The Underscore’s Bleach review 468

468: Raid as a Blade

What a way to start my holiday! Read some Manga, review some Bleach, going to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. What’s more, I actually got the title of Best Reviewer of 2011 on Mangahelpers! Let’s see if my week off will keep this pace going . But enough about how great my vacation’s starting off, let’s get to this week’s Bleach chapter a.s.a.p.! Thanks to Binktopia and Mangastream for their scanlation, which I’ll be using in this week’s review!

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With a week off work, I have a couple of days where I can just lie about doing absolutely nothing, or actually review a couple of other titles for a change of pace. With 24 voters hinting that they’d appreciate it if I were to review a title or two besides Bleach this week and 6 voters already happy if I were to review just Bleach, the answer’s obvious… Vote for the 2 titles you’d like me to review besides Bleach. It will be one of the titles I’m actually reading myself, of course. It’s pretty hard to review a title you don’t know .

Assuming that I actually have the time to review on these days, the schedule for this week is as follows:

Wednesday/Thursday: Bleach chapter 469
Thursday/Friday: Title in first place on Wednesday (latest chapter(s))
Friday/Saturday: Title in second place on Wednesday (latest chapter(s))
Saturday/Sunday: Title in third place on Wednesday (latest chapter(s))

Again, I can’t guarantee four reviews this week. But I’ll be sure to at least try to . You’ll at least get one more title besides Bleach next week!


Stare down

This is already taking longer than I expected it would

The chapter starts off with Byakuya vs. Tsukishima halting their fight for a moment. Tsukishima is being cautious while facing the Shinigami captain by keeping his distance. Byakuya is curious why Tsukishima would be doing something like that as Tsukishima had attacked him moments before. Tsukishima explains that he’s aware that getting any closer would mean he’s in Byakuya’s attack range. Byakuya then notes that Tsukishima is a rather cautious person.

A leaf falls from a tree, causing Tsukishima to react by cutting it in half. Byakuya doesn’t flinch at the sight of this even though Tsukishima is almost emphasizing the oddness of it. Tsukishima then starts cutting the ground beneath his feet as well, asking Byakuya if he finds this meaningless as well. Byakuya then notes that he won’t judge Tsukishima’s actions as meaningless or not. Tsukishima is somewhat impressed by Byakuya’s apathy towards all of this, motivating him to get on with the fight.

Tsukishima steps forward, ready to use ‘Bringer Light’, Byakuya immediately counters by using Senbonzakura. Tsukishima manages to dodge the attack with a second ‘Bringer Light’ in the air. Byakuya notices this as well, immediately guiding Senbonzakura towards its target as Tsukishima prepares to take the brunt of the attack.


Someone’s been listening too much Bruno Mars…

After picking up Houzukimaru, Ikkaku decides that he wants to leave the forest he’s in right now. But as he tries to walk away, he suddenly feels something tucking at his leg. He then notices it’s Shishigawara grabbing on to his leg, using sheer guts. At first he believes Shishigawara is doing it while being unconscious. But it is only after kicking the hand off of him and the hand grabs his leg again that he hears Shishigawara muttering.

Shishigawara tells Ikkaku that he hasn’t lost yet and then uses all of his strength just to stand up. Ikkaku doesn’t even have to look at his opponent to know that there’s no reason to turn around right now. He warns Shishigawara that he should just stand down. If Ikkaku were to turn around right now, he would be forced to fight Shishigawara to the death. This being a fight he couldn’t possibly win, it would be the same as throwing his life away in a pointless fight. Shishigawara, however, doesn’t feel this is something pointless as he’s already thrown his life away for Tsukishima’s sake.

Intrigued by hearing this, Ikkaku wants to know whether Tsukishima is worth throwing one’s life away for. Shishigawara, convinced by his faith in Tsukishima’s strength, tells Ikkaku he would throw his life away just for that. But Ikkaku doesn’t want to hear that Shishigawara would die for him, but whether he’s worth dying for. In other words, would Tsukishima do the same for Shishigawara?

Fair trade

Spoilers for you Sushi: Not only would Tsukishima not die for you, he is actually planning to kill you! Run Sushi-kun, RUN!~

Hearing this question doesn’t make Shishigawara falter in his conviction as he tells Ikkaku that has nothing to do with it. It doesn’t matter to him whether Tsukishima would give his life for his sake. He is the one who decided to put his life on the line and that’s what’s really important.

