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Concert? Awesome! Day after the concert? Less awesome… I actually managed to catch quite the cold -take that, people who say I couldn’t even catch a cold!-, making me delirious to the point where I actually made sense to others as opposed to my usual delirium. Good thing I have vacation this week… Anyways, feeling less delirious than earlier this week, I’m starting off with the first of (hopefully) 4 reviews! Day 1: BLEACH! Thanks to Mangastream and Binktopia for their release.

Bleach chapter 468, Raid as a Blade, rated by 15 voters, gets an average score of:



Sure, I’m not exactly living the holiday right now. But that doesn’t change the fact I can write a review or four this week… I hope . Anyways, the results are in and the results are as follows:

First up, it’s Naruto.

Second, it’s One Piece.

Third, it’s Fairy Tail!

The other titles didn’t get quite the same amount of votes as these three. So let’s see if I can get up to Fairy Tail this week. First up, it’s this week’s Bleach review!

Honor and Bonds

Receiving Reiatsu from around 20 captain level Shinigami should help make you stronger as well

Bleach is colorful this week, taking the cover, opening color, and this spread. There’s little information given by this color page that we couldn’t have guessed for ourselves when it comes to character design. Sure, the color of Ikkaku’s shoulder plate, Kenpachi’s strapless(?) eye patch, Renji’s black headband, and the golden details on Byakuya’s robe are new. It almost makes you wonder how Ikkaku got that gold shoulder plate… unless it’s copper of sorts . A basic spread, showcasing the events of these current chapters. Ichigo’s back in black, Soul Society’s backing him up. Little else to be said here.

Hurtless Area

No one is allowed to get close to Byakuya. Tough luck fangirls

The chapter starts off with Byakuya getting hit by Tsukishima’s ‘Book of the End’. Byakuya immediately reacts by reshaping Senbonzakura and slashing right back at Tsukishima. So how on earth could someone like Tsukishima catch the sixth squad captain off guard like this?

Last week, Tsukishima revealed that he had the ability to affect inanimate objects with his Fullbring as well. This made sense, considering how Fullbring uses the souls of objects to work. With Tsukishima inserting his existence into the “being” of, well, beings, this leaves room for plenty of options for him to act. Like Tsukishima used his ‘Book of the End’ to affect the area he and Byakuya are fighting in right now, I assumed he did the same with Senbonzakura. But last week cracker -yeah, I did at least read the replies as usual – pointed out in his reply that Tsukishima has the ability to immediately “read” his target’s past whilst he rewrites it. As such, Tsukishima most likely “read” all of Senbonzakura’s past experiences. So thanks to cracker to remind me of this fact, as I completely ignored it during last week’s review .

Anyways, Byakuya seemed to have had his suspicions about this, which turned out to be the cause of him being caught off guard. Because Tsukishima read all of the experiences Senbonzakura had -and didn’t just turn Senbonzakura into his “friend” like some bigheaded reviewer thought – he would have learned about Senbonzakura’s weaknesses. Worrying about this, Byakuya’s reaction speed went down, causing him to get hit by Tsukishima.

The weakness Tsukishima discovered is the NDR, also known as the No-Damage Range, or as put by Kubo in the picture shown ‘hurtless area’. The reason Byakuya never really worried about getting struck by his own attack wasn’t just because of his pride. The NDR is an automatic fail-safe that prevents Byakuya from getting shred to pieces by his own Zanpakutou. But that rule is so absolute, that Byakuya can’t be protected by his own Zanpakutou within a small area surrounding him. This NDR turns out to be the only true weakness Senbonzakura has, no matter what form is used. Tsukishima then points out that the only real way to fight Senbonzakura is to come up close to Byakuya, rather than to instinctively run away.

You’ve been “Read”

A brand new TV-show on Karakura TV!

