The Underscore’s Bleach review 506

506: The Fire 2

A bit later than usual on the Sunday, but it’s here. This week’s Bleach review for chapter 506! Again, little else to say here… Might as well get to it then!

Random Encounter

A wild pack of Stern Ritter appears!!!

The chapter starts with Kyouraku drawing first blood part two. Sternritter Business-man seems to enjoy the fact that Kyouraku’s morale has returned. Perhaps he was worried that Kyouraku wouldn’t put up a good fight. Guess that Sternritter B (for the purpose of this part of the review, I will refer to the guy with glasses as Sternritter B) is more bloodthirsty that his appearance would suggest. Whatever the case, Sternritter B isn’t worried about the fact that his guts are about to fall out. This being Bleach of course, there’s no need to worry about anemia . In spite of Kyouraku’s successful attack, Sternritter B points out that there’s a miscalculation on Kyouraku’s part.

Meanwhile, Genryuusai and Juha get to be reacquainted once again. Genryuusai is so happy to see Juha after 1000 years, that he’s offering to give Juha a great big bearhug… one to choke out the last of Juha’s breath, that is . As Genryuusai realizes that he should let Ryuujin Jakka give Juha a chance to get reacquainted again as well, the scene changes back to Sternritter B. Sternritter B tells Kyouraku that Genryuusai will lose to Juha. The reason for that is simple: Morale boosting by boss battles works both ways.

No sooner does Sternritter B shout this, or three Sternritter decide to leap at Genryuusai. Buzzbee, Nananananana…na? -You know who I’m talking about-, and Äs decide that the best way to attack Genryuusai is to jump him from behind, while declaring his death and calling him names. Let’s see how that works out, shall we?


It would seem that Genryuusai is a more volatile substance than they had calculated…

Though Kyouraku seems like the type who never does his homework, he most certainly knows better. After Kyouraku did HIS math, he came to the conclusion that he shouldn’t bother doing math when it comes to Yama-jii. Sternritter B, meanwhile, is enjoying the display of fireworks that is incinerating three of his, now former, colleagues.

Personally, I’m quite happy with this turn of events. After Juha came out of his fight with Kenpachi unscathed, only using his bare hands, Genryuusai would have to do something at least as impressive to set the tone of the battle. Considering how Genryuusai is using Ryuujin Jakka, it isn’t all that strange for him to be able to cremate three Sternritter in a single go. Sure, this situation is rather reminiscent of what happened with Harribel’s Fraccion, where they somehow managed to survive the attack. Sadly, it would seem that these three Sternritter have the same luck as Las Tres Bestias… If you compare the toasting of Driscoll to the toasting of these three, you will notice the lack of burnt flesh and display of bones on these three. So, yeah, Genryuusai managed to toast three Sternritter, but they’re only well done.

Juha, however, didn’t want his Sternritter well done. He’d rather see them burnt for interfering with his fight. He tells his subordinates that they’re fools for meddling. Though I’m sure that Genryuusai feels that those Sternritter are fools, he doesn’t feel those Sternritter are fools for showing their loyalty to their leader. With Genryuusai and Ryuujin Jakka completing their warming up, he does his final stretches as he glares at his opponent. Juha wants to mock Genryuusai for that glare, but he soon learns that he shouldn’t be mocking right now as much as he should pay attention.

Juha Bach

He’s going from Falcon punches to Falcon slashes!

Genryuusai makes a quick dash at Juha and manages to cut Juha’s left hand. Gus (the right hand man with the white hair) yells out to his emperor, though the look in his eyes looks more like one of boredom rather than one of concern. Genryuusai then tells Juha that he hasn’t changed since 1000 years ago, in that he still looks down on his subordinates.

Juha, however, notes that Genryuusai has truly gotten old. Save for the fact that his short temper that remains unchanged. We catch our first glimpse of what happened 1000 years ago, a short panel with a younger Genryuusai yelling at Juha, while a wall of flames towers behind him. Genryuusai, on the other hand, is more into the here and now, where he strikes at Juha once more. This time Juha manages to dodge both the blade and the trail of flames ensuing the attack.

But not only does Juha dodge the attack, he even decides to draw out his weapon as well. With a swift Iai strike, Juha’s blade manages to whip up quite the gale. Almost blowing away Gus, Genryuusai still stands looking rather pleased. As he tells Juha that he’s glad that he took out his blade, Juha tries to regain his composure by telling Genryuusai he almost looks like he was waiting for this moment. But why would Genryuusai wait for Juha to take out his sword?

The First

All sizzle, no bang?

Juha’s blood, flesh, sword, soul, and his very bones are to be turned to dust. Still doesn’t explain why Genryuusai would wait for Juha to draw his blade, right? Wrong. Though Ryuujin Jakka’s flames intensify as Genryuusai threatens Juha, they disappear all of a sudden… Somewhat dumbfounded, Juha doesn’t know how to react to this seeming stop to their battle. But Genryuusai then provides us with some fan service, all the while proving Byakuran wrong once more: Zanka no Tachi.

Okay, so I was expecting to see… I don’t know, a bajillion volcanoes to rise up from the earth, thirteen suns to appear overhead, dragons made of flames and lava flying around, and an inferno that would put, well, inferno to shame. Instead, we get a smoldering blade that’s been burnt for the most part… Did NOT see this one coming… So, what to make of this?

