The Underscore’s Naruto review 560

560: Uchiha Madara

Hello, hello. This thing on? Ah, yes. Hi there, I’m The Underscore. Some of you may know me from my weekly Bleach reviews, or the One Piece review I wrote a long time ago. Whilst I usually only limit myself to Bleach, I had some spare time this week and people let me know they wanted a Naruto review from me. Long story short, I’m writing a Naruto review this week . My timing couldn’t be greater considering the content of this week’s chapter. Hopefully this review will come out okay, it’s not like I’ve reviewed Naruto before . Anyways, I’ll be using the Mangastream/Binktopia scanlation for this review, so thanks to them for their release.

NOT Uchiha Madara?

Does this mean… Obito?

Last week’s chapter surprised us with the appearance of Uchiha Madara. Not the Madara we thought was Madara, but the real life dead Uchiha Madara. But with Tobi claiming to be Uchiha Madara, while wielding the Sharingan to great effect, the question that has come to everyone’s mind is: Who’s Tobi? Sure, it’s possible that he’s Uchiha Madara and that this Impure Resurrection is Uchiha Madara as well, but that’s a rather unlikely thing to happen. The only method I can think of that would allow two Madara to exist at the same time would be a technique similar to the technique used by Minato to split the Kyuubi’s chakra into two parts.

More likely, however, is that Tobi is a different Uchiha. If anything, I’d go as far as to say that Tobi is actually Izuna (Madara’s brother). Sure, he supposedly died during battle at one point, while being blind and all. But there’s so many contradicting stories going around about the Uchiha that you can never be certain about anything. The other possibility is that Tobi is more closely related to Sasuke than we’ve been led to believe. Itachi did plant a trap in case Tobi showed his face to Sasuke, which activated an ‘Amaterasu’ that almost consumed Tobi. Was it because Itachi knew that Sasuke would easily be convinced to fall into darkness by seeing that person’s face? Not that it was that hard to get Sasuke to go all medieval in the end .

While we’re all trying to make sense of what’s going on here, the Shinobi alliance is doing the same. But Muu and Madara are more intrigued by the alliance than they are with the question of who Tobi could be. Temari then addresses the Tsuchikage, assuming he must know who Tobi could be if he isn’t Madara. Even though he’s had his fair share of friendly contacts with Akatsuki, he hasn’t got a clue as to who Tobi could be. But there are two men with more answers.

The revived Uchiha Madara

I know, right? He could’ve at least gotten rid of those cracks on your face

With the alliance shaken by this surprising appearance of an Edo Tensei Madara, Madara has bigger issues to attend to. Madara knows that HE had something to do with his resurrection and the entire war. But Madara isn’t sure about what HE has in mind as things aren’t going according to plan with him getting revived in an impure form rather than by Nagato’s hand -see Chapter 559. Madara then asks Muu who is responsible for the Edo Tensei, getting two contradicting answers out of him. The first one is that he doesn’t know. The second one is that he’s responsible. Though that’s just Kabuto speaking through the Muu puppet. Madara isn’t that amused by Kabuto’s disrespectful use of the dead, especially considering how Muu has been reduced to a form of phone.

Kabuto hints at knowing who HE really is, not just that Tobi isn’t the Madara he claims to be. Knowing Orochimaru, he probably did his best to find out as much as he could about the Uchiha. Tobi, owning at least 30 Sharingan, should’ve come up in that research. Whatever the case, Kabuto knows, Madara knows, and even Zetsu and Kisame know who Tobi really is. I’m curious why Itachi didn’t even feel it necessary to mention to either Naruto or Kabuto.

But Kabuto has something more important than to talk about who Tobi is. Rather than that, he explains to Madara that his Edo Tensei is something special. Rather than reviving him in his prime state, like the others, Kabuto revived him in a state that’s beyond his prime. Madara is suspicious about Kabuto’s words, asking Kabuto what he knows about Madara’s “Prime”. But Kabuto admits that he doesn’t know anything about Madara’s prime. Which is odd considering he feels certain that Madara is now beyond his prime. How could he know that if he doesn’t know what Madara’s prime is? Did he use some Edo Tensei experiments to find out how he can supercharge the dead or something?

Celebratory Fire

I’ll take care of the grill, you guys take care of the drinks?