Tsukishima revealed to know all about Senbonzakura. Tsukishima then reveals that he isn’t the only one who knows of the NDR. Byakuya only told a couple of people he trusted about the NDR. My guess is that there should only be two or three people, besides Byakuya (and now Tsukishima) that could know of his Senbonzakura’s NDR. With his grandfather, Genryuusai, and perhaps a mentor from the past being the only ones. But Tsukishima didn’t hear about this weakness from Byakuya. The weakness, he learned from fighting Senbonzakura countless times. But the name of that weakness, however, he learned from Byakuya himself as he was the one who told him about it!

After cutting Senbonzakura, Tsukishima gained the knowledge about every tactic it can use. After cutting Byakuya, Tsukishima gained knowledge about everything he ever experienced and did. This means that all in all, everything Byakuya could possibly think of doing will be predictable actions to Tsukishima. Tsukishima then decides to finish things off as this fight will only be boring now. But the only person around with a bored look on his face is, oddly, Byakuya. Well, not so much bored as angered. Still, he’s keeping his cool rather well considering his current situation.

So what about this situation? ‘Book of the End’ once more proves itself to be nothing less than a pain in the rear. From rewriting people’s past by inserting Tsukishima into the equation, to reading people’s pasts to make sure he knows how to react, ‘Book of the End’ already is broken enough. Add to this the ability to do the same to inanimate objects, and ‘Book of the End’ has officially taken the top spot of annoying weapons to face . I’m surprised at the flawlessness of this ability. The only things that still aren’t clear, however, are the activation time, and the duration of the effect. Ishida and Byakuya both have been cut by ‘Book of the End’, yet both don’t seem to be affected by it to the point of not wanting to hurt Tsukishima. Does this mean the time will lag, or that it activates once Tsukishima wants it to? Or is there a set amount of people that can be under ‘Book of the End’s’ effect?

Let’s face it, if Tsukishima has to memorize everything that’s ever happened between him and his victims, even with the use of ‘Book of the End’, there should be a limit. The human brain has plenty of potential, but that doesn’t mean that Tsukishima should be capable of remembering the past of 30 other people and instantly be able to recall everything he (supposedly) has ever done with them, while retaining his personal memories and knowing that it all is but an illusion he himself created. I’d say there’s only one man around who can take on Tsukishima with his eyes closed… Aizen!!!… You know it’s true. I mean, besides having ‘Kyouka Suigetsu’, and the never revealed Bankai, Aizen is/was overpowered even for Shinigami standards, and above all: He’s the biggest jerk around. You believe you can make Aizen think you’re the only friend who he can trust? Remember what happened to Gin? I’m just saying

Girl fight, the side men never see

Wait, wait, this is about whether furniture’s cute?

The Kuchiki Household has some issues at the moment. With Byakuya being confronted by his newest old training buddy and Rukia attacked by something almost as dear to her. That’s right, a giant stuffed toy that looks like a squirrel/bunny of sorts is thrown at Rukia! Though she escaped from the clutches of the other cutesy dolls from before, she is now unable to fend off the buirrel (bunny + squirrel) . Hugging the giant plushy, Rukia admits that she’s unable to cut something so cute. Stomping on manly stuffed animals, however, doesn’t seem to be an issue to Rukia, wouldn’t you agree KON-sama? -where are you, Kon-sama~~?!-

Riruka then appears, towering over Rukia. Riruka then fires off her ‘Love-gun’, firing off a cabinet at Rukia. But Rukia immediately reacts in a manner you’d expect from a vice-captain and a Kuchiki, by cutting the cabinet in two with a single blow. For someone that was supposedly bad with Zanjutsu, I’m impressed with Rukia’s attack just now. Perhaps she focused on the use of her Zanpakutou during the past 17 months. Whatever the case, it’s still impressive. Riruka, however, is less impressed. She feels Rukia lied to her, because she claimed she couldn’t cut down cute things. But there’s one flaw in Riruka’s reasoning… THAT CABINET ISN’T CUTE AT ALL!! (I’ve missed that Rukia logic during this arc )

Riruka is somewhat insulted by Rukia not thinking the cabinet is cute. She then thinks to herself that she should’ve filled the dolls with rocks instead of fluff. Rukia then notes that Riruka finally came out of the woods (what is it with Xcution members and the woods?). Riruka believes that Rukia now wants to kill her. But Rukia points out that Riruka isn’t Hollow enough to be killed by her. As a Shinigami, it is her duty to protect humans, not kill them -here’s looking at you, Kenpachi! . Strange powers, though she may have, Riruka’s still only human.

