The Underscore’s Bleach review 479

479: Goodbye to Our Xcution

Wait a sec, this is the last chapter of this arc? Good thing I didn’t make any promises about not reviewing any more chapters for this arc. I’d have to find The Underscore Mask at reviewer island if that were the case… But this isn’t just the last chapter of this arc, this is the last chapter before a three week break for Bleach! Hopefully Kubo has a good reason for this one… I’m expecting a lot out of the next arc if he’s letting us wait three weeks. On that note, I did say something about a new section this week. But I’m going to save that for the first chapter of the next arc. There’s no point to that section this week anyways…

Thanks to Mangastream for this week’s scanlation. On to the review!

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The previous chapter had Tsukishima finding peace with the loss of Kuugo. But did he find peace of mind, or eternal peace? Here’s what you guys thought:

Only one of you is more concerned about Kuugo than Tsukishima. With the news going round that Kuugo’s dead, there should be more information on how or what, right?

Five voters don’t care about Tsukishima as much as they do about the next arc. Guess they’re going to have to wait another three weeks for news on that front… though they aren’t the only ones .

Then we end the poll with a tie. That’s right. Six voters who believe Tsukishima actually died, and six voters who believe that he’s only resting… Too bad there was no tie breaker for this one… oh well, on to the concluding chapter for this arc! This time for real!

In a pickle

Is that Tessai’s pickle, or are you just happy to see Riruka’s gone?

Another day has dawned on the Urahara candy store. The store’s owner wakes his guest with a call for breakfast. A special breakfast at that. Tessai’s breakfast pickle, especially for guests who stay at the Urahara store! Oddly, Urahara finds his guest, Riruka, missing. Could it have been the pickles? It must have been.

Urahara wastes no time after seeing Riruka’s futon as he asks Jinta whether he’s up for more breakfast. Telling Jinta that he’s got extra servings of pickles as well, Jinta gladly accepts the extra breakfast. Save for the disgusting Tessai pickles. Tessai doesn’t like hearing that .

Putting aside the fact that Urahara just scared off Riruka through the use of pickles, one could wonder: Where’d Riruka go off to? And is Urahara trying to get rid of Jinta as well?

Xcution no more

The restless soul has now found its peace

To commemorate the last chapter in this mini-arc, Kubo gives us a picture of Kuugo. With Kuugo dead, Xcution no longer has any purpose. Or at least, I think it no longer has any purpose. Really, what was Kuugo’s goal again? I actually have little to say about this arc besides what I ranted about during last week’s review. At least this arc is now coming to a better close than it did with the previous chapter.

Anyways, what can we say about Kuugo? Though I’ve never truly come to love him as a character, he’s served his purpose. He explained the origin of the Substitute Shinigami badge, the source of Chad’s powers, the fact that he was Ichigo’s predecessor, helped Ichigo prepare to get back to his active Shinigami duties, created quite the interesting situation for Ichigo to be in (with his zombie friends and family), and got Ichigo thinking about his father’s past for once. In the end, he did quite a few things that should’ve been done during the previous arcs.

Giving Ichigo a Fullbring might have been a waste of time, though I suspect that it could be used for some filler episodes for the anime. But all Kuugo’s done in the end is raise more questions pertaining the Bleach-verse. If this were just any random anime filler, we could ignore quite a few things. But this arc answered a few questions while raising plenty of others that still haven’t been answered. One of my personal favorites being: What’s the name of Ichigo’s Fullbring? Does he have his Fullbring now? Where’s KON? Wait, that last one doesn’t have much to do with Kuugo or this arc specifically now, does it?

In good health


Kiyone and Sentarou take the scene as they call for their captain. The man responsible for the Substitute Shinigami badges. At least, I say Kiyone and Sentarou, but it would seem that only Sentarou is screaming whilst Kiyone seems to be worried about something. Sentarou gives Ukitake the news that Ichigo’s in good health. Ukitake then opens the door to his quarters, revealing a sickly looking captain. With things going so good with his health after the Soul Society arc up to the point where his chest had a gaping hole, it’s too be expected that his health is in one of its downs instead of ups. Of course, it’s possible that Urahara is feeling under the weather for giving Ichigo some of his Reiatsu. Perhaps he tried too hard because he wanted to make amends with Kuugo and Ichigo for what he did with the Shinigami badges.

