The Underscore’s Bleach review 472

472: Razoredge Requiem

Still not feeling 100%. Guess I should do things like eat healthy. You know, things like FROOOT. Apparently this FROOOT thing can be eaten more than once. Unlike the devil fruits, it doesn’t make it so you can never swim again. Also, eating a banana doesn’t turn you into a giraffe… So follow these guys’ example.

Whatever the case, here’s this week’s review, brought to you by The Underscore at the full 70%! There’s actually a poll this week . Thanks to Mangastream and Binktopia for their scanlation!

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The vice-captain’s fall

She WASN’T beaten! She just got bored with the battle and decided to fall asleep in the middle of it!

Last week, Riruka’s attack hit Rukia full on. The ‘R’ on the Fullbring started to shine brightly, leaving us in suspense as to what could happen to Rukia. At the start of this chapter, we once more see the ‘R’ shining brightly along with the results of it. Riruka just plain vanished! Talk about impractical attacks… or is it? Rukia is left to wonder where Riruka went to. But this is only for a brief moment as everything starts spinning around and Rukia passes out.

With Rukia having fallen to the ground, and Riruka having disappeared, it would seem that the conditions for the ‘chatroom’ have been met. Same as how Kenpachi (and Yachiro) were the only ones who got out of the room after Giriko’s defeat, it’s possible that the beaten are kept inside the ‘chatroom’ for eternity. This would mean that Riruka’s considered to be the victor because Rukia… died! At least we can find comfort in the fact that Riruka has to face Kenpachi now ()…

Of course, there’s two other possible explanations for this current situation, be it less likely. First, there’s the chance that Riruka used her Fullbring to fool ‘Invaders must die’ into thinking Rukia died. Let’s face it, Rukia was conscious the moment Riruka disappeared, so there’s bound to be a loophole of sorts to the current ‘Invaders must die’ settings. The second possibility, which is even less likely to be the case, would be that Riruka used a skill we haven’t seen before. One to, say, posses others! Maybe she can store herself in other places “she likes”, same as she can store things “she likes” with herself (be it in an object of her choice). Perhaps hearing Rukia’s thoughts on the Fullbring situation and whatnot made her like Rukia’s heart enough to inhabit it…

Oh, Snap

That dude actually did what he did!

After finding out that his ‘No Damage Range’ (NDR) was discovered, Byakuya had been fighting with his Zanpakutou in its sealed state. But with Tsukishima’s intricate knowledge of everything pertaining Byakuya and Senbonzakura, knowing the weak parts of the blade and snapping it in two was bound to happen. With Senbonzakura broken, all that’s left for Byakuya to use is his Shikai. But without Senbonzakura’s sealed state, there’s no way for Byakuya to protect himself within the NDR.

Tsukishima points out these facts, along with the information that Byakuya’s basic swordplay has improved over the course of the fight. Though Tsukishima tried to taunt Byakuya a bit, teasing him about his broken sword, Byakuya is more concerned by the uselessness of his 17 month training. But Tsukishima then points out that Byakuya’s training wasn’t useless overall, as his skills did improve. The only problem here is the fact that Tsukishima trained with him all these 17 months, which is why Tsukishima is this skilled and knows how to counter everything Byakuya can throw at him.

Again, ‘Book of the End’ is proving itself to be more than formidable. Oddly, Tsukishima didn’t opt to control Byakuya, but chose to obtain knowledge and experience for himself. For some reason, this makes me think that Tsukishima can do one of two things: Rewrite a person’s history and affect that person or rewrite a person’s history and affect himself. In the case of Ichigo’s friends and family, it would seem the prior applies. The people have memories instilled by Tsukishima, who knows what happened as he has to know what he’s rewriting. But in the case of Byakuya, Tsukishima rewrote his own history by comparing notes with Byakuya’s history. Byakuya shows no signs of thinking Tsukishima is his good-old sparring partner, yet Tsukishima has proven to know everything about Byakuya’s fighting prowess. Personally, I think this is a plausible explanation of ‘Book of the End’s’ ability. But then again, I’ve conjured up plenty of theories that didn’t hold true .

Picking up the pace

Remember the last guy who told Byakuya he couldn’t do something he wanted to do?… exactly…

Byakuya moves to pick up the other half of his Senbonzakura. Tsukishima taunts Byakuya by asking if he can’t use Shikai with a broken blade. Byakuya doesn’t give a hoot and pulls out his Bankai. With Kageyoshi Senbonzakura playing the field, Tsukishima points out that he’s seen the Bankai so often that he’s bored with it. Knowing about the NDR, Tsukishima immediately moves in place to attack Byakuya again. But just as Tsukishima tries to strike, Senbonzakura gets in the way.

Where certain fools (like a certain reviewer) thought that Tsukishima knowing about the NDR would spell trouble for Byakuya, Byakuya had a different opinion. Knowing that Tsukishima would appear within the NDR, Byakuya actually has a better chance of hitting Tsukishima as there’s less places for him to hide. In fact, Byakuya now knows EXACTLY where Tsukishima is going to attack from. All that there was left for Byakuya to do was to allow Senbonzakura enter the NDR and all’s well.

Tsukishima points out that Byakuya never trained that, as Tsukishima would know about it. But Byakuya in turn explains that if he DIDN’T train it, it wouldn’t be known to Tsukishima. Learning that Byakuya is using something he never practiced against him, a desperate tactic, doesn’t fit well with Tsukishima.