Fire in the hole!

That’s right, when you love something you have to let it go… get shot out of a canon

Riruka considers Rukia’s answer to be irrelevant to her question. She sees Rukia’s answer as a sign of her cockiness, thinking Rukia believes she can easily beat Riruka -which I would like to think if you ask me. Riruka then starts firing her ‘Love Gun’ at Rukia. Rukia easily dodges the non-cute stuffed toy. Riruka gets annoyed by Rukia’s agility, using some different ammunition instead. She tries to stop Rukia’s movements by firing a form of putty. Rather than dodging the attack, Rukia decides to show Riruka how pointless her efforts really are. Sode no Shirayuki makes her entrance once more, freezing the putty in mid air and stopping it in its tracks.

Rukia then reveals the true nature of the ‘Love Gun’. Much like Riruka’s ‘Dollhouse’, the ‘Love Gun’ stores things that Riruka loves. But as opposed to the ‘Dollhouse’, the ‘Love Gun’, can throw these objects right at someone, or rather, shoot them. As the explanation can make anyone realize, this ‘Love Gun’ really isn’t that impressive when you put it against something like ‘Sode no Shirayuki’. In short, it’s impossible for Riruka to win against Rukia like this. Rukia then tells Riruka to give up as she just plain refuses to kill a NORMAL human.

Hearing she’s a normal human probably raises mixed feelings in Riruka. On the one hand, she probably felt like a freak most of her life due to her abilities. On the other hand, she feels insulted by the fact that she isn’t even considered as something more than a normal human. Feeling angered by this, she tells Rukia that Fullbringers are more than normal humans before shooting the third ability she has: ‘Addiction shot’.

Cosmic karma?

Rukidoll, stuffed with real Rukia!

The ‘Addiction shot’ hits Rukia on her arm. The sticker on Rukia’s arm already looks rather familiar. Riruka then “approves” Rukia -guess this means she likes Rukia?-, storing her in the same way as when Ichigo was stored inside the ‘Dollhouse’. But unlike the time where Ichigo was stored inside the ‘Dollhouse’, Rukia is stored in the same way Mr. Pork was stored. That’s right, Rukia’s soul is stuffed inside a stuffed doll! Rukia learns this the hard way as she sees Sode no Shirayuki lying in front of her, a couple of sizes bigger than her. She can’t even wrap her fingers around the Zanpakutou’s handle! But that probably has more to do with the fact that her fingers are trapped inside the doll’s paws . Riruka (almost) rightfully points out that being in that cute and cuddly state makes it rather difficult for Rukia to handle her Zanpakutou. Rukia most certainly is in a pinch right now…

Again, a decent chapter at best. Learning about Senbonzakura’s weakness was interesting and all, especially considering how it explains a couple of occurrences from the past (most notable being the times where Ichigo first showed off his speed with his Bankai, and when Byakuya made some pumpkin juice in Hueco Mundo). ‘Book of the End’ is still an annoying ability due to its seeming flawlessness. I find this ability more annoying than Kyouka Suigetsu’s ability even though Kyouka Suigetsu’s practically just as overpowered. I’m not sure what it is… I guess that I’m just a bit annoyed by the fact that Tsukishima’s pulling off what Aizen could’ve done with Kyouka Suigetsu while using a smug look on his face that is reminiscent of Aizen’s?

