The Underscore’s Bleach review 485

485: Foundation Stones

KON WAS IN THE ANIME! I REPEAT, KON WAS IN THE ANIME! We almost had the opportunity to learn what KON has been doing for the 17 months since Ichigo gave up his powers, only for his epic story to be cut short! As if that wasn’t bad enough, I hardly have time to write this review. So I’d better get to it ASAP. So here it is, the review for chapter 485!

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After the declaration of war, Vandenreich has to put their money where their mouths are. Here’s what means you guys voted might be used:

One voter actually didn’t care, so there’s no real means of destruction there. Perhaps this voter only cares that there’s destruction period .

Another voter would tell me what means Vandenreich has. Too bad I never saw the reply . (For all that I don’t react to the replies, I do read them you know )

A third voter chose for the option of a powerful bomb being used to blow up Soul Society, or perhaps the dimensional balance, or who know what. Whatever will happen, there’s going to be a big explosion!

Two voters don’t know what means Vandenreich has to win a war with Soul Society. There’s bound to be plenty of options, and one is revealed in this chapter .

Two voters saw something in the possibility of using mindless drones created from Rukongai abductees. Though there’s little evidence in favor of this, there’s just as little evidence against this. I could see this happening as well .

Seven voters are expecting to see an elite group of powerful soldiers on par with the Soul Society captains. I’d say that’s the minimum requirement to take down Soul Society, and these seven voters apparently agree.

Seven voters are expecting to see a more subtle tactic. Why bother destroying Soul Society if you could just cut it off from all other dimensions? Simple, clean, and no one would ever have to find out…

But eight voters believe it can’t be just one of the aforementioned options. There’s bound to be a combination of these factors. Time will tell if they’re right…


Yet you dare to speak to him while bleeding on his floor… interesting…

Chatty isn’t fairing any better than he did at the end of the previous chapter. Agonizing in pain, he tries to sit upright in front of good old Buck(beard). Though it would be inhumane to have someone who just lost his arm give a report. Thus, Buck decides to let Chatty choose whether he wants to lie down while giving his report. Isn’t that nice? Sure, he just blew off the guy’s arm, but that was just tough love, that was just something to show Chatty how to behave. That has absolutely nothing to do with how Buck feels about Chatty.

Of course, the matter of fighting in front of Buck is a completely separate matter from, say, how you ought to bring a report to a commanding officer. So when Buck tells Chatty that he can give his report lying down at the expense of his legs…

Buck here really knows how to treat his flunkies if you ask me. Why bother using words to reprimand someone if you can just tear off a limb or two… of course, with there only being so many limbs, you can imagine that he can only go so far in teaching others . Honestly, Buck is reminiscent of Aizen in this respect, sitting on a throne instilling fear on his subordinates. Or rather, on his tools, much like Aizen treated his subordinates .

Chatty realizes that he had better sit up to do his report. In an incredible attempt to act dignified -which doesn’t work by the way- he tells Buck that he would never do something so rude as to lie down while giving a report. As Chatty tries to save face, Ivan is witnessing this event in terror, realizing he will most likely be next…

Bread break

Never mind the perils of battle that our friend might be experiencing, this is some good bread!

Yuki says what we’ve all been thinking: So late~~. Though we thought this about this chapter being a week late and all, Yuki is talking about Ichigo. Ishida and Chad don’t really care. Yuki points out that Ishida and Chad said they’d go out to help him. Ishida and Chad don’t care (though Chad would’ve gone eventually, just that it’s some good bread!). In Ishida’s defense, Ishida already sensed the disappearance of the enemy’s Reiatsu and he never had the intention of actually following Ichigo because he know that Ichigo wouldn’t ever lose to Ivan.

With Ishida being his usual self, Orihime can’t help but smile. Ishida can’t help but wonder what there’s to smile about (though she’s eating some good bread!). As he asks Orihime, she tells Ishida she’s glad Ishida became such good friends with Ichigo and that she likes this side of Ishida. Ishida doesn’t really get what she’s saying and is left with the feeling of being insulted though .

On that note, how odd is this situation now, really? For give or take 15 months (yes, I said 15, I’ll explain) Ishida, Orihime, and Chad probably have been practically neglecting Ichigo out of some form of shame. Sure, Orihime chatted him up at school, Chad probably did what Chad’s do around strawberries, and Ishida undoubtedly told Ichigo to act more decent or something along the lines. So can you imagine this, the first month or so after Ichigo lost his powers, they probably visited him out of a form of respect, still talking about Soul Society and their adventures.