At the first division’s headquarters, Genryuusai receives a report from a messenger. The messenger tells Genryuusai that the report that had been given by Renji matches that what Ichigo just told the messenger… at the Senkai gate. Genryuusai needs a moment to process this report as he suddenly realizes that he has a strawberry on the loose in Seireitei.

Passing through


A determined Ichigo walks through the streets of Seireitei for the first time in a cannon setting since the end of the Soul Society arc. Ichigo just strolls down the street like it’s the most natural thing in the world. As Ichigo strolls down the street, he greets Renji who just happens to pass by. Just as the two walked by each other, one of them realizes something isn’t quite right.

Renji realizes that Ichigo isn’t supposed to be in Soul Society right now, so he immediately asks Ichigo what the deal is. You’d think that Renji would notice something like this sooner . Anyways, the scene changes to the Soul Society captains who get word that Ichigo’s arrived in Soul Society.

Ichigo then stands in front of quite the number of captains. One thing to note here is Zangetsu. When Zangetsu’s new form was first introduced, it looked like the wrappings had disappeared and made room for a chain. Now, the wrappings are back (albeit not attacked to the handle), while the chain seems to have disappeared. What’s up with that Kubo? But that aside.

We find that the captains from 17 months ago are all still in action. Slight changes in appearance here and there, though most of these changes were already seen when a handful of captains came to check up on Ichigo. Besides those captains, only Soi Fon seems to have made a slight change in appearance. Being that her hair looks a bit different . The only one we haven’t seen is Mayuri, so he’s bound to have made a change or two to his appearance. But Mayuri can’t be bothered with looking at Ichigo .

Of course, there were a couple of seats left to fill with Tousen, Gin, and Aizen’s betrayal. The first of the seats that were filled seems to have gone to Kensei. Ichigo’s surprised to see Kensei became a captain, most likely because Ichigo never knew that Kensei actually was the ninth squad’s captain before Tousen. So if Kensei filled his old spot, it’s safe to assume that the other two spots have probably been filled by their previous captains as well…


No biggy, Soul Society has no problems giving corpses. They have a delivery service too you know?

After being invited in by Kensei, who seems to be doing fine after what happened with Wonderweiss by the way, Ichigo stands in the meeting grounds of the Soul Society captains. We see that Rose took back his captain seat from Gin as he solemnly stands next to Genryuusai.

Genryuusai welcomes Ichigo by thanking him for a job well done. After all, Ichigo managed to stop Kuugo and everything. Perhaps Ichigo’s even being thanked for what happened with Aizen, seeing as how Genryuusai never had the chance to do so due to Ichigo losing his powers. Ichigo appreciates the appreciation, but he didn’t come to Soul Society for that.

Genryuusai isn’t that pleased to hear such impudence from a youngster like Ichigo, though he seems to be more wary of what Ichigo’s true purpose might be. Ichigo then reveals that he wants to take Kuugo’s corpse so that he can bury it in the material world. This is quite a shocking thing to hear for most of the captains considering what Kuugo put Ichigo through. While all the other captains are thinking it, there’s only one who speaks his mind and tells it how it is: Ichigo’s an idiot.

Captain Hirako Shinji

You’d think he wouldn’t have to cut his own hair anymore… or that he’d know not to wear a tie with a Shinigami robe

Shinji asks Ichigo if he actually gets what he’s asking from them. Soi Fon tries to interpret what Shinji means by asking that, believing that Shinji is trying to tell Ichigo it’s insane to want to bury a murderous criminal’s body. But Shinji tells Soi Fon she’s wrong, revealing that Soi Fon somewhat loosened up a bit judging by the look on her face -who can’t be helped without Yoruichi now? -.