Ikkaku takes a breath as he takes in what he just heard. The wisest man in the 11th squad -let’s face it, he is- then gives the most appropriate response for this situation. Most importantly, Shishigawara is an idiot. Almost as important as the fact that Shishigawara’s an idiot, is the fact that there’s not pecking order in men’s lives. You shouldn’t give your life for someone who wouldn’t do the same for you. Throwing your life without that form of conviction just makes you a snot nosed brat crying for attention.

After hearing this, Shishigawara is frozen by the shock of this truth. Standing in a forest made in an image eerily similar to the forest surrounding the housing where Tsukishima’s fighting right now, he realizes that the “chatroom” he’s in isn’t the only deceiving thing around. As he is trying to figure out what the truths and the lies are in his relationship with Tsukishima, Ikkaku asks Shishigawara the same question again.

Even though he was sprouting nonsense the entire time that he was fighting Ikkaku, Shishigawara suddenly got silenced. With both Shishigawara and Ikkaku knowing the answer to the question, Ikkaku offers Shishigawara a way out. Giving the same respect any member of the 11th squad would give their opponent, Ikkaku offers to have Shishigawara die in a fight while facing an opponent who is giving it his all. That way, Shishigawara can die without any regrets. Tempting though this offer may be… Shishigawara needs a moment to think about it.

That’s (like) amore~~

Book of the End could actually get more overpowered than it already was?

Unscathed by anything thrown at him by Tsukishima, Byakuya asks whether Tsukishima realizes that there’s nothing he can do to kill Byakuya as he can’t even approach him. In spite of this clear fact, Tsukishima doesn’t look concerned at all. More than anything, he’s looking rather amused about all of this. He then says something about “that” being the spot, when suddenly a trap activates right where Byakuya’s standing. A block suddenly rises from the ground, getting thrown at Byakuya. Somewhat surprised at this, Byakuya’s curious what on earth’s going on. Tsukishima responds by telling Byakuya that he put a trap up at that location. Byakuya makes use of this moment to send Senbonzakura at Tsukishima, though he easily brushes it off.

Byakuya then asks Tsukishima when he set up the trap that just activated. Tsukishima mockingly tells Byakuya that he did it a long time ago. Byakuya interprets it as the ‘Chatroom’ being visited many times before by Tsukishima. But Tsukishima then gives a hint by asking Byakuya whether he heard about Tsukishima’s abilities. This would seem like an odd thing to ask, after all that Byakuya said about the ability being something that’s more shameful than anything. But Byakuya immediately realizes what the deal is. Tsukishima is glad to have an opponent who realizes this so easily.

Once more emphasizing Book of the End’s workings, he tells Byakuya that: ‘Book of the End’ allows him to slip his presence into his target’s past. Using this ability, he made it so that he visited this chatroom before. Even though he never did! Byakuya then asks whether this applies to all non-living things, to which Tsukishima tries to react cutesy by saying he “never said his ability couldn’t”.

Back to overpowered

We know Byakuya, we know. Book of the End is annoying if you have to face it

Byakuya rightfully decides to shut Tsukishima up by sending Senbonzakura at him. Tsukishima dodges the attack with ‘Bringer Light’ again, to which Byakuya reacts by turning around again. Noticing that Tsukishima got a bit faster this time, he decides to use his hands to make Senbonzakura react quicker. But somehow Tsukishima managed to grab hold of Tsukishima’s hand faster than Byakuya managed to turn around. Not only that, Tsukishima tells Byakuya that he already cut Senbonzakura as well, meaning he won’t ever be cut by it again. The reason for that is simply because Tsukishima’s seen Senbonzakura so many times now that it’s gotten boring.

Admittedly, there’s been little new to be seen from Byakuya as it stands right now. I’d almost go as far as to say that Senbonzakura’s flaws have been emphasized even more in this chapter. Senbonzakura only flies straight towards a target that Byakuya sets his sights on unless Byakuya activates different techniques to have the petals react differently. Without the techniques, Senbonzakura only reacts to Byakuya’s eyes, hands, and Senbonzakura’s hilt. Though it could be Byakuya’s pride causing him to use Senbonzakura this carelessly, I doubt Byakuya would get caught off guard this easily…

Whatever the case, Tsukishima is bored with Senbonzakura and decides to finish things. The chapter ends with “a fatal injury” dealt. To see how fatal this injury is, or even to who the injury was dealt, we’ll have to wait until the next chapter.