The impatient Gaara decides to make use of Madara’s moment of negligence. Or so he thinks. Gaara’s sand hits nothing with both Madara and Ka-Muu-to dodging the attack. Rather than take his distance, however, Madara decides to confront the opposing army. It’s not clear whether Madara is doing this of his own free will or because of Kabuto’s desire to see what Madara’s prime truly is. Whatever the case, Madara is set on showing off his skills to everyone as he unleashes his ‘Katon: Gouka Mekkyaku’. All the Suiton-users that are present at the time move to the front as quickly as they can and immediately use a collaboration Ninjutsu to create a wall of water to counter the wall of fire.

The group of Suiton-users manage to take care of the wall of flames created by a single Katon-user, only to find themselves attacked by that same Katon-user who made use of the situation. That’s right, Madara used a high level fire technique as a diversion so he could leap right through the steam created by the colliding techniques in order to take care of a couple of dozen Shinobi using only Taijutsu.

Temari asks Naruto to activate the Nine-tails’ chakra to help in the battle against Madara. But with all the Rasenshurikens he’s thrown, Naruto’s all out of juice. Lucky for everyone there, there’s a Kazekage around to help out. As Madara plows through the fodder ninjas, he decides to use the katana he picked up moments before for once. But just as he wants to cut a nameless shinobi in two, he’s stopped by a wall of sand created by Gaara. One of the cloud-ninjas picks up on this and decides to act quickly. Too bad for him, the Uchiha isn’t only a capable nin- and taijutsu user. He completely forgot about the Uchiha’s greatest weapon: the Sharingan. With a single glance, Madara manages to freeze the cloud-ninja in his tracks long enough to get out of the way and counter.

Party crashing

Liven up the party a bit by mixing things up

While Madara is playing the one-man-army, Ka-Muu-to decides to do some fodder cleaning of his own. He wants to use Muu’s dust techniques to wipe out a big amount of Shinobi in a single shot. But Kabuto isn’t aware of the fact that Muu isn’t capable of using dust-element techniques in his split state. Unlike Kabuto, the Tsuchikage is more than aware of this fact as he orders all the sensory ninjas to keep their eyes out for any move Muu might make. While they’re keeping an eye out for the previous Tsuchikage, the current Tsuchikage turns his attention to Madara.

Naruto appears out of the blue -quite literally at that- with a ‘Chou-Oodama-Rasengan’, while the Tsuchikage attacks from below using an earth-element technique. The Tsuchikage’s ‘Chidoukaku’ causes Madara to lose his balance, making it impossible to dodge Naruto’s attack. Naruto then completes the cooperative attack by letting the Rasengan connect. Too bad for these two, the connection made wasn’t the one they were hoping for.


Maybe Madara really has a split personality?

Madara, the first known Uchiha capable of wielding the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, displays what is most likely the first Susano’o that has ever been used. Using a design that’s somewhat similar to Sakon and Ukon (those Sound ninja from Orochimaru’s barrier squad), this Susano’o has two faces and four arms it can use. This Susano’o immediately puts these arms to use by throwing away the Naruto clones. Tsuchikage then notices that Madara is using his Mangekyou Sharingan to create this Susano’o.

Gaara uses his sand to catch the two Naruto clones while the real Naruto is gathering Nature chakra to get into ‘Sennin-mode’. I have to hand it to Naruto, he’s really matured a lot in a short time. Where the two years of training with Jiraiya almost seemed like a waste (sure, he mastered the basics and got a bigger Rasengan), the training with the old F(r)oggies was what really paid off. In spite of being surrounded by the chaos of war, Naruto manages to calm down and become completely still in order to go into Sennin-mode.

While the fodder-ninja are holding Madara’s Susano’o off a bit, preparations are finished on the alliance’s side. Naruto finishes his Sennin-charge to create a Rasenshuriken while the Tsuchikage helps out Gaara by making his sand lighter (thus decreasing the amount of chakra needed to move tons of sand, increase the speed of the sand, and make it less noticeable to others). With these preparations in place, Naruto and Gaara set off to take out Madara.

Naruto takes the shrieking Rasenshuriken and rushes at Madara to draw his attention. Gaara then uses his sands to pull Madara out of his Susano’o, which is rather odd as I always believed the Sharingan to be the core of the technique. Nonetheless, the Susano’o is left behind as Madara is pulled into the air. Meanwhile, Naruto completes his charge by throwing the Rasenshuriken at Madara.


That’s our line!