What Shinji was referring to was something a lot closer to Ichigo than Kuugo’s past actions. Kuugo attacked Ichigo’s friends and family (be it psychologically), meaning Ichigo should be the one who can’t forgive him. But Ichigo doesn’t want to bury Kuugo to forgive him. With friends and family save and Ichigo being alive, all that’s left to Ichigo is a fellow Substitute Shinigami’s body. Merely that…

Genryuusai clearly heard the subtext behind Ichigo’s remark. No matter how you look at it, the cause of all that’s happened with Kuugo was the fact that Soul Society never treated him as a whole. Kuugo was nothing more than a mere Substitute who didn’t have to know anything and should be restricted and monitored like some animal. Could it be that Ichigo intends to finish what Kuugo started?

In the end

Look at the geezers!

Time speeds up to Kyouraku meeting up with Ukitake. Ukitake never arrived at the meeting, though judging from his get up he intended to go at first. Kyouraku tells Ukitake that Ichigo’s back. Ukitake tries to act like he didn’t know and casually asks about the representative badge. Kyouraku tells Ukitake that Ichigo brought it back, which seems to be exactly what Ukitake feared would happen. Ukitake was hiding from Ichigo out of shame for not telling him the entire truth when he handed the badge over. Hearing Ichigo came into contact with Kuugo, Ukitake was the one who held most fear of Ichigo going down the same path as Kuugo.

But Kyouraku then tells Ukitake that Ichigo kept his badge. Ichigo still trusts Soul Society and as such decided to keep the badge. Hearing this still hurts Ukitake a bit as he now realizes that he should’ve had the same faith in Ichigo as Ichigo has in him and the other in Soul Society. Like the old foggies that Ukitake and Kyouraku are, they end up talking about how amazing youth can be…

A final goodbye

Consider yourself forgotten!

We find Riruka standing on top of one of the buildings in Karakura town. She thinks back on all the people who helped her accept who she is. Grateful to Kuugo for giving her a place to call home. Chad for being so understanding in them wanting to lose their powers. Orihime for caring about her and her friends, even crying for them. The last person on her mind is Ichigo. Though she wants to tell him to forget about her, she knows that Ichigo will always remember them…

Saying her final goodbyes, Riruka then leaps into the air using her Fullbring. Leaving behind nothing more than her memories… hopefully she’ll have taken those stuffed dolls from the anime with her as well . So long as she left KON .

Quite frankly, I was looking forward to the beginning of a new arc. Instead, we get the true ending to this arc. Like I said, this chapter at least gives us more closure than the previous did. Nonetheless, this wasn’t that great a chapter either. Sure, we know that we won’t have to bother with anyone from Xcution anymore, which I can safely say is something I won’t regret. Ichigo wrapping things up in Soul Society was interesting enough though. We got to see Soul Society is back on its feet, Ichigo tells Genryuusai off a bit (considering how most people can only grovel to Genryuusai, this is huge ), and we learn that Ukitake actually is the awesome dude we already know he is.

All in all, it was another closing chapter to an arc same as we’ve seen before. Things appear to have settled, but there’s still too many questions remaining. Sadly we have to wait three weeks to see what’s going to happen next.

Something different for this section of the review for now. I’m going to list a couple of questions that I have left at the end of this arc. See if you had these questions or whether you never thought about them in the first place. Have fun .