Yet as time passed, they realized they shouldn’t mention anything as Ichigo obviously missed the life. Instead they returned to casual conversations, most likely not mentioning anything big the entire time. Heck, Ichigo only found out about Ishida’s cell phone during the Xcution arc. Chad never even mentioned anything about wanting to restore Ichigo’s powers and he never explained how he ended up joining a group that was bent on taking Ichigo’s powers. Admittedly, Ichigo isn’t one to say anything about things like this, probably feeling glad he can destroy Hollows with his friends again. But Ichigo most certainly is one to brood… Hopefully the Anime will somehow manage to show how things worked out between this arc and the previous, but I’m not really satisfied with this current transition. The only real upside is that the plot doesn’t have to slow its pace in order to explain things like this, I guess….

Yuki, the masochist

Eh? You mean KON appeared in the anime, yet is nowhere to be seen in this chapter?!

Ichigo returns to his room, immediately greeted by Orihime who gets to play house by asking her hubby how his day at work was. Just as Ichigo is about to make (one of) Orihime’s live long dream come true -with her working at a bakery, being this close to Ichigo and all -, he gets distracted by an annoying humming.

Yuki apologizes for the ringtone of his Denrei Shinki, though Shino finds the tune to be awfully familiar. Yuki reveals himself to be a true stalker, explaining that the ringtone is Shino humming a tune. Shino can’t help but wonder when Yuki recorded her humming, though Yuki is more focused on analyzing the tone deafness in Shino’s humming. Shino isn’t amused and punches Yuki.

Meanwhile, Ishida and Chad don’t really care. Ichigo even joined the not-caring group, until he hears Yuki’s reaction to some horrible news. All of a sudden, Ichigo and Ishida are all ears to what is happening with Yuki’s conversation. After Yuki got the report, Ichigo asks him what happened. Yuki then tells Ichigo that he was ordered back to base… for a funeral.

That’s right, there’s a good guy Shinigami, with a name who died! Of all the people, it’s Choujiro Sasakibe!!!! (The guy who took an arrow to the gut two weeks ago… you know, the one who allowed the Visoreds to join the fray during the fight in fake Karakura town and then just up and left without doing anything… you know, the vice-captain of the 1st squad, who was taken down by Ichigo in one blow that one time?… he had a mustache!)

Soul Society’s report

We will emphasize that Sasakibe is the only one of the first division who died… along with 106 other first division members who dies gruesome deaths while guarding a gate

Akon gives a report on what happened in Soul Society during the Vandenreich invasion. No questions allowed, just listen to what happened and just get it.

SASAKIBE CHOUJIRO IS DEAD, GET OVER IT!…. okay, with that left, let’s see… Ah, yes, it took 5 minutes for 7 invaders to kill a vice-captain and invade the Commander-general’s room to declare a war while escaping with their lives. All the while 106 other Shinigami from the first division who were on guard duty were killed by ‘other mysterious intruders’ close to the gate that the 1st division was guarding. But does that mean that these 7 guys did all of this, or that there are actually more people involved? But apparently, that’s not the 12th division’s concern. More importantly, these invaders were capable of passing the Shakonmaku without problems, that’s what really matters!

Honestly, I’d have hoped to learn more than just this here. Basically we got a summary of what happened, along with the news that 106 other Shinigami dies, besides Sasakibe. This report doesn’t even clarify whether it were the 7 intruders who killed the 106, or that there were more than 7 intruders, yet only those 7 entered Yamamoto’s chambers. Of course, it’s possible that something got lost in translation I suppose…

Nel strikes back

The broken mask lives!

After hearing Yuki’s report on what happened, Ichigo is feeling rather restless. Ishida already realized that Yuki got that many details because he was with Ichigo. Who better to call for help in an all out war than a substitute Shinigami, right? Though Ichigo’s probably itching to help his friends in Soul Society, Ishida rightfully pointed out that there’s nothing to do right now other than wait. It’s not like Ichigo has the means to find out what the enemy might be thinking, or any way of finding them for that matter.

But Ichigo can’t help but brood over things as he usually does . Usually we’d have someone like the great KON-sama to snap Ichigo out of his brooding. Yet Kubo gives us someone else for now. Ichigo hears a weird cry coming from the sky. As he looks up, he recognizes the drooling meteor as none other than Nel!

I can’t help but notice how odd it is for Nel to still be alive. Or rather, to still be an Arrancar. The only thing that’s odder than this is the fact that she still has a broken mask and as such this child form. Let’s face it, Shinigami destroy Hollows for the purpose of cleansing their souls. So why wouldn’t they do the same to Nel? Sure, entertainment value and all, but still. All I can imagine is that Chad, Ishida, and Orihime pleaded for the Shinigami to not “kill” Nel. Though it’s more likely that not one of the Shinigami present at that time could be bothered with her .