Just as the Rasenshuriken is about to connect with Madara, his eyes start changing. As the blinding light of the Rasenshuriken’s chakra suddenly fades, a new light shines in the form of the Rinnegan. While Temari is more surprised by the fact the Rasenshuriken disappeared, Naruto is shocked to see another Rinnegan user. Madara uses this moment of confusion to undo the Susano’o and get back to Ka-Muu-to.

Kabuto then says that his hypothesis about the Sharingan has now been proven to be right. Once a person progresses beyond the Sharingan, it turns into a Rinnegan. Which I personally find the oddest of all transformations. Just think about it. The Rinnegan is impressive and all. Allowing you to use any form of element at a master level, giving you the ability to suck up chakra, and so on. But if you compare it to the Sharingan’s abilities it seems like somewhat of a waste. Unless Nagato never got out the Rinnegan’s true potential that is.

Madara explains that he awakened his Rinnegan shortly before his death. Thus, what Kabuto meant by Madara being beyond his prime, was what Madara was beyond his battle with the first Hokage. Madara was suspicious of Kabuto doing something to his body, but all Kabuto did was make sure he could use all the techniques he could use during his lifetime. Madara then believes that Kabuto managed to find out all the secrets by deciphering the Uchiha’s stone monument.

Kabuto explains that Orochimaru was the one who made way for his hypothesis. This explains why Orochimaru was so set on getting a Sharingan user’s body. For someone in the pursuit of every existing ninjutsu and beyond, the Rinnegan should be the perfect tool. But taking a Rinnegan user’s eyes would be a bit too much for Orochimaru to do in the state he was when he formulated the hypothesis. Getting a Sharingan user, however, would be far less complicated. Then all he’d have to do is develop the Sharingan user to the point where the eyes would transform into the ultimate ocular technique: the Rinnegan. Easy, right?

Now that we know that the Sharingan can turn into a Rinnegan, it actually makes sense, doesn’t it? The stone monument that revealed more information the better one’s Sharingan becomes. The three stages of the basic sharingan, the Mangekyou, and the eternal Mangekyou all gave more information. But the eyes that could see all the information, and more, were the Rinnegan. So why would the Uchiha have a stone tablet they could never read without the Rinnegan if they didn’t have it?

Old Skool

Meteor ninjutsu? Check. Holy ninjutsu?… anyone?

Kabuto finishes his rant by claiming he was the one to create Madara’s current power, thus coming closer to the Godlike powers of the original sage of the six-paths. It’s funny to see how that corpse loving Kabuto managed to get this far. Not to say that he actually created Madara’s power. It’s just that Kabuto’s ego makes him think that all the Impure resurrected ninjas were created by him, meaning he in turn made it possible for all their techniques to be used, meaning he made their power. Yes, he’s been hanging out with Orochimaru a bit too much. Though judging from the looks of Kabuto, it won’t be too long before Orochimaru will make a return and he makes an exit.

Madara points out that Kabuto didn’t create the power he’s wielding. He then summons his Susano’o again, though without any weapons this time. Instead, the Susano’o shows why he has four arms instead of three. Madara starts making hand signs while his Susano’o makes two different hand signs as if it was gathering chakra in the same way the elder frogs did with Jiraiya in sennin-mode.

Whatever the Susano’o is doing for Madara, it’s working. The skies turn black as the alliance see things aren’t looking too good for them. Madara managed to create a humongous meteor out of thin air! He didn’t move a bunch of rocks to form a larger one, nor did he move a giant piece of earth into the sky, he MADE A METEOR OUT OF THIN AIR! Perhaps this is the Rinnegan’s true nature. A form of eternal Izanagi of sorts which makes illusions reality. The original sage of the six paths did create the nine Bijuu out of thin air using the Jyuubi’s chakra, so perhaps anything can be created given you have enough Chakra to support it by creating an illusionary image and then making it real. Though on that note, for all we know this is actually a form of genjutsu cast on a larger crowd.

This ninja-war really has its ups and downs. At first it seemed like there would be plenty of ninja for other supporting characters to fight in order to show off their progress. Which they did at the start of the war. Then night fell on the first day of war, which gave the white Zetsu the opportunity to create mistrust amongst the alliance by transforming into perfect copies of the alliance ninjas. Then along came Naruto, practically single handedly turning the entire war around into the alliance’s favor. To even things out, Kabuto then summoned the Uchiha Madara we’ve seen in action in this week’s chapter.