1. Why didn’t anyone bother telling Ichigo they were going to return his Shinigami powers to him?
2. How come Isshin noticed Ichigo standing behind him in an alley, but never bothered with Tsukishima attacking Ishida a couple of blocks from his home?
3. What happened to Ichigo’s friends and sisters during the battle at the mansion?
4. Where’s KON?
5. Why wasn’t Rukia shown during this last chapter of the arc?
6. Why hasn’t Ichigo bothered confronting his father about his past yet?
7. Doesn’t Ichigo even care about the fact that he just killed Kuugo and think that burying him is enough to make amends?
8. What’s the name of Ichigo’s Fullbring?
9. Where are the other Visoreds now?
10. Is Hisagi still the vice-captain of the ninth squad, or did he have to give it up?
11. Where’s Hiyori now, did Mayuri take her in for some sentimental reason?
12. What did Kuugo actually do to be prosecuted by Soul Society?
13. Was being monitored the sole reason for Kuugo to want revenge on Soul Society?
14. Did Ichigo get his Fullbring powers back after all of this?
15. Why didn’t anyone bother wrapping things up with the remaining Xcution members?
16. Where’s Yoruichi?
17. Why would it take 17 months to give back Ichigo’s powers if he apparently didn’t need any powers before they returned? (Remember, Kuugo drained Ichigo’s powers completely before his Shinigami powers were returned)
18. Why didn’t we get a glimpse of Ichigo and Zangetsu reuniting when Ichigo regained his powers?
19. What was the point of the Getsuga Rasenshuriken in the end?
20. When exactly did Chad join up with Xcution and how come he never noticed something off with the members?
21. Isn’t Don Kanonji a Fullbringer as well?
22. What of Orihime’s powers?
23. Why didn’t Aizen bother with Kuugo and did he go with Ichigo instead?
24. If the prerequisite to becoming a Fullbringer is having one of your parents being attacked by a Hollow, how come Ichigo’s powers never manifested themselves even though he had plenty of Reiatsu before meeting Rukia?
25. How many perverted ghosts followed Karin into the bathroom before Urahara came with a solution?
26. Is Tsukishima still alive?
27. When did Tsukishima pick up Shishigawara and what did he do to make Shishigawara think he is the strongest?

I’d say these are enough questions to keep you guys busy for a little while, right?

Next week, I expect there to be no chapter! Nor the week after that! Nor the week after that! At least I finally get a prediction right for once . As for the week after THAT, here’s what I think is going to happen:

The chapter will start with Ichigo doing his Shinigami business by fighting a Hollow. After finishing off the Hollow, Ichigo will return to his body, revealing KON’s back! We learn a bit more about what happened to KON all this time, though Kubo will put it all in a couple of frames ending with Ichigo saying he doesn’t want to hear that story again. After another day at school, Ichigo will come home to find his sisters gone shopping and his father home alone. Ichigo will then remember what sparked everything with Kuugo, asking his father to tell him more about what happened to him.

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again in three weeks!… Guess this should be the opportune moment to write those One Piece and Fairy Tail review that have been postponed for far too long . So perhaps, a One Piece review next week, and a Fairy Tail review the week after that!

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~ by The Underscore on January 15, 2012.

3 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 479”

  1. Nice review! This arc has been all fullbrough- fullbringed- fullbringt ermm done, without seeing Kon once. I was expecting to see Riruka vs. Kon battle royale… but Kubo said he finds himself wondering if new readers ever know Kon. So Kon what makes one a veteran Bleach reader! (Not for a single day I’ve doubted it)

    Also about that latest interview; what to you think about ‘The Ice Palace’ that unexpectedly close; but not in Karakura Town nor Soul Society?

  2. Thanks. With this arc Fullbringerdereder…. done, the thing that ruined this arc for me was the lack of KON. Knowing KON of course makes one a veteran Bleach reader… and of course a better person :).

    As for that latest interview… I haven’t read it yet…. maybe I should’ve done that before replying to this? :p

  3. Yes, you should >=/ Maybe you’ve enjoyed much with the coctails they give in the Reviewer Island (Where was it again?) and missed the three weeks of sneak peeks that has been given instead Bleach chapters?

    Anyway, in short; those chapters were saying next arc is going to be final, infamous Squad 0 who didn’t move against Aizen are coming for greater threat, Isshin-Ryuuken’s past is going to be revealed, possible arrancar reappearence and lots of quincy revenge foreshadowing.

    Yet when Kon is going to be make his reappearence still holds the biggest mystery among in these tidbits.

    Waiting your awesome review of new Bleach chapter at next week(end)!!

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