he managed to manipulate his father’s life, much like a God manipulates the lives of mere mortals. For everything inside the computer is for him to manipulate, and by manipulating data he managed to take his own destiny in his hands. But every action has a consequence. By ruining his father’s company he didn’t get his father’s love, but his father committed suicide instead. The foolish boy who probably assumed his father would pay him attention if he didn’t work all the time, only sent his father to his grave. Like any child, Yukio tries to deny this, pretending that his father’s suicide was the best news he ever got. But Hitsugaya isn’t fooled by the spoiled brat’s banter.

Using basic Shunpo, Hitsugaya moves behind Yukio and tells him he isn’t concentrating enough. He then gives Yukio a little nudge, causing him to step on the ice track Hitsugaya made a couple of moments ago.


Playing video games before bedtime could give you nightmares…

As Yukio stands on the ice left behind by Hitsugaya, he suddenly starts freezing up (quite literally at that ). It turns out that the one playing around wasn’t Yukio, but Hitsugaya. While dodging the monsters, Hitsugaya forced Yukio to move towards the ice he left behind. With the trap set, all Hitsugaya had to do was move Yukio to that space, which he didn’t notice. The last nudge caught him in place, freezing his legs and his Fullbring. Bummed by the fact that he was caught in such a simple trap, Yukio wants to reach to ‘Invaders Must Die’. But all is in vain as the PFP is frozen (again both literally and figuratively ), leaving Yukio without the means to get himself out of that position.

But that’s not all. Yukio programmed the monsters to chase and splat Hitsugaya no matter where he went. Which is exactly what they are doing with Hitsugaya standing behind Yukio. Hitsugaya warns him about this, but all is too late for the ‘lonely God’.

Quite the intriguing chapter if you ask me. At first glance, it’s a rather plain chapter, but it had plenty of interesting things hidden. Renji’s development over the past 17 months was made clear. A hint at Jackie’s past was inserted into the chapter, seemingly negligible, but in my opinion the most intriguing hint to something bigger playing on the background. I’m almost sad at the loss of Jackie… Not really, but you know what I mean .

Hitsugaya vs. Yukio was somewhat of a disappointment. For someone who can manipulate anything inside a space, Yukio really was a moron. That’s the problem with videogames, they ruin kids’ imagination (that’s what TV told me once ). He could’ve made a Gundam mobile suit for himself that could shoot flames that could melt any form of ice, but no~~ Yukio had to send out monsters at the knight in shining armor…

Yukio’s traumatized past hints at something similar to what Jackie’s past did. Not only the origins of the Fullbring, but the fact that someone had to have picked up Yukio. Sure, the most obvious answer would be Kuugo. But couldn’t there be someone or something else who pulled all of Xcutions’ strings? Wait, this is something for a headspinner .

Anyways, this chapter was another one in the series of showing the greatness of Shinigami, which made it rather plain. Still, the hints at more made me enjoy it more than last week’s chapter. The only thing that really bothered me about the chapter was Yukio’s ranting. I mean, really. What’s wrong with male Fullbringers getting a power up? They feel a bit stronger and all of a sudden they decide to talk people’s ears off? Great power up indeed… At least Jackie and Riruka seem to be keeping things real a bit.

Jackie’s last words suggested she was picked up by some people who raised her after whatever traumatizing event she had. The way these people raised her made her become the woman she is/was up to date. But with the average age of the Xcution members seemingly being around what would be Jackie’s age, I doubt it would be Kuugo and/or Tsukishima. Then again, with Kuugo’s past shrouded in mystery and the old geezer Giriko around, you may never know. Still, there’s a reason for the Shinigami to have gotten this powerful, so: What are the odds of Kuugo being part of a different group besides Xcution, who manipulated all the Xcution members into doing what they’ve been doing during this arc?

‘Invaders Must Die’ won’t be dispelled in spite of Yukio’s defeat. Yukio’s Fullbring will be one of those that doesn’t dispel after the user is knocked out or killed. It will do just as it is programmed to, store fighters until the moment one of them dies.

The next chapter will most likely be Rukia vs. Riruka, preceded by the wrap up of Hitsugaya vs. Yukio at the start of the chapter. Rukia will probably be in dire straits, almost getting killed by Riruka, only for her to be saved by none other than KON-sama!…. Either that, or KON appears and reminds Rukia that it isn’t really an issue to step on stuffed animals before she easily takes out Riruka … I just want KON to make an appearance after all this time

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week!

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  1. Nice review as always.
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