Not the most spectacular chapter around in my opinion. Perhaps if you enjoy Tsukishima and his ability, you’ll have enjoyed this chapter a lot more than I did.

Tsukishima setting up traps the way he did was entertaining and all, mind you. The start of the chapter already gave off a sense of impending danger with what Tsukishima said and did. Not only that, the fact that he was unscathed at the start of the chapter was almost enough to prove that Tsukishima’s more skilled at fighting than his ability would suggest.

The part with Ikkaku and Shishigawara was my personal favorite though. Ikkaku helping an idiot in a way similar to how Kenpachi saved him was something I enjoyed reading. The thing that really made me laugh at this part is the thought of Kenpachi dying for Ikkaku’s sake . Not to say that he wouldn’t die for his squad’s sake, but I don’t see Kenpachi dying any time soon . In fact, I’d say Kenpachi’s desire to fight a good fight would far outweigh his desire to die for one of his squad members .

Seeing Shishigawara coming to terms with the truth was almost touching. If only I cared about the Xcution members a bit more . Doesn’t change the fact that Tsukishima apparently didn’t have to use ‘Book of the End’ on Shishigawara. I can’t help but wonder what happened in a forest during a night that caused Shishigawara to idolize Tsukishima to this extent.

The last part of this chapter, where another part to Tsukishima’s ability was revealed was both annoying as well as eye opening. This entire arc has been about the souls of objects being drawn out by an ability called Fullbring. With objects having souls, it would mean that ‘Book of the End’ should be able to work on those as well. In that respect, we could have seen this coming. The reason I find this part of Tsukishima’s ability annoying is simply because the ability to overwrite people’s pasts by inserting himself is more than dangerous on its own. ‘Book of the End’ actually seems to be more dangerous that ‘Kyouka Suigetsu’ even though you’d expect the opposite to be true if you look at the abilities on paper.

All in all a decent chapter once more. Plenty of hidden references to make it enjoyable, though it was nothing spectacular. Hats off to Tsukishima though, for being able to push Byakuya this far.

Tsukishima managed to insert his presence into Senbonzakura, convinced that it won’t cut him ever again. It’s true that a Shinigami’s blade won’t cut the owner according to what we’ve seen in the past with Bleach, meaning that Zanpakutou can choose their targets to some extent. But there’s another aspect to Zanpakutou that we should take into account. Zanpakutou are a part of the Shinigami’s soul and to some level bound by their master’s wishes. With Byakuya having mastered Senbonzakura to the point of having obtained Bankai, I doubt that he’d just lose control because Senbonzakura would consider Tsukishima as a friend.

In that respect: Has Senbonzakura really been put under Tsukishima’s spell to the extent that it won’t attack him anymore?

With Senbonzakura (presumably) out of the picture, it would be save to say that Byakuya has a problem here… if it weren’t for Shunpo and Kidou . Though the odds will be better for Tsukishima than they were before, I doubt Byakuya will have any more trouble with Tsukishima than he would have otherwise. He only has to exchange Senbonzakura for his Kidou to get out of this mess. Besides, if there’s anyone out there that should be able to find a weakness in ‘Book of the End’ it would have to be Byakuya. What’s more, I don’t even expect things to have to go this far.

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week!

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  1. “‘Book of the End’ actually seems to be more dangerous that ‘Kyouka Suigetsu’”

    I agree, bro…Tsukishima is looking more and more dangerous by the chapter. It’s eerie how powerful his abilities are. I give props to Kubo for knowing how to make deadly antagonists. How Kuugo is on par with Tsukishima enough for Tsukishima to consider Kuugo as a good partner is beyond me. I can’t wait to hear the backstory with Tsukishima and Kuugo. I hope they both have a common rivalry like Ichigo and Ishida! Anyway, good chapter, awesome review.

    PLEASE REVIEW NARUTO!!!! Naruto’s chapters are in a very interesting place at the moment, so interesting that I think it deserves a review, lol!

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