The most obvious thing that is going to happen here is that Zanka no Tachi will do exactly what Ryuujin Jakka’s release command says: Turn all creation to ashes. I mean, the blade itself is almost turning to ashes. What’s to say that isn’t what the touch of Zanka no Tachi does? Perhaps just touching the ground will make it burn within a 400 mile radius? Just moving the blade around a bit could burn up all the oxygen in the air for all we know. All I know for sure is that I want to see how this plays out. Because judging from Juha’s reaction, he’s never seen Zanka no Tachi before…

A rather educational chapter, if anything. Through Kyouraku and Sternritter B, we learn that both sides will be pumped to fight during this war. Through Genryuusai, we learn that Juha and he are on a completely different level of power, compared to the other captains and Sternritter. Through Juha, we learn that the geezer does indeed have a Bankai up his remaining sleeve and that it will be used in the not so distant future.

The fight between Kyouraku and Sternritter B is still progressing slowly. It wouldn’t be too strange for this fight to be at equal odds for the remainder of the Genryuusai/Juha fight. This part of the chapter didn’t serve much purpose beside pointing out that Genryuusai’s appearance will tip the balance of this war. The direction, however, will depend on Juha.

Juha turns out to be quite the jerk in himself. He doesn’t just NOT care about his Arrancar subordinates, but he doesn’t even give a hoot about his loyal Sternritter. This seems to be one characteristic that hasn’t changed in 1000 years . From what has been shown of Juha, he seems to be quite the egomaniac. He thinks himself above any- and everyone. It is not until Genryuusai turns up the heat (literally) that Juha realizes that he isn’t in a league on his own.

Genryuusai, in the meantime, remains as forgiving as ever with his handling of the Sternritter. Not only that, he even upholds the honorable approach to the battle with Juha by allowing the latter to draw his sword before pulling out his ace. Zanka no Tachi’s appearance was both unexpected as well as welcome. Somehow reminding me of the time where Ichigo first revealed Tensa Zangetsu and Byakuya telling him that there are no Bankai that are so small, I’m still curious as to what the consequences are going to be.

All in all, I did enjoy this chapter. But with it only leaving me wishing for more, I can’t say this was the best of this arc (or even close to being the best). Yes, finally getting to see Genryuusai pull out his Bankai is something I’ve been waiting for since the concept of Bankai and the history of Ryuujin Jakka have been introduced. I most certainly enjoyed that. But I want to know what it does, and I want to know it now!

After reading this chapter, I can’t help but wonder about one simple thing: How is it that Genryuusai was having trouble with Aizen again?

Next week’s chapter will start with a small chat-up on how Genryuusai pulled out his Bankai. We will then see an attempt by either Juha, or Gus to steal the Bankai. But Zanka no Tachi will be immune to the medalization. Genryuusai will explain that it has to do with the bond between the Zanpakutou and its wielder, pointing out that he has been with Ryuujin Jakka for millennia, and Ichigo had become one with Zangetsu at one point. Genryuusai then makes his move, almost killing Juha in a single blow. Juha then decides to make his comeback, by using his Vollständig to end the chapter…

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week!

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~ by The Underscore on September 9, 2012.

10 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 506”

  1. The only reason why I think Old man Yamato was having trouble against Aizen was the fact fighting Wonderweiss 1st. In fact they never really duked it out when you look back on it. I also wanted to ask why you think the 3 Sternritters survive (even though kinda did). Yamato said that he would personally ANNIHILATE all the Vanderreich HIMSELF last week so, what gave u the impression that they could survive it other than absorbing reishi on death door, like Uryu did against Mayuri? As for Yamato’s bankai I’m little bit disappointed that his bankai him FUSE with his zapakuto like Post Dangai Ichigo? I was wondering what your opinion on this is?

  2. Nice nice review, in single piece even!

    It looks like his bankai switches all of his roaming fire around in single place, that’s kinda more dangerous than blowing volcanos to your opponent’s face, because in Bleach; people got some kind of minimum damage limit on them to get hurt (Kenpachi showed that well.)

    Sounds like Ichigo’s bankai, though I expect to see Yamamoto’s bankai is a real burner. It seems it’s not gonna get stolen too, though I give good chance to mr. gus giving a shot to it then stating the obvious =P

    I too think those Quincy fried ritters somehow end up as alive…

  3. I really want to know what happened to Urahara and co. in Hueco Mundo. But what’s kinda pissing me off is that the way Kubo’s making it end so fast. I mean, the geezer is already showing his bankai. If this ends up with Ichigo becoming even more powerful than Sir Powerful of the Powerful-est Power(the geezer) than I’m going to get maD. I mean that’s so…typical!

  4. Dude. Did you like….. I dunno…. die ? Its been months… nay ages, since your last review (key Hulk keyboard smash) 😛

    Srsly, we need Underscore reviews almost as much as we need Bleach !

  5. ^He is right. 😦

  6. ^ ^ Both people above me is right. T_T

  7. ^^^ Thirded

  8. Hey ere are you buddy

  9. Whoops, guess I should’ve at least left a message that I’m still breathing and all :D. Anyways, I’m a bit swamped at the moment. For some inexplicable reason I keep trying to write a mass review for every single chapter I’ve missed for these past few weeks, even though I don’t have the time to do so… Guess I might as well write a single chapter review once I find the time. If all goes according to plan, I might be able to get a review (or two) out this weekend.

    Wish me luck, I’ll need it 😉

  10. Good luck. Glad to hear from you again. 🙂

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