What a chapter this was. Sure, Tobi has been ignored to great extends this time round as we’re back to the same question we had a couple of years ago: Who is Tobi? Instead, we got to see Madara in action. It’s safe to say that his reputation hasn’t been exaggerated a bit. He easily took out dozens of shinobi by using only one ninjutsu, which was nothing more than a distraction in the first place. After noticing there are a couple of capable shinobi around, he then immediately turns to his Susano’o. Which in turn takes out another couple of dozen shinobi. When it almost looks like Madara could be taken out for at least a moment (this is still Edo Tensei we’re talking about), he suddenly pulls out a Rinnegan from under his hat… if he actually had a hat of course . To top things off, he decides to throw a meteor onto the crowd just because he can.

Almost as intriguing as Madara’s battle prowess is his knowledge of what could be going on. Though Madara might not be the one pulling the strings right now, it almost seems like he pulled some strings before kicking the bucket, all in order to pull on strings at a later moment. The only thing that got in Madara’s way was the Edo Tensei that Kabuto used. That, and the fact that Naruto managed to have Nagato use his resurrection technique on Konoha instead of on Madara. Still, Madara knows who Tobi really is and what his plans are. Somehow, I doubt it’s just a case of eternal Tsukiyomi if you look at everything that guy’s lied about.

All in all, I find this to be a really good chapter. Sure, I’m a bit bothered by the appearance of the Rinnegan formed from a Sharingan, and the giant meteor might be a bit too much at the moment, but that doesn’t change the fact that the rest of the chapter was good. There was plenty happening here, both in plot progression as well as ties to past events. It’s a good thing that Kishimoto decided to stick to the situation with Gaara, rather than to move to the alliance’s base. All that’s left now is to wait and see what’s going to happen next week.

If I have to take a guess, I’d say that the meteor will turn out to be the real deal. Everyone in the area will be squashed by the meteor (or at least, we’ll be led to believe so), while the Narutos there turn out to be clones. Naruto will gain all the knowledge from those clones and will make sure to report this to the Hokage and the Raikage as he makes his way to the field where Madara caused the meteor to crash. Tsunade will order Naruto to return to base to recover before he does that, though Naruto will want to disobey. But B will tell Naruto that he can’t just keep going like this as he’s already strained his Chakra use. Naruto will have to fall back as his clones clean things up at the other battle areas.
Something else that could happen, however, is that the meteor will come down, but that Naruto manages to destroy it. And by Naruto, I mean the Kyuubi . Let’s face it, Naruto has a monster inside of him that can destroy mountains and cause tidal waves to appear with the swing of his tail. And he has nine tails at that! Maybe the Kyuubi will actually decide to cooperate (even if it’s only for this one time). The Kyuubi will be in charge long enough to confront Madara for some time. Both Madara and the Kyuubi will think back to what happened between the two of them and how Madara met his end. The chapter will then end with Tobi arriving at the scene with the other Jinchuuriki and Bijuu.

Well then. I’d say that’s enough for one day. I hope you guys enjoyed the read. Though I’m notoriously bad at replying, that doesn’t change the fact that I always read every single reply given to one of my reviews. So by all means, let me know what your thoughts are on this chapter and/or review. This is the first Naruto review I’ve written, so there’s bound to be things I’ve overlooked, misinterpreted, or even plain took from other Naruto reviews . So be sure to let me know.

Whatever the case, this is the end of this Naruto review. Thanks for reading. To those of you who also read Bleach and my reviews, I’ll be seeing you next week again. For those of you who (also) read One Piece and/or Fairy Tail, there will be reviews coming up for those two titles as well. Tomorrow, it’s going to be One Piece! Sunday, will be Fairy Tail.


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One Response to “The Underscore’s Naruto review 560”

  1. This review made me feel like eating veg menu in a kebab lounge. Delicous.

    K-T event for World of Shinobi! Now I can see why sage of six paths (Epicness, Awesomeness, Badassery, Sexiness, Mystery and Coolness Paths) worshipped like a god. I’ll feel cheated if it’s another mass genjutsu.

    About Tobi’s identity; I think he is really someone who is named Tobi. I’ll even say he is not an Uchiha really. He always felt like he is a reverse Rikodou Sennin, because he is undoing his steps one by one. I want to take him as total new person, instead someone we know.

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