The fight between Rukia and Riruka was somewhat entertaining. Rukia showed off some pretty good feats, and Riruka has proven that her Fullbring can be a greater threat during a battle than it seems. I had a good laugh when I saw Rukia trapped inside the stuffed doll. After all the times she mistreated KON’s stuffed toy body, this almost would be righteous. Though it would be more righteous if it was Ichigo who was stuffed inside a doll and KON could live out his frustrations .

All in all, a decent chapter. You could even consider it to be good, considering how ‘Book of the End’s’ ability once more proves to be a genuine threat. It almost creates a feel of helplessness for the Bleach characters, doesn’t it? In that respect, this chapter really helped in emphasizing this fact.

Saying Tsukishima’s an overpowered villain can almost be considered to be an understatement. With ‘Book of the End’ seemingly being flawless and Tsukishima’s battle prowess, he is quite the villain. But if he’s this powerful, there’s the question about why he’s following Kuugo. Does Tsukishima’s following of Kuugo mean that Kuugo’s immune to ‘Book of the End’, or that Kuugo’s ‘Cross of Scaffold’ is even more dangerous?

Like most of the recent Bleach chapters, next week’s chapter will probably be cut in two parts. In the first part of the chapter, Rukia will manage to dodge most of Riruka’s attacks in her stuffed toy body. Remembering all the feats KON performed as a stuffed toy, she’ll refuse to lose to him. I honestly have no clue as to how she’s going to get out of the doll though . That’s probably the same thing going through Rukia’s mind during next week’s chapter.

The second part of the chapter will be about Ichigo, Ishida, and Kuugo. We’ll see how Kuugo manages to keep up with two opponents with relative ease, though Ichigo and Ishida won’t have any problems either. The fight will only have been about checking each other out a bit, before both sides get serious.

That’s it for this Bleach review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again in the second review for this week: Naruto! If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to reread the last couple of Naruto chapters to prepare . Before that, an aspirin would be nice… The ‘Posts that were lost, but not forgotten’ section will have to wait… I might add it tomorrow after reviewing Naruto.

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~ by The Underscore on October 20, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 469”

  1. Nice review, and 3 more to go? Neat!

    I think with Byakuya, Tsukishima did a ‘reverse bookmarking’ because he is not remembering he told him that. But Tsukishima remembers it.

    I kind of liked Kubo’s karma; first Ichigo had to run away from Mr.Pork, now Rukia turned into a cute something-animal and about to get abused by a girl. But you should’ve remember how to escape this; either someone has break the container (which sounds risky) or Riruka has to sneeze on it (which is disguisting)

    Looking forward for your Fairy Tail ranti- ehem, reviewing!

  2. @FirstReplierWannabe:
    Thanks. Only two more to go right now ;). Naruto review’s up at the moment.

    A reverse bookmarking could hold true. Again, Book of the End really is too vague to say anything’s for certain…

    Kubo really does have some fun with his characters at times, right? I’ll admit that there are ways to get out of the technique, but Rukia isn’t aware of them. What are the odds of Rukia surviving being cut in two or something while that doll is acting as her body? Then again, it’s more likely that Rukia leaps into Riruka’s face, or that Riruka catches a cold due to Sode no Shirayuki, and sneezes on Rukia 🙂

  3. Nice review. Both for Bleach and Naruto 🙂

    It was a bad week for Kuchiki family, indeed. Riruka’s ability seems dangerously “cute”. I really have a problem at figuring a single idea of how Rukia can manage to turn the tables at this point. It will be interesting to see her putting up a fight in this form (can’t imagine how can this happen, right? :p). And KON as always, is absent in the best moments.

    About Byakuya and Tsukishima, my opinion is that End of Book seemingly HAX ability will collide on Byakuya’s “hard as stone” character. Whoever Tsuki replaces in Byakuya’s past, the shinigami will have no problem dealing with it and cut the opponent anyway. He is the person who was willing to execute his own (adoptive) sister for a stupid oath.

    Looking forward for a FT review too 🙂

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