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I’m late, I’m late! So I sort of overslept yesterday, ruining my entire schedule. Still, I managed to squeeze in some time to write this review today. Best get to it then, I’m already late! Thanks to Mangastream for their scanlation efforts!

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So, last week’s poll was about Ichigo’s mother being a Quincy… Basically the poll tied with 11 people being 100% sure and another 11 people being 50% sure. Six voters were 99% sure, where one voter only gave it a 1% chance. All in all, the odds were in favor of Masaki being a Quincy

Simple Mistakes

Oh Blut-y hell, why’d I have to go and do that?

Last week’s chapter ended with an eruption of Reiatsu coming from Ichigo. With enough force to startle Haschwald, part of Bach’s sleeve gets torn off by the blast. Ichigo immediately uses this opportunity to escape from Bach’s clutches. As Ichigo creates a gap between them, Bach speaks of a mistake. At first, Ichigo believes that Bach is telling him that Ichigo’s the one who made a mistake by surviving the initial attack. But Bach wasn’t talking about Ichigo at all.

Bach quickly closes the gap between the two of them and strikes at Ichigo horizontally. Ichigo notices the attack and blocks it with his blade. However, this counter had been anticipated by Bach as he wasn’t aiming to cut Ichigo in two, but to cut away a part of Zangetsu that covers Ichigo’s arm. As the dark cloth flies around, the same pattern Bach saw moments ago appears again. With his suspicions confirmed, Bach tells Ichigo about the mistake he made.

Bach should have sent out an Arrancar to slow Ichigo down, but he chose to send a pure Quincy instead. Which is an odd thing to say, seeming as how Ichigo’s appearance in Las Noches was seen as a pleasant surprise before this invasion started. You’d almost think that Bach had things planned out as far as Aizen did… Anyways, the reason he sees Opie’s confrontation with Ichigo as an mistake is simple…

Ichigo, first awakening part 3

Next up, Ichigo turns out to be part Mod-Soul as well, with memories awakened due to the repeated use of KON…

Ichigo’s Reiatsu apparently remembers being Quincy. Which is the gist of what Bach tells Ichigo here. Due to the repeated use of his Getsuga Tenshou in Opie’s jail, the reiatsu that returned to Ichigo carried part of Opie’s Quincy reiatsu along as well. This reiatsu then mixed with Ichigo’s, awakening Ichigo’s innate Quincy abilities… amongst which is the ‘Blut’ technique, which Ishida never even showed signs of… But I’m getting ahead of myself. The awakening of Ichigo’s Quincy powers was what allowed Ichigo to escape Opie’s jail. Basically, the jail only doesn’t work on Quincy.

With Ichigo learning that he was part Shinigami give or take 18 months ago (when Aizen told him/the bearded daruma showed up), learning that he was a Fullbringer (give or take 1 month ago when Ginjo told him), he now learns that he is also part Quincy. No wonder Ichigo doesn’t get this. Oddly, Bach is surprised to learn that Ichigo doesn’t know anything about his Quincy side. If Ichigo were to know about his Quincy powers, you’d expect him to have awakened those powers before, right?

Anyways, Bach then goes and does it. He plays ‘The Mom Card’. He tells Ichigo he doesn’t know anything about his own mother. Hearing this, Ichigo immediately thinks back to the day his mother died. Most likely, Ichigo asked himself the simple question: If my mom was a Quincy, how come she died because of that Hollow attack? Just as he wants to ask Bach about his mother, Bach tells Ichigo that he is going to kidnap Ichigo. Rather than knocking Ichigo out and taking him by the hand, he’s going to beat him up and drag him back.

Ichigo demands to know what Bach’s talking about once more. But Bach tells Ichigo that he will learn everything as soon as he’s in the Vandenreich. Bach starts a more serious assault. First he forces Ichigo to parry an attack, then he grabs Ichigo’s head and threatens to thrust right through the strawberry. But just as Bach wants to jab his sword through Ichigo’s neck once more, a dark shadow creeps up on Bach.

Still King

Nobody messes with Sousuke Aizen

A darkness starts entangling Bach, stopping his attack on Ichigo. The strange thing here is that one moment, Bach is holding Ichigo by his head, when all of a sudden, he let go of Ichigo without there being any sign of Ichigo moving away or anything. But that’s just a detail. Haschwald, however, knows of other details. He tells Bach that it is time for them to return to the Vandenreich because they need to return to the Schatten Bereich (Shadow Area). Bach, however, believes this to be impossible as they should still have time. But then he remembers a little conversation he had with a certain someone…

You wouldn’t believe how happy I was with what Aizen pulled here. I mean, the guy is restrained with the most powerful kidou around, he only has one eye and his mouth to use and basically lost all his power 18 months ago. In spite of all this, he still manages to mess with Bach enough to foil his plans (and inadvertedly save Ichigo, though knowing Aizen he probably planned that far ahead ). There you had Bach, thinking he could get away with bothering Aizen in his solitary confinement.

Bach immediately turns to Haschwald, asking why he didn’t warn him about the time-limit. Haschwald then points out that it wouldn’t have made a difference. Realizing that there’s nothing else he can do, Bach decides to retreat back to the Schatten Bereich in the Vandenreich.


That’s right Ichigo, you’d better get out another Mugetsu or two

Just as Bach and Haschwald want to leave, Ichigo makes himself heard. In his anger towards Bach, he throws a classic Ichigo tantrum. Even though he threatens to injure Bach and Haschwald for all the trouble they’ve caused, his threats turn out to be nothing more than words. As he dashes towards Bach to deal a blow, Ichigo’s attack gets parried by none other than Haschwald. Haschwald quickly uses a blade of his own to cut off half of Zangetsu (seriously, what’s up with all these Quincy using something different than bows?). Realizing his defeat, Ichigo stands speechless. Bach then keeps on walking, bidding farewell to his ‘Son born in the dark’. Best discuss this one in the Kubo Title section .

BORN IN THE DARK most obviously refers to the final statement made by Bach. Calling Ichigo his son born in the dark, it would suggest that Ichigo could actually be his child. But seeming as how Ichigo and Isshin have a far more obvious familial connection (besides the Shinigami part and the similar Zanpakutou abilities) it would be best to conclude that Bach sees himself as a father figure towards all Quincy. With Ichigo being ‘born in the dark’, most likely a reference to his Shinigami heritage, it would explain Bach’s choice of words. There’s also the possibility of Bach being Ichigo’s grandfather, or something along the lines… Who knows?

Quite the chapter if you ask me. Sure, the revelation of Ichigo being a Quincy and this being due to his mother was something that was obviously going to happen when looking at last week’s chapter. The explanation on how Ichigo’s Quincy powers awakened was surprisingly sound, especially considering this is Bleach. I mean, we still don’t know what triggered Ichigo’s initial Bankai release, nor what caused his Bankai to transform. Sure, we have our suspicions for the latter one, but nothing concrete.

The fight between Ichigo and Bach was as short as it should be. Ichigo shouldn’t be able to stand a chance against a man who could beat Genryuusai. At least, not yet. Sure, one could argue that Ichigo managed to defeat Aizen, but look at what that took. Speaking of Aizen. Have I mentioned how awesome Aizen was in this chapter? Even as a flashback he still manages to win against someone who beat Genryuusai.

With Aizen obviously starring in this week’s chapter, it raises a simple question: How much does Aizen know about Bach and the Vandenreich?

Next week’s chapter is going to be one to conclude this part of the invasion. Though the Sternritter will withdraw, the Soul Society captains are going to sweep up the fodder soldiers that the Sternritter released. The chapter will end with (at least) one of the 0th squad members feet shown as (s)he steps out of the portal between dimensions.

That’s it for this week’s review. I hope you guys enjoyed it, even if it is a day later than intended. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on this week’s chapter and/or review, give any theories that you may have and to vote in this week’s poll. Don’t forget to rate this week’s chapter! I’ll see you guys again next week!

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7 Responses to “The Underscore’s Bleach review 514”

  1. A close call review, this is getting exciting and exciting!

    Ichigo doesn’t know his own mother, big suprise. Appearently in Bleach; everyone knows the event when it’s on page and doesn’t when it’s not. Though Ichigo should’ve got hints after seeing his dad (No, the other one… I demand a DNA test for this madness!)

    I think it’s kinda early to label mom as quincy, even though I always thought she was one; after seeing Isshin-Ryuuken relations. Chances are getting higher with each revelation.

    Let’s see if your blut is still boiling after the events next week!

  2. Hurray for reviews! What I find really interesting is how fast Kubo is going with his plot development and it makes me wonder just how complex his grand finale is going to get. Considering the physical resemblance I’m still inclined to think of Ishin as Ichigo’s real father though having Bach be his maternal grandfather has a sort of melodramatic appeal to it. Maybe Bach thinks of Ichigo as a kind of heir?
    The next chapter could really go anywhere though at this stage my only real fear is Kubo getting run over by a bus 😉

  3. I don’t get how Aizen duped Bach, because Bach had never met Aizen before, and the only way Aizen can control one’s senses is if they see him draw his sword…

  4. Emergency alert! A god-like jaw line, a million dollar smile and an immense bad boy features appeared up ahead.

    KON-sama, aka King of New York is on the stage people!

  5. cmon lazy ass. I am waiting here. What’s with the hold up ?!

    I wanna hear your reaction to the reappearance of that one character that you have been whining about for years now.

  6. cmon lazy ass !! I am waiting here. What’s with the hold up ?!

    I wanna hear your reaction to the reappearance of that one character that you have been whining about for years now.

  7. I wish I could write the review as soon as possible. If only the tears of joy from seeing KON again didn’t blind me this much :’)… That and work :(… But I’ll be back with a double review this Sunday!

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