Dancing with petals

Sure Tsukishima, you just leap into that storm and we’ll watch from a distance…

With Byakuya surrounded by his Bankai, Tsukishima decides to jump in headfirst to finish him. Byakuya uses Senbonzakura’s full potential by using his hands to steer the Bankai around. Using both this well practiced skill along with the desperate tactic of allowing the petals into the NDR, Tsukishima has a tougher job getting a strike in. But Tsukishima knows that this tactic has major risks, as he proves right now.

He throws a stab at Byakuya, forcing Byakuya to use his hand in order to guard. But in the middle of the arm motion, Tsukishima stops the hand from moving. The petals then fall down on Byakuya as Tsukishima manages to dodge at the last second. Tsukishima then explains that it was all possible thanks to him messing up Byakuya’s timing. I can’t help but wonder how it is that Tsukishima was able to dodge the attack, while Byakuya couldn’t… At least, I’m more curious how Tsukishima could think that, considering the latter part of this chapter .

After seeing Byakuya raise his hurt hand, Tsukishima continues playing with his prey, taunting Byakuya into using the Kidou Byakuya seems to be preparing. What I find curious here is that Tsukishima tells Byakuya he knows every counter to Byakuya’s Kidou. But wouldn’t that suggest that Tsukishima is capable of using Bakudou of sorts for certain counters? Either that, or he’s capable of trapping Byakuya inside a stuffed doll .

Sweet justice


With Tsukishima being capable of blocking every Kidou known to Byakuya, things seem to be hopeless. In this hopelessness, there’s only one thing left for Byakuya to do… PUNCH! Though for a punch, this one’s a bit too effective… Tsukishima then notices a couple of Senbonzakura’s petals coming from Byakuya’s hand, explaining where the hole in his chest came from . Tsukishima then can’t help but wonder how it is that the prideful Byakuya is capable of fighting in such an unsightly manner.

Byakuya then tells Tsukishima that he’s never truly fought a battle that he wasn’t prepared for. Every battle Byakuya ever had was one where he knew what he could do and how to react. But with Tsukishima knowing everything Byakuya would do at the moment he would act, there was little for Byakuya to do. The only option he had left was to fight like Ichigo. By immersing himself in the insanity of battle a few moments he saw the key to victory. With Tsukishima falling to his death, Byakuya stands victorious covered in wounds… as a sign to his BFF Kenpachi .

A rather mediocre chapter if I’m honest. The conclusion of the Rukia vs. Riruka fight was nothing short of disappointing. Why couldn’t Rukia just win with relative ease for once? Of course, there’s the chance that this fight isn’t truly over yet… The conclusion of the Byakuya vs. Tsukishima battle was a long awaited one. The way it ended wasn’t exactly how I’d pictured it, but at least Tsukishima seems to be out of the picture. But again, we never know how he might come back from this…

The scenes were drawn out nicely, and concluding two fights was a good thing. But I’m still not too excited about the way it ended. But that could have something to do with my expectations. Hopefully the Ichigo & Ishida vs. Kuugo will be worth the quick wrap-up of these two fights. Anyways, let’s get to this week’s headspinner!

Why would breaking through the NDR be so surprising considering some of the techniques Byakuya’s already used in previous battles?

Think about it, remember the final technique Byakuya used against Ichigo? He used the petals to create swords he could wield and that halo/wing display on his back. That would require him to allow some petals to enter the NDR, be it that they aren’t really allowed to move beyond the placed restrictions.

Next week’s chapter will start off with a confirmation on Byakuya’s victory. Either that, or Tsukishima will stab himself with ‘Book of the End’ and rewrite his own history so that he was never stabbed by Byakuya in the first place… I hope not . After this, the scene will change to Ishida and Ichigo having trouble with Kuugo’s abilities and experience. Kuugo will then reveal the true nature of his ‘Cross of Scaffold’ and start off a flash back to his time as a Substitute Shinigami.

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week! Hopefully back at a 100%!

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2 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 472”

  1. Dude u shouldnt 4get bout the leaf Tsukishima cut at beginning of the battle. Anyways could u explain bout the Book of the End abilities. I know it can falsify person or inanimate object’s history but I dont understand the concept on how that can give him an overwhelming advantage against Byakuya when he couldnt do crap against Power Ranger Ichigo. For example just because u the 2 fighter training against each other since childhood that shouldnt mean u have the answer to properly respond to the attack. It might sound like it would work theory but normally the execution wouldnt b 100 % accurate. Another example I’m thinking of is Luffy’s battle with Hancock’s sisters. When Luffy transformed/powered up to Gear 2, they predict his movement, but couldnt properly counter the attacks since they lack the raw power Luffy has/had and he overwhelmed them. So how could Tsukishima have the ability to fight equally (or overwhelm(I use the word 2 much)) Byakuya all the sudden. Yes I know there a lot of things that Bleach never made sense to begin with (look at Ichigo) but do u have an explanation 4 this? Really appreciate if u took the time for this since I’ve been looking 4 explanation for awhile now (couldnt find any in the forums)

    I know this is bout a month old but congrats being Manga Helper’s 2011 Reviewer of the year.

  2. OK, I think the fight between tsukishima and byakuya has gotten rediculous.
    I mean surely byakuya is tough and will win regardless of how much I hope he doesn’t, but dammit, how many leafs can one hand hold, it’s as if he shot a flower canon at tsukishima.
    I’m not happy with that battle -_-.

    And I think riruka is within Rukias body now, given that she was the last thing she directly attacked pyshically.

    Oh well, let’s wait and see.

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