Whatever the case, even though Nel hasn’t seen Ichigo for over a year, she’s still capable of finding Ichigo’s gut. She proves this by going supersonic, burying herself into Ichigo’s stomach to the point of making him cough up blood. Ichigo isn’t too glad about being hurt to this point, but Nel is more concerned with her purpose. Hueco Mundo is in trouble!

The here and now

But you have to make a plan for the future Buck…

Buck isn’t too happy hearing about the five day prediction. Chatty, whose name is revealed to be Luders Friegen, tells Buck that he gave the five day prediction based on the time required for both sides to prepare for the war. But Buck is more concerned about the fact that Luders is thinking of the future, rather than the present. In fact, that friggin Luders (get it, friggin, Friegen?) has the gall to make plans for a near future. He even did so two days prior to the assault, when he went to explore the possible entry points for the attack to be coordinated.

Apparently Buck has quite the issue with the future. Though I guess I’ll have to agree that the future isn’t set in stone, I’d say it’s pushing it to just plain and call someone a prophet for bluffing a bit. Luders doesn’t really get Buck’s problem either. But Luders has some problems of his own considering how he not only lost his arm now, but his head as well.

Buck then turns to Ivan. Ivan had to witness the groveling report of his rival Luders, along with his demise. Buck tells Ivan he doesn’t have anything good or bad to say about Ivan’s actions. So Ivan can just up and die.

Buck really has some issues if you ask me . Still, both of these characters would’ve ended up as fodder anyways, so I guess that Kubo showed them mercy through Buck’s actions. One of the (now) Sinister Six asks Buck whether he’s fine with just killing off two Arrancar like that. Turns out that Luders and Ivan really were Arrancar . Apparently, the reason the new leader of the Sinister Six feels it was a waste to kill those two, because they were Arrancar with instinctive battle prowess. Killing the killing machines is a bit of a waste considering this fact. But Buck doesn’t care. He can easily replace them anyways.

Harribel returns!

This Buck really is into some kinky stuff here…

Buck opens a curtain and walks down stairs created by reiatsu as he explains that he can get as many Arrancar as he wants. After all, Buck already took over Hueco Mundo! Not only that, he captured Harribel as well! Sure, Harribel couldn’t have possibly died from that single strike given by Aizen. But to think she’d end up in this state after all this time. Guess Aizen and Buck have this in common as well. They both treat Harribel like dirt…

Whatever the case, we now know that Buck decided to take Aizen’s scraps and use them for his own plans. Not only this, but Buck’s purpose is to invade Soul Society! Though I have to say, it’s rather hypocritical of him to make such a prediction .

Chapter 485: Foundation Stones

This chapter’s title obviously refers to the preparations made by Buck(beard). Not just the invasion that took place over the past couple of chapters, but the conquering of Hueco Mundo and the taming of the Arrancars as well! That and this chapter is one of the foundation stones of this arc I suppose .

Buck proves to be a real tough guys to please with a tendency to kill people who disappoint. Ichigo’s friends prove to be more interested in bread than other matters. Kubo has finally killed off one of the good guys who wasn’t part of a filler arc. Nel makes her return. Harribel gets another opportunity to prove her worth, though she’s been disgraced right off the bat of this arc… With all these busty women making their return (assuming Nel will show her adult form sooner or later), I can’t help but wonder… KON! Where are you~~?!

All in all, it’s been quite the eventful chapter. I had some laughs, I had some questions, and now I have some expectations for this arc. Sure, there’s still too much that has to be set up during the upcoming chapters, but I think we will get some enjoyable chapters soon. Especially now that Kubo has shown his willingness to kill off some of the named characters in the story. I know, I know, Sasakibe wasn’t exactly a character many people are going to miss. But give Kubo a break. Baby steps, baby steps…

Luders turns out to be an Arrancar, same as Ivan. Yet, for some unknown reason Ivan had a Quincy cross to play with. Judging from Buck’s reaction, he can easily replace the two of them. Could it be that Buck has the means to teach Quincy arts to an Arrancar, making them something greater than Arrancar?

Next week’s chapter will probably focus around Nel’s story. She’ll explain what happened in Hueco Mundo during the Vandenreich invasion. My guess is that she’ll reveal that Grimmjow is leading a resistance against Buck’s army, but that they desperately need help. Ichigo will decide to go help out in Hueco Mundo, seeing as how he can’t do anything else at this time.